Brazilian babe seduces two big black guys third world media

Brazilian babe seduces two big black guys third world media
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Hi, my name is Myra and I really have a story to tell you. I am a young 25 year old attractive brunette with a cute round smooth butt! It all started at a coffee shop where I relax every morning before going to work. At the low bar where I usually sit was this older man with grey short hair and thin neatly trimmed grey beard. I could also tell he was more or less redneck like with a grey hairy chest.

For some reason or another, I was drawn to him with interest in getting to know him. As I got up to pay my tab, I fumbled around to find my money and discovered I didn't have any and suddenly knocked my hot coffee on his lap.

He quickly let a curse word out and I immediately apologized for spilling coffee on him. We introduced ourselves and he told me his name was Wendell. He accepted my apology and paid my tab for me but he said I "owed" him for it. I didn't understand what that meant until he quickly and quietly slipped me a note giving me the address to his mobile home in a trailer park.

A couple of the waitresses warned me that he was a manipulating dirty old man who may want to possess me. I ignored that warning and went off to work. As soon as I got off work, however, I immediately went over to his mobile home to see what he meant by "you owe me for this" said to me earlier. He wasted no time grabbling me by the hand and lead me back to his bedroom.

As he still held my hand, he sat down at the foot of the bed and lifted my skirt up as well as pull down my panties all the way down to my feet. He leaned my over his lap and began to spank my bare bottom hard with his hand and somehow it was so fulfilling to me! He said, "This is what you get for spilling that coffee on me this morning and this is the way I want you to pay me back for paying your tab!" I then screamed, "OK" and "I didn't mean to spill it on you!" After each smack, I kept screaming "Ow ow, ow ouch!" I turned my head to the dresser mirror and saw my own bare ass getting redder and redder as he kept smacking me.

He ordered me to arch my fanny higher, so I did and he then was spanking me harder and harder. His hand obviously got tired so he let me back up and told me to take off all my clothes----- so I did because I was afraid not to.

He then made me stand in the corner butt naked and then I starting crying aloud from the pain I just got. At that point he slapped my bare bottom with one more good smack then went into the bathroom to pee. As I was still crying naked with my face in the corner, he walked out of the bathroom toward me and told me to "shut up and bend over".

I knew exactly want to do next so I belladonna young bella getting dp and facial way over and he immediately dropped his trousers and inserted his long skinny dick into my vagina with a hard humping action.

He told me I was his sex slave girl from now on and I better come over to his place whenever he told me to-----I agreed. To make a long story short, I went over there to his place every time he said to and he would give me a bare bottom thorough spanking with his bare hand and would put his penis in my mouth, vagina and butthole whatever he decided to do.

Each time he would fill me with a gooey slimy wetness!!! I also had to introduce myself as "Wendell's whore" to everyone we saw or he would give me an extra hard spanking and lock me in a room by myself butt fucking storys sex stories pusssy alia butbutt sexy for a very long time with barely enough food and water to survive and limited "pit stop" time.

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Quite often, I would walk around with a black eye and/or bruises where he would get rough with me if I didn't conform to his crazy expectations. You know what, those two waitresses were right about him. He IS a dirty old manipulating man who loves sex and to control his partner.

Well, as far as I know, I am his only sex partner because other women have probably left him for his extreme domination and roughness. But me, I know I can handle this because never in my life has sex been so exciting and fulfilling by someone who introduces me to new things and I'm forced to enjoy them!

One morning while I was back at my place waking up in my own bed, I began to feel morning sickness, tenderness of my breasts and cravings for strange foods I've never eaten before.

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I took an early pregnancy test at home and it came out positive. I went down to the women's clinic a few days later, got a more complete test and the results came out the same-----positive! The clinic staff treated me with utter care and respect because they kind of sensed that this pregnancy was unplanned and unavoidable.

I could feel the child already moving around inside me and my breasts becoming larger and larger. I really want to have this baby and breast feed it until I run out of my last drop of milk!

Having this baby will prove to the world, to him and to me as to how much I really love him! hot latin teen dances and masturbates thewildcamcom his extreme domination and humiliation) At that point I knew I really belonged to him now.

Wendell is my love, my husband, my boyfriend and master. Yes, I finally found true love in my life!