Adorable romanian femme fatale gets her pussy drilled

Adorable romanian femme fatale gets her pussy drilled
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Day 2 I quietly as possible got my ass out of bed and turned off the alarm. Robin barely stirred as I headed for the bathroom. In the few hours I had been asleep though the muscles I rarely used had tightened up. I was sore in areas I hadn't been sore in for years. It was a mix as to hurting good and just plain hurting.

I got in the shower to wash off the sweat and sex and hopefully wake me up a bit more. I got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist and turned on only the bathroom light so Robin could sleep in. As I turned the corner though there she sat on the end of the bed, hands on the bed and smiling at me. I said good morning and walked over to her.

When I did she reached her arms out and wrapped them around me and pulled me to her. As I stood there next to her she pushed the towel down to the floor and started to lick at my cock. It didn't take her much to have me back to an erection.

I looked at the clock 7:20 I told her I had to finish getting ready for work and be out the door by 7:30.

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She gave me a pouty look and then crawled back onto the bed. As I was finishing getting ready she got on her hands and knees, shaking her ass at me, teasing me and asking me if I wanted any more of this.

As I finished getting ready I looked at her and smiled and slapped her ass. She faked an "ouch" and looked back at me. I pulled her up and kissed her as she stroked my cock through my jeans.

I broke the kiss and handed her my spare room key. I told her I had thoroughly enjoyed the night before and that if she wanted to I would like to see her again, preferably tonight if she weren't busy. She laid back on the bed with her legs spread and looking at me as I walked out the door. I would have so loved to have called in sick that day more than any candy sweet vyxen receives an anal pounding tube porn day I had ever called off on before.

It was 7:35AM, not bad at all I thought all things considered as I walked down to the van. The other two guys were waiting for me of course and didn't hesitate to give me any shit about the night before and that morning. I quietly drove us to work that morning despite all the questions and what not.

I worked through the day and despite being tired and sore we actually picked up the pace as I figured we would. I can only imagine how much better things would have gone with a few more hours of rest. The soreness was secondary as it wasn't the first time one or more of us had gone to work in pain and done ok with it. While I was at work though so was Robin. She went back to sleep and got up a few hours later.

She got showered and cleaned up and then looked over the room. She wasn't exactly impressed with my selection of TV dinners. So while I was at work she did a little shopping. When we finished for the day and were heading back to the hotel I was asked if we were going to go out again tonight? I just smiled and said if they wanted to go they were more than welcome to but I was going to eat and go to bed.

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That brought more smiles and ribbing but once the van was parked I tossed the keys to the guys and said I would see them in the morning. I looked around and didn't see Robin's car in the parking lot and just figured either everything was missing from the room or she decided to not stay.

As I opened the door I found was wrong on both parts. Everything was there, including Robin. She said her car was parked in the back lot as she does actually live in this town and just in case someone drove by that may have noticed her car, she didn't want to have to try to explain.

She had been home and out to take care of a few things she needed to but then came back. I had never had a room smell as good as this one did. She said she wanted to make this a special night and thank me for the night before and decided to make white girl groped in bus a "real" dinner instead of the frozen ones I had in the freezer.

I wasn't sure who should be doing the thanking though. I was feeling pretty good about the night before and was thinking I owed Robin a favor or two. She also told me that while she was out she had picked up a couple of other items too if she was going to be staying with me for any amount of time. I wasn't quite sure about that though once I thought about it. Maybe I had been a bit hasty? I knew I would get a nightly call from my wife and I had just met this person even though we had talked quite a bit.

Before I could finish thinking though I was looking at Robin as she moved away from the counter and walked into the kitchen area, I hadn't really had the chance to see before this but she was naked except for the apron she had on and I also took notice of the small collar around her neck.

I found myself staring at her ass and legs and oddly enough forgot about questioning myself. As she invited me over to eat I walked over to her and hugged her, kissed her lips and then I could feel myself hardening.

Obviously she could too as she patted my crotch and said that I would have to wait for that. We ate and talked more about everything.

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More about families and relationships and stuff like that. She understood about my wife calling and said she would be quiet. She also said that her daughter may call occasionally as well. I promised to be as good as she was with me at which point she smiled and laughed and said then that she "really" would be good then!

I gave Robin a hand cleaning up from dinner and then also told her that as much as I wanted to continue and do exactly as we did the night before I needed to get to bed earlier and get some sleep or I would be useless for everything the next day.

She smiled and again she understood. It was almost 8:00PM and she said that we should probably get started then. I was kind of stunned to hear her put it like that in such a nonchalant way, but then she took the apron off and stood before me naked except for the collar around her neck. Just seeing her like that had me getting hard. Robin knelt next to me and unhooked my belt and jeans and then slid them off of me.

I took my shirt off and then she pulled down my underwear and naughty temptation for a juvenile beauty hardcore and blowjob cock sprang forth happy to be released from its confinements.

Without hesitation Robin took me into her mouth and I soon found my hand twisted into her dark reddish brown locks. As I pushed her down onto my cock she gagged but continued to suck on me until I came in her mouth. I held her head there and she sucked and licked and swallowed the load of sperm I deposited in her throat and mouth. She looked up at me, smiling as she swallowed.

I pulled her up and pressed her naked body to mine. I kissed her and could taste my cum on her lips and then I pushed her back on the bed. As Robin smiled at me I grabbed her ankles and rolled her over. Almost instinctively she moved her knees under her as she was that morning. "Want some more of this?" she asked again as she looked over her shoulder and shook her ass. I couldn't help but smile and slapped her ass again harder than I had in the morning.

When I heard her scream ouch that time I knew it was for real. Then she told me to look in the bag that she had sitting in the corner. The first thing I noticed sticking out of the bag was the handle to a paddle. As I pulled it from the bag and walked back over to Robin I saw her hands tighten in the comforter on the bed. The whack of the paddle on one cheek of her perfect ass had the desired effect. I slapped the other cheek and then grabbed her hair holding it along with her collar and her head back.

I asked japanese beauteous hottie wets her cunt hardcore blowjob if she wanted more. She didn't speak but just looked at me. The desire in her eyes was intoxicating and I was fast recovering from cumming just little earlier. She shook her ass at me and I continued to spank. I watched as her shapely ass went from white to pink and then to red and listened as her soft moans became increasingly louder. I had Robin lay face down on the bed and got some lotion from my overnight bag.

I rubbed it into her bright cheeks and heard her soft coos as the lotion cooled her rosy cheeks. As I was about to ask her how that felt she looked back at me and told me to fuck her. I tried to roll her over but felt her resist and then stopped trying. I worked a large glob of lotion over my cock, coating it nicely and then moved between Robin's legs which she willingly parted for me.

As I leaned over her I pressed my cock against Robin's tight opening and then worked myself inside. The lotion helped as I pushed myself completely into her ass and against her flushed cheeks. I increased my strokes and fury as I fucked Robin's tight ass harder and deeper.

Her right hand had slid under her and she rubbed her hard clit with my rhythm.

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Hearing her was more than I could stand but as she orgasmed she tightened her grip on my cock deep in her ass and I couldn't take any more. I shot my first load inside her and then pulled myself out as she continued to cum and spilled the rest of my semen on her rose colored cheeks. As I squeezed the last drops of me onto her ass I watched as Robin finished rubbing her clit and then pulled her hand from her pussy and licked her fingers clean.

I smoothed my cum into her ass and listened to her soft moans again. I lay next to Robin with my hand around her waist as she turned her head and stared at me with a smile on her face, "You better get some rest sweetie." I looked over at the clock, 10:30PM. As confused male stripper tube porn both got ourselves cleaned up I couldn't help but think if there was something I should know about as to why I had better get some rest?

I soon found myself paying no attention to it as I was in bed with Robin curled up in my arms and falling asleep with her head on my shoulder. Well all there ya go. Hope you enjoyed as much as we did - or was that just me? Comments and ratings if ya made it this far are always appreciated.

Working on chapter 3.