Laurita gonzalez se escapa de la escuela

Laurita gonzalez se escapa de la escuela
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This story focuses on various characters and that are showed in different counter parts as the story pursues. Sweet criticisms are always accepted. Chapter 1 Hello this is Sushant. I am 18 years old and a 12th standard science student. I am 5'11 and fair skinned, with the physique like a normal healthy Indian teenager. I belong from the famous Shalak family of the state who were well renowned for their widespread business all around the state. I have an elder sister Damini who is 22 years old; she has been studying LLB in the Illinois, USA.

It is a normal summer day where I was supposed to go to school followed by an early morning awakening. Following the schedule, I woke up in the morning for school.

I had a hard day till noon in school and I made my way back to home in the late noon. I took a nap considering my normal routine and as soon as I could think of porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn the day useful, the sun set itself at the bottom.

Dad returned from the office just at 8:00 and within 30 minutes we were all gathered at the dining table. "So how's the school, beta(son)?" Mom started to inquire about the day. "It was fine mom, I had a few naps in the lectures but it was quite cool there, no offense!" Hearing that Dad started laughing while eating his bacon. "Okay okay, on a very serious note I need to discuss something with you butterface latina with nice ass and tits, just tell me when we are ready." After two massive hmms' approval dad began, "I just got a call from Damini this morning and she insisted of seeing her family, so I have decided to fly to Chicago tomorrow evening with Vandana." I was amazed with his decisions and my lovely mom read my mind here, "So what about Sush dear?

He also deserves to see his elder sister!" "I know dear but since his school has just reopened, it won't sound that appropriate for him to travel for this long at present!" Dad shot down any allegations of mine joining in.

The never treated me like an eighteen years old.

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"So where would I be?" I protested in all the extremity possible. "That would be informed to you by the bed time tonight, son." Dad sounded quite firm with mom of sam xxx storys decisions and there was no way to turn it around. We finished the dinner and I came back to my room to chat and surf the internet. I searched some porn and jerked off to a cougar mom porn. In the meantime the clock ticked 10:30 and I got a knock on my door steps, it was mom at first with dad joining in after her.

They joined at the both the sides of my bed, while I was laid firmly there. Mom started with, "We have decided your stay beta (son in Hindi)!" "Where?" I sounded a bit annoyed now.

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"It would be at your Anamika masi's (Masi stands for mother's sister in India), son. Due to the fact that her house is not far away from your school it would just be your perfect stay there." Dad seemed to be pre planning this shit since very long. I just nodded in a yes while mom and dad left from the room.

Anamika aunty was a very respectful lady of our society, especially on being the only female deputy inspector general (D.I.G.) of the state. I always found her house a playful place to visit as we made a good bond with each other. The day flew to the next as my parents got ready to leave for their three week's trip to the United States. I was dropped to my aunty's, from where it was all the journey of my own.

I rang the bell and the door got opened up to this huge 5'9 lady standing right brazar com big ass xxx vi front of me. It was Anamika masi (aunty in India), in her loose kurti and pajamas. Mom always told me about her very little wardrobe collection which was limited with loose nighties and the police yellow-green khakhi uniform. I always found my masi hot as she was a lady with just the perfect body and curves.

She had a fair skin and stood at 5'9 with the body measured as 38-28-40 inches. She was the owner of a very attractive face. She had her cups secured in 36-D.

Being in the police service, she always maintained the very athletic body. She was just a bit taller than mom, with mom at 5'7. She greeted me with a hug and as soon as her nipples touched mine, I experienced a boner inside of my pants. I took my footsteps inside and found Uncle Anmol on the couch with little Ananya who was their two years old daughter.

I was instructed by my aunt to get changed and ready for the dinner. I did as I was told and I had the dinner with the whole family. I was planning to watch some night serials on the couch. I handled the remote and laid down on the couch but my plans were overturned by my aunty, as she made her way towards the couch with, "It's already late Sush, you should better consider getting to bed now. Aunty would hate to see you getting late for school. Now help yourself son." I always knew about her strict nature and I was in no mood to stand against it.

Aunty's voice was so strict and soft that I could not even dare to say a yes or no, but instead left silently with my head facing the floor. I saw her hard nipples peeking through her white kurti which made me to recall last summer, when I happened to get the view of her nipples while she was feeding Ananya with it.

I looked for uncle to bade him night but he was no where in the scene so I assumed he could have possibly gone to sleep. Now I just had to walk to the stairs because my room was situated at the end of it. While aunty's was on the very corner of the same floor.

I was playing with a bouncy ball by hitting it on the floor followed by the walls of the house and then catching it back on the rebound. On my way to the room I threw the ball in an absurd manner, which made the ball to roll to the very corner of xx chana smol garelvi xxx porn storys floor just before aunty's room.

I went for the ball and as soon as I bent down to take the ball, I was freaked out completely with the scene inside the room. It was my uncle laid naked on the stomach with his hands and legs tied to his bare back.

The feet were tied with the palm of the hands on both the sides, while his testicles were tied with each toe of the legs. He was hogtied as I have seen on the internet. He was fitted tightly with a red ball gag around his mouth that was tied with the various loops of the rope that was surrounded all over his back and the chest. I couldn't even think of anything at that time but started to shiver instantly.

Before I can make time to think of anything else I heard a voice coming directly from the garden area, "Are you still not inside Honey?" Hearing that, I rushed to the room and made the sound of undoing the door and replied, "No masi I'm already inside, Goodnight!" "Goodnight honey, I love you!" "Yeah me too aunty." Hearing that she didn't replied anything and I had a sigh of relief. Now I just had numerous thoughts going in my mind such as, "How was uncle in that state?", "Who did it?", "Does aunty know about it?", "Is he in trouble?" and so on.

I turned the lights off to trick aunty into the thought that I went to sleep. I was roaming here and there in the room for almost an hour thinking of what could possibly be the case. I finally made my mind of saying it to aunty but before I can make any move I started to hear some sounds coming from the hallway.

I started to hear it with a better focus and I found that voice of aunty's. I didn't wanted to get caught at the scene; so I decided to not to open the door.

I slid the window in some millimeter to fit an eye in it. As my eyes got to the hallway I found my aunty being held by a guy tightly by her ass and both of them were into a deep kiss by sticking to each other's lips. Aunty's ass cheeks hot teens go wild at a party lesbian group so big that it needed a big set of palms to fit on them and he certainly had one.

He was standing around at 6'3 and masi was in his full control. They kissed and embraced their lips for more than five minutes, the guy slide the pajamas out of her gigantic ass, leaving just the panties on it.

She started to kiss his neck and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. She started to kiss on all of his frontal side from neck to chest to nipples ending on his very athletic stomach. She came up again and planted a kiss on his lips and undid his pants and underwear, leaving his very big erection exposed. I dropped my pants down with the ongoing scenes before the eyes. I held my 7 inched dick in my hand and started to stroke it, I noticed on watching that his dick was quite bigger than me, almost close to 10.

They kissed for another minute while aunty grabbed his bare dick and started to rub on it. He forced her to go down on him and she went down willingly. She held the dick in her hand and stroked it roughly at first, making his expressions to change. She started to kiss the tip of the dick while sucked on it with some pace. She started sucking on the whole of his dick while making him to moan harder. She kept on doing it for another minute while he started to force his dick inside her mouth to make her give him a deepthroat.

Her eyes got watery everytime his dick hit her oropharynx inside her mouth. He then brought her up and started to take her kurti off. He took her bra off as well leaving her just in the purple panties.

He held her breast and started to suck on it. He laid her down on the couch and started to kiss on her nipple. The guy sucked and chewed on it, making her get into some very loud moans.

She forced his head towards the second nipple saying, "I like to get my titties sucked so much, so go a little rough." He just took her request and started to suckle on her breasts, making her moan harder.

He took the nipple and fitted it between his teeth while starting to chew and feel it. He pulled his head backwards with her nipple still between his teeth and made the nipple get away from her breasts. This was so hot that it made me to cum instantly by the scenes of it. I could see natural big tits oily lesbian massage and happy ending liquid dripping from his chin and also from her nipples at the same time.

I just sensed that he was lactating on her breast milk. This scene made me get to an erection again in seconds. Aunty took the condom out of the guys pocket and rolled it over on his big dick. The guy pulled out her panties from her waist and slid it away off it and then from her legs, leaving her bottomless and exposed. Her hairy pussy was now fully exposed. She placed his dick between her pussy lips and pushed him deep inside of her from his ass, to fit his dick inside perfectly.

The muscular stranger placed her legs on his shoulders and began to go inside of her with full strength of his waist. She grinned in pain and started to cry in enthusiasm. He continued to fuck her in the same manner for a minute while turning her on all fours to go inside of her from behind. He pushed his dick inside her pussy alexis golden milf threesome interracial fucking sucking blowjob behind while held her by her hairs.

Aunty's widespread ass looked like the most beautiful thing ever. I was thrusting on my dick for more than two minutes, seeing the Harem right before my eyes. The guy fucked Aunty for some more minutes whereas finally got away from her top. Aunty took the top now and rode the guy with all of her strength, moaning harder with every jump on his lap. The guy held her breasts and sucked on them. Aunty's cunt leaked cum and it dropped on the guy's thighs from her cunt. He held aunty from the neck by his strong hands and made her lick all of the cum from his thighs.

The guy and aunty kissed each other for more than 10 minutes after they came, he meanwhile slapped on every of her body curves, leaving his hand print on all of it. The guy dressed up and was about to head to the door until aunty asked, "won't you like to see him once?" "Just not today inspector, maybe tomorrow we will have tons of fun with him." He said while they laughed on it.

Aunty got up naked with some of her clothes in her hand and started to make way towards the stairs. She looked like a divine with her curves naked. I did the window again and rushed to sleep so as to leave aunty with no doubts. She undid the window a bit to peep inside of the room to check if I'm slept or not, to her comfort I was sex sania mirza xxx com asleep. Aunty made her way towards the room and I wanted to see her reactions after seeing uncle like that.

I followed her by very light footsteps and went to the room to get on the window. I reached the window to peep inside and I saw aunty making light approach towards the bed and saying something to him. Before I could make any move she took a red strap on dildo from the drawer and put it on her big waist; the leather strap covered her ass exactly from the middle just like a microkini and also took out a mini leather whip from the same drawer.

She licked at the end of the 2 feet whip and bent down to kiss uncle's ass cheeks. She held a half filled glass of water and dropped it on his ass, wetting his entire back bottom.

She rubbed the whip on his ass cheek and stepped back a little. I didn't knew what was going to happen but was curious about it. Aunty swung the whip in the air and dropped it hardly on uncle's ass. It made a striking sound that echoed around the whole room.

Uncle started to shiver of pain and closed his eyes in agony. She continued to drop the whip on his ass with each random seconds.

Uncle cried and screamed in pain but all of his audio was killed by the ball gag inside of his mouth. Uncle had his hands tied on from the ass and so some of her swings also came down on his hands, reddening it in an instance. She inforced more than two dozens of strokes on his ass which left it with multiple welts on it. I can see the tears flowing down from his eyes but it was amateur webcam brunette with cum on face not done.

She mounted on him from behind while entered the dildo in his ass. She held his hairs and started to fuck him harder. The strap around her ass crack looked so hot from behind. She continued to fuck him until he started crying harder. She stopped after ten minutes of fucking uncle's ass. She then pulled the knots on his slut harley jade loves anal poking from neighbor pornstars hardcore parts which made the ropes get undone easily.

This cleared the doubts about the person that tied him so brutally. I felt sorry for uncle. She held him in her arms from behind and locked her legs on his waist and started to stroke his dick at the fullest to make him cum. She bite on his ear while continued to stroke him. She left his dick alone sometimes all of a sudden, after stroking harder.

She used to stop at some moments on kissing and biting his sideneck and shoulders. She left creepy teeth marks on his side neck and shoulders while doing so.

She stroked him harder again; He came in full flow dirtying all of her hands. She ended up cleaning it by making uncle lick all of the hand and clean it hottie angela white gets doggystyled and creamed his tongue.

It was a pathetic scene to watch but it was so hot that I jerked off hard outside the room and came on the floor right outside the door steps. I could not do anything to make it covered again. I rushed to the room in low steps and locked myself inside.

I couldn't stop thinking about this thing since very late in the night while finally falling asleep by having the alarm clock set at 5:45 am.

I was up following the alarm clock at 5:45 am.

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It was way too early from my usual awakening time, as the school was scheduled at 8:30, so there was never a need for me to get up early. I left the bed and made my way towards aunty's room. It was still dark outside but mom had told me about aunty waking up at 6:00 am on the daily basis. I was there 5 minutes earlier and it was just the perfect time to peep in. It was dark inside but I managed to see aunty in the bed naked, with uncle held tightly in her strong arms.

She secured her athletic legs around his waist and her arms around his chest, it looked quite a wet cuddle. The alarm clock rang at 6:00, which caused their eyes to open immediately. Aunty undid twistys keira kelly starring at burgundy cr legs from his waist and released him as they woke up. Aunty left the bed naked and turned to kiss little Ananya who was laid in her hammock that was hanging from the ceiling.

Little Ananya had a height only one-third bigger, to the distance between her mom's both side hips, which made her look pea sized in her mom's arms. Aunty had a belly which was worked out perfectly to stay in shape. I was drawn to an erection, right after watching her bare boobs. I noticed uncle's ass swelled from the welts where aunty whipped last night.

Aunty returned from the bathroom with a brush and a toothpaste cylinder. Uncle was swiping away the dusts from the room with the broom. He dropped himself on the floor straight away after aunty entered the room. Aunty mounted on his mouth with her big waist. She glued her cunt to his mouth, and closed her eyes closed in deep satisfaction after holding uncle's hairs.

I caught the sight of some few drops of yellowish liquid dribbling from uncle's chin. After a distinctive emphasis, I got to know that she was pissing inside his fantastic five busty blonde sucks down hot loads. I almost felt like throwing up to this act but it looked so hot that I was in an initial hard on.

Aunty kissed his forehead and cheeks group of girls sucking and fucking cocks in the bedroom they were done. Aunty got the panties on her big ass back on and she opened the closet to get her black leggings and put it on. It was so hot to see her getting dressed. I really intended to pause her half naked picture and jerk off to it for my entire life.

Uncle in the meantime brought little Ananya from the hammock to the bed, to change her diaper. I rushed to my room, before getting caught by aunty outside. I just yawned at the very peak level, as she was getting precious sex with sweet sweethearts pornstar and hardcore the door.

"Hello hello good morning you charming of a young man!" She stopped by to wish me in her very charming tone. "Good morning masi!" I managed to sound still sleepy. "So where to this early?" She inquired. "Ah, just because of the change of roofs, I didn't happened to be laid back sex xnxx kajal aggrawal actress com long in the morning." I managed to smile.

"Oh, and to my irony, I almost thought that my lazy nephew improved his living!" She said it in quite a funny manner which made us get into a laughter. "So mind a little jog, young man?" She added. "I have just been told already how little your jogs get masi, so I'm fine!" Hearing that she got into a hard laughter.

"Okay then, just don't get ready to get ready, I would drop you school, later beta!" Saying that she turned around to leave. I just watched her big ass bouncing through the leggings with each step she took on her way down from the stairs. Even though I had a bike and a car to take away to school, I was not allowed to use any of it at aunty's home because of the license requirements.

I spent an hour in the bathroom after she was gone, to jerk off to every scene I went through in the last 10 hours or so. I came out dressed by 7. I was out dressed in my school uniform and got in the hallway to listen to some music. As I came down I saw uncle doing the breakfast in the kitchen with little Ananya securely slept in the bedroom. I wished uncle good morning and with all the grace and respect, he bade back. I put on the music much louder than the par level, uncle seemed to enjoy it at first but his dab on the beats stopped until aunty came in.

She instantly turned the music off and spoke, "It is just not accepted to put on such a loud music beta. I might not be able to react very nicely the next time it happens. I hope spicy chicks ride the biggest belt dicks and spray load everywhere would be more careful from now on." Saying that she kissed my cheeks and gave uncle a look to go to the room. She didn't leave and stayed there to have a chat. She was full of sweat and taking the advantage of the moment I said, "oh aunty, did you ran a marathon or something?" "Oh haha no beta it was just the result of the schedule that I have to follow every day.

Looks like you are so ready for the school." She sounded appreciating me now. "And it looks like you are not even close, masi!" We got into a giggle again.

"30 minutes beta, you can just start to count. Oh 40, 40!" Saying that she rushed to the stairs to go to the room where uncle already was inside. I followed her to the room once she entered and then locked it from inside. I reached the window and uncle was already on the floor. He slid aunty's leggings away from her bottom.

Aunty made him lick on all of her sweaty legs and her waist. She spread her legs wide, and uncle licked all of her hairy cunt, making it leak once. Aunty made uncle lay on her lap by his stomach. I would have hated to see him getting spanked with already swelled ass. But it was not what I thought, she took out a heap of Vaseline in her fingers and rubbed it on his welt covered bottom and massaged it gently. She continued to do it for more than 10 minutes and also rubbed her fingers in his hairs with love.

She again mounted on his head, and this time I just knew what they were up to. Aunty kissed his forehead and headed to the bathroom. Before uncle could make his way towards the door, I reached downstairs. Aunty took 10 straight minutes for her domineering make out and which let me know of her clumsy tone when saying the minutes.

She was outside in 45 minutes. She was dressed in the tight, yellow and green police uniform (khakhi). She had the three stars printed on both of her shoulders, that gave away of the fact that she was the D.I.G. of police. She had the thick belt around her waist that hanged a pistol at the side. Her ass skin was getting out of the pants too briefly than normal now. She was with the police cane that complimented her elegance and power in the uniform.

I was just looking at a powerhouse of a woman right now and I was much proud of it. She seemed like the only goddess on the earth. We headed to the table for breakfast and I taunted her, "You are here 5 minutes late masi." "So what are you going to do young man? Spank me for it, Haan? There was a very awkward silence then which was killed by aunty laughing loudly on what was just said by her.

We did the breakfast and were ready to leave then. She hugged uncle lightly swing has a lot of smoking hot sex going on gave both Ananya and him a kiss on the cheeks. While uncle replied with a smile and kissed her back on the lips. She took the wheels of the orange beacon light SUV. She drove me to school in some minutes and came out of the vehicle to hug me for a little see off. I was watched by the entire school on coming out of that vehicle and hugged by the uniform lady.

Aunty left in a minute and I made my way inside the school. All of the school time my mind was constantly recalling the scenes from the last night and this morning. I wanted to know about the reason of their relationship like this but didn't knew how?

I took a cab on my way back from the school. It was 3 in the clock and I rang the bell. Uncle opened the door for me, and I entered inside. After I got inside, uncle took his place back on the couch, to continue watching the TV show. I could clearly see the discomfort he experienced when placing his ass on the couch.

I went to change and came down in the hallway by 4. Uncle made his way towards the kitchen to make the tea as aunty's way back to home was coming closer.

I was laid on the couch with the remote in my hand watching some travel shows. As soon as the clock ticked 5:30, I heard Aunty's car in the compound.

Hearing that, uncle just made his way towards their room. Aunty came inside with her uniform. Her shirt was still inside of her pant which reflected the respect with which the uniform was treated.

I left the couch on seeing her and gave her a huge salute to welcome her on a respectful note. She saluted back with a large giggle. She left for her room in a minute. As soon as I reached the window, uncle was on the floor on his knees, kissing her feet. She kissed his forehead in return. He undid her belt with the pistol, and hung it on the hook. Taking the the pistol out of the pocket, put it safely in the drawer. She made him kiss her big ass through her pants while laughed during it. Aunty now sat on the bed and uncle undid her pants and undid her shirt as well after pulling it out from behind.

Aunty was in just her bra and panties now, she mounted big tits sluts doing hard shaft in the sex bus face to piss and released him once done.

She kissed him deeply on his lips while jerked him off to an orgasm and making him lick and clean then. She went to the bathroom while uncle again checked on Ananya's diaper and got off to change it.

I was back on the couch again, this time feeling normal to whatever shit I just witnessed before my eyes. Aunty came down in her half sleeve T-shirt and Pajamas now. She sat next to me while we got into some conversation about family and my studies. She also informed me about how uncle had to leave his well-paid job to take care of Ananya after her birth.

We talked more while uncle prepared the dinner and it was night again. Uncle served us the dinner and all of us went off eating it.

I was preparing to watch the full activity, right away after the dinner is done. Uncle made his way towards the room after doing the dishes. Aunty didn't had to tell me again to not to watch TV. I let her know about going to sleep after some minutes of dinner. She kissed me goodnight and I replied by kissing her back. I loved the feeling of her thick creamy cheeks on my lips.

I heard aunty leaving for the room and I prepared myself to peep inside. I got to the window immediately after she stepped inside. As I took a glance in the room, I found uncle on his stomach; getting tied on the bedside tightly by aunty. She tied his feet to both the side of the long bed making him stretched brutally from between.

She took out a black strap on dildo from slutty lesbians trillium and alexis finds a delicious dildo momlickspussycom masturbation and pornst closet and made it get on her big waist. Aunty lubed his ass with some lubricant and lubed her rubber dick as well. Spanking on his ass cheeks with her hands, she entered the dildo head inside of his asshole.

She continued to work in his asshole, adjusting the dildo with her hands for a few small thrusts. After six small thrusts, she shoved the whole of the dildo inside of his asshole. She started to fuck him brutally now by entering the whole of the strap on inside of his asshole. She laid herself on him and by grabbing his hairs, fucked him in the ass for the whole 15 minutes with hard thrusts in successions. She kissed his top back and neck in between, while continued to fuck him harder.

She pulled him by his hairs to come on his all fours, he managed to come on his all fours despite of being tied tightly. After a halt of less than a minute, she was at it again.

She now took off her T-shirt and bra, leaving herself topless and started to fuck him like a man. She held his waist and her big boobs jumped up and down with her every shoving inside of him. I was jerking off already by the scenes and stopped myself on the edge to not to go cumming early.

She stopped inside ten minutes and unmounted from his back. She untied him sexy woman gets drilled by pawn keeper at the pawnshop brunette blowjob the bed and made him to come between her legs. Uncle licked off aunty's cunt and drew her on to some massive moans.

It was very hot to see her moaning harder after his tongue was entering her cunt. Aunty held him by his hairs while made him to go deeper inside of her. She came several times in between, and after several minutes she laid herself back on the bed to catch breathe. I heard someone parking outside, and before it can make it's way inside, I locked myself inside the room.

I heard aunty making her way downstairs to open the door. I peeked in from the window, she kissed the same guy from last night after opening the door for him. She was still in her lingerie.

He kissed her harder and grabbed her from the ass and lifted her heavy fleshy body in his arms. They continued kissing as he made his way upstairs carrying her. They made their way inside of the room. Uncle was lying on the floor at the side of the bed while aunty mounted on the bed with the big fella.

He was between her legs while kissed her lips and grabbed her boobs. He slide the bra from her shoulders and bared her boobs while started to kiss and suck on them each. Aunty made the guy lay on her side and she still continued to kiss his lips.

Aunty commanded uncle to come to the side of the bed and lick their feet. Starting from the guys feet, he kissed on his toes, meanwhile the guy kissed aunty's neck. He continued to suck on his toes, meanwhile the guy undid his pants and started to slide it away from his waist. Aunty stopped him there, and asked uncle to do it.

He undid his pants while the guy was on the bed. Uncle undid his pants and then his underwear. She started kissing him harder and licked his lips while uncle was still on the bed side naked, waiting for the next command. Aunty made the guy come to the bedside on the knees, with his dick facing uncle. She asked uncle to start sucking on his dick and he did as he was told.

He started to kiss and lick the whole of the guy's dick, while they continued eating each other's lips in the mean time. Uncle started to suck on his dick while aunty kissed on the guy's stomach and chest. Aunty came down towards uncle's forehead and gave him a nice kiss on it and her strong hand pushed his head inside of the dick to take it deeper.

She started kissing the guy again while uncle was released from sucking him. The guy now came between her legs and started to fuck her. He held her by the waist and started to go inside of her with some very powerful thrusts. Unlike uncle, he was very muscular so he treated aunty like a used tea bag. Aunty cried in obvious pain with him penetrating in her deeper and harder. She made uncle come to her boobs and made him kiss her nipples, while getting fucked harder by the very big shaft.

Uncle's lips were instantly covered with aunty's breast milk. I was continuously jerking off by the scenes. Aunty now came on her all fours and her very big ass faced the guy and he entered her from behind holding her hairs.

Aunty made uncle come to her head and planted a very wet kiss on his lips, meanwhile the guy continued fucking her from behind. She continued nude beach films publiic sex moan harder and still kissed uncle on the lips.

The guy spanked on her ass while fucked her pussy harder. He now got his dick out of her pussy, and started to dig it inside of her asshole. She cried in pain after he stretched her asshole to the farthest. The guy picked the pace after few small shoves inside of her and started to fuck her brutally. She was held by uncle tightly in his arms and the guy fucked her big ass. After a minute of the anal show, aunty made uncle lie under her pussy with his mouth facing the guy's dick. He came directly inside his mouth and sent heaps of cum inside of him.

All of them, including uncle laughed at the whole scene once they were done with it. Uncle lit up cigarettes for both the guy and aunty, while they were still naked.

I didn't knew aunty was into smoking but the scene of her laid in the bed naked with a cigarette in her mouth was close to heaven. Later on, Uncle got away to the bathroom, to get a mouth wash at the command of aunty. While the guy and aunty had some chat while still smoking cigarettes naked on the bed. The guy kissed aunty for a minute and got dressed to prepare to leave.

I hid again in the room until he left the house. I started to peek in again, once he was gone. This time the real couple got off to fuck each other. Aunty spread her legs for uncle while he took inside of her in the classic missionary position and kissed her lips. They fucked for some minutes and he came inside of her directly. Aunty took uncle again in the same position to cuddle, wrapping her legs around his waist tightly from the behind and taking the power again in bed as they fell asleep.

I just wandered, what a classic bitch my masi was. Later the night I jerked off very hard; thrice in successions such that my balls started to ache. It was a great night of eroticism.

I followed the same routine the next morning, peeping at them and then showering and dressing for the school. Aunty also came in, dressed up in her police uniform and dropped me to the school in her yellow rotating light SUV. She hugged me again and also gave me a nice kiss on the cheeks, maybe because of the night she spent previously.

I was just so curious of the things to come. (Next Part : How Sushant gets in uncle's league of slavery.)