Wild girls flashing tits for cash in a public stunt

Wild girls flashing tits for cash in a public stunt
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Me: You have to attend a banquet, not formal but no jeans allowed. You want someone who can think on thier feet, be engaging, be confident, etc.

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to escort you. Maybe even someone you can show off! There will be some particularly bitchy, catty females there that have given you some shit in the past. Not serious but enough to hit a nerve or two. You want to show them. You invite me to escort you.

We arrive and you notice "them" checking you out and looking to see "what she brought". I am not a strikingly handsome man, BUT, I am good looking, and can react to any situation. I have been told that there is "something about you" that just draws people in.

We mingle through the crowd. You get pulled away and I am left alone for the moment. I glance at you occasionally as you are deep in conversation across the room. I remember that I did not yet tell you how awesome you look in that pretty blouse and short, form hugging skirt. Not too revealing but just enough in just the right places so that you exude a quiet, smoldering sensuality. Two of the barracudas arrive and begin to chat with me.

Suffice it to say, after about 15 minutes, they were properly impressed and now wish they were with me in your place, or would be in your place later tonight! As they are talking to me you and I keep trading discrete glances and little smiles. Your radar came up instantly once they started chatting with me.

Your confidence in my abilities and your security in knowing I am yours for the night gives you a feeling of comfort and a feeling of desire. You want the evening to end now and take me amateur pullout cumshot wife wont and get to the "good stuff" but know that will not be possible.

You have to stay a while longer, longer than you want, but must stay. You finally make your way back to me. As you approach, the 'cudas leave! You put your arm around mine and look across the crowd, smiling slightly, confidently, but not at anyone in particular. The 'cudas take note and are verrry envious! We walk over to get a drink and move over near a wall and look out over the crowd, making small talk and enjoying each other's he nails her old pussy from behind. I sense some excitement in you, some devilish, slightly naughty vibes emanating from you.

I reach behind you and begin to lightly massage your sumptous ass through your skirt! An electric shock courses through your body as my fingers trace the outline of your tiny panties!! You know this evening is going to get verrry inetersting! As we stand there near the wall, in a corner I look behind me and see a chair in the corner and a small table. I set down and you move closer so you are next to the little side table - seemingly the only reason is so you can set your drink on the table and still easily reach it.

But we both know it is so I can still easily, surreptiously touch you. You have your back to me, standing close to the arm of the chair, blocking anyone's view of my arm and hand. I re-start my tracings from before! My fingers feel good through the material of your skirt and panties! I trace my finger along the edge of your panties starting at the top and angling down across your sumptous cheek coming upon that sensitive are where your cheek just meets your thigh!

Ahhh, I love that spot! You amateur girls masturbating at cfnm party poolside imperceptibly as my fingers caress that area! You feel a familiar warming sensation starting in your loins! My hand feels so good on you! As we are doing this we also carry on idle chit-chat just to keep up pretenses but we are both speaking with words chock full of double meaning.

A woman approaches you, having just come from a cluster of the 'cudas and asks who I am. You introduce me and I stand and shake her hand lightly.

She gives me an intriguing look and then strikes up a conversation with you. I set back down. She can not see my other hand at all. As you two are talking I begin my ministrations again. It takes great restraint on your part - you would much rather have me now, have alexis texas in need of a rubdown naked bodies flesh to flesh as opposed to talking to her!

I decide to step it up a little. I let my hand drop down just far enough that my fingers can touch the bare skin of your inner thigh! You almost lost control as my hot fingers first touched your tender flesh! Goose bumps come and go across your body! You wonder if the 'cuda has any idea!!

I reach up under your skirt, the length is such that I can raise the back hem and gain access to much of your ass without a hint of anyhting out of the ordinary. When someone sees your skirt xnxx mom and son sex com the front side they have no idea what is going on with the backside! I lightly trail my fingers across the bottom of your cheeks, twirling them, dancing to the melody I imagine you have in your mind.

I spend extra time at the points where your cheeks meet your thighs. You clear your throat and cough slightly in order to hide the quiver that just shot through you! You carry on the conversation! I move my fingers to the cleave of your cheeks, I lightly stoke it, my finger just grazing both cheeks simultaneously.

You cough again and clear your throat! A slight flush is spreading across your face making it radiate! Your desire is mounting! I push my middle finger up between your cheeks, putting pressure on your sweet pussy lips through the material of your panties!

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Was that a slight moan I just detected, "mmmm hmmmmmm", or was it a somewhat prolonged acknowledgement of what the 'cuda was saying? I test to find out by pressing my finger harder against your lips and wiggling the tip of it slightly! "Mmmmmm hmmmmm" escapes your lips again - it is a veiled moan!!! You are starting to burn with desire!

I just detected moistness starting to soak through the material of your tiny panties!! You cough again and tell her you need to go to the ladies room pretty girl in omegle nena se masturba y goza clear your throat.

French top boobs star new xxx set your drink down, wink at me and hurry off!! As you are coming back you make eye contact with me and I see a verrry naughty look in your eye and your cheeks are flushed.

You have a warm, sensous glow about you! As you near me this changes to a look of eager anticipation, excitement, trepidation all rolled into one.

You bite the corner of your lower lip while smiling at me, wink, and take up a position in front of my chair, slightly off to the side as you were before. I just set there, gazing upon your body, you feel my penetrating stare, warming you up, setting your buttocks on fire through your skirt.

Several things are running through your mind; what you want me to do now, what you want highclass sex with a busty chick hardcore blowjob do to me. You visualize our hot naked bodies entertwined in a passionate, undulating embrace! AAAAhhhhh - now you feel my fingers begin to creep up your skirt again. Slowly I move up, just waiting to find what I know must now be soaked panties! They must be because my cock is verry hard and starting to twitch, precum welling up inside!

You know why I sat down - I could not be very discrete if I was standing beside you with a raging erection! As my hand reaches the cleave of your buttocks I discover the real reason you went to the ladies room - you removed those tiny panties!!

Oh my, my, my - this is going to be so much fun, so pleasurable, almost excruciating! I waste no time and slip my finger between your lips - wow - they are soaking wet, hot, swollen! I lube my finger in your copious flow and begin to slide it from your ass to your clit! Not moving my hand, just flexing my finger back and forth! I do not tarry. I slide my finger back and forth rapidly.

It is almost as if I have a finger on your ass and clit at the same time. God you are hot and I am sooo hard! My cock aches!! But I can not do anything about it, can not touch it, too risky! You are clenching your cheeks gripping my finger, swaying slightly. A couple comes by and you converse with them. I slow my finger but do not stop. It comes to rest on your clit and I wiggle my finger rapidly across it as you are talking!

How much more can you take? How much more can I take? We shall see. It is a good thing the lighting is low overall and is especially dim in our corner otherwise everone would plainly see the look on your face and see that you have slightly arched your back and rotated your hips just a little to give me better access to your pussy!!

The couple walks away, I plunge my finger all the way into your hot pussy! You gasp, but maintain your composure! I begin to pump my finger rapidly in and out of your pussy! My god you are so hot and wet! It starts to make a squishing sound, you back up a little, putting more pressure on my hand! I slow my finger enough to stop the noise but keep it going fast enough to keep you going! The head 'cuda walks over and starts talking to you! I feel your pussy spasm around my finger as you talk!

I sense you are getting close! How can she not know? You really do not care! Secretly you would like for her to know - to know what you are getting, what you have got in the past, what you will get later tonight, what she has most likely never came close to experiencing!! OMG - I think you are going to cum!! Yes you are! I feel it, 0oh damn that is hot! Your sweet juices are trickling past my hand, starting down your thigh!

What a waste. It would be soo good if I could lap up that golden nectar with my hot tounge!! OMG, OMG, my cock just spasmed and I shot a little squirt in my pants! Every muscle in your body becomes taut! The dim light is veiling your quiverring as a powerful orgasm racks your body and begins to subside.

It takes every ounce of your being to matain your composure and some sense of normalcy as you cum. The 'cuda makes an excuse and walks away. I was just barely able to control myself! Almost squirted it all in my pants! Now it is my turn to go to the bathroom!

I have a little mess to clean up! I slide my finger out of your sopping pussy, stand up and let you set down. I turn to face you, look you in the eye and lick that sweet nectar off my finger!

I then adjust my cock so that my underwear will help conceal my raging erection and walk to the mens room. Along the way the 'cuda comes up to me and asks if Hot amazing hotties lusty seduction hardcore reality feel ok. She says I look a little flushed! I peer back over my shoulder, grin at you and proceed on to the mens room. You want to leave so bad, but know that you can not for about another 30 or 45 minutes!!!

Your desire is consuming every fiber of your being, as is mine!! Her: I sit down and lean on the table, sighing deeply as the pleasure subsides. I watch you with lust as you rush towards the bathroom. My bare pussy still hot!

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Slowly I feel little drops of my sweet juices trickle down my inner thigh. Meanwhile, after your encounter with one of the 'cudas you finally make it to the bathroom where you discreetly rush into one of the stalls. Taking a deep breath you slowly exhale as you unzip your pants giving your raging erection some air.

The air conditionined bathroom cools you down slightly but you still feel the burning sensation inside you. The thought of your finger in my pussy races around your head. You smell your finger, it still has a hint of my scent left over, a little precum drips out of your throbbing cock. You know you want relief, after what just happened. The feeling of my pussy tightening around your finger and the sounds of my voice quivering as I came.

Your cock jumps at the very thought. Bringing your hand towards your cock, you could jack off right now and it would feel great you think to yourself but knowing that a nice tight, wet pussy is waiting for you. Your hand stops mid-way.

Deep down you want to cum inside me, you want to fuck me slowly until we both can not take it anymore and explode with pleasure. You want to feel my body pressed against you as my voice fills the air around us and you know that it would feel a lot more amazing than if you were to stroke your cock now. As painful as it will be you are determined to wait. 35 minutes won't be that long, you pray for the time to speed on by. Taking another deep breath you wait, struggling for control over your burning passion.

A voice deep inside tells you you won't make it through the night. I watch the people chat while periodically glancing around for you. You seem to be taking a long while. A small, sly grin comes on my face. The image of you jacking off in one of the stalls pops in my head.

I sit at our table leaning back in my chair with my right leg crossed over my left leg. Startled by her abrupt arrival I sit in shock as the head 'cuda takes hot strippers in lingerie have some fun set next to me.

I humor her and engage in conversation. I remain calm and perky but deep down I'm filled with annoyance and a bit irritated. She sits and chats as if we've been buddies and "gal-pals" for a long time. Out of the corner of my eye I see you walking towards the table, I smile in your direction and you wave back.

Almost giddish the head 'cuda jumps from her seat. Grabbing your arm she seats you across from me in a chair next to her. "Have fun?" I ask you playfully. You glance to the side with an embarrassed smile. The head 'cuda looks on with confusion. Right away she strikes up a conversation turning her body towards you as if cutting me out. Taking an irritated breath we exchange glances. Luckily for me the table isn't to wide. Just enough for me to extend my leg and gently rub my foot against the inside of alexis texas in need of a rubdown leg.

As my foot and leg begin to massage you slowly the upper half of my body remains poised and calm. You try hard to remain calm yourself. You listen as the 'cuda rants. Her story may be interesting if you paid more attention however, you can't.

Your mind drifts to my leg as it explores your inner thigh. Slowly I go up from your right calf. Gradually my foot travels towards your thigh. You feel it graze the base of your sensitive, throbbing cock. Pleasure shoots around your body! You gasp softly as I start to apply preasure, my foot rotating slightly.

The cloth from your boxers and pants rubs against your skin. You don't show it but I know. You can feel the precum begin to drip from your cock. I feel it grow harder, I'm not sure whether you did what I thought you did in the bathroom.

You seem a bit on edge and jumpy. Maybe he didn't, I think to myself. At that moment I decide to play around a little. I can see you eyeing me discreetly. Playfully I keep my foot on your chair and gently I begin rub your inner thigh.

You look over. Slowly I start to rub my finger along my lips. Slyly I look your way sucking my finger lightly, giving you a little wink. Looking back and forth from me to her you catch little glimpses. Continuing to slowly massage your inner thigh I lean back in my chair. I adjust my blouse as I look at you, pushing my soft breasts together, giving you a small hint of my cleavage. Looking down at my breast, then at you I bite sexually excited attractive teen in a virgin sex act lip.

You look back at her, the head 'cuda still blabbing on about who-knows-what. You don't know, all you know is you want me! Time is moving SO slowly for you, my legs rubbing against your thigh is torture! You want this head 'cuda to shut up! Deep down you want to just pull me under the table and start fucking me hard right now.

But, painfully, you can't. I look at you, our eyes meet. I start to stretch. My hands travel from my waist up my sides. Your eyes linger on my round perky breast. You hear me moan softly. The sound echos in your ear. You want to make me moan, not like that but louder, longer!

You want to hear me moan with pleasure. Finally I decide to get up. You watch my smooth legs as I lean in towards you. "I'm going to get a drink" I tell you while sliding my hand in your pocket slipping something in.

Your eyes wander my body. You feel my index finger rub against your face as I kiss your cheek. The head 'cuda can't see it cause she's on your other side but you catch a wiff of it.

Slowly it starts to register in your mind.my sweet wet cum. As I walk away you watch me from behind, your cock throbbing. Your breaths become slightly deeper.

How much longer can you stand to wait? Reaching your hand in your pocket you feel a soft silky fabric. Taking it out slightly you realize it was the silk panties I had been wearing earlier that night. Me: As I watch you walk away the desire inside of me takes over! I feel a primal need to fuck you NOW! Damn, I should have jacked off while in the batroom to relieve some of the pressure!!

My god this is making me insane! What I thought was a supreme tease for you has reversed a little and inflamed me! After all, you did have an orgasm earlier although you had to exert great self control! The cuda is still talking, saying what I do not know.

I decide to take action! I can not wait until you are able to leave. I mumble something and start to get up. As I do the cuda puts her hand on my thigh, quickly moving up to my crotch. When she encounters my hard cock her eyes widen, her cheeks flush, and she sucks in a sharp breath! She knows this is not for her but she wants it badly! I continue to get up, a look of disbelief coming across her face - she has never been left before!

I tell her "sorry that is not for you" and walk away. I glance around to see where you went. I spot you getting a drink and head straight for you. You look up and see me coming and see the intense look of heated desire in my eyes! I quickly stride over to you and take you by the arm and lead you to a side door near the back of the room. Where it leads I do not know but it is out of here! No one notices as I open the door and pull you into the dimly lit room.

It is a small storage area for chairs and tables. It is lit by a single naked 70 watt bulb. The yellow light seems to be devoured by the gray of the bare concrete block walls whose slightly rough surface reflects no light rays.

I shut the door and move a chair over against it and wedge it under the handle. All this has got your heart racing. At first with a bit of trepidation, now with a rush of desire!

Your juces start flowing again and since you have no panties on they begin to trickle down your thighs! I yank your skirt down and spin you around while unfastening my belt. I firmly push on your shoulders bending you at the waist. You plant your hands on the cool, rough blocks for support. I use my feet to spread your legs apart as you hear my zipper come down. You hear my belt buckle rattle as I slide my pants to the floor.

The cool air of the room makes goosebumps rise on your flesh as it flows around your hot, wet, gaping pussy! I grab my rock hard precum slick cock and put the head of it between your swollen pussy lips.

I grasp your shoulder with my free hand to keep you from step dad and dougther fugking story the wall and forcefully drive my cock deep into that sweet pussy! Although I have a grip on your shoulder it does not absorb all the impact. The rough blocks bite into the flesh of your palms. Keeping a grip on your shoulder I begin to pump your pussy furiously and take my now free hand and wrap it in your hair and tug back. The sound of my stomach slapping your ass echos off the walls around us!

The squishing sound of your pussy pushes me to greater excitement than before! Your body quivers with each thrust. You move one of your hands between your legs and begin to furiously massage your clit! I start to grunt with each thrust, every muscle in my body tensing and releasing as I fuck your pussy hard! Each deep, forceful thrust raises your feet slightly off the floor.

You manage to maintain enough grip with the toes of your shoes to keep from being driven into the wall.

I fuck harder, pulling your head back, my balls are smacking your clit. You have both hands on the wall again for additional support and leverage to thrust back at me! You arch your back and begin to match my thrusts, driving your pussy as far as possible up on my cock! You feel the head of it banging against you cervix - my god that cock is in there deep!

A slight discomfort, pushing feeling goes through you each time my cock impacts deep in you which is not unpleasant - actually it inflames your animalistic side. The rough blocks biting into your palms heighten this. You want to cry out but do not want to alert the people in the outer room.

You continue to drive your hips back, your head beginning to swivel side to side, straining at my grip on your hair. Your orgasm is rapidly building. I feel your pussy start to spasm and that is all it takes! I bend over and wrap my arms around you, FIRMLY gripping your tits through your blouse and pound into you even harder as my cock erupts!

I muffle my screams against your soft neck as I cum hard as your orgasm also peaks! Some of my cum and your voluptuous cocksucker eva notty gets fucked by lexington steele interracial and pornstar drip onto the floor as I continue to furiously pump your pussy.

As quickly as it began it now ends. We stay in that position breathing heavily. My grip on your tits eases. Our knees are to weak to stand up right away. My weight is on your back, you feel my body rise and fall with each deep breath. The block wall is stinging your palms and you know you can not rest on the wall anymore. After a few moments we are able to straighten up.

I pull my pants up and reach into my pocket. As you pick up your skirt I pull your panties out, run them lightly across my face, inhaling your intoxicating aroma. I put them between my teeth and gaze at you with a look of child-like humor.

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You take them from my mouth and Namitha sex images with out dress in say that I really wanted to keep them but you may need them before you walk back into the other room.

I step back and watch you put them on, balancing on one foot at a time as you slip those shapely legs into those delicate panties and pull them up.

My god you are beautiful! You step into your skirt, pull it up to your hips, wiggle around as you pull it up the rest of the way. You smooth your clothes with both hands, take in a deep breath, let it out slowly and look at me and smile warmly! You step up, kiss me and turn and slip out the door into the outer room.

I follow, completely satisfied and energized.