Babe is nailed from the behind after performing rodeo on ramrod

Babe is nailed from the behind after performing rodeo on ramrod
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[chapter one] My sister and I are a little over a year apart. We have grown up together and been very close. I just turned 17 last month, I play on the football team at school but I'm not one of the popular ones. It's fun for me, but I have no plans to go pro or even play in college.

I joined because of my best friend Mark. He's one of the best wide receivers on the JV team. It does mean I'm fairly built. I have light skin, my sister's lighter then me but more on her later.

I'm about 5'9" and 130 pounds. Since I'm not really popular I don't get out much and I'm still a virgin. I've had a few blowjobs from one of the JV cheerleaders. Never went farther because she was afraid her boyfriend would find out. He was a varsity basketball player and he was damned good.

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My sister, Aida, has got to be the palest Hispanic girl I've ever seen. She's 5'2" and about 90 pounds. She's got a decent shape to her. Probably about a B cup, nice hips too.

We both have dark brown hair and when it's wet it looks black. We used to sleep in the same bed when we wee little but our family moved into a bigger house when I was eight and my dad made us sleep in our own rooms from then on.

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Occasionally, we would be scared and he would let us sleep together but it's been a long time since even that has happened. It was still summer and school was about to start. My sister had been spending a lot of time with her summer school boyfriend, Chip or Chuck (don't really know him that well).

Her best friend, Cynthia, insisted they hang out. She had been at our house all day and I wasn't surprised to hear she would be spending the night. Cynthia and my sister could have been twin sisters, most people thought they were. She had dark brown hair too, about the same height and weight as my sister. About the only difference was Cynthia's waist and ass were a little smaller then Aida's. It was 10:30 and being summer I wasn't tired yet. I decided to see if the girls wanted to stay up late and watch movies with me in my room.

The door to my sisters room was partially open. I walked right in, opened my mouth and froze. In front of me was my nearly naked sister. She didn't realize it was me at first. So I got a good look at her bare breasts as she flipped her shirt around to pull on. Her thin legs seemed long on her small body.

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They apexed right at her pretty red and pink panties. Suddenly she made a shriek noise and pulled up her shirt to cover her perky b-cup breasts and spun at the same time. Giving me a great view of her tight little butt. "Jose, get out" my little sister squeaked. "Sorry, Aida, I real amateur asian watch part online on partstream wanted to ask if you and Cynthia wanted to watch a movie with me?" I tried to act casual but I couldn't help looking even as I backed out of her room.

"No." Aida said as she pulled her shirt over her head and turned to glad back at me. I finally closed the door and turned. There in front of me was Cynthia. She looked me up and down with a grin on her face. How long has she been standing there? Did she see me drooling over my sister? She looked just like Aida, I looked down at her in her tight blue shirt that barely reached her waist and showed her nice tits that were almost identical to my sister's. Her short tight shorts that left her tone legs bare.

"Is that for me? .or your sister?" She teased as she passed by and patted my half mass pole. She giggled at my open mouth. "Come with me and I'll show you who it's for." I managed as she closed herself in my sister's room. I breathed heavily and tried to compose myself. What had just happened.

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I've never seen my sister like that at least not since we were kids and neither of us had anything to show then. And I've never joked with Cynthia like that either. What was I thinking making sexual innuendos to my sister's best friend. I walked to my room and turned the tv on.

I couldn't really watch it.

Images of my sister kept creeping into my head. I must have dosed off because I noticed the tv was off. And someone was in my room. I blinked a few times, and saw it was Cynthia. "Come to watch tv with me?" I asked her. She didn't say anything. Just lifted her shirt, as she climbed onto my lap.

I couldn't react, was I dreaming? No, her soft lips on my mouth were real enough.

I reached up and gently rubbed her breasts, very real. "This is what I wanted," Cynthia said as she started grinding her pelvis against my hardening erection. She got up and pulled off her shorts and panties. She stood there looking so hot. She had a little triangle patch down there, just like my sister.

After standing there a for a few seconds she began to fumble at my shorts. I helped her pull them off me. She took a look and my meat and smiles as she sat back on top of me.

"Joe," everyone but my sister called me Joe.

"I want you to be my first." "Are you sure." I managed. I couldn't believe this was happening. Cynthia began to rub her now wet dream against my shaft. I felt my dick going into her then suddenly slip out. Damn! I wasn't hard enough to get into her tight hole.

She repositioned herself and tried again. My shaft wiggled as she tried to force me into her dripping cunt. Suddenly she got up walked to my door. "Damn," I thought, "I missed a chance to fuck my sister's hot friend!" Then she flipped the light off and walked back to me.

I felt her climbing into the bed with me. Her hands fumbled in the dark until she had hold of my sabotaged penis. She began to slowly strike me. "Mmm Jose I love the way you feel in my mouth," I heard Aida's voice say to me as she began slurping on my intense creampie with teen girl aurora monroe born april. "Cynthia?" I asked, shocked!

"Shhh just relax, I'm Aida," Cynthia said in her normal voice. "And I love your big sausage" she said, in my sister's voice. I laid there in shock, enjoying her mouth on me. She kept her mouth sucking the tip hard and occasionally popping it out and licking it then sucking it back in.

She was not as good as Tina, the cheerleader, clearly Tina had a lot more practice. Aida's virginal mouth was working my stiffing shaft in a little deeper. She still could only manage the first two inches. Aida's hand was holding my shaft so she could keep my fully erect cock in her mouth.

"Oh Aida," I heard myself say. She sucked harder and began bobbing her head up and inch then back down two. I could feel my precum oozing out. My balls began to tighten, I was getting close. Just then Aida stopped and slowly licked the precum off my tip. She rolled over and lay next to me. Guess she won't swallow, I thought as I began to rub myself.

I'll have to finish it up myself. Aida grabbed nadia ali sexy xxx story arm. "Fuck me big brother!" I heard Aida's voice say. I rolled on top of her and felt at her waist.

Oh yeah, this is Cynthia I remembered, not my sister. "Hurry Jose! Fuck me" I forgot who it was I was with again. I slid my pulsing hard on between her legs and felt the wetness. I pressed in and felt resistance, I pulled my hungry cock back and thrust in again. "Oww yes!" Cynthia said. Then in imitation of my sister she said "Jose keep going, don't stop." I was pleased to pump her more.

I thrust several times, I was so close from the blowjob I knew I couldn't last but I didn't want to stop either. Her legs wrapped around me and she was cooing softly in my ear, "Jose, Jose, oh yes Jose" I plunged deep into my sister's burning tunnel and erupted.

"Oh Aida!" I grunted. I was so out of breath. How long has it been? An hour, ten minutes I don't know. It felt like time had stopped while I pumped my little sister's virginity out. "I'm so happy you were my first, Joe" Cynthia said. I rolled over and she got dressed kissed me on the lips and walked out. st scarlett licked by her lesbian coach

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"Oh shit!" I just fucked my sister's best friend and she knew I was pretending I was fucking my sister! Not only knew, she played along. What does this mean? Will she tell my sister? Will she want to screw me again? I'm not sure what is scarier: her fucking me and pretending to be my sister or her refusing to pretend to be Aida? "Shit, I wanted to fuck my sister! What's wrong with me?" I said to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

.to be continued.