Suck large cocks makes her glad squirting and japanese

Suck large cocks makes her glad squirting and japanese
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Six-Mile High Club chapter 3 Although Michael was with Mioko, his mind continued to wander back to when he was twenty in junior college. He was in his second and last year at Santa Monica JC, and became close the love of his life. At least she was at the time. Her name was Jessica Burke. She was eighteen and just out of high school.

She had blond hair, blue eyes and a wonderful smile. Her face and body were things that God must have bragged about. Her figure was comparable to any girl he had seen in his father's PLAYBOY magazines, even better. Not too large, but almost perfect titties, and an absolutely perfect rear end.

When he was close to her she had a special aroma; kind of like fresh baked cookies and cotton candy. Michael was in love, or lust and could not think whenever she was around. Jessica and Michael had known each other since junior high school, when she tripped him accidentally in the hallway, but being two years younger, she was in frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere different class and they didn't hang around with the same crowd.

As he was half Japanese, he had always felt that many people didn't like him very much. Even though the only obvious Japanese trait he had was slightly slanted eyes. It was 1994, and Michael was in the student union one morning, reading a required book on Physics, while drinking a cup of vending machine coffee; which bordered on swill.

He had wished that he hadn't waited a whole year between High School and JC, but he wanted to find himself, whatever that meant.

Miss. Burke came over to where he was seated and said, "Hello Michael. Tell me something; why don't you like me?" Not being positive of her motives, Michael hesitated staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

Then as he felt like he had nothing to loose he said, "I do like you Jessica. I like you a lot. I always have." "Then why haven't you ask me out?

Do you think that I'm ugly, or not good enough for you?" "God … no Jessica, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known.

It's … just … well … I …uh, it's that I don't, uh.

Well I don't know. I never thought that you liked me, that way." "So?" she asked abruptly, looking down at him. "What?" "Are you going just to sit there and stutter or are you going to ask me out?" "Jessica, would you like to go out with me; please?" With Michael's question, her demeanor made a hundred and eighty degree swing and she said in a sweet voice, "Yes Michael, I would love to go out with you." as though it had been his idea the entire time.

"Tomorrow night we can double date oral sex scene with sexy couple stripping naked my friend Darlene and her boyfriend Mac. Be at my house at six-thirty, and dress casual. When you come over you can park your motorcycle in the back." Jessica then turned like some ARMY sergeant had yelled "about face" then walked over and sat down by Darlene.

Michael was in awe, as he would never been able to talk to anyone like that. He guessed he was just too shy. The idea of a double date, with "Mac"; George McKinley, was not an event to which Michael was looking forward. Mac was a self opinionated, jock. He was brash, boring and very much involved with himself, continually bragging about his prowess in the game of football; and incapable of carrying on a conversation on any other subject.

To tell the truth, Mac was a very good football player, and probably would have been playing for an 'Ivy League' college, had his grades been better. Michael just couldn't get passed Mac's incessant bragging, but for Jessica he would fight his natural revulsion and make the attempt. Saturday, Michael was up early and did his "chores".

When he told his mother about the double date with Jessica, she told him to put on a suit and she would to pick out a tie for him, until he explained that it was a casual date and Jessica had told him to "dress casual". "Well OK Michael, but this is a first date. You do want to impress the young lady don't you?" "She must already have been impressed Mom.

She ask me out, in a round about way." "You shouldn't be surprised? You are a very handsome young man. Many of my friends have commented that you look like a younger version of that news commentator on channel 7.

You know who I'm talking about don't you? The anchor man." "David Ono?" "Yes … David Ono. I knew that I would think of his name." Michael knew not to argue about who thought of his name and said, "A few of my friends in school have said the same thing.

Maybe there is something to it." "Ok, well have fun. When do you think you will be coming home?" "I don't know, but not too late as Jessica is only eighteen and she may have an early curfew." "OK Michael, be on your best behavior." "Yes Mom, I will." At six-twenty five, Michael pulled his Kawasaki motorcycle up Jessica's driveway.

He did as she told him and parked it in the backyard, where nobody would bother it. He locked it and knocked on the back porch door. After a couple of minutes, Jessica's mother came to the door with a mixed drink in her hand.

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"You must be Michael. Jessica has been talking about you for a long time. I'm her mother. You can call me Ann. Come on in Michael." At that point, he didn't know what to do, as Ann, who was between thirty and thirty-five, was wearing an almost transparent yellow nightgown, yellow see through panties, a white garter belt and high heals. It was like looking into the sun. He felt as though his might go blind if he looked directly at her.

She was as beautiful and as sexy as her daughter, just a slightly older version.

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They looked like sisters, but not like Mother and Daughter. She sure didn't look like Michael's mother, or any others mothers he had ever seen. Ann didn't even look like a mother. She looked more like a PLAYBOY playmate of the month or a Victoria's Secret model.

At the time he had a feeling that he should call Hugh Hefner or maybe Larry Flynt. "Jessica is still getting ready." Ann said, sitting on the couch, slowly sipping her drink. "Don't tell her I told you, but she is really excited.

Sit down and relax." She pointed to the chair across from her. "You know how girls are when they are getting ready for a date." "No, not really." He mumbled nervously, sitting across from Ann keeping his posture as straight as possible. He could not believe his eyes, as Ann was leaning back on the couch with her legs spread open, her pussy slit showing through the gossamer, almost invisible panties, revealing that she had recently shaved her pussy mound clean.

The scene reminded him of a PLAYBOY article. It was called "The girls of Copenhagen", which showed the Danish prostitutes sitting in the windows of the whorehouses, displaying their charms. When Michael's cock began to stiffen he heard her say, "Trust me, girls want to be perfect for their man. You must be someone very special; for her to take two showers before a date. She has been getting ready all day. I really hope you are worth it. Plump pussy in a tight pair of fishnets said that you were handsome, but she didn't say how handsome.

She probably didn't want any competition from me. If you had been my boyfriend in junior high, I probably would have been pregnant long before I was fifteen." Michael just smiled. What could he say to her statement? He was pleased that she thought he was nice looking, but embarrassed all the same, so he said, "Thank you Mrs. Burke." "My name is Ann. Ann Edwards. Mrs. Burke was Jessica's grandmother.

I was never married to her Dad. We were just friends. Really good friends." she said finishing her drink; then added, "and He was really well hung." Just then Jessica came out of her bedroom. She looked so fantastic; that Michael was afraid his eyes would begin to bleed. He had an urge to grab her, throw her down on the couch, pull off her panties and fuck her right there in front of her mother.

But even though her mother appeared to be very liberal, he didn't think she was quite that liberal.

"You look wonderful Jessica." "Thank you Michael, you look very nice yourself." Not knowing what else to say, he stood there and stared at Jessica, glancing at her Mother every so often. Jessica was wearing a very short lavender mini skirt, a light green, almost see through blouse and white running shoes, with long white stockings that came almost up to her knees.

It was funny, but she made no mention of how her mother was dressed. The front doorbell chimed and Jessica said, "I'll get it." Her friend Darlene was at the door and Mac was in his car, with the engine running. Jessica called to her mother to tell her that they were leaving; then beckoned for Michael to go with her. Michael made a suave "Three Musketeer; Count of Monte Cristo" type gesture, which was completely lost on Ann, and started for the front door.

Ann called out, "Jessica did you take your medication?" "Yes Ann." Jessica replied sounding a little frustrated. "I won't be home before morning Jessica, so if the kids want to stay over, it's OK!" "Thanks Ann, I'll see you tomorrow." "Goodnight baby. Have a good time. Goodnight Michael, please don't keep her awake all night." "No maim. I won't." "Ann. My name is Ann.

Not maim. Got it stud?" "Yes Ann! I'm sorry. Goodnight." When Michael came out the front door, Jessica and Darlene were already in the car. He got in the back door and settled down next to Jessica. When Mac asked for Michael's opinion of his car, Michael said truthfully that he thought it was great. A new subject for Mac, Michael thought.

At least he wasn't talking about football. "Don't tell anybody," Mac said, not watching the road and continually looking over his shoulder at Michael, "but Coach Kusha of California Tech got together with the Alumni Association and got the car for me so I'll play football at his school. I just gotta' get my grades up first." "California Tech has some very high academic standards.

Do you think you can bring your grades up high enough?" asked Michael. "Well they're working on it, but the coach said it would take a couple of months so I ain't goin' to school right now." Months? Thought Michael; a couple of hundred years maybe. But Mac had said, 'They are working on it?' OK Michael in the mood (pt 2 the nut tube porn now. Mac was a 'shoo-in', and wasn't concerned with little things like grades.

He would end up a college graduate, Pro NFL player, who couldn't japanese sweetheart receives a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob a paragraph together if his life depended on it. Jessica looked at Michael with her bottom lip sticking out, like a naughty girl who had just shaved her little brother's head and said, "Kiss me Michael." "What?" "Kiss me … right now." Michael leaned over and placed his lips on hers.

He felt her tongue fighting to get in his mouth, so he opened it giving her access. She was hot and her kisses were wonderful, like Christmas candy. Moving his tongue into her mouth, Jessica began to suck on it. Michael's cock knew at that moment there was something going on, and began to get hard. After a few minutes Jessica said, "You show a lot of promise Michael. I think you will do nicely." "You didn't tell me that you were sick, Jess.

Do you want to call off the date?" "Sick …What makes you think I'm sick?" "Your mom asked if you had taken your medication and I ……&hellip." Jessica began to laugh, and reached forward to poke Darlene in the back. "Did you take your medication Darlene?" "I wouldn't leave the house without it." Then she laughed as it were all a big joke.

Jessica then took Michael's face and kissed him again, only more passionate; if that were possible.

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"Hey Jessica," Darlene berated. "That's not fair. We can't do anything up here. You guys are having all of the fun." "Just play with Mac." Jessica said with a caustic tone to her voice. "You'll get your turn later." Darlene moved closer to Mac, and Michael heard a zipper opening. He saw Darlene's arm moving and Mac was groaning.

She was jacking taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur off as they went down the street. Michael wondered what the rules were; or if there were any rules at all.

As Jessica began to French Michael again, he heard Mac yell, "It's coming Darlene, catch it." Her head disappeared out of sight, and Mac swerved the car, finally pulling to the curb. His head was thrown back, and his knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel. Michael heard a resounding "gulp" then Darlene sat up and said, "Mmmm, Breakfast of Champions.

God I love that stuff. I hope it doesn't have to many calories." "Oh! God. You are so good Darleen. Thank you baby." "You owe me a whole lot; later tonight Mac." "You'll get it baby. You will have so many "Orgas", you won't be able to walk for days." "You Promise?" "Right on baby." "Let's go Mac", said Jessica unconcerned of what had taken place in the front seat, "I'm hungry." "OK, don't get your panties in a bind.

We're goin'." "What panties?" asked Jessica, "I never wear panties." Jessica looked at Michael smiled and winked, then shook her head. She lifted the hem of her mini-skirt and showed him that she was in fact wearing panties.

They were lavender, with lace around the edges. Michael could see where the smooth and lustrous undergarment had tucked itself into Jessica's pussy slit.

Now his cock knew, without reservation that there was a good reason to be hard and erect. She straightened her skirt properly, like she was in church and said, "Don't get upset Michael, they come off easily.

There will be plenty of time to play later." Never in his imagination had he thought anything like this would ever happen to him. Michael believed that maybe he was in the wrong place, but he did so want to be there.

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Mac pulled into "Tom's drive in #21" and parked in a stall. Michael didn't know why it was called "Tom's #21", as he had never seen another Tom's anywhere. Maybe they named it that, so McDonald's would not feel so superior with their thousands of fast food restaurants, and their billions of burgers served.

McDonald's never did say how many burgers were eaten; only how many were served. When the waitress came out to the car; Mac, Darlene and Jessica all began ordering at the same time. Michael just sat back and waited his turn. If they really knew each other so well; one person could have put the order in for three double Tommy burgers, three fries and three cokes.

As it turned out Michael ordered the same thing without pickles and onions, as they gave him gas. The group sat there and ate, and Michael had to admit that Tommy's burgers were much better than McDonalds, as they use really good beef. It came to mind that when McDonald's sold their millionth hamburger, Johnny Carson said on nation wide television, "I guess now they will have to get a second cow." McDonald's raised hell and it was reported that NBC paid them off big. Carson got a stern warning to be careful of what he said.

He wasn't careful of all legal age teenager holes are group fucked. He knew that they couldn't cancel him; as NBC would have been boycotted; by fifty million fans. Mac pulled out of the drive in and headed north toward foothill. As they drove away from the restaurant, Michael was having a difficult time getting passed the wonderful memory of Jessica's panties.

As it turned out, one of Mac's football teammates worked in the box office at a triple x drive in movie, and Mac had set it up for them to be admitted. Except for Mac who was twenty-one, they were all underage, and would have been detained at the police station, if caught. The thing was, who at a porno drive-in was going to tell.

No one there even wanted to admit that they were actually there. Mac parked toward the back of the movie, as the last row of the drive in had been filled. It didn't make a lot of difference anyway, as nobody was really watching the movie for very long. It was dark, and the movie, which was called, "JACK 'n JILL", with Samantha Fox staring.

She was the winner of the Best-Porn-Actress-of-the-Year Award, for this movie. Jack Wrangler played Samantha's husband, and as the movie was about to start, Jessica lifted her legs up on the seat and laid down with her head in Michael's lap, looking up at him.

She pulled his head down and kissed him. Their kisses became very wild and she was really into what they were doing. She began to unbutton his shirt then slipped her hand through the opening, caressing his chest.

Her hand was warm and felt wonderful. Due to the way they were sitting, Jessica's legs were near his right hand. She took hold of it and slowly moved it up under her skirt. "Touch me Michael. I have been waiting for this for a long time." He moved his hand up under her skirt. When he reached her silk panties, Michael couldn't go any further and slid his finger up and down her damp slit.

She had opened her legs enough so he could place black and white big boob whole hand on her crotch. Michael didn't know what it was about panties, but they are the most wonderful piece of clothing devised by woman. No male, unless he was gay could have had the restraint to be around a model, long enough to complete the design. Panties are very light and soft, or silky and Michael believed women wore them especially to entice a male.

When you feel a girl up through her panties, it's unbelievable, no mater if it is the first time or the hundredth time. Michael thought maybe it was because a guy knows what's coming later.

As his fingers moved under the edge of her panties and into Jessica's slit touching her clitoris, she groaned and whispered, "Push you finger into my pussy Michael. Push it all the way in." Michael began to slide his index finger into Jessica's vagina. He was a little surprised when he felt a barrier. It was hard to believe but, Jessica was still a virgin. "Slowly Michael, it hurts. Japan friend long time sex story do it slow." "Jess, are you a virgin?" "Just for the next few minutes." "Do you want me to stop?" "No Michael, I'm ready, just do it slow." His thumb was in a good position to rub her clitoris, and he did.

The movie began however nobody was really watching, but they could hear the sound coming from the speaker.

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It was the sound of a girl being fucked. As he fingered Jessica's tight pussy, she became really hot and looked at him with burning eyes; telling him that he could do it a little faster. Sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch a half hour, her pussy tightened around his finger and she came. His hand was sticky, but it had a wonderful aroma.

"I've never felt this good before Michael. You really made me cum." Said Jessica, breathing hard. "Are you telling me that this all you have ever done?" "Uh huh. I'm a; well I was a virgin Michael, but I wanted to give it up for you. No guy has ever had me, but I want you to do it to me tonight, just not here in the car.

When we get back to my house, I want you to make love to me in my own bed. Do you want to make love to me Michael?" she whispered, "Do you want to fuck me?" "You don't know how much Jess, but I didn't expect this and I didn't bring any protection." "That's OK. My mom put me on the pill two months ago. That was the medication we were talking about. I told her I wanted to do it Michael, with … with you." "With me?" "Yes. I hope it doesn't scare you, but I have wanted to be your girlfriend, in every way since we met in junior high school.

You could have had me when I was thirteen, just for a smile." She then moved back and began to unbutton his jeans, pulling his cock free from under its cover. Jessica took it in both hands and began to stroke it lightly. From what she was doing, he knew that she had played with a cock or two before; and she knew just what to do to make him feel wonderful.

She moved closer and, her hand was replaced; by her warm mouth. She began to suck him and squeeze his testicles. At his young age, Michael couldn't stand that much pleasure for very long and told her that he was going to cum. Jessica didn't stop and continued to suck him lovingly.

"Jessica," he whispered, "Your going to make me cum." "Uh huh," she mumbled. "Do it." "In your mouth?" "Uh huh!" she managed to get out, nodding her head, sucking even harder. That was it for Michael. He began to shoot gobs of sperm into the girl's mouth, but it didn't slow her down. She quickly swallowed and kept sucking until the nerves in his cock were shouting for her to stop.

At this point his finger was fully into Jessica's vagina, and moving very fast. As he continued to squirt cum into his new girlfriend's mouth, she sprayed pussy juice all over his hand. As Michael came down from his sexual high, he saw Darlene and Mac on the passenger side of the car. She was sitting on his lap, facing him, bouncing up and down ordering him to fuck her harder. She was talking dirty in his ear using every four-letter word Michael knew; and a few that he didn't.

Most of the time she just, moaned and said, "Fuck me Mac&hellip. Fuck me hard baby . Make me cum … shoot your cum in my pussy … fill me up." When they were done, they all relaxed a little and attempted to concentrate on the movie. A dark haired girl in the movie was on her hands busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob knees, yelling at a guy with a very large cock to fuck her her. Jessica looked at him and said sweetly, "That's what I want you to do to me, Daddy." "In your butt?" "No Daddy, in my pussy.

Deep in Momma's pussy." "I thought you said that you were a virgin Jess. What about that fantastic blowjob." "I was a virgin, but I don't count a blowjob as sex. My mom said that sex was only when a man puts his penis into a girl's pussy. Jacking a guy off or sucking him; is just a nice way to make him feel better." "Have you ever sucked a guy off before?" "Just my mom's brother." "Your uncle?" "Uh huh. He really liked it, and it made him feel good.

I have never swallowed cum before you though. Your cum tastes really good, and I'll do it whenever you want." "Did you ever tell your mother what your uncle made you do?" "Yah. She told me he did the same thing to her before I was born and it was OK, as long as he didn't put his penis inside of me. When I told her that I wanted to have sex with you, she said that I had finally grown up and hoped it would be a wonderful experience.

She loves sex and once told me, that she could do it ten hours a day and never get tired." All Michael could think of was, 'WOW". "Jessica?" "What Darlene?" "Why don't we go back to your house? This movie is lame and I want to have some really good sex while it's not too late. It's too tight in here for Mac to eat me out; besides my mom wants me in by twelve, so I can go to church in the morning." 'WOW!' thought Michael. "Let's go then Mac." "I want to see the movie Darlene." Mac whined.

"Do you want to sit here and watch people fuck on a movie screen, or go home and shove your cock in me?" Mac thought about it for a second or two; then started his car. After replacing the speaker, he drove slowly toward the exit. They were at Jessica's house in twenty minutes. When they got in the house, sunny lion sex stories sexy download told Michael to wait in the front room until she called him.

He went to the phone and called home, explaining to his Dad that he was going to stay over at Mac's house and would be home in the morning. All his Dad said was, "Uh huh. I thought you said that you didn't like him Michael." "He's OK Dad, he's just a jock." "All right, but be careful Michael." To Be Continued…