Oral sex scene with sexy couple stripping naked

Oral sex scene with sexy couple stripping naked
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After Billie left I had to take a quick shower and dress for work. You are familiar with the Victoria Secret stores on the malls. I am a model for the owner of the stores up and down the coast of California.

Mr. Xxxxxx also sells lingerie wholesale to businessess in foreign countries. Often the buyers or owners of these businesses come to the US to purchase the garments. I model the garments in a special studio in a large warehouse where Mr.

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Xxxxxx has a tiny love hero full hd dj slow motion with curtains and lights and an area with seats and a table where his sales manager Mrs. Murphy describes the garments, the fabric, and qunatity discounts from the current catalog. I arrived at the warehouse and entered the Show Room just in time to get undressed and touch up my make up. Cindy, one of the cute young sales girls had been assigned to work with me toinight was already there and had begun to lay out the garments that I would put on in sequence as shown in the catalog.

Mrs. Murphy was just getting the buyer, a really nice looking man from somewhere in Europe, situated at the desk in the gallery so I put on the first outfit and was standing behind the curtain ready to present the first item, a black teddy with see thru night shirt, waiting for Mrs. Murphy cue. I had worked with Cindy once before so we new the routine.

She was very cute and reminded me of my old Barbie Doll, beautiful face, gracefull body, pert lips, slender torso and legs. Just so sweet that I had to watch her while she went about getting the next outfit ready.

Just then Mrs. Murphy said she was ready and I stepped out between the curtain into the spotlights and began the presentation of the outfit.

The short stage ran right up sunny playgirl poses on cam softcore and amateur the table behind which Mrs. Murphy, Helen, was sitting with this real handsome man, not to old with eyes that were steel blue. My routine requires me to get as close to the table where the buyer sits and flaunt the lingerie in his/her face. I lean over and present my cleavage so it shows the fabric and stiching as best I can.

I bend over like I am fixing the strap on my slipper and stick my butt up in his face so he can see how much of my pussy is covered by the panties.

I like showing my body this way; I watch the byers eyes as he follows the contoures of my body and how the garment fits and covers, or does not cover my boobs, my ass and tummy, etc.

The object is to stimulate the buyer so he will purchase more than he might want to.

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As soon as Helen finishes describing the outfit she nods to me and I step back through the curtains where Cindy helps me take the garment off and helps me into the next outfit. There are about 40 to 50 different items to show so we have to hurry so there is little time that the buyer is not seeing the product. Cindy sees me nude each change and her job is to make shure that all the straps are straight, all the buttons and ties are fastened properly and so forth so she sees my bare tits, my shaved pussy and everything else every time I change.

By the time we've shown 10 or 15 outfits I've begun to get a little wet down there and I have to make sure that I don't stain the panties or sleepware which might clearly be seen by the buyer and ruin the garment.

So, I have placed a dry wash rag on the counter where Cindy is working and from time to time I wipe my pussy to make sure I'm not wet. Showing my body this way makes me kinda hot; I really get into showing the buyer everything. Today I noticed that he began to squirm in his chair and Helen noticed and had this big smile on her face when she nodded to me for the next item.

Cindy and I have to whisper to each other so those out in front of the curtain won't hear us. This routine contunues over and over, and I notice that Cindy's fingers begin to linger on different parts of the fabric and my exposed skin near the edges of the bras and V-strings and thongs etc. This really makes my body tingle and I get worked up and begin to get wet "down there". By the time we are about through Cindy is not looking at my face but at my exposed body.

This make me real hot and I have to dry my pussy just about each time I change. The last two item in the catalog are lingerie for a woman on her wedding hight, the panties of which have a slit in the crotch which shows her bear pussy. The first one is rather plain but radiant pink and leave little to imagine. The last is a thong with frilly lace all around the slit. The bra has holes with lace around each to emphasize the nipple that protruces through the hole.

Cindy's fingers linger all around the lace making sure that it is all straight and not crinkled. Just one problem, her fingers are touching my skin around the lacey edge and making me about cum, she almost fingered my bare pussy which was showing bold as could be between the sides of the slit. I'm sure it was her finger that touched me there.

Police gangbang oil and blonde blue eyes milf xxx milf cops the last presentation I usually linger out where the buyer is as Helen describes in detail all of the fabric and stitching, colors and variations that appear in the catalog.

My appearance there in front of the buyer usually keeps his attention glued to my body while she describes all the neat apparel that can go with this outfit. I can see that both Helen and the buyer are visually stimulated.

But then, that's my job. After Helen introduces my and thanks me for the show, I step back through the curtain expecting to see Cindy to help me undress and relax a bit. She isn't there so I take off the wedding outfit and step through the door in the back to the dressing room where to my amazment iI find Cindy with her hand up her dress with her hand/fingers giving her crotch/pussy a workout, eyes closed, head back leaning on the make up table.

I said, "Cindy, what are you doing"? She almost jumped out of her skin. Her hands flew to her face and she began to apologize saying, "Oh Sandy, I'm sorry, I got carried away, I don't know what came over me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please forgive me". Then she began to sob and tears started rolling down cheeks. I walked up to her and put both hands on her head and began kissing her forhead, her eyse, her cheeks, her chin and clutched her to me and put my head right next hers and whispered in her ear that it was OK.

Don;t cry. Let me hold you. And I put my arms around her and held her saying it was OKit's OK. Gradually she began to relax and put her arms around me.

She let out a big sigh, and held me tight and we just stood there and held each other. Finally she said, 'Please don't be mad at me, I just got carried away, I won't do it gf denies pussy till wedding but butt is there.

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What could I say, here this beautiful creature was holding this naked woman and begging to be forgiven. This "Barbie Doll" was making me so hot I could hardly keep from tearing her clothes off and rapeing her right there.

So I told her not to worry, that I loved her touching me and I wanted her to put her hands all over me and feel my skin and make me feel good all over.

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Would she do that for me? She said, "Oh Sandy I was so afraid that you would not like me'. I said I really liked her and thought she was really beautiful and sweet and I wated her to like me very much.

I reached back and put the makeup chair behing me and set down and told her to sit acrross my legs and put her arms around my neck and just sit and we would rest a while. She did and I put her head next to mine over my shoulder and whispered into her ear how much I liked her and how I wanted to kiss her. At first she backed off and looked me in the eye for a minute, a puzzled look on her face.

I smiled and began to move my face towards hers. She didn't pull away so I put my lips close to hers and whispered to her, "please kiss me". She leaned forward and our lips touched and then she crushed my lips with hers and we kissed deeply, our tougues lashing at each other, our lips sucking each other and I couldn't get enough of her. Now all this time I'm naked and she is fully clothed in a blouse and skirt. As we kissed I slowly put my free fulfilling beautiful chicks hungry needs hardcore blowjob on her knee and inside her skirt and began to rub her theighs up towards her crotch.

Her sex swellow my com com was making me so hot I could hardly stand it.

Gradually I proceeded to move my hand up to her belly and slipped my fingers under her paties and down over her mound to her wet pussy. She didn't object but held her legs together so I whispered in her ear "spread you legs" and she did some and I cold feel her pussy lips.

Spead them more I begged and she really did this time and I pushed real hard into her pussy and got two fingers inside her and clamped down real hard and with the palm of my hand rubbber her clit as hard as I could. She is almost bit my lips now, our tounges licking each others lips. I began to suck her tongue hard and crush her pussy at the same time and her body stiffened and she exploded a giant cum iinto my hand.

I kept her orgasms coming with my two fingers as deep inside her as I could. Her hips were bucking against my hand and I wanted her to really like what I was doing so I prolonged my rubbing until she began to subside.