Teen gets ran duddys brother rey has a dirty tiny secret he thinks he got away with

Teen gets ran duddys brother rey has a dirty tiny secret he thinks he got away with
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Meeting and captivating my porn star crush I was a camera man on a porno shoot and this is how I met my porn whore fuck buddy. It's a nasty tale of debauchery and subjugation of her pleasure into performing at my whim. It was a 3 guy 1 girl airtight gangbang with some ATM and facials to finish The shoot went very smoothly with all performers being pro.

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The guys stayed hard between setups with the help of 2 non-star fluffers who not only sucked the male performers but stripped naked and fucked the rest of the crew who had all popped off multiple times all over their tits and faces.

I was the only guy not to have face fucked the 2 fluffer sluts because I already had the week before and I wanted to get a crack at the star, a crack at her crack and a whole lot more if my instincts were right.

I am a pro cameraman who has toured with the biggest names in music. But on-stage work had become boring and I'd banked enough cash in 12 years of world touring that I wanted to start the next phase of my life. The fact that I am the horniest guy I know and had an offer to go in with an old school bud on his new porn site and video label and I wanted to live in SoCal all year round was the most pressing reason and since I'd rented my houses out and paid off the mortgages I was fairly well off so a porn slut girlfriend for a new porn king was the natural move.

The star was clearly into me and kept eying my bulge.

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I'm 6'4" 210 lbs. my cock is circumcised, 9" long and very thick and I've fucked sluts and whores all over this planet from my first time as a teenager in the 9th grade back home in Boulder Colo. and that's what got me into being a camera man in the first place. I was a jock in school and had a cheerleader girlfriend and we fucked as much as we could for 6 months until I cheated with another cheerleader and moved my way through the student body until my senior year when an asshole defensive back from across town popped my knee and ended any chance of collage ball, so I got into photography for the Basketball season and I turned out to have an eye with the lens.

That autumn I met my collage girlfriend Carol. For our first date she had me take nudes of her for her to post them to a sexy sorority site to gain her entrance, she invited me to her place for the shoot and she stripped to music while I took shots then she did some stripper moves on the bed by the end of which she was naked and wanking with a dildo and told me to fuck her slutty hole until I was ready to cum and then to unload in her mouth as she thought that all good girls swallowed every drop of cum their boyfriends produced.

I jumped on her and fucked her missionary until I was ready to blow when I pulled out and plunged into her mouth and ejaculated filling her mouth with cream.

Carol lay back and looked up at me as we locked eyes and she cuddled into my large frame. Carol pressed her ass back into my flaccid cock and spread her legs wide and she looked up at me and opened her mouth to show it full of my cum and as she stroked her clit for the next 10 minutes she dipped her fingers into her cum filled mouth and used the cum as lube to make her clit slippery first time of the husband and wife xstory the while never losing my gaze.

Watching her hold my cum in her mouth while she brought herself to orgasm was turning me on so much that I mounted her again. After a few strokes my cock was as hard as rock and I was taking full strokes in her cunt when she closed her mouth and swallowed all my cold cum and put her hand against my chest.

"doggy" she said and pushed me back until my cock popped out of her cunt. She immediately leaned forward and slurped my wet cock into her slutty mouth and sucked all her cunt flavor off my cock. Carol then turned around and spread her knees so that her wet pussy was spread wide just above the sheets with her tiny asshole a slick brown button above her wide open wet slit. "You've already been in my cunt and my mouth so do you want to back door me?" I was eager to have my first assfuck and this was an offer on our first date!

"You sure that you want his girl helps him fuck another girl tube porn cock in your ass?" I said.Thinking that I was a big guy and her asshole looked small. "I'm sure that every guy wants a girlfriend who takes his cock in her ass, and I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock forever, so ya, I want you to assfuck me. Now, and as much as you like if you want."She said "I want your cock and I'll first time sister sleep brsex whatever it takes to keep you and it happy stud muffin.

Your cock wants ass? Your cock gets my ass. Your cock wants another pussy? I'll suck that cunt until it's wet for your cock.

I like pussy so I'll recruit other girls for us to fuck together. Just tell me what you want and I'll help you get it, so come on and fuck me lover!" She cried. I pushed into her wet ass lubed by all her cunt juice that she had produced while lying back and jilling off and found that I loved assfucking. I stroked into her tight ass slowly and when I bottomed out we just froze, holding ourselves against each other skin to skin, heartbeats mingling and as intimate as possible with my large cock buried deep into her asshole.

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We remained still for several minutes and then Carol began squeezing my cock with her ass muscles, so I flexed my cock in response and she seemed to like it too judging from her strumming her clit and starting to orgasm. Carol then started talking dirty about how hard and large my cock was and how she loved it and wanted to please it and how she wanted me to fuck her ass as hard and long as I liked. She started talking about all the horny bitches who were afraid of getting pregnant and how she would seduce them for me to assfuck.

That led to us having lots sex together and after the first week we got a tip about a chat room for ffm curious couples. This led to us having lots of threesomes with horny girls who liked licking pussy and getting fucked by a big hard cock that they could enjoy for a night or a weekend as a slutty experience but didn't have to service on a daily basis. Carol was a sexy vixen who loved cock and cunt equally and was always up for anal which I found to be my favorite passage so we often would have weekends with another girl where I would fuck Carol only in the ass all weekend and soon she only picked girls who wanted anal and then I didn't fuck a pussy unless I wanted to.

I was amazed the first time Carol sucked my cock straight out of her own ass. We had been together for 5 months sex xxx pon story 2019 sex stories amazing then and this particular weekend Carol had scored a relative's cabin in the mountains and we were alone.

As we got onto bed she spread her asscheeks for me and asked me to dry hump her ass. Then she cooed how much she loved me being happy fucking her ass, as I sunk into her I felt her dryness and thought how much stronger her ass smell was when she felt dry like this.

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It always took me a few minutes to work my cock into her tight tiny ass even with lube or at least saliva, but this time she was dry and had asked for it by spreading her asscheeks for me.

I was very forceful because we were alone all weekend and the cabin was secluded and she had talked about how hot she got the harder and more demanding I was sexually. She had said that week that she wanted me to feel free when fucking her to fuck her as hard and dirty as I wanted.

I was so hard that my cock was boiling with hot blood and that was the hottest thing for Carol, and yet because she was so dry it still took at least a minute to get my whole cock into her eager bum. I remember I had only taken a few dozen strokes in her ass when Carol asked me to stop and pulled her asshole off my cock and turned around to face me and asked if she could please suck my cock clean for her lover? She licked the underside of the glans and smiled, then licked again and again.

She then opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much of my cock as she could then closed her lips and swirled her tongue ass fucked moaning angel dark recieves cum shower scouring all her ass taste from my cock shaft and head.

She then deep throated me and continued cleansing my cock of her ass taste. It was so hot as she looked at me and told me she was doing it because she had a confession.

She told me then that she had fucked lots of other girls and plenty of guys even while we were together but that my dick was so hard and stiff and big that she was a slave to it and she wanted me to make her my slave and use her for my cock's pleasure. I was stunned and hurt and angry at that so I said "I'll show you what happens to sluts who fuck around behind my redhead girlfriend cockriding after blowjob forwomen amateurs picked up my pants and thinking I was leaving she cried "No!" I told her I wasn't leaving I was getting ready to punish her and slid my belt from my jeans and started whipping her ass.

She screamed and jumped away. I chased her down and pulled her by her hair back to the bed and held her down and whipped her ass and legs and back until she was screamed out and panting for breath. I then ordered her to suck my asshole and sat on her face pressing her painful back down into the mattress as I spread her legs and began to softly rub her clit. I ordered her to "lick my filthy asshole and dirty crack and then tongue my hole to prime me for fucking your tight tiny asshole!" After 15 minutes of rimming I got off her and positioned her on hands and knees on the bed and placed her hands on her asscheeks and told her to invite me to only assfuck her for the rest of time.

The sound of her voice asking me to fuck her asshole as hard as I could forever as she held her reddened cheeks wide was enough to get me peaked to fuck the living shit out of her cheating ass. 20 minutes later she had jilled herself to a couple of cums and was half grunting half squealing on every thrust into her ass.

I asked her if she liked how I was using her and she looked over her shoulder at me and panted: "Truthfully, I've wanted to be your sex slave since our first fuck. I have had slave fantasies since I first started playing with my pussy as a girl at home and I've always thought I had too high a sex drive to do anything other than be a personal sex slave or a whore." "I want a master who wants to make use of my slut ways, a man who will whore me out as his slut and make money off me fucking other guys which I need and will make him angry and want to hurt me.

I want to be punished for being such a cheating slut." "Either that or I'm going to go to Nevada and work at a whorehouse and get as deep into slutdom as I can." "So what do you say Doug? You wanna pimp my ass out and use me to get us money and more horny sluts to use?" I simply said: "Ok whore, clean your ass scum off my cock and swallow my shaft down your throat." The caused her to moan as she slid her anus off my cock and turned around and swallowed my cock.

Carol was becoming a real filthy whore and I was getting hornier by the minute making her be as slutty as I could. That was indicative of the next 2 years of my fucking Carol, I had her work in a strip club for a few weeks to bring some sluts home to learn about being a whore. Carol always brought home a real looker and was very forceful with them and the prettier they were the harder we used them and the better they took it.

I found that weird but exciting and soon I had Carol doing up to 4 fucks a day at $250 a throw so we sex xnxx kajal aggrawal actress com hurting for money and I was getting to bang new hotties in their virgin asses every month or so whenever Carol hooked up with another co-ed who wanted to try anal as well as having a live-in ass to mouth whore who brought home stripper sluts to share with me almost daily, all of whom were chosen for their anal interest.

Life was good and no one was getting hurt. Comments and votes are appreciated.