Sexy hot corrina enjoys a dick inside her very wet cunt cumshot

Sexy hot corrina enjoys a dick inside her very wet cunt cumshot
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This is our first story, some of them are real, some things we've talked about doing, and others that we just thought sounded like fun but would never do. Not trying to win any essay writing contests, so if there are spelling or grammar mistakes please, just go with it! My wife Kara and I have been married for 6 years.

We love to hang out and party at different clubs, and sometimes if we're lucky, we'll pick up a chick or two and bring them back to our place and fuck for hours. My wife loves sex with other women, she says its more intimate.

Either way, at 5'6" with long blonde hair, 36D tits, tiny waist and amazing ass, my wife is a total knockout. I'm a pretty decent looking guy, did 4 years in the Army as a Cav Scout, and pretty bitch fingering in baths striptease hardcore, if You ain't Cav, You ain't shit.

SO I kept up my workout routine, making sure that I stay as good looking as possible for Kara. She has a thing about broad shoulders that really gets her going. It was about 0200 in the morning on Friday and we were driving home from the club on the beach. I dont drink when I carry a concealed firearm, and since I always carry I make the perfect designated driver. Kara was a little tipsy talking about how her friend Andrea had invited us to another sex toy party on Monday night.

I always have a good time there, chicks in lingerie using different toys on each other while us guys normally end up fucking at least two others wives. I asked her if she wanted to stop by one of the sex shops on the beach and pick some things up.

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Of course she was wearing one of her favorite clubbing outfits, a tight fitting black dress that stops at mid thigh with stockings and heels. I loved how the dress showed alot of cleavage but somehow managed to stay up with all the dancing, yet she was still one of the more conservatively dressed ladies at these places.

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She said as long as we were in and out it'd be okay. As we pulled up I saw a few cars in the beauty receives rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore, but when we walked in the only person I saw was the hot brunette behind the counter.

She was staring at my wife and making no attempt to be subtle about it. Kara turned down an aisle with different vibrators and dildos and I followed behind. Some of these things didnt look like they would ever fit inside a woman, and the prices were crazy. I was looking at one called The Black Mamba, thinking it would be the funniest gag gift for Andreas party and wondering who would even want to try fitting that thing into them.

Kara bent down and picked something off the floor, and I smiled as the dress rode up high enough to give the cashier behind us a perfect view of her ass and tiny black thong. Kara looked at me and held out some tokens and asked what they were for.

I honestly had no idea, I highly doubted someone came from an arcade or chuck e cheeses and left some tokens at a sex shop. But then again, in this day and age, it wouldnt have really surprised me if that was the case. The cashier must have heard us talking cause she whistled at us and pointed to the back corner of the store.

I was curious now and Kara led the way, swaying her graba escondida asu amiga lesbiana3 in front of me and smiling at me over her shoulder. In the corner was a doorway with a curtain hanging in front of it, and when we poked our heads in, the hallway went down to our left with 8 doors on the right hand side. Schoolgirl flashes her boobs and screwed for some money had heard about these places before, but didnt know people actually came to them.

Kara started trying doors, finding locked after locked door until the sixth one finally opened. It was small barely large enough to fit both of us inside side by side with a tv and a faint redlight that made the room look like the back of one of our Bradleys (a Bradley is one of our badass APCs, wiki that shit). We both climbed in and locked the door behind us. Kara started laughing and asked why we hadnt come her before. A tiny but comfortable looking chair was in front of the tv and Kara sat down and put the tokens into the slot by the tv.

As it turned on I sat on the arm of the chair and pulled her dress down exposing her perky tits.

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She smiled at me and said that we shouldnt stay, that we had things to do in the morning. I just smiled back and began to suck and bite her nipples, taking my time and just enjoying myself. Kara kept changing channels until she found one with two good looking blondes getting fucked by two asian girls wearing strapons. I thought it was one of the hottest things ever, and I moved down on my kness in front of Kara and began to slide her thong down and pulled it off, throwing it at the tv.

She settled in and spread her legs using the tv stand to place her heels on as I began ebony secretary aaliyah hadid services bbc of boss eat her out. I knew the movie was really turning her on, any time she was really horny her pussy got so wet it was almost hard to keep from slipping out when you fucked her. This went on for about 10 minutes, as I fingered her and fucked her with my tongue, when the tv shut off and the insert more tokens sign lit up.

As I stood up Kara began to finger herself and told me to go get some more tokens. I guess not staying long went out the window once I got her going! As I went to head out I noticed that about waist high on either side of the booth was a hole, with what looked like a cover that you could open and close.

The one on the left was partially opened, and from this angle I could see someone looking into our booth. Someone had been watching me eat out my wife and was now watching her finger herself! It kinda turned me on and I didnt want to tell Kara and have her get weirded out and want to leave. I headed back up to the cashier and handed her $20 as she gave me a bag full of tokens. She asked if we were having fun yet and I just smiled and headed back to our booth.

When I walked in I got a shock, the hole on the left had been completely opened a large black cock was hanging there. My wife was staring right at it, as it was maybe six inches from her face and was still fingering herself. I hairy women masturbating while driving there car on the interstate over her and put in some more tokens and watched her.

I went back down on my kness in front of her and resumed my playing, looking up at Karas face. I told her to touch it and she gave me a look and said there was no way she was going to touch some strangers cock. I kept fingering her and told her what I had seen before I left and that he had already seen everything there is and she might as well have a little fun. She reached out and storys xxx nia as de 18 her hand around it and I saw her eyes widen as it got nice and hard.

I couldnt believe the size of it, it was at least 11in long and as thick as my wrist. I pulled my pants down and moved closer to my dumbfounded wife. As I began to ease my cock into her wet snatch I felt her juices leaking out of her and I rammed my 7in cock into her. She closed her eyes and moaned as I began to fuck her, and she began to jack off this massive black cock in fornt of her. As I got a good rhythm going she opened her eyes, leaned over, and wrapped her lips around the head of this mans cock.

I couldnt believe she had done it, and fucking my wife as she began to slide her lips up and down that cock was such a turn on I just smiled and cheered her on. I couldnt contain myself anymore, and before I knew it, I was blowing my load into my wifes pussy. She has a thing about watching me eat my cum out of her after sex, and I can say that it is kind of a turn on.

She stopped sucking on the cock and told sex mom and son mom and son xxx com to clean her out and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my outstretched tongue into her cum filled pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cock disappear back through the hole. As she spread her legs wider I began to finger her, getting as much cum out of her pussy as I could.

I finished my fun and stood up, shocked to see that the guy in the next booth had shoved his cock back through the hole, this time wearing a condom. Karas eyes widened with lust, and I wasnt sure about it. I mean, my wife, fucking a random stranger through a hole in the back of a porn shop. I didnt have much of a say in it as Kara stood up and began to back into it. she braced herself on the other side of the wall and tried to push back onto the monster cock poking through the hole.

She was having trouble and as a good husband should, I knelt behind her and grabbed the mans cock. I began rubbing the head up and down Karas cunt, getting it nice and wet and then positioned it at her entrance.

Kara pushed back slowly, and I watched as she widened to the point I didnt think it would fit. She kept trying to get it inside her, but it was not happening. As she pushed back the man in the booth pulled back as well and me still holding onto his cock, I pulled the condom right off. Kara, not noticing what happened, bent over and put her cunt right at the hole as the now condomless 11in cock forced its way into her.

She let out a small scream and using her arms pushed herself all the way back onto it. As our new friend began to pump his way into her my wife started saying how she had never been so filled before, and that it felt so good she thought she would pass out. I knelt there and watched, the sight was amazing, I couldnt believe he actually fit inside her.

I told her I wanted to go into the next booth and have her suck my cock through the hole in front of her. she just looked up at me and kept moaning. I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pics, enjoying myself as sultry girl sucking cock and fucked harshly as I could.

I walked out of our booth and went to take a quick piss. when I came back i tried the booth next to us but it was locked. I quickly jumped back in our booth and was amazed. Kara was still getting fucked from behind but was now sucking on another black cock from the other booth. i kept taking pictures with my phone when the guy in her mouth began emptying his load down her throat, she gagged a bit but kept sucking, draining his balls into her. As he pulled himself back into his booth I heard him pull up his pants and leave.

Kara just held herself in place and began playing with her clit when the man thrust himself one last time into her and began filling her womb with his black cum. Kara had been on birth control for years, but still thinking that he had on a condom, the rush of cum into her shocked her to where her body began convulsing as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had coursed through her. As she stood there bent over, her knees shaking, she walked forward off of the mans cock and turned and dropped to her knees.

I could see her juices coating his cock when she pulled me down next to her. She told me that since he had fucked her so good that I should show my gratitude by cleaning him off.

She held it there in front of me and I just closed my eyes and put my lips around him, barely fitting him in my mouth. She stood up and egged me on, telling me not to miss a spot. he had softened a good bit to where I could deep throat him without gagging to badly when I looked up at Kara taking pics of me on her phone with my lips wrapped around a huge black cock. as the man in the booth pulled out and began to leave, he threw a $100 bill into our booth. I picked it up and written across the top was Fri-Mon 1230-0430.

I guess the guy was a regular at the place, when Kara took the money from me and folded it up and put it in her purse. As we walked out I helped Kara back to the car, and the cashier just smiled and said come back anytime, noticing the cum running down my wifes thighs as we exited the building.