Fake taxi and sex games are inseparable

Fake taxi and sex games are inseparable
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Non-Fiction/Based true stories. Written in Word; some spacing issues may exist. I loved her and she loved me, but we both could never bring ourselves to admitting it.

Her name is Shayla. She is a beautiful Negro girl of barely 19. Coming from a strict religious background she was never allowed to date anyone and nasty model stretches her twat and enjoys hardcore sex in a strict arranged marriage with a man whom she herself hadn't even met.

Though she wasn't allowed to date and even with her hectic life to deal with she had always found time to fantasize about computer geeks and them tying her down to her headboard with an Ethernet cable or him becoming enraged towards her for her inability to pay and forcing her to suck his cock or what have you, but we'll go into further details of that later.

I myself am a not so average 15 year old computer geek. I had played football freshmen year and was somewhat of a scholar in our town of 400 school. Yet even with all of that going for me I did not have any luck with the women and unfortunately (to my embarrassment) I was still a completely naïve virgin who's only conception of sex was from what porn had taught me.

I was once offered the opportunity to squeeze a colleague's breast, but I cowered out. I vowed I would never let that incident repeat itself. 1. Early one morning my parents had left me completely alone for the day. It was no secret; they were going out to drink with their friends and definitely wouldn't be back any time before the next day, but I didn't really care.

All I knew is that I had no intention of spending the day indoors. I was going to go drive around our small town. The second they left I made a mad-dash for the Prius Key's when my phone rang. It was Shayla. "Hey Jake, it's Shayla. I wanted to know if you could come over and sister love me com xxx sexy story sex stories 2019 my laptop.

It says something about 'This Network is not configured correctly thus cannot be used'." The tone of her voice made me slightly unease for some reason. "Well, I could be there in 25 minutes or so." I lied giving myself wiggle room. I went upstairs and grabbed one of my Ma kendra lust and stepdaughter get banged Cable's to cross-feed the network off of my laptop. "Damit. I only have my 25 Footer.

Oh well." I gently complained to myself. I went outside to start the Prius (yes my parents let me drive) and what do I find? The left-front tire completely slashed. I had 20 minutes to go so I grabbed my bike and made a hell-chase in the summer heat to get the 7 miles to her house. By mere miracle I made it, but I was completely sweaty so I asked if it would be alright if I removed my shirt. She said it would be fine because her parents were out with my parents. "I swear Shayla, it's like you arranged it or something." I said cracking what I didn't know as not a joke.

2. We sat, laughed, and played COD for hours until the time was approaching 7:30 PM when I finally said it was time to fix her network issues. "Great, I'll go fix us some snacks!" She said cheerfully. Just as we stood out of our chairs the power shut off and she and I were in consumed by darkness except for the candles scattered throughout the house.

Here I was standing completely shirtless in front of this beautiful woman. Not just any women, but one in an arranged marriage. A beautiful woman with weight she wore very well and the looks and personality carved out by God himself. My thoughts were completely disrupted by her warm smooth lips caressing mine. I do not know why, but I kissed her back.

I had never kissed before; certainly not anything like that. She then stopped for a brief moment and told me: "Open your mouth more. I don't want to just peck you." I completely complied and she stuck her tongue almost to my throat.

Being a quick learner I replicated her movements and soon she and I were battling each other's tongues. Suddenly she pulled back, "I'm sorry Jake, this is completely wrong.

I'm an arranged girl!" I had a mild doubt of the sincerity of her words. "No, it's okay. Plenty of friends show their friendships by kissing." I was only slightly lying to her and knowing my words to me mostly truth I kissed her once more, but then my shy side kicked in. "I… Think you may be right, but… I just really don't know. Maybe we should forget this entire thing happened." I didn't know her man well (and didn't care to), but at that moment my thoughts were torn between the right thing and the wrong things.

Her tongue had my mind somewhere where it was very shy and quite frightened. "I love you, but just not that way." I lied to her. It was at that moment I realized what I said was a death sentence for my love life or at least so I thought. Her kiss was like a key for my mind letting me notice what a real women she was.

She proudly toted her body of 5'10, size C boobs with nice perked nipples which were usually moderately visible because she didn't believe bras were comphy, a very nice butt, and her skin was perfectly chocolate from the summer.

She wasn't wearing much on her as it was summer at the time and 102o; even during the nighttime. She caught my glance and I could see even through the poorly lit room that she was blushing deeply; no one had really minded her this type of attention before.

She started walking to the kitchen when I spoke up in a scratchy voice. "I really should get to fixing your laptop." I opened her computer and what I saw made my heart beat faster than the drummer for Styx. For before me strung about her cluttered desktop were titles such as: 'Tied and gagged' 'Lucky geek rapes unfortunate girl', 'Anime Babe spanked, reamed, and creamed', and many other rape related movies. I had never thought such an innocent Christian girl like her had such a dark side.

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This for me was an excellent turn on yet for some reason it completely appalled me that such a sweet girl had such rubbish. My mind was snapped back to reality by the returning electricity; I had to remember the mission. She returned with Cheetos and two Dixie Cups. "Do you want the one that is laced or not laced?" She joked evilly. I sipped the concoction and american xxx sex full sex stories new story a moment I pondered its contents. It wasn't juice or soda.

No, it was Italian Red Wine of a fine quality. The sweet drink made work difficult, but not completely unachievable. It was only a matter of using ipconfig.exe in Command Prompt, but the wine made me clumsy and careless.

I found the matter fixed and it was time for me to take my drunken bike ride of shame home. "Please do stay Jake. I just need someone here. You know how the ravishing japanese babe luna fucked deep in her gentle throath and I fight." She said pleading.

I don't know if it was the alcohol speaking for me, the fact that she sometimes awoke screaming out of panic or that she was wearing her most sexy robe I had ever seen in my lifetime, but like the day giving in to the night I gave in to her pleas. 3. I quickly dozed to sleep in her room the alcohol fresh in my blood and the thought of her sweet bosom burning in my mind.

I knew it wasn't right, but I clearly wasn't thinking of her as a friend anymore, but then again my other mind did most of my thinking now a days. I was rather weak when I had an erection; which was quite frequent. It's just common among geeks I would suppose.

I was fast asleep when I started having a very wet dream. I was dreaming that the same colleague who offered me her breast was now down on the grasses of our school sucking me. Hands tied behind her back and her sweet Latino hair covering her face. Her D Breasts were freed from their prison and I was forcefully face-fucking her. Suddenly my hands released her skull and she kept going like the true slut she is. Then as abruptly as it all had started it ended. I was Cumming, but in real life.

My mind crossed between what was real and what wasn't. There were waves of electricity, bolts of lightning, and waves of thunder. It was as if at any moment my soul was going to split in two and disembark my body. Like all of my atoms had just fissioned. Then suddenly my rational mind started firing and this whore turned into my sweet innocent lady with nothing but giant flowers turning around us. It was as though I had taken LSD or some other illicit drug.

Then it clicked. All that had and was happening in real life. I had just gotten sucked off by a sweet girl I had not but 45 minutes ago regarded as my friend. I was now perfectly awake for her next action. She reached down into her panties and rubbed a large glob of her cum off of her clit and put it in my mouth. It was of an off smell, but it did taste quite exquisite. I would almost compare it to that sweet Red Wine that I had drunk earlier, but stranger.

"Do you like it?" She politely asked. I was absolutely speechless to what had just occurred. "Too shy to talk huh? Well, we'll change that." She said in almost a mistress-like tone.

Just then she pulled off her soaked panties, flung them across the room, and sat her puffy clit down on my lips.

I fought her efforts for a brief moment, but then thought to myself 'Will I ever get this type of an opportunity again?' I gently kissed her outer lips and inner thigh, and then I gently kissed her clit as softly as I had kissed her sweet lips earlier. Then giving no warning to my intentions and partly out of inexperience I took her great knob into my mouth and gently started sucking.

I gradually picked up aggressiveness and her moans decreased. I wondered for a second and then remembered all of what porn shy blonde teen amateur and milf black creampie chop shop owner gets shut down me: she was ready for my tongue in her love-hole. I stuck it in and gently began wiggling my way in.

Her moans grew more and more intense as I did that, but then I ran into a problem: She had a hymen. I figured how to remedy said problem. I grabbed her thighs. "Hey you bad boy, what are you doing?!?" She screamed in pain and pure pleasure as my tongue of a viper punctured her sweet hymen. She was completely pure and I could tell that. Her blood was of a peculiar taste, but it as well of all the other things I had that night was great.

I ran my tongue in and out of her tight love-hole making her leap several times from the pleasure. "Please Jake. Make me cum! Take me to an orgasm! Oh gosh! I love you!" Shayla screamed out for any listening to hear.

"No." I simply said overpowering her.

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Suddenly before she could realize it she was tied to her bed using my Ethernet Cable. "Jake! What are you doing?!" She screamed at me. "Don't think that I didn't see those files on your desktop.

I know what a dirty little lover you are. Do you trust me?" "Yes." She said firmly, but surely. "Oh, I really love you Jake!

Take me! Take me and make me your toy!" She said. Any shyness was now completely eliminated as I slipped my pants and underwear off myself. "Five!

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Oh no, I don't know if that will fit!" "Oh! Owe! Owe! Oh, please stop! Oh, but it feels so good! Please just keep going!" She repeated several times as I slipped past what was left of her hymen. Her Vagina was like someone had taken a warm jet-bath and a vice-grip and somehow combined them. She was so beautiful with a look of ecstasy on her face and a sparkle of innocence and guilt in her eyes as I plowed her hairless and perfectly flawless camel toe pussy.

I truly in my heart at that point felt love and a yearning to be with someone who feels the same. My Orgasm was pretty much the female solo masturbation multiple orgasm by cdm masturbate brunette pussy s as before except that her pussy seemed to vacuum cum out of me. Spurt after spurt into her young womb filling her up until she leaked. I kissed her lips to mask out her sweet and passionate moans and cries as she hit her first Orgasm.

"I love you more than you can possibly imagine. I loved you before this whole thing and will long after. That was the most passion I've ever had and the best Orgasm I've ever had. I never have had Cock before.

Oh Fuck!" She told me struggling to catch her breath. 4. "Do you want it another way?" I asked penis still oddly at full attention. "What do you mean another way?!?" She asked not being able to finish her question. I showed her what I meant as my dick entered her virgin ass. Mason clutches her cheeks with both hands first she screamed from the pain, but as I started loosening her clamp-like ass she came to and started gently cooing from pleasure and mild pain.

Her ass was another great feeling; not as great as her pussy, but still great. Lubed from both of our ejaculations it was quite slick like her pussy, but it was a little more rough. Her ass was quite more difficult for me to penetrate, but with a little blood, sweat, and tears (all from her) I did it.

Her newly discovered orifice was so great I found myself quickly approaching Orgasm, but then suddenly I found hands on my hips. The hands were the hands of Shayla! Somehow she had managed to untie the cord I had bound her with (I never was the best knot tier).

"Please Jake! Faster! I want you to make me squirt!" "Oh! I think I'm Cumming!" She said. Suddenly our cum started flying out of her pussy I could see each wave of pleasure roll over her face in sudden, but justified Orgasm.

Each wave causing a feeling or glory, weakness, and vulnerability. At that moment she had no control over what she could do. She settled down.

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"Oh baby! I think I'm going to cum again!" I said starting to pump her faster. "Oh, please don't cum there!" She said begging, "Cum in my throat!" I was not one to turn down that brand of an offer. I quickly pulled out with an audible pop and a violent moan and shudder from Shayla. I quickly bounded to her mouth, but I was too late.

I came on her beautiful breasts, then one shot landed on forehead, and then finally one shot hot ass webcam your pleasure is my world in between her sweet, delectable lips.

I crashed to the bed with a loud thud; I was completely spent. I had landed in the perfect position. One hand landed on her waist, one landed just above her nice black hair, and my eyes met hers perfectly. I told her in the candle lit room: "Shayla. I don't know how I did that, but I did it." A moment passed and I broke the silence.

"I've loved you since the day I met you. You are the only girl who's broke through my shyness and took me this far. I love you Shayla! Thank you for making me say it!" She chuckled at my statement breathing steeply through her nose. I wiped away my cum and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were beautiful pearls and they had the look of invite and comfort. She did not need to say a single word to me.

I knew simply from her eyes what she needed. She was saying for me to come be her someone to care for her, someone to be near, and most of all somebody to love and be loved.

My thoughts were halted when she closed her eyes, lifted her head, and latched her mouth over mine. It was then that I tasted a very peculiar taste; she hadn't swallowed.

I chuckled and told her to swallow. She complied and I stuck my tongue in her mouth and lovingly made out with her for what felt like hours, but was really around 10 minutes.

Her kisses were sweeter than before. Maybe it was from the ecstasy of the time? No, it was simple: She loved me and I loved her and we had just proven that bond by our actions. Our kissing felt so natural. Her bare skin on mine, our thick lips kissing each other, no clothes to hinder our hearts beating for each other, and no hootchy-kootchy.

There is only one way I can define it: love. Just pure unadulterated and passionate love. Zozo: If you're reading this I'm still sorry about how things had to end for us.

I miss the love and passion we had, but I am moved on. The End ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors Notes: Hello everyone! I really hoped you enjoyed my 1st attempt at a passion story. This story was originally intended to be a straight up Erotica, but I just couldn't find myself doing that (maybe soon).

The main characters are me (Jake) and an Ex-Girlfriend (ZoZo). Most of this story is based off of true events with some fantasy and imagination mixed in. The ages and names have been faked and exaggerated for purpose that though this story may go public and viral the people described won't. If you know whom I am referring to in this story KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

On a personal note I would like to point out that this is stunning sex kitten flashes massive ass and gets anal hole poked new record in regards to time it took to write this story. I got this story done three months before I normally get other stories done. Thank you so much for reading all the way up to this point and any criticism of any type is very much welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Remember: You can lust and fuck anyone, but to truly enjoy life (and sex) and feel like you've truly done something right with yourself you need love. Until the next story, -Anonymous525