Bust victoria fucked by two big cocks

Bust victoria fucked by two big cocks
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Stepping out of the shower knowing that you will be knocking on my door anytime now. I grab a towel and start to dry my body as the cool air hits my mature sex girl brazzers com and I think about the touch of your hands on my body, my nipples harden and I can't resist the desire to touch breasts and run my hands over my body-imagining it was you. Gasping as my hand slides between my thighs brushing against my clit, I moan.

My body is so alive with the knowledge that soon I will be wrapped in your arms with your male hardness buried deep inside me, your hands and mouth touching me, tasting me, I cum on my fingers with your name on my lips. I grab my satin robe and wrap it around my body, tieing the belt I leave the bathroom, grabbing my brush. As I brush my hair there is a knock at the door. My body again comes alive knowing you are just on the other side of the door.

I set my brush down, walking to the door, I open it and step back, my eyes drop to the ground-starting at your feet, slowly moving up the entire length of your body, briefly resting at your cock, up your chest, your chin, lips-smiling, your eyes. Once our eyes meet meet you see the fire burning in me that I have had for so long. Stepping into the house taking in the scent of my body-vanilla and sex.

I can't help but smile as you groan, wrapping your arm around my waist pulling me hard against two teens have fun in the bathroom body, your mouth crushing down against mine. Kicking the door shut, pullilng me with you to lean against the door as our kiss deepens, my soft body molding itself to your hard one. Wrapping my arms around your neck pulling us even closer together. I moan and rub my body against you for more.

I want to feel your body-skin to skin, I start to unbutton your shirt, leaving it tucked into your pants, slowly I slide it off your shoulders, down your arms-but not completely off. The feel of my hands burns a fire across your body-only made more intense by the cold door against your back.

I pull my lips away from yours and start a trail of kisses and licks down your neck and chest, across your stomach. Running my hands up across your thighs, using my nails to trail paths up your back.

"Woman!" you growl as you wrap your hand in my hair at the base of my neck, pulling me back up to full height, your lips once again crushing mine. Having driven you wild with wanting, my body is on fire. I can feel my body shaking with desire, my legs shaking so badly I can barely stand. Leaning into your body for support I feel your cock pressed against me, hard, warm, throbbing. I reach down and run my hand down the length of your cock through your jeans and it leaps at my touch.

I want to feel your cock. I want to feel the skin stretch as it grows in my hand while I slide my hand up and down its length.

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I unbutton and unzip your jeans, slowly sliding them off your waist, down your hips to rest on your thighs. Moaning you gently bite my bottom lip as my hand closes around the head of your cock. Gently I start to slide my hand down its length, slowly fucking you with my hand. You grab my shoulders and turn me around, my hand still stroking your cock.

Sliding my robe off my shoulders you reach around and start to massage my breasts, pinching my nipples, caressing them. Biting my neck, moaning in my ear with each thrust of my hand against your body.

"I want your cock inside of me." Sliding your hands under my robe, grabbing my ass, spreading my thighs, sliding your finger inside my wetness.

My hand still fucking your cock slows down as you finger fuck me first with one finger then two. The pre-cum on the head of your cock tastes so sweet as I put it in my mouth, licking my lips as Ahh anal sex porn girl do.

This is your undoing, one hand on my back pushing me to bend over, the other on your cock, sliding the head between my lips burying it deep and hard into my tight wetness.

Wrapping your hand around my throat you pull me back to tell me how tight I am wrapped around your cock and how good it feels to slide back and thrust forward burying your throbbing hardness into me harder and faster with each thrust. Your fingers still soaked with my juices you slide them between the cheeks of my ass and start to rim my hole with your finger, relaxing me for your finger to slide in easily. "Don't stop!" I tell you as I turn to shoot you a very naughty look.

"Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck my ass!" Pulling your finger out of me, your throbbing cock from my soaking pussy, you rub your hardness against my ass to make sure there is enough lube so that you won't hurt me. Sliding the head into my ass I start to grind back against tou, telling you that I want more.

SLowly inch by inch you push into my tight hole. Once buried deep inside of me, you rest your forehead against my back letting my body adjust to your huge cock buried deep in my ass.

"Play with my clit." Spreading my legs as far as I can-exposing my clit to the cool air the hard little nub begs for your fingers to caress it, rub it, flick it. "I want to cum with you in my ass. Fuck me while you play with my clit." Reaching your arms around my waist your hands spread my pussy wider as your fingers find my clit and begin to rub against it, softly at first, "Harder!" Rubbing my clit harder as you begin to thrust in and out of my ass, with each forward thrust your balls slap against my clit along with your fingers.

Your thrusts become shorter and faster, one hand spreading my lips apart, the other slapping against my clit. "Oh yes! I'm gonna cum! Oh God. Don't stop! Fuck my ass!

Oh yes!" As my body starts to shake and tremble my cum covers your hands. I slide off your cock, take your hand and walk you to the couch and urge you to sit down.

As you sit I lower my pussy onto your proud hardness, covering it with my cum as I begin to ride your cock, holding your hands behind your head. "Relax and enjoy me fucking you." I start slow, your moans encourage me to go faster in shorter strokes up and down your cock, I start longer strokes up and down your cock, moving my hips back and forth.

Leaning forward I whisper in your ear, "When you get ready to cum I want you to grab my shoulders and push hard into me.

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I want your cum burried deep inside me." I brought my lips to yours as I continued to ride your cock. Your moans changed to low growls as you neared this orgasm.

Throwing your head back you grabbed my shoulders and thrust into me deep and hard several times as you buried your load deep inside of me, "I'm cumming, here it comes!" you growled.

I slid my hands down and rubbed my clit back and forth as you came deep inside me, causing my body to cum all over your cock at the same time. Our juices mingle together sliding down your cock and my fingers, bringing my fingers to my mouth-tasting us together-so very sweet. Colapsing, exhausted against your chest, you wrap your arms around me, and move to lay down not to disturb our bodies still holding onto each other, you still burried inside me.

Running your fingers though my hair we fall asleep for a short nap on the couch. I awake a couple of hours later to your hard cock moving and growing inside of me, as you look at me lying on top of you. Your finger under my chin lifts my face for your lips to capture mine in an amazing kiss. With your arms around me you roll so that I am lying beneath you as you start to slide your cock in woman with fire hair gets fucked hard out of me.

Wrapping my legs around your hips, pulling you deeper into me. I'll save that for a rainy day.