Old man sucking lactating breast milk

Old man sucking lactating breast milk
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It was the beginning of summer and my sister Janine and myself decided to go on a road trip to visit our cousins.

We packed our clothes, filled up with gasoline and hit the road. Being terribly hot, I wore loose fitting jogging shorts and Janine was wearing a short summer dress. I was 18 at the time and Janine was 28. We had been driving for almost 4 hours when we came across a small motel, where we decided to spend the night.

To save on costs we decided to settle for a 1 bedroom motel with just the single bed. Upon entering the room I couldn't help but notice just how small the room was. Just a bedroom with an adjacent bathroom area, the shower built as an open-plan style, with no partition from the main bedroom.

The shower glass was frosted, however it did mean that whoever used the shower would have no privacy when it came to undressing and re-dressing. Janine was first to succumb to the call of the cold water hitting down on her after the sweltering heat we experienced, and with her back turned away from me, she slipped off her dress and her panties and entered the stall. I could barely make out her form through the frosted glass, nevertheless her body was unmistakeably fit.

Big boobs, long legs, hourglass figure, and a firm round ass, she was a sight for sore eyes. My sister being so comfortable undressing infront of me really surprised me. When I heard the water turn off I decided to give her some privacy and turn my back away from the shower and watch tv.

After she put on some fresh clothing she made us some sandwiches and we ate while watching tv. It was my turn to hit the showers, as soon we'd lesbian driver does pussy licking with client hitting the bed in preparation for our long drive tomorrow morning. Entering and leaving the shower went by uneventful as Janine gave me the same amount of privacy I gave her.

We decided to share the bed that evening as there was no couch and neither of us were going to settle for the floor. Janine was wearing a tank top, no bra I guessed as her nipples stuck out quite prominantly, and horny sluts have fun with some toys pair of cotton boyshorts.

I wore a pair of my silk boxers and nothing else. I kept drifting in and out of sleep and it was about 1am when I could take the heat no more and completely snapped out of my slumber. Unsurprisingly, seeing as it was so hot and had no airconditioning, Janine was also awake. "Feel my belly Dave", Janine said, "it's so hot, feel like I'm in an oven".

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I gently placed my hand over her belly feeling the warmth and moisture from her perspiration. I could also feel the fine hair running in a thin line from below her belly to the waistband of her boyshorts. Unconsciously, I began twirling my fingers around a few of the longer strands of the fine hair. My cock began to grow and before I knew it I was rock hard.

My boxers was one of those with the slit down the middle, and I was worried that my erection would soon find its way past that slit and into open air, and my sisters view. I withdrew my hand and thought it best that I concentrate on something else to get my erection to go away.

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The next morning we woke up bright and early in anticipation of a long drive ahead of us. It was my turn to take the wheel, and we began the day with enthusiasm.

That was rather shortlived however, as only a few miles into our journey we broke down with what seemed like a broke radiator. Being a desert stretch of road there weren't going to be any cars passing by for a few hours taxi 69 lesbian full movi. It was really hot and Janine was sweating profusely, to the point that her brown nipples were clearly visible through her thin cotton top.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her tits and she caught me staring a few times.

She must also have noticed the huge tent in my shorts as my 8 inch cock was aching for release. Beads of sweat were dripping down her neck dissapearing into the valley of her 36DD's. Suddenly we heard a horn and it was time to be rescued. The lorry that came to our rescue was quite full though and it seemed as if they only had place for 1 more person. The people were quite accomodating however, as they offered to squeeze us in, providing one of us were prepared to sit someone on our laps.

I offered, and a relatively young lady sat down on my lap. She couldn't have been older than 16.

A few minutes into our ride I discovered she was actually 14 and that she and her family were headed in our direction. My sister was sitting directly opposite me and because of victoria june and dylan snow all being so cramped, was finding it difficult to rest her long tan legs. She eventually settled with tucking both her legs under her chin, which left her entire panty clad ass exposed to me and whoever else that cared to look.

My cock began to grow at the sight of her firm round ass even if it was covered by her panty. Kamy, the 14 year old girl, must have felt my erection against her thigh. Her warm, supple thighs! Today, like the day before, I wore loose jogging shorts and nothing underneath. The shorts had ridden its way up my thighs and very soon, if it did continue sliding upwards, my cock would be set free.

Through my left leg hole, my cock eventually did muscle it's way out. I was leaking pre-cum like there was no tomorrow and Janine's eyes were glued to the scene unfolding infront of her. Suddenly I felt Kamy squeeze her thighs together and she made contact with my naked cock for the fisrt time.

I was horrified thinking that she would freak. She looked at me with what seemed like a shock expression. She didn't relieve my cock form the grip her thighs had on it though, and that could only be a good thing. Meanwhile my sisters panty kept riding into the slit of her moist pussy, which soon became transparent due to her copious amounts of puss juice.

Her neatly trimmed landing strip was coming into view. The bulge of her thick puss lips revealed that she grew the hair on her lips as well. The bumpy road caused a rocking sensation to develop between Kamy and myself and I found that my cock was pumping her clenched thighs in a rythmic motion. My foreskin was being pulled over my cockhead and then back down, each time producing a big drop of cock juice.

Kamy's thighs were well lubricated with my pre-cum and my cock was pumping her thighs faster and faster. Eventually my sisters panties found its way into her slit, revealing her plump outer lips. Her inner lips protruded from the as panteras incesto2 em nome dpai e da filha xstoryscom side of her panty, and I was surprised to see just how big they were.

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Together it looked like a little cock. I always loved women with big inner lips. Just then she reminded me of Justine Sands, that pornstar with massive inner puss lips. This was all getting a little too much to handle and unlike my sister,I was unable to resist. I was unable to pretend like nothing was happening.

I through all caution to the wind, grabbing Kamy by the waste, I pumped my cock between both her thighs until a blew my load. And boy did I blow my load! My cockhead erupted like never before, sending rope upon rope of hot, creamy cum juice high into the air.

The first shot hit Kamy directly in the face, covering her eyes, nose and lip. The second shot hit her forehead, messing her hair. The rest of my cum landed on her thighs and my balls. I looked up at my sister only to see her eyes closed and it was then that I realised that she was cumming. Well not because her eyes was closed, but because streams of clear liquid, puss juice, streamed into the air landing on Kamy's thighs.

She kept squirting for what seemed like ages, until Kamy's thighs and my balls were covered in a mixture of my cum and my sisters puss juice. To be continued.