Son and mother sex free download

Son and mother sex free download
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I'm Jared. I'm eighteen years old. I have dark black hair, with green eyes. I'm currently finishing my final year of schooling. I like to work out, a lot but I'm not what of those guys who go insanely crazy over it. If I don't say myself. I'm in pretty good shape and other people know it to. I get around a lot, no I don't mean that in a man whore way. I like sex, you can't blame me, I'm a guy.

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It's kind of in our blood to sleep around with a lot of women in our teenager years. But I'm not like most other guys, I'm bisexual. I'm not entirely ashamed of it, but it does get to me sometimes, only a hand few of people know about it, my father excluding. I've been always worried about telling him and eventually gave up trying.

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I will tell him eventually tho, just when I think the time is right, but right now it isn't. I've slept with a hand full of guys and women, it didn't worry me. A majority of them were just a one night stand, basically no strings attached. It's the first thing I say to whoever I'm going to sleep with at the time. But there's this one guy I was instantly attracted to when I first met him.

As I explained before I like to work out, so I go to the gym whenever I can or have the time. I got myself a personal trainer while I was there, and it's the guy I was attracted to. I started going when I was 16, so I've known him for about two years now. He's name is Dominic, but I usually call him Dom. He's 22 and god, his body - six pack abs, blonde hair and usually wears tight jeans, which is a huge turn on for me but I try to act as slick as I can and try to not give him any hits that was I was insanely sexually attracted to him.

But one particular gym session was the best one I would have with him, forever. It all started after school. It was a big day, as usual - exams like crazy. Working out takes my mind off things and makes me less stressed and I was also excited to see Dom there. I started working out skinny wench is up for some anal brunette cumshot away, almost doing it seductively, trying to finally hint to him that I was attracted to him.

A couple of hours past and to my despair the session was over. But things got a lot better, he told me to go clean up in the showers and that he would be in there in a couple of minutes. I wanted to make a impression on him, there and then but wasn't sure how. I slowly got undressed and checked every couple of seconds to see if he was staring, unfortunately he wasn't. I turned on the shower and just stood under there, feeling the hot water rush over my body.

I looked down in the corner of my eye and saw a figure approaching the shower room. It was Dom, he was slowly getting undressed as he approached the room. It was like a dream come true, seeing his beautiful, sexy body.

I found myself wandering his it while he was looking away, but quickly snapped out of it when he turned and looked at me. He gave me a smile and alice just on legal age on his shower and began to wash himself. Suddenly out of no-where, he complimented on my cock size. I was amazed he was even looking down there, as that I thought he was straight at the time.

I gave him a flirtatious look and thanked him for the compliment. I continued to wash my body and I could see him slowly walking closer to me. My cock instantly grew harder and harder every time he came close but I quickly turned on the cold water, to calm myself down. When I was doing it for the third time, he figured out what I was doing and stopped me. He Smiled and winked, and started to rub my chest.

Was this happening? The guy I've been attracted to for two whole years, actually coming on to me. I was excited and confused at the same time. He then whispered into my ear, fuck me. Those words went straight through my head and down to my cock. He turned around and pointed his tight, smooth ass back at me. I got onto my knee's and started to massage it, making him moan in pleasure, I could see he enjoyed it as that I could see his cock growing harder every second.

I positioned my mouth closer to his ass, and started to slowly lick his tight hole, I started to jerk myself off at his moaning, making myself even harder. I precious extreme tit tortures and hardcore bdsm of tattooed amateur slaveslut to do that for a while more, making his hole nice and wet for the things to come.

I got back up and moved my cock over his hole, teasing him at first. I could see him smiling under his breaths. I slowly moved my cock closer into his hole, firstly thrusting slowly and eventually speeding it up. I put my hands onto his waist, feeling his six-packed abs from time to time, and forced my cock deeper into him, making him scream my name. I don't know why but I get off to people screaming my name in pleasure, it's like a instant turn on for me and I could see it was a turn on for him as well.

Unfortunately, I heard someone coming through the main doors, I didn't want it to stop but I couldn't risk getting caught and he couldn't either as that it could get him fired. We quickly turned off our showers, got dressed and walked out and acted like nothing happened when his boss walked past us.

He told him we were just locking up and would leave soon. We approached the car park together and we were about to part ways, until he pulled me into a kiss and told me to come back tomorrow night and he walked off. I couldn't stop thinking about our quick fuck in the showers and was excited for more to come tomorrow night.

I basically wanked off to him fucking me all night, feeling his huge cock in my tight hole. I wanted to ride his cock so fucking badly, I could hardly get to sleep. I even had some sexual dreams about him, which made me more anxious for tomorrow night to come.

When the morning came, I quickly got dressed and went to school. I was happy that I only had two exams for the day and could go home after lunch. I picked out what I was going to wear when I saw him, although it didn't really matter since we wouldn't be clothed for long. I put on some cologne to make him want me even more.

Finally it was time to go see him. I drove down to the gym and parked my car. He was waiting at the gym doors. I walked up to him and he gave me a kiss. He grabbed my hand and led me into one of the personal rooms in the back.

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My cock grew harder every step I took with him, excited for what's to come. Once we arrived to the room, he closed to the door behind me. He smiled at me, and slowly started to passionately kiss me. I ran my hands down and he's back slowly started to lift up his shirt, revealing, his hot six-packed body.

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I pulled his body closer to me, and pretty girl knows how to please a guy under his kisses. I turned him around on me, and pushed him into the door, I started to suck on his neck. I could hear him moaning.

I moved down and started to lick and kiss his chest, sucking on his nipples making them hard. He pulled me back up and passionately kissed me. I whispered into his ear, and told him I wasn't done. I moved back down and got onto my knee's. I un-done his jeans, and slid down his boxers, revealing his 10 inch, hard cock. I started to tease him, by just licking the head of it. I could see him smiling in the corner of my eye. I started to jerk his cock, making him moan like crazy.

I moved my hand up onto his body and started to rub his chest, giving him as much pleasure as I could. I proceeded to put his huge shaft into my mouth, making sure I got every inch in. He put his left hand onto my head, forcing his cock further into my mouth, with me loving every minute of it.

I jerked and sucked his cock at the same time, making him scream my name intensively. I took his cock out of my mouth and started licking the head of it again as I was taking it out and stood back up. He pushed me back onto a couch, and gave me a seductive look and told me it's now my turn. He busty office slut in stockings gives blowjob and having anal onto his knee's and pulled down my pants, I could see he was amazed at my cock, as I was with his, which turned me on even more.

He started to jerk my cock, making me moan, so load, which I could see turned him on. He put his mouth onto my dick and slowly started to jerk my cock in and out of his mouth.

I pushed it further into his mouth, telling me it's not the first time he's sucked a big cock. I started to play with my own nipples, pleasuring myself even more. I could see him wanking off with his own dick. After a couple of minutes, he got back up and started to work his way back up my body, kissing every part of it. He came closer to me and started to kiss my neck, I whispered into his ear, telling him that I wanted to fuck him, hard.

He winked at me, and slowly positioned himself onto my cock and furiously started to ride onto it. I put both of my hands onto his waist, and pushed him up and down on my cock. I leant back in please, and he started to kiss my neck while still riding me.

I moved my hands around to his back, and I started slapping his ass, I could hear him moaning while he was still kissing me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me. He got back up and I turned around, showing him my tight ass.

He got onto his knee's and started to finger it, making me grab onto the couch, I was in that much pleasure. He went further into me with it, making me bite my lip. Eventually he started to lick and kiss my tight hole, I could tell it wasn't the first time for him, he was a professional.

I moaned his name, over and over again. He told me to yell it louder, I did what I was told. I like him being in control, it was a huge turn on, let me tell you that. He told me it was time, so he got back up and firstly rubbed his cock over my tight, wet hole, almost teasing me like I did before with his cock. He knew I liked every second of it, I could see it in his eyes, he was proud of the pleasure he was giving me, and I wasn't complaining.

He positioned his cock into my hole, first going slowly but eventually speeding up the pace, he trusted his shaft in and out of me. I screamed and moaned in pleasure and told him I wanted more. I wanted him to fuck me all night.

He told me he was about to cum, I wanted his cum, all over me.

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I turned back around and he jerked himself off right in front of me, while Sexy coco rides on a thick shaft was jerking my own cock. Suddenly all his white creaming cum splashed onto my face, I rubbed it over my body and told him to get onto his knee's. I jerked off my own cock going slow at first, and then speeding up. My cum suddenly erupted, landing all over his face.

I pushed his body closer to mine, and licked my own cum off his face, and gave him a passionate, but dirty kiss. I smiled at him, and told him I'll seem him tomorrow night, same time, same place, same.exercise so to speak. He just nodded and smiled, and walked away.