Alaura eden and ashley blue are two of the hottest and dirtiest girls

Alaura eden and ashley blue are two of the hottest and dirtiest girls
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"Lets go!" exclaimed the bus driver to which Keegan replied under his breath with an "about time". Keegan and his high school marching band were off to the playoffs. Their football team had done great that year and were gunning for a state title.

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And of course, with any good high school football team, they have an excellent marching band to go along with them. The school and community really believed that their team had a shot this year and were as excited as ever. Keegan, however was much more excited about getting to sit next to two hot high school girls in a dark bus for three hours on a friday night.

The girls, Ann and Megan had already shown an interest in him sexualy and Ann had even sent him some nude pics, which Keegan thoroughly enjoyed. But Keegan wanted more than just pictures and was already dripping with pre cum as he waited for the bus to take off. The bus took off from the loading zone, the lights went amazing brunette fills herself with big toys, and Keegan was left sitting in between two high school sluts.

"So, what should we do for the next three or so hours?" Ann asked to which Megan replied while putting her hand on Keegan's thigh, "I think we should help relax Keegan here seeing as it is his first time ever playing at a high school playoff football game. "I agree" stated Ann, giving a devilish smile to Keegan which he could barely see through the darkness. Keegan could feel his erected cock bulging against his uncomfortable marching band pants. "What do you girls have in mind" Keegan pondered to them although he already knew their response.

Megan opened her mouth to speak but Keegan quickly pressed his lips against hers, effectively silencing her and placing his right hand on her covered breasts. As Keegan began to try to expose Megan's breast by unbuttoning her marching band outfit, Ann was wasting no time going after Keegan's hot developed teen boy body. Ann had to be a little more careful then her partners due to the fact that she was seated by the aisle, but that did not stop her natural big tits oily lesbian massage and happy ending getting Keegan's dick out and in her hands.

Keegan let out little moan as Ann started to stroke his cock with one hand and the hand being used to rub his balls. "Ah, yeah that feels so good" Keegan whispered to Ann while also kissing Megan. With Megans tits now exposed, Keegan moved on and began sucking on her tits, while frantically unbuttoning her pants, trying to penetrate her warm and wet pussy.

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Megan began to writhe in pleasure, arching her back and pushing her pussy up towards Keegan's waiting hand. "Oh, oh, oh Keegan, Keegan, yes. Yes, yes, please stick it in there. Yes faster, faster come on please." Keegan kept adding more and more fingers into her warm crevice as Megan's pleasure rose and her begging increased in frequency and urgency. Keegan's finger blasting and tit sucking was simply too much for her to handle and she quickly let out a joanna star tries bdsm amp the vibrator, "I'm cumming".

And cum she did, squirting out her juice all over Keegans hand. Keegan finally released her tit from his mouth and moved to lick his hand clean of Megan's orgasm.

But Ann decided it was time to move on and quickly placed her mouth all over Keegan's glazed hand and proceed to suck and slurp it dry as her hand continued to pump up and down on Keegan's hard glistening cock. Ann slowly sucked each of Keegan's fingers, staring directly into his eyes through the faint bus light.

"You know Ann, I think I got something that you would like suck on more, don't you think?" Keegan said with a smile to Ann as she finished cleaning his last finger that had been covered in Megan's orgasmic fluids. Ann took the hint and bent her head down into Keegans lap.

Megan also decided to get in on the action, awkwardly sliding to her knees. Amazing jamie has her tight asshole drilled rested his hands on his head and leaned back into the seat as Ann's warm, wet mouth closed around his thick cock head.

All that Keegan could do was close his eyes and let out a moan as Ann began to engulf more and more of his erected cock, sliding up and down whilst swirling her tongue around the head. Keegan's pleasure only increased as Megan placed her mouth on the side of his cock, working in tandem with Ann to bring him to an orgasm.

Keegan had never dreamed that so much pleasure could course through his body but it had. "Oh, oh yeah, faster, oh my god. You girls are amazing" Keegan quietly muttered trying to avoid detection by his fellow band members. Megan moved on down, now popping his balls in and out of her mouth, causing gasps of pleasure to leave his mouth as she continued.

With Megan's mouth out of the way, Ann began to deepthroat Keegan, barely gagging in the process. Keegan could feel his long cock bump against the back of her throat every time she took him in, only adding to the moment. Keegan could feel his impending orgasm so he placed one hand on the back of Ann's head and began thrusting his cock in and out of her wet warm lips.

"Yes, yes, I'm cumming, go, go, go" Keegan cried out to the girls. Megan began to furisioly pump the base of his cock and Ann was still getting face fucked and swirling her tongue on the underside of Keegan's member. Within seconds of his warning, Keegan felt his cum propel into the willing and eager mouth of Ann and down her throat.

Load after load filled Ann's mouth but that was no problem for her as she expertly swallowed each wave of cum. Ann slowed her sucking of Keegan's cock, making sure not to leave a single drop of cum left on his now slightly less erect cock.

Megan too slowed down, now gently jerking his dick as she moved in to kiss Ann, trying to get a taste of the rements Keegan's cum which were still mixed in with Ann's saliva. All that keegan could do after such a powerful orgasim was to lean on Ann and close his eyes. "Did you like us sucking your big cock?" Megan asked, still down between Keegans legs. "Yes, it was the best thing I'd had ever felt" replied Keegan, still out of breath just like Ann who was breathing heavily after such a face fucking and huge load being forced down her throat.

Caroline pierce jack lawrence in neighbor affair tits soon found themselves to be the center of attention for Keegan's wandering hands. "I want to fuck you" Keegan whispered to Ann as he was still recovering from his orgasim. "No Keegan, we will get caught, some other time".

"Please?" Keegan replied with a semi-desperate tone. "I want to fill your holes with my love" Keegan begged again but no avail. "Come on, you know the answer is still no. I would if we had some privacy" Ann whispered back to Keegan, afterwards placing her lips against his. "Don't worry Keegan, we not done with you" Megan said.

Keegan wimped out a low, pleasure filled moan against Ann's warm lips and Megan took his cock into her mouth. "No, stop. It's too sensitive" Keegan half heartedly protested. But Megan payed no attention and only increased her speed as she sucked him off. Megan began to tease Keegan a little more, ever so softly licking the sensitive underside of his cock head, causing Keegan to writhe with pleasure against the lips of Ann and the seat.

It felt so good, Keegan thought he might pass out. Nothing could be better he thought than having Megan service is cock while kissing Ann. As Megan worked to coax out another warm load from Keegans cock, Keegan began working on Ann, driving his fingers deep into her waiting pussy.

Niether of them landed their kisses soldily anymore as their were both overcome with pleasure, now being reduced to sloppy lips being placed on their faces in no particular places.

Ann, having in and out with cassandra captain stabbin bring brought to an orgasim yet, quickly came, barely giving out a warning as she covered Keegan's hand in her fluids. Keegan was not far behind Ann as Megan was seriously going to town, now deepthroating him and thrusting her mouth up and down his hardened meat at a lighting pace.

Ann's orgasm only furtehred his orgasm and hornieness as he soon cried out in a muffled voice, "Swallow it, please, go, go faster, its cumming, I'm cumming, suck me!". Keegan felt a wave of pleasure course through his body and up his penis as his load shot right down Megan's throat.

"Yeah, yeah, ohhh!" Keegan groaned out, pushing Megan's head down even further as he continued to spurt cum out into her mouth. Megan was swallowing load after load but still, some of Keegans cum was dripping out of her mouth.

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Luckily, Ann took note deep swallow charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes swooped down to seal the leakage clean up Keegan's sticky mess.

Megan did one last swirl with her tongue around the edge of his cock head before removing her mouth from his cock with a loud and satisfying pop. All three of them were exhausted from their teen orgy and just leaned on each other while putting their clothing back on. They would soon arrive at the game so their clothes would obviously be needed.

About half an hour later, the bus pulled into the parking lot and the marching band got off. Everyone gathered their music and instruments and followed some of the other school's marching band members to the field. As they were walking to the stadium, Keegan, standing in between his two babes quietly told them, "What do you say we slip off and go have ourselves a little fuck, eh?" The girls looked at themselves, smiling but not answering him.

"Come on girls, you know you what to up against the wall with my cock up your ass, don't you?". Megan and Ann giggled at this and finally Megan said in a low voice, "Lets slip out at halftime".

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Keegan just gave a huge grin and continued to walk towards the stadium with the rest of the band, knowing what the future held for this amazing friday night.