Sexy ass teen sophia leone gets fucked pornstars and hardcore

Sexy ass teen sophia leone gets fucked pornstars and hardcore
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OSAKA AWAKENING 2-THE VILLAIN HOTARU The slapping of flesh roused me from my blank dreams,I could hear the moans and the shaking of the bed as an orgy started where I lay.Doused with the potent geiko(named so after the disappearance of the Geisha;women of art )their mind were focused on one thing and one thing alone;pleasure and more specifically my pleasure after spending most of their lives in the chambered ruins of Okashio being trained to do exactly that.Call me a smart investor.I scooched up the bed and lay with my elbows propping me up so I could better enjoy the show.The young male slave was Tierah, a name I chose when he was first brought to me by the high priestesses of Okashio and the three girls surrounding him were Su ,Yunand Mer(named her so after she first sucked my cock).I watched as Su slowly moved to Tierah's back her hands roaming his flat torso as her breasts pressed tightly on his back.She moved her hips with his matching his pace as he hammered his 8 inch manhood in the divine folds that were Mer's (she had the tightest pussy I've sunk my meat into).Yun was laid splayed infront of Mer grabbing her tiny breasts in a tight grip as she tugged at the nipples painfully with Mer's face buried deep in her snatch as she licked away with the help suck large cocks makes her glad squirting and japanese the hard thrusts she received from Tierah.I watched as her big round ass jiggled under the force as they crushed against Tierah's firm torso.I could see the form of a tent peaking from under my robes as the sexual energy rose in the room.

Mer was wailing her throes of ecstasy as Tierah's face grimaced in what I could most certainly tell was his effort holding back his orgasm.Mer collapsed forwards as Su moved quickly to bring the hard cock to her mouth;she enjoyed the taste of female cum on her cocks and would clean up after everyone.She licked it from base to tip as she worshipped the glorious form of the cock infront of her.She brought the head of the cock to her open mouth and licked the rim of the glans, circling it.She ran her tongue up and down the underside of the glans with the throbbing member still in her mouth as a moan escaped Tierah's mouth.She popped the cock out of her mouth before going at it with a ferocity that took Tierah by surprise as he clenched his glutes in desperation to keep from blowing his load before I got my fair share of entertainment.Yun and Mer traded positions as Yun sucked the sweet nectar from the succulent source.She brushed her hair from my sight of view as she lifted Mer's torso by her butt,her nails digging into the flesh.She went downtown on her clit as she bucked and thrashed being brought back to the edge of yet another orgasm.Yun slowed down her ministrations which caused even more thrashing from Mer as she ground her pussy on Yun's face.Yun edged her some more slightly brushing her tongue against the hood of her clit before she finally dug into it sending Mer on a wailing spree as she bucked, cum squirting from her sweet pink pussy into the awaiting mouth that was Yun's who did not let a single drop go to waste.Meanwhile both Su and Tierah were breathing hard from the impending climax about to rock their bodies as Tierah let a guttural shriek,his seed spewing into the hot snatch that lay splayed on the bed.( her tummy down with her legs spread wide as he sank his meat with an increasing ferocity)Both their breathing seemed to come down after a good minute.

They all turned to face me, fear clearly on their faces as I rose with my cock stretched to its full length and simply walked out of the room the guard there nodding in understanding as he drew his sword and walked into the room.Get it from me,I enjoyed watching them but nothing new lit in me just the same old need to devour.I missed breaking someone,ripping them of their dignity fucks neighbor while wife in the kitchen cams self love.I nodded to another guard down the hall and he,in understanding went to get my very wish.I made my way to the set dinner table where I would be having my breakfast.I took a seat as the guard came back with a young girl in tow who would easily pass for a child for her underdeveloped features and yanked her under the table as I started on my meal.

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I felt a tentative tongue rim my glans and I drew a shudder from this,there was something about taking what you wanted with total disregard to the other party involved that stoked the flames in my mind and my cock reacting now to the more bolder ministrations it received from the tiny 18 yr old.She sucked hard and I let out a moan of excitement at her developing need for my cock in her mouth only coming up at the last second for air.She pressed her nose into my pelvis bringing me to shudder that she had just deepthroated me.I could hear her sobs as she gagged herself on my cock knowing fully well the consequences if I finished my meal before she got me off.I felt a familiar stirring in my loins as rope after rope of cum shot deep into the girl's throat who did not let up on her ministrations sampling large boobs asians juicy cunt japanese hardcore I drained my balls and my cock was squeaky clean.I sat there for a moment satisfied and rose to leave as the girl was tagged by her chain strongly out from under the table.I turned giving her a devious grin as she looked down in a mix of shame,degradation,self loath,disgust and a small,a very small mix of arousal as she struggled to press her nub my grinding her thighs together.Looking over at the guard I say,"All yours" and leave the room to the screams of the young maiden being roughly ploughed by my guard.I head over to the bathroom having have to pass through my bedroom where Tierah's body was lastly put into the bag ready for disposal.I'll miss that boy I thought as made my way into the bathtub where a lovely Chinese girl awaited me naked with a loin cloth on her midriff that barely covered her navel and a sponge on her palm as she looked at me with a nervous smile squeezing the sponge in her hand as she assumed a very sultry posture much to my liking.I dropped my robe as I walked into the rather large bathtub with in tow.