Victoria june and dylan snow

Victoria june and dylan snow
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My mom and dad took me to Cozumel for vacation the summer before my freshman year of college. I wasn't very athletic, but I wasn't fat and I was the same height as my dad at 6 foot 4 inches.

My mom wasn't a supermodel by any means, but she walked 4 miles every day resulting in a nice ass and great kristen scotts wet tongue licking and eating pussy naturaltits and tribbing. Her waist was slim and I would guess she had size C tits. Not a beautiful face, but still nice to look at in a bikini.

What I am about to tell you is 100% true and if I had to guess the odds of it happening. Probably a billion to one. It was our 3rd night in Cozumel. We were sharing the same hotel room since the rooms were over $300 a night. Mom and Dad wanted to have a night out alone, so I told them I would be fine and to go have fun.

I spent the evening at the hotel's sports bar and met a cute girl named Lourdes. Her mom was the night manager, and she usually hung out in the bar playing pool and video games. Lucky for me, she also had access to the bar's supply room. She swiped an expensive bottle of tequila and we proceeded to get quite hammered.

After a half hour of making out and feeling her nice tits through her shirt, she suggested we go to my room. I knew my parents wouldn't be back for nova brooks and tegan james ffm threeway in the bedroom few hours, so up we went.

Once in the room, I told her to make herself comfortable while I took a quick shower. As I showered, she got naked and lied on the bed waiting for me. Little did I know that while my mom and dad were out, they also had quite a bit to drink and had got in a HUGE fight. My mom stormed off in a drunken haze and came back to the hotel. She had just about forgiven my dad (or perhaps forgot about why they were fighting) when she opened the door to our room and saw Lourdes.

Before my mom could even get mad, Lourdes grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room. ----------------- I turned off the light as I came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel.

The room was dark. I saw her laying on my parents' bed. I removed my towel and ran my hand up her leg, over her knee and up her skirt. I was a little surprised she wasn't naked but at least she wasn't wearing panties. I ran my fingers through her slightly trimmed pubic hair and down to her pussy.

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------------------ My mom had collapsed on the bed after Lourdes left. She the squirter luscious lopez brunette one squirting me in the shower and decided to lay down until I came out. Not realizing how drunk she was, she passed out immediately. She woke up feeling a hand move up her leg and across her thigh.

She had forgotten all about the fight with my dad and assumed he was making his usual moves on her. Sure enough, one hand went to her pussy, the other began groping her tits. She wasn't sure if I was sleeping in the bed next to them, or if I had left to find that naked girl, so she decided it best to stay quiet and try to not moan too much. ------------------ As my fingers thrust in and out of Lourdes' soaking pussy I pulled off her shirt and sucked her nipples.

She grabbed my throbbing dick and started sucking on it like a pro. I almost came immediately when she took me into her throat. I was still standing next to the bed. I could feel my orgasm coming fast. I leaned over and put my mouth on her pussy. Licking and sucking on her pussy lips. Her juices smelled and tasted so good. I ran my tongue down to her asshole and licked for a while. She moaned loudly around my dick when I did that.

As my fingers found her g spot I licked her clit hard. She moaned and started shaking. My face was sprayed with her juices and I erupted in her mouth. When she tasted my cum, she swallowed my dick into her throat. The next several shots of my cum went directly down her throat.

----------------- My mom knew that my dad must be drunk. Usually by now he just climbed on and fucked her. But now he obviously wanted to be sucked on. She normally didn't care to suck his dick, but she thought she would give him a treat. She was shocked when she felt him licking her pussy.

He hadn't done that in over 10 years. And had NEVER licked her ass. When she came it was the most intense orgasm she had had in almost 15 years. After she swallowed down the rest of his cum, she bubble assed beauteous cutie impaled on cock over because she knew he would be sleeping in about 30 seconds.

He climbed in bed and actually began kissing her and feeling her tits. ----------------- That was the first time I had cum inside a girl. My dick never began to shrink. I wanted more. Her tits felt wonderful as I lie next to her. They seemed even larger than when I felt them through her shirt earlier. As we kissed I could smell and taste the alcohol on her. She jumped as I touched her pussy again. And I could hear her gasp as I moved on top of her.

I was finally about to lose my virginity and I was soo excited. Lourdes wasn't making much noise and hadn't said a word. I assumed it was a Mexican culture thing or something. Whatever the reason, I didn't want to blow this chance, so I kept quiet too.

Her pussy was soaking and felt so hot against my dick. I wasted no time and slid into her. I expected her to feel tighter, but she still felt great. I could feel her gripping me. I grabbed both tits and started fucking her hard. She jumped a little as I was hitting her cervix opening. I guess no one had been that deep in her before. Right as I was about to cum, she moaned loud and wrapped her legs around me. She didn't even sound like herself. She was cumming harder than before. Her pussy was soaking my cock and balls as I unloaded deep inside her.

It felt like her pussy was milking the cum out of my dick. Three, four, five creamy shots filled her pussy as I pinched and twisted her long nipples. --------------- My dad had never came twice in one night. My mom was amazed. Even more surprised when she felt him bottoming out and hitting her cervix. It was an unexpected feeling which immediately made her cum hard. After she felt him unload inside her he collapsed on top of her, breathing hard. His dick finally softening and plopped out of her pussy.

She kissed him long and deep. "Come on honey" she whispered. "I need to shower before Eric gets back to the room." ----------------- My body froze. That was my mother whispering in my ear! My mind was racing.

None of this made sense. Before I realized it I had said, "What the fuck?!". Mom jerked upright almost tossing me out of bed, "ERIC?! Oh my God what did you do?!" I was just stammering, "Wha- How? Where the hell is Lourdes?!" Mom was slurring, still obviously drunk "The naked whore I found on your bed?

She ran out when I came back". She turned on the lamp as she covered herself with pillows. "Holy FUCK!" I blurted and sat on my bed covering myself with a pillow. "Where the hell is Dad?!!" My mom looked like she was gonna be sick. "We had a fight.I think. He could be back any minute". She stood up, holding a pillow over her tits and holding her mouth with one hand. "Put something on for God's sake. We'll talk about this tomorrow." She gagged and almost threw up. When she did, her pussy made a gurgling noise and my cum streamed down her thighs.

"Oh my God" she said as she went to the bathroom and closed the door. I had just got my boxers on and sprayed some cologne around the room as my dad opened the room door.

I jumped and looked like a deer in headlights. "Is your mother here?" he said british big breasted lady fooling around masturbation and real tits he stumbled in the door.

"I think she's about to shower". Just then I heard mom gagging into the toilet.

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He kicked his shoes off and collapsed on the bed. He was asleep before I heard the shower start.

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---------------- My mom was jumbled mess of emotions. She had just had 2 of the most amazing orgasms of her life, caused by her son. She was in tears as she looked at the huge amount of cum in the toilet. As she sat looking into the toilet she could feel more leaking out of her pussy. She was trying to decide how she would handle this emotionally.

It was all a big accident, right? As long as it stayed between her and Eric, no one would ever know. As these thoughts ran through her head, she never realized she had unconsciously scooped up a large amount of cum off her thigh and sucked it into her mouth.