Thigh high split skirt and tan stockings tube porn

Thigh high split skirt and tan stockings tube porn
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I was just about to start high school. I had left the public school system was preparing to attend a private high school, which happened to have an all male enrollment. I had always liked girls up to that point in my life, and had never so much as thought about any type of gay sex. However, that would soon change. When I arrived at my high school's orientation, everybody had to wait in a long line for our student ID pictures to be taken.

The line stretched outside, at which point it turned into more of a rowdy crowd than a line. While I was just waiting outside for an hour or so, I noticed this little boy who was waiting in line as well, and I soon me coji a mi primo that I could not stop looking at him.

He was only about 5'5, thin, had short black hair, and his body just looked tight. I soon started to feel a sexual attraction, and I started imaging all the things I wanted to do to him, and how good my penis would fell inside of him.

I was getting so horny thinking about his tight asshole. My lust finally reached a level at which I could no longer control it. I just had to experience him, and nothing would stop me. We were both near the end of the line, and by this point there were not too many people left waiting outside.

I began to slowly drift towards him, ready to draw him away from the crowd so that I could then proceed to butt-rape him.

I stood behind him for a second, took a deep breath, glanced down at this little ass, and then tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, I told him that some guy wanted to talk to him over there, as I pointed behind some bushes and around a corner.

He unsuspectingly began heading away from the group and in that direction. I followed behind, hoping that he would not notice me. Luckily he did not, and once he walked around behind a set of tall bushes, I jumped on him from behind and forced him flat against the ground. I quickly put my body directly on top of his, so that he could not move.

This was not too difficult, because I was much bigger than he was. I he tried to struggle to free himself, I put my face right up against his ear and said "Are you ready to get butt fucked?" As soon as he I said this, he began to struggle even harder.

However, the squirming of his rear end against my crouch gave me a major hard on. My dick was just itching to find a nice, warm home. I now had to get his pants down past his ass. To complete this task, I first laid one forearm on the side of his face, forcing his head into some mud.

I then lifted my upper body, reached the liner of his shorts, and successfully yanked them down far enough to expose his virgin asshole. I then tugged my shorts down as well, letting my piece fly out. I laid my body back on his, with my bulging cock on the verge of exploding as it moved around in between his butt cheeks. I then spit in my hand, reached down and lubricated my penis, and prepared for entry into the first guy I had ever penetrated.

I reached one arm underneath him to try and hold his waist still, as I maneuvered my cock around until it hit the target and the tip forced it's way into his exceedingly tight rear hole. He let out one hell of a loud yelp when this happened, so I had to grab his face to muffle his cries for help. He did not want to let rough banging of filthy mother i would like to fuck meat in, so he tightened his butt muscles as hard as he could.

To try and gain deeper penetration, I lifted up my hips and began pounding into him, but it did not make much progress. By this point I had just managed to slip the head of my cock in. However, even this felt pretty damn good in such a tight virgin asshole.

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I continued to grind on his ass for a minute as it moved around. As I continued applying pressure on his ass, I started talking dirty to him. "You like having another guys cock in your ass, huh? Yeah, you like that you dirty little ass slut. You love getting' a big dick shoved up in you. You're gonna love it when I cum deep inside you." As I continued to talk dirty to him, I think that he began to realize that it was useless to resist my attack on his ass.

It could have been that, or he could have begun to like it. He did have a huge boner himself. Either way, his ass muscles loosened up little by little, and I slowly gained deeper and deeper penetration as I humped.

He began gasping every time I pushed forward into him. I started fucking him with long, slow strokes that sent my cock in nice and deep. His rear hole was now gaping from the presence of my fat penis.

I saw his face grimacing in pain as I fucked him harder and faster, but he accepted it. By now I was almost balls deep in him, and still thrusting hard. His asshole felt so good around my penis. I felt like I was going to cum soon. I started humping him faster and faster. He could sense that I was close, and started moaning loudly. With one powerful thrust, I forced his hips against the ground and sent my cock all the in.

I held it there as he threw his head back.

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He began grinding his hips, thus fucking my dick. As he moaned I felt my load come up through my shaft and then shoot deep into his insides. As he felt stream after stream of hot, sticky cum shoot into him, he tightened his ass around my penis like never before, thus milking every last drop of cum from my balls.

Once I had finished and had pulled out of him, I pushed him to ground as I stood up. I stood over him and said "Welcome to an all boys school, bitch." Then I spit on his mud covered face and walked away, knowing that I would be back for more.