Sinful brunette chick tanya attacks pecker with mouth

Sinful brunette chick tanya attacks pecker with mouth
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This is my first story, so positive criticism is welcome. There is a fair amount of intro and backstory so be forewarned, that's only because this is planned to be a deep story with multiple parts.

And the intimate parts are very minimal. I was going to add something else after where it leaves off but I thought it was long enough. Rest assured part two if desired will have must more to think about. ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------- At first Jake seems like your average high school senior. Brown hair, brown eyes, around 5'9" short hair, just turned 18, and a fairly athletic and toned build from working out year-round and playing soccer in the fall, but certainly not muscular and built like a tank or anything.

It was the second week in may of Jake's senior yeah of high school and things in general were going pretty well. He had been accepted to most of the universities he had chosen as top picks and after looking at his choices he felt pretty good about where he had committed: the local state school since it had a strong Engineering program and he knew that was what he wanted to do.

The fact that they had given him the best financial aid package just sealed the cake. But before he got there he had a few things that were weighing heavy on his mind. Senior prom was coming up in two weeks and he didn't have a date yet. He hadn't gone last year but he knew he didn't want to pass up the chance this year. Unfortunately most of the girls were getting asked out quickly as dates and Jake was running out of time. He already had one person in mind but he just had to find a good time to ask her.

and fast! "So class that's why we use the shell method for this particular problem, and not the disk method. You have to make sure you look at the problem and see which axis you are integrating with respect to and then see which method is easiest to use." Mr. Johnson, the Calculus teacher said alaura eden and ashley blue are two of the hottest and dirtiest girls he looked around the room for any questions.

He continued, "Now, your homework is to do problems." Just then and not a moment too soon the bell rang to signal the end of the school day and everyone in the class jumped up to leave before the teacher could assign any homework.'' Jake looked beside him self licking her onw tits nipples and masterbaith saw Kaylee gathering up her things and tried to time it so he "conveniently" would be done just the same time she was.

Jake had known Kaylee for two years now. She was in his pre-calculus, trigonometry, and physics classes. She wasn't really interested in the subjects like Jake was, she was just a genius and her parents made her take these "hard classes" to boost up her transcript; her real passion was photography. But the hard classes were not hard at all to her, she barely studied and always beat Jake even though he studied day in and day out. She ended up getting accepted to Yale and Stanford, and Jake was always very jealous of her for that.

Their friendship was one of those kind of awkward "school only" friendships. They had no trouble taking about school subjects, classes, sports, and all of the gossip like great friends while in school but didn't really do anything outside of that. Maybe it was the fact Jake was slightly intimidated by her intelligence, but none of that mattered now, he was just gonna take a chance and see what happens.

Now it should be noted Kaylee was probably the most beautiful girl in the school. She was 18 too, had gorgeous blonde hair that you might initially think had to be bleached, but it wasn't. She had blue eyes and her face was just about perfect.

Her body was no less stunning. She was the star of the track and cross country teams at around 5'6", and she wasn't your typical "scrawny stick runner" she had a very toned yet subtlety athletic body that was usually hidden by her most conservative dress style.

"Hey Kaylee, how's it going?" Jake asked as he followed in step beside her. "Not too bad, Jake. I'm glad there was no homework today, that stuff is boooooring!" she said with her usual incredible smile.

Jake decided to do something he hadn't done before and turned on the charm a bit, "Oh common you don't even need to do the homework, Ms. I know everything." he said as he playfully nudged her in the side.

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She gave him a questioning look, but didn't protest so he took that as a good sign. Jake tried to get straight to the point before he got too nervous, "Say, you don't happen to have a date to the prom yet do you?" Jake asked this question already knowing the answer, since Kaylee rejecting pretty much all the jocks in the school who asked her was not breaking news or anything.

Kaylee smiled back again, "Why no. I don't. Why do you ask?" She just had to make this hard, didn't she? "Well I was thinking maybe we could go together. I mean I'm sure it would be fun and everything but I mean if you don't want to." Jake was cut off right there. "I've love to go with you, Jake! But I've got to go take my sister to a doctors appointment in a few minutes so I gotta hurry right now, sorry.

Text me later." As she said that she slipped a piece of paper in jake's backpack as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then flew off down the hall in her characteristic runner's stride Jake couldn't believe what had just happened. Had it really been that easy? Did she expect it? How else would she already have her phone number on a piece of sunny leon xx mp4 story. That was when his best friend Steve interrupted.

"Yo man! Looking a bit flushed there, what happened?" Steve was quite different from Jake. He was somewhat of a "jock", the star of the soccer team, and not all that bright, but he had all of the girls in the school goggling their eyes at him and he knew it.

Despite that he was a pretty nice guy overall and Jake and him had been best friends since first grade. Jake responded, still somewhat in disbelief, "Uh. well you see, I just got a date to the prom." "Really, with who? That's sweet!" "Well, Kaylee." Steve teacher and student xxx vidod out laughing, "Funny! But really, who?" Jake gave him a friendly punch, "I'm being serious, Kaylee" "No way, man!

unbelievable. Half the guys in the school asked her out and you are the one she said yes to? She must really like you." Steve said while playfully doing a kissing motion. "Knock it off, we're just friends now." "Yeah yeah fair enough, although you never know.

Hey, you still planning on going to the gym and then coming to the pickup soccer game tonight?" Jake thought about how he really really wanted to talk to Kaylee for some reason, "No, I think I'm gonna just work out a little longer than then skip the game.

Kaylee wanted me to text her." Steve rolled his eyes, "Are you being for real right now? Bros before hoes, Jake, bros before hoes. I'm just kidding though it's cool. I'll tell the guys you already had plans. See ya tomorrow, you should come to my party this weekend too!" With that he turned and started down the hall, but not without a whisper of "Get some!" as he went by.

Jake was still nervous later when he talked to Kaylee that night but things seemed to be going well so he started to feel more comfortable. Eventually she said her family wanted to have him over for dinner tomorrow and he agreed. It was kind of nice getting to know her better outside of school.

The school day came and went pretty uneventfully. He chatted with Kaylee in class like usual but the conversation was less about school now and more about each other. As the day ended they again 2 lesbians hairy big nipples out of Calculus to Kaylee's locker. "So what time should I show up your house?" "Around 6 o'clock.

We usually eat around 6:30." "Alright, cool. Any suggestions?" "Yeah, dress nicely, and don't be too afraid of my dad. He used to be a marine, and I haven't really dated many other people before, or at least they never got past the meeting my dad step so he'll probably try to scare you off." Kaylee gave a little wink and then started to walk towards her car. Jake swallowed hard but tried to remain relaxed, "Ah, I see. Well I'll remember that.

I think I can handle him." he teased back. After saying hello to Kaylee's 15 year old little sister, Amy. Steve did a quick workout that day and played a short session of pick-up soccer with Steve and the guys before heading home early to get ready.

He went with a nice button down shirt, khakis, and brown dress shoes. Walking up the the house was a bit intimidating.

He expected Kaylee's dad to pop out from a bush and have Jake give him 100 push ups, but that never happened. It was actually Amy who answered the door in a gorgeous dress of her own, and Jake realized that beauty clearly ran in the family as she shared he sister's blonde hair, although hers was more of a "dirty blonde" and her eyes were brown.

Amy led Jake into the living room where Kaylee and a tall man with a shaved head was sitting next to her.

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Kaylee looked up and smiled, "Hey Jake, this is my dad." Jake walked over and extended his hand, trying to remember to have a strong handshake.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Peterson." His hand seemed like it crushed his as they shook hands for what seemed like an eternity. "That's Colonel Peterson to you, young man" he said in a very serious voice. Kaylee pipped in, "Oh Dan, common." Mr.

Peterson let out a smile and patted Jake on the shoulder, perhaps hard enough to break something. "I'm just kidding.

That's a good handshake, Jake. Lets go eat." Dinner was rather uneventful. It was mostly a dialogue between Jake and Mr. Peterson, but despite getting grilled pretty hard, but it seemed like Jake was usually able to come up with the good responses. After dinner everyone started to disperse. Mr. Peterson got an urgent phone call he had to take, Amy went up to her room, and Kaylee and Jake helped Mrs.

Peterson clean up things. Jake had to admit, she definitely was not too bad looking either. "What are you guys gonna do now?" Mrs.

Peterson asked, out of curiosity and partly examining Jake herself. "Uhhh." Jake was saying before Kaylee interrupted, "I had this really cool movie I got from Netflix today I was thinking we could check out." It seemed like she made some gesture to her mom as she said this.

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"Oh, that's too bad. You can't watch it down here. Your Dad and I have a TV show coming on in 15 minutes. You ok watching it in your room?" "Yeah. I guess that'll be fine." Kaylee said with a disappointing tone which was obviously fake.

The movie was "The Crazies" and Kaylee hadn't seen it before but it was one of Jake's favorites so he was hoping it would be good knowing when the scary parts were about to happen and such. They were both sitting on Kaylee's bed at a reasonable "friendly" distance at first but as the people of the town started to get infected, Jake took and opportunity to scootch over ever so not slightly and put his arm around Kaylee.

Then, at one of the scariest parts of the movie, Kaylee rolled over and grabbed onto Jake with a startled, "Oh my gosh!" Nothing else happened during the regular movie but they sat there fat redhead big tits pussy licking gold shover a close embrace for a while. As the credits rolled, Kaylee looked up and asked, "Why didn't you ask me out before?" Jake was kind of in a daze and this brought him back to the real world.

"Uh, well you see. I didn't. I mean I don't really know." he said as he stumbled for his words. He noticed Kaylee was moving her face closer to his and he at least had enough experience to know what was coming next.

He tilted his head and they locked lips. Jake could tell Kaylee probably hadn't kissed anyone before since he could feel her tenseness. He slowly started to part her lips and hoped she would get the message.

Sure enough she did, and soon enough they were engaged in a passionate makout session. Jake smiled to himself slightly as he could taste the mint on Kaylee's breath from the mint he had seen her pop as they walked up to her room. They were sitting in a somewhat awkward position so Jake rolled over on top and took control, moving his hand gently up to place it on Kaylee's stomach. Her tongue lashed out with a newfound aggressiveness and she gripped Jake tighter in embrace.

Kaylee was wearing a somewhat preppy button up long sleeve shirt with jeans and Jake slipped his hand up under the edge of the shirt, but not too far, testing Kaylee's response. She arched her back slightly and let out a moan while still keeping her lips locked with Jake. Jake gently caressed her stomach as Kaylee continued her light moaning and squirming of pleasure under Jake's touch. Then she broke away from the kiss and slipped her hand under her shirt to grab Jake's.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jake asked, concerned he was moving too fast. "No, please don't. I've wanted to do this with someone for so long, I've always. Well let's just say I've heard about it from someone else and I'm jealous." she said, slightly out of breath, but with a naughty smile. And as she said that she let go of Jake's hand and started to unbutton her shirt.

She fumbled with the buttons for what seemed like an eternity and then Jake took her hands and set them aside and gently un-did the buttons himself drilling a choco beaver hardcore and blowjob then Kaylee arched her back to allow jake to take off the shirt and reveal her blue lacy bra.

He saw Kaylee's fast was a bright red, so he had to mention, "You're beautiful you know?" to make it even worse.

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He reached for her bra strap but then she protested, "No, not today" before pulling Jake into a lustful kiss again. Jake continued to draw circles around her toned stomach, ticking here, tickling there eliciting the most sensual moaning Jake had heard yet.

Then Jake took a chance. He moved so he was propped up on his elbow, one arm on Kaylee's right breast and the other he moved down to Kaylee's leg. Then to the spot between her legs. Kaylee arched her hips up to meet Jake's hand, wanting it more than anything.

Jake could feel the moistness seeping through her soft jeans. He knew what he wanted to do so bad, but he knew this was probably as far as he would get. Then Kaylee broke away from the kiss and let out a soft scream.

"Ooooh Jake!" She said as her body quickly convulsed once his arms, every muscle in her body seemingly contracting. Jake kept going, rubbing his middle and forefinger in circles around the area where he thought her clit would be under her jeans. He massaged her breast through her bra, rubbing it all over and with each stroke ending with a gentle pinch of her nipple.

She squirmed in his arms, writhing with pleasure as she inhaled in short, deep breaths. Then Jake bent back down to kiss her, but not on her mouth, he gently kissed her neck, kissing pattern slowly down her body to her still-covered breasts. Her breathing picked up, and she moaned more and more. Jake could feel her jeans getting wetter and wetter. Then, in one quick motion, Jake pulled down her bra covering her right breast and flicked her nippled with his tongue before she could protest.

This sent her over the edge. Kaylee shook violently in his arms and let out increasingly louder moans as jake kept massaging her clit through her jeans and teasing her nipple. "Oh my gosh! Oh my! Oooooh my! Jake, Jake! OOOOOH JAKE!" She finally said with a surprisingly loud outside vice scream as she shook more violently than petite asian babe blows a thick shaft and her jeans became even wetter in that split second, if that was possible.

She kept shuddering gently for a few seconds aftwewards, with minor convulsions the whole time. Then when she stopped she lie motionless. Jake was almost startled when she screamed. He looked back at the door, prisoner of war interrogation torture looked closed fortunately, but would her father have heard? He expected him to come running in the room with a pistol any minute now, ready to water-board him into submission.

But after a minute of hearing heard nothing, other than maybe a breathing sound? He was pretty sure the coast was clear and he looked down at Kaylee. She laid there like an angel. Her beautiful blonde hair was spread around her head in a disheveled yet sexy way and it looked like she had passed out, since she wasn't moving but she was breathing fine in a slowly decreasing rhythm.

Jake rolled over fucking big tit allys daughter the treat trade pt the bed and stared up at the celling for a second. It wasn't until then he noticed he had a raging erection all the way down his khakis. Hopefully she hadn't noticed that, or actually, hopefully she did!

He set up the laptop they had been watching "The Crazies" on in an unsuspicious way and then brought Kaylee over to him in an embrace as he dosed off. He hadn't even gotten off, but if felt great being able to treat the most beautiful girl in the school to such an incredible experience.

As Jake drifted off into a light slumber with Kaylee in his arms, he though he might have seen a shadow from underneath Kaylee's door disappear. If he hadn't been in such a blissful state maybe he would have though twice about it, but tonight he didn't. To be continued?