Hawt darksome attractive babe is a cute cowgirl

Hawt darksome attractive babe is a cute cowgirl
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When I was 13 my family and I stayed at a campsite with a small metal hut with two showers inside.

The showers were separated by a divider about four feet tall. I went in late one night to cool off because it was hot and the place was empty. I stripped and started showering. Since I was alone I of course started jacking off. I soon came on the shower floor.

Afte rthat I finished washing, dried off and left. I did that the next night, too.

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On the third night, I got naked, started the shower, jumped in and started soaping up. Then the door opened and a guy about mid-to-late forties walks in. He was not too bad looking, nice body for an older guy. I immediately stopped jacking off and pretended to wash myself. He couldn't see my body behind the divider so he didn't see my hardon.

When he saw me he smiled and said hi and I say hi back. He said if I wanted some privacy he coudl come back later. I said it was fine and he came on in. He asked if the water felt good and I said very. Then oral sex scene with sexy couple stripping naked removed his robe and was naked underneath. Not a huge dick but nice size, especially since it was soft. He walked over and started showering in the stall next to mine even though there were other empty ones.

I started washing and suddenly go the urge to see his body again. Trying not to xxx story girl on girl download conspicuous, I scooted closer to the divider so I could peek over. He had a great ass, too, and a big dick looked even better close up. I wanted so bad to jack off. I turned back around and washed some more. Then I scooted back over and peeked again. I thought I was being discrete but he caught me looking and smiled.

"Like what you see?" he asked. I backed away and he said not to be embarrassed. He said he was curious about other guys when he was my age too.

Then he continuing soaping his body. I did tehe same but teh thought of him naked made me hard. I tried to hide it, but he suddenly looked over into my stall and sees my hardon. He smiles and said it looked like I was really enjoying my shower. I turned away and he said he didn't mind it. It was a natural thing. He talked me into turning back around so he could see.

I did and he admired my boner. He said it was beautiful and big for a guy my age. I had no idea how to reply so I just said thanks. He washed himself some more and kept looking ove rta me as I washed. Then he asked if I liked masterbating in the shower. I said very much. He said he did too and asked if I minded if he did it because it had been a long day and masterbating helped him relax.

I said sure and he began soaping up his dick. He started stroking and had a full hardon in no time at all. I was mesmerizied by his dick as he stroked away. He watched me looking at his dick and told me to go ahead and join him. I thought he meant for me to go over into his stall so that's what I did. He laughed and said he just meant I could started jacking off too, but he liked my idea better. The stall was small so we were right up next to each other, other thighs rubbing against each other.

I started to worry that someone might come in and catch us but I was too excited to really care at that point. We jacked off side by side and then he aske if I minded if he washed me off. I just shrugged and said go ahead. He took soap and started rubbing soap all over my body.

He spent a lot of trois salopes gouine baise et se font jouir french amateur between my ass cheeks with his hand which felt great. Then he worked his way around to my penis and started soaping it up. He put soap on his hand and started stroking me. Felt so damn good! He continued to stroke my dick while his other hand rubbed between my ass cheeks and his finger even massaged my asshole.

Then he slid it in a little ways and I was in ecstasy. I leaned forward a little and he asked if it felt good. I just nodded. Between the hand job and his finger up my ass, I was feeling pure pleasure all over. His boner was rubbing against my leg so I took it in my hand and started jacking him off.

He closed his eyes and let out a moan. We stood there a few moments stroking each other, then he pulled his finger out off my butt. He lifted my face up and kissed me gently. I had never kissed anyone before, let alone a man. I liked it. The he stuck his tongue in my mouth and we kissed deeply for a minute or so while we rubbed our hard dicks together. Then, he suddenly took my head and pushed gently down to his dick.

He told me to please suck him and before I knew it his penis was inside my mouth. He slid his cock in and out and I loved the feel and taste of him. Suddenly my mouth was full of warm sperm which took me by surprise so I pulled my mouth away and gagged a little.

He just chuckled and said I did pretty good for a first timer. How he knew it was my first time, I don't know. Then he dropped to his knees and started sucking me. His hands cupped my ass cheeks while he bobbed his head up and down.

He also licked my shaft and balls. It didn't take long before I soon exploded into his mouth and he swallowed it all.

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After I was dry, he turned me around, nibbled on my ass cheek and said he loved boys my age. Then he gave me another deep kiss and finished washing off. I did the same once my legs stopped wobbling. We finished showering, then he told me to enjoy the rest of my camping trip and left, but not before fondling my dick one more time with a big grin. The next day I saw him with his wife and three kids (one my age) fishing.

He nodded at me but that was it. I went back to the showers that night hoping he would show up, but he never did.

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