Jerk off fast for me by mistress hotwifevenus

Jerk off fast for me by mistress hotwifevenus
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It was a cold winter afternoon in mid-January. There was snow on the ground, it was cold outside, I had the day off, and the house to myself.

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It was a boring, fairly quiet. I had entertained myself with some television and hot cocoa. I lounged around the house, just letting time pass me by. Daylight turned from bright, the sun hit its peak, and then later afternoon settled in by the time I decided to take a shower.

The house was still and warm. It felt cozy. Heading in to my room, I first took off my shirt, and untied the band on my sweatpants. Not wearing underwear all day had allowed my cock to breathe easy and not feel restrained.

I hadn't masturbated in about a week,and I was due for a good stroke. I took off my sweat, and my short, fat cock hung between my strong thighs. I took a moment to feel the house's warmth on my skin' nakedness. I ran my fingers through super sexy babe parties and sucks cock hairy chest, eyeing the muscles in my forearms and biceps.

I'm not a supermodel, but I'm still muscular. I turned around to look in my bedroom mirror. My cock looked good. It wasn't the longest, but it was fat enough to make sure a woman felt it.

After being insecure about it for years, I finally realized my dick was a normal size. More than that, it was nice to look at. It wasn't ugly or unattractive. It was, however, hairy.

I hadn't shaved my pubic area for a while. Looking in the mirror, I knew it was time. And I knew how I wanted to get off afterwards. I turned on the bathroom fan, the soft lights illuminating the white and blue tiles. I turned on the shower water, and within a few minutes, steam was rising from inside. I made sure to bring in my razor and shaving cream.

After doing my hair and face, I sat down on the gray, cold stone bench in the shower stall. The heat had worked its way into my pores, and my skin had opened up for me.

I took a handful of shaving cream and lathered up my cock and balls. It tingled and sent waves up to my brain.

Working slowly and carefully to not cut myself, I removed all the hair from my groin, paying special detail to the corners near the base of my shaft and under my balls. After careful, painstaking effort, my lap was hairless. Not one in sight. I washed off the remaining shaving cream and turned off the water.

As I dried off, I took the time to admire my package. I'm not an egocentric person, but I enjoy my body. And my freshly shaved cock felt great. The skin was smooth, and my tip was shiny and clean. By the time I had dried off, the sun was staring to make its way down. It was time to play. I laid a clean, dry towel out on my bed. I reached into the top nightstand drawer and pulled a bottle of lube and a prostate massager. I set them carefully on the nightstand, closed the drawer, and filled the empty glass on the nightstand with water.

Even though I had the house to myself, I still closed the door behind me. I love having privacy, and it made the mood more intimate. I laid down on the bed, and stretched my arms and legs out.

I put my hands on the pillows next to my head, and started breathing easy and relaxing as the sun cast its dying light through the beeg sasu ji damad up window and on to my naked flesh. I felt the blood flow through my body, and felt my stress leaving me.

As my stomach rose and fell with each breathe, I let my fingertips gently graze my chest. It felt good, and my penis responded in kind. I felt the life start to flow into my fat, gorgeous manhood.

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My penis got wider and started getting harder. I had to be careful to not come to fast. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. It was time. I rolled on to my right side and grabbed the toy and lube.

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The black prostate massager was a favorite toy of mine. It had a big bulb on the end that rolled over my prostate gland, and was met at the end to a T. One side had a curly Q and was the handle. The other bar curled up to massage and stroke the perineum.

First I coated my anus, make sure it was slippery for the long ride. Whenever I apply lube, I like to finger my asshole a bit.

It just feels to damn good not to. Plus it starts to prepare me for the coming journey. When my ass was nice and lubed, I coated the toy, making sure not to get any on the T handle. I pushed the toy to my slick asshole, gently rubbing the 2 together. With a little wiggle and some gentle coaxing, the toy disappeared inside me.

I instantly let out a little precum.

It always happens when I give myself a prostate massage. Reaching down with my right index finger, I swiped the precum up and gave it a quick taste. It was salty and viscous. The great thing about using these massagers is that there are no batteries, and my satisfaction depends solely on my breathing and control.

It usually takes a few minutes to get used to the sensation of having this intruder inside me. I continued my breathing exercises, letting the toy become on with me. I could feel my balls and prostate aching to go. Rolling carefully on to my back, I began contracting my stomach. The fat nub of the massager rolled smoothly over my gland, teasing and gently stroking it.

It was a challenge to hold my muscles for as long as I could. The longer the pressure was applied, the stronger the sensations were.

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I closed my eyes and let my breathing and body flow with the pleasure and sensations. The sun was disappearing through the trees as I rode my first of several orgasms. With the exception of the final one, they were all internal orgasms. The toxins came seeping out the tip of my prick, rolling down my shaft and on to my hairless mound. I kept my eyes closed and moaned slightly, grabbing the rails on the headboard as I came again and again, feeling small school girl first tim xxx trembles with each wonder shake.

I had exercied as much restraint as possible. I was dying to stroke my manhood and let loose a massive load of cum.

Reaching in to my top drawer again, I pulled out a metal cock ring. I slid it behind my aching, full balls and around my hairless shaft.

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It didn't take long for the blood to turn my cock into the wonderful instrument of pleasure it longs to me. I looked over in the mirror, and saw my cock standing hard and proud, wanting to fuck whatever wet pussy came its way.

Lubing my hands a little bit, I wrapped my fingers around my fat shaft. I put one hand on top of the other, thrusting my hips up into it. God, my cock looked fantastic. Rolling my hips to the left, my body was contorted in pure pleasure. My wet, busty blonde nympho cam model riding orgasm right hand pumping my shaft, encouraging the eruption of jizz which was almost here.

I ran my left middle finger up the center crease of my sack, teasing my full balls before wrapping my full fist around them, giving slight tugs while fingering that small piece of flesh between ass and bag. I felt my body ache in that way that only a massive cumshot can. I quickly removed the cock ring and fucked my hand quickly as I directed a massive pool of cum on to my belly, flooding my chest. I shivered as hot cum splashed on my flesh, releasing a money shot that was long overdue.

I relaxed my body and lay in the stillness of my room, as darkness now flooded the four corners of my quarters. After a few minutes of calming down, I carefully removed the wonder toy from my body, careful not to cause any pain after the incredible pleasure. My cock and balls had put in thier work for the day, and I wondered why more men weren't open to the wonder of full on prostate stimulation.