Two blonde college sluts crash a frat house to try and get laid

Two blonde college sluts crash a frat house to try and get laid
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Surprised Again Well, here we go again, I thought as I watched my wife let one of our dogs fuck her. She was on her hands and knees as the dog thrust his long, thick cock in and out of her wildly. She was grunting every time the dog thrust up into her and I could tell from the look on her face, she was in a zone all to herself.

This was a daily occurrence around our house now. Since the races last year, my wife had turned into a sex machine, flashing her bare shaved cunt at women she didn't even know and ending up with their tongues inside her or their soaking cunts hovering above her face.

Her appetite seemed endless.

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One day, she came to me and told me she had bought some tickets to a concert. She wanted to know if I wanted to go and I agreed, not knowing what or who would be at the concert. The night of the show, she dressed in the most provocative outfit she had ever worn. Her skirt was so short she might as well not have had it on as her bare pussy and ass were visible. Her top was see through and her nipples were hard and protruding.

She was quite a sight and seeing her like that, I assumed something was up and that I would be enjoying the evening very much.

When we arrived, I saw that this was an African dance group, an all- woman African dance group. Of course, my wife had made sure we had front row seats so when we sat down, the stage was inches from us and gave us a good view. As the lights dimmed, my wife opened her legs a little, just enough to give the performers a peek at her bare cunt. It took a while but eventually, most of the dancers had seen her cunt and I could tell they were very interested in seeing more.

As the dancing went on, my wife's legs drew further apart and now her short skirt had ridden up her thighs so that her whole cunt and ass were visible to the dancers. Several of them almost stopped when they saw her cunt so exposed but they tried to keep their minds on slim brunette amateur fucks in fake taxi they were doing although it was obvious that they were being distracted.

At the end of the first act, several of the dancers had smiled at my wife as they were leaving the stage, talking amongst themselves and looking back over their shoulders at my wife. When the lights lowered again for the second act, the dancers came on stage in new costumes, or should I say, in what was supposed to be costumes. They were only wearing a small g-string around their waists and nothing on top.

Their breasts swayed and bounced as they danced while my wife watched each and every one of them intently. I looked at my wife and saw that she had a finger deep inside her soaking cunt, finger fucking herself, as she watched the gyrating, almost naked dancers just up above her head. I heard her moan when one of them exposed her cunt as she danced past. It was subtle but I saw it as well as, I'm sure, most of the audience did too.

This happened over and over again as more of the dancers exposed themselves to my wife until it became just a blur of naked flesh, writhing and gyrating on the stage, putting on a special show for just my wife.

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By the end of the performance, the dancers had shed their little strings and were totally naked. My wife didn't know where to look first as they all were smiling at her and exposing themselves to her. This was her night and I knew I would be surprised by her actions once again.

When they came out for a curtain call, several women in the audience threw their panties onto the stage. Some of the dancers picked them up and smelled them before turning to face the audience with big grins on their faces. Two of the dancers beckoned to my wife to meet them backstage as they walked off the stage, their bare cheeks bouncing with their gait. My wife looked at me and I nodded, sending her off to what I knew would be a fun filled night for her.

I wasn't worried too much but I did want to be nearby so that nothing would happen to her. By the time I got backstage and found my wife, she was naked. The two dancers, who had beckoned for her to come backstage, were with her or should I say, on her. One of them was furiously sucking on my wife's breast while the other was behind her, spreading her cheeks apart and tonguing her ass hole.

My wife had her arms at her side and her head was thrown back as the two black women continued feasting on her body. I could see the pink insides of the black woman's mouth who was sucking her breasts as her tongue swirled around extended hard nipples.

Her hand has gone down between my wife's legs to circle her clit making my wife moan over and over again as she came in one of her many to be orgasms. The woman behind her was really tonguing her ass and I could see her tongue slip inside my wife's hole. She started to tongue fuck her ass hole. This was one of the most erotic sights I could have ever imagined, seeing my once prudish wife, sandwiched between two very black, big- breasted women getting fucked and sucked. It wasn't too long before other dancers appeared and joined in the group activities surrounding my naked wife.

One of them has a huge strap-on dildo around her waist and as she walked up to the group, it swayed and bobbed in front of her. She walked right lesbian peaches stretch their deep anals and pound long dildos and found a willing cunt to thrust it into and while now four women were surrounding my wife, she started to fuck another dancer just inches from the group.

Another dancer appeared with a strap on dildo tied around her waist and when she came up to the group, they, for some reason, parted and let her have complete and sole access to my wife. She pulled my wife's head down and stuck the dildo into her mouth, thrusting slightly as my wife tried now to gag on the lengthy phallus.

After a minute, she pulled my wife off the dildo and turned her around, telling her to get down on the floor. My wife did as she was told and with her on her hands and knees, the woman thrust the dildo hard into my wife's cunt and started to fuck her wildly.

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Some of the other dancers just stood and watched my wife getting fucked while other were kissing and caressing each other with abandon. I happened to look around and saw another amazing sight. Several of the other women from the audience had came back stage and were being used by the dancers, much like my wife.

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One woman was naughty lovely girl gets hot cumshots hardcore blowjob over a chair while a dancer fucked her hard with a strap on. Another was sitting on a stool having her cunt sucked while she held the dancer's head against her. Yet another was on her back on the floor, her legs over the shoulders of another dancer who was fucking her with a strap on while she tongued and sucked a soaking wet black cunt that was lowered over her face.

The moans and groans were getting louder and louder and more frequent as the writhing mass of white and black flesh fucked and sucked each other. I looked again where my wife was and found she now had two dildos inside her, one in her cunt and one in her ass hole, fucking her at the same time. Another dancer was standing at her head, holding her cunt lips apart so my wife could lick and suck her cunt and clit.

They were all moaning loudly as I watched my wife in a position I would see her in over and over again that night. When we finally got home, my exhausted wife went straight to bed and fell asleep quickly. I sat downstairs with a drink savoring the night I had just had.

I remembered what it was like to see my wife being fucked by two women at the same time and what the other audience members did to her too. She had several of the audience members, fuck her with strap on's while she sucked quite a few clits both, black and white. All told, I think my wife was fucked by the entire dancer group at least once while the audience members fucked her delicious schoolgirl rides on a long pole pornstars creampie few more times after that too.

For someone who didn't until a year ago, want anything to do with women sex, she has sure changed. While I was sitting, trying to relax and remember the evening, my cock was hard.

After finishing my drink, I softly whistled for the dogs to come in and when they did, I quickly shed my clothes and got down on my hands and knees, turning my head back to look at them. It didn't take them long to figure out what I was up too and I soon found myself stuffed full of a hard, thick dog cock.

While the dog fucked me, I pulled the other one around in front of me and reached up to stroke his hardening cock. When it was hard and he was whining a little, I pulled him to me so I could suck his cock, while the other dog pounded in and out of my ass hole. I waited until the dog fucking me came then I rolled away from him and moved to the other dog, giving him a chance to fuck me too.

He didn't need any incentive as he was on me and in me in a flash. He fucked me harder than the first dog and again, when he came, I rolled away from him so he couldn't knot me. Now I felt better and somewhat fulfilled as much as I knew my wife was. It left me wondering, what other surprises my wife would come up with in the future. I was looking forward to whatever it was.