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Cassidy bangs with her moms ex bf preston parker pornstars and blowjob
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Mixed Metaphors VII Becky kissed Tony, and he asked, "What about Sonya? We were supposed to meet her at Danny's yesterday for drinks." "I called the apartment, but she wasn't at home. I called her cell and it went straight to voice mail.

If she has that red head Brian in her bed, we may not hear from them for days. You think I like sex? She has been doing it sense she was six or even earlier. She loves sex, the wilder the better. She told me once she even loves it up her butt. I figured I would just wait for her to contact me." "Okkkkk," said Tony, "I think that was more than I wanted to know about Sonya." "Why?" "Because the next time I see her it will be difficult not to think of her with a cock in her ass, and it will be hard to look her in the face." "Tony … Go back to work and let me finish my drawings." Tony left the coffee room and returned to his office, attempting to get rid of the picture in his mind of Sonya's lover with his cock up her butt.

Sonia was in her apartment. Father John Thomas was half asleep and very tired after countless hours of fucking her. He thought if he looked in the dictionary under the word nymphomaniac, Sonya's photo would be next to the definition. She was insatiable and must have had at least twenty multiple orgasms since the first time he finger fucked her.

She was very good and sucked his cock more times than he could recall. They had taken breaks for food only krina kpur xxx xix vidyo sleep, but they were running low on condoms, and his cock was getting sore, much like his first year in the seminary.

With no girls available, he had to masturbate at least twice a day. The church frowned on such action, however the ranks of young men who have chosen a vocation was dwindling and the church couldn't really be too choosy. John often wondered why he became a priest in the first place. It was probably his mother's influence.

She was a strict catholic and went to church every day. By the time John was ten, his father had given up on her, and filed for divorce. She really didn't seem to care and didn't fight it. As John was going through puberty, he was fucking every girl he could get his hands on, one of them was a neighbor girl as young as eight. When he finally got a thirteen-year-old catholic girl pregnant, his mother sent him off to live with her brother.

The little girl was sent away for a discrete abortion, even though the church tried to argue the parents out of it. When their parish priest demanded they allow the girl to carry the child to full term, her father said, "Darlene's life isn't going to be ruined because that little asshole couldn't keep it in his pants." What her father didn't know was she had fucked at least eight guys in school, and was the girl who arranged all of the "rainbow blowjob parties".

She even supplied at least five of the lipsticks the girls used on the guys, while sucking their cocks. When she returned from her stint in the hospital, where she had cajoled two young male nurses to come to her room late at night to fuck her, her mother sat her down and gave her the sex talk.

It surprised her mother when she realized her daughter might have more knowledge of sex than she had herself. Her mother told her she was grounded, to which Darlene said, "Mom you have to sleep sometime, and when you wake up I'll be off fucking one or two of the guys who really want me. It would be best for everyone if you would just put me on the pill. I'm not going to wait until I'm in my forties like you, and realize that I have passed up hundreds of cocks for nothing." Her mother just sat there and wondered where her little baby girl had gone, and where this teen-aged whore had come from.

After some time, Darlene's mother agreed to put her on the pill, with the condition that nobody would ever tell her father.

If he knew what kind of a daughter he had, he would probably have beat both of them half to death.

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Darlene agreed, and smiled, as she was now a happy little catholic schoolgirl. When Darlene began taking her pills, Johnny was always in the back of her mind. After all he really did it for her, and on top of everything else, got her pregnant. She called several of her girlfriends who knew Johnny and they told him she was now safe, and wanted to get together with him. Even though he was living with his uncle, he and Darlene got together at least three times a week usually at the park at night.

Darlene would take her panties off and sit on the swings, while John would stand between her legs. She would hook her soft thighs around him and pull his penis into her pussy. Now this was what friendship was all about. They weren't in love; they just wanted each other for sex. Their relationship went on until graduation and her father shipped her off to California, to attend UCLA.

Johnny then went to Seminary College, where the lack of females was almost impossible for him to get used too. Johnny was surprised as the opportunity for sex was everywhere. The problem was, Johnny was straight and over seventy percent of his classmates were gay.

He wondered if the church was aware of the amount of homosexuals there actually were. They had just paid millions of dollars for priests who were unable to keep from groping the little boys of their parish. Well it was the church's problem, not his. Johnny's counselor had told him that while the church amateur babe innocent face masturbate with toy condone it, it was understood that young men sometimes had to get rid of their pent up emotions and energies.

They were allowed one night a week to go out and relieve themselves. It was suggested that they did not become involved in a relationship with a person in the parish. Most of the straight guys hung out at Charlie's steak house. The advertisement read, "Guys, there is always plenty of meat here." The chances of getting a college girl to go to bed with him were better than half, so Johnny was there every Wednesday night.

The other "guys" hung out at Marion's, 'a place for discriminating tastes'. Marion it turns out was six foot two, about two hundred and fifty son and mother sex free download, and always had a three-day beard. He was as the boys put it, "rough trade", which was a left over term from the late sixties. Several of the "girls" correction, "boys" were employed as bartenders at Marion's while Marion himself usually worked as the house bouncer.

On Sunday morning Johnny marveled, how many guys came dragging in to mass with black eyes, and arms in slings. Johnny often thought of quitting, however it was a cheap way of getting an education. He often wondered what the church mindset was when they would let the students have sex, but forbade them to go dancing.

Sonya had an interesting childhood. She had a little sister and two older brothers. Only she and her sister had the same father.

Her mother worked a night job as a dancer at a local club, while her younger brother, Sonya's uncle slept there to see that no harm came to the children. Uncle Jerry first introduced Sonya to sex at the age of six. He would often come into her bed after the other kids were asleep. He never penetrated her, as he was concerned she might become pregnant.

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He would just slide his penis between her legs and play with her little nipples and her clitoris. He was tiny rare story teen stimulated by toys little surprised when she began to climax at age seven. A year later when he was nineteen, he began to go down on Sonya and suck her pussy. This was the best thing she had ever felt in her life. From the first time, he always had alexis adams well toasted pussy lay on top of him in the sixty-nine position.

At first he would whisper for her to play with his pee-pee, and then later request her to kiss it a little, then to suck it. Within two weeks she was sucking him like a main street whore, and letting him cum in her mouth.

At first she would spit out his cum, however after a couple of months she was swallowing it and really craving the creamy liquid. She knew fully what was right and wrong however. She often thought, 'how could anything that felt so wonderful be a bad thing?' All through elementary school, middle school busty black booty babe bounces butt big tits high school she and her little sister were her uncle's sluts.

They both came to love sex and felt bad when he wasn't in their bed. When Sonya was sixteen she overheard her mom and her uncle talking about, their sex play, and laughed. It seems her mother and uncle had also been involved sexually when they were younger. That was fine she thought, as now she didn't have to be concerned about her mother finding out.

Sonya met Becky in art class at NYU. Sonya was majoring in design. The girls hit it off and decided to move in together after knowing each other for just three months. Becky liked Sonya, however couldn't believe how her family was so diverse. One of her brothers went to jail for GTA, grand theft auto, while the other brother was in his tenth week of the NYPD police academy. Sonya's mother didn't bat an eye when her brother Jerry and her sixteen-year-old daughter, just kind of disappeared at the same time.

Becky was always happy that her own family was reasonably well balanced, however secretly she was just a little envious of all the times Sonya hung a pair of panties on her doorknob. She knew down deep however, that someday she would get her turn.

Sonya he had to get back to work, she was a little irritated, however when he explained that he didn't do this for a living, she agreed to let him go, provided he would call her before going to bed.

Becky had just finished her drawings, and several band-aid tattoos, when her cell phone rang. "This is Becky." "Hi … Beck, whatcha' doin'?" "I'm still at work. We are just about to leave for the day." "I know I'm a little late, but you want to meet at Danny's for that drink?" "It's six thirty. In about forty-five redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse good." "Ok … See you then." Becky called Tony on the intercom and told him of the phone call.

He said that he would meet her by the elevator in ten minutes. As the elevator descended to the ground floor, Becky thought about where to begin telling Sonya of all the things that happened to her in the last seventy-five hours. She looked at Tony and saw him smiling. When she asked why he was smiling, he said that he was having a difficult time removing the picture from his mind, of Sonya taking it up the butt.

"Is anal sex a rare activity between two people?" "I have no idea. Before Saturday and you, all sex was rare to me." Becky smiled and kissed Tony on his cheek. They exited the elevator and Tony hailed a cab. Becky gave the driver the address of Danny's bar and grill. It was five after seven when the cab pulled up in front of the bar. When they walked in, Becky saw Sonya sitting in a booth sipping on a drink. They slid into the booth and Becky said, "You have dark rings under your eyes.

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Brian must have given you a run for your money." "Wasn't Brian. He left just after you guys did … he had a road trip.

He can just keep goin' as far as I'm concerned." "So … where did the dark rings come from?" "You aren't Catholic," asked Sonya, "are you Becky?" "Methodist … Why?" Tony made a mental note for later.

Methodist? He would have to do some research on the religion if he was going to marry the girl. "A Catholic priest … Father John Thomas," she whispered, "has been fucking me for the last thirty to thirty five hours. My pussy is still purring. Maybe that's why they call it a pussy," she said with a shy smile. "A Catholic priest?" "That's what he said. Remember that four liter bowl of condoms on the coffee table in the front room?" "Yes?" "Well we used almost all of them." "Wow," whispered Becky as she glanced at Tony, "That's a lot of fucking." "Yah," said Sonya smiling, "It was probably the best sex I have ever had.

Why he ever wanted to be a priest, I'll never know. Better believe I'm going to try and talk him out of that business. If I had the money I would pay him just to fuck me. This was the first time I have ever been completely satisfied in my life." The waiter came to the table and Becky ordered a coke.

Tony asked to see a wine list. The waiter said, "We got red and we got white." "Are those California wines?" asked Tony. "Just red and white … wine." Tony looked at the waiter and although he knew that the Neanderthal race had died out completely 45,000 years ago, he wondered where this guy had come from. This man had the same raised bone structure across his forehead as the ancient Neanderthal.

However, apparently he was just a poster boy for the New York school system. "I think I'll take a coke also." "Ok," said the waiter and left. "Are you catholic Tony?" asked Sonya. "No … Actually I'm in between religions. I can't make up my mind between atheist and agnostic. If you are an atheist, you can sleep late Sunday mornings. However if you choose to be an agnostic, you don't have to make a commitment to any religious doctrine.

I don't know. I'll have to give it more thought. Back a few years, I looked into Scientology, however you just can't believe the crap they accept as the truth. One of L. Ron Hubbard's quotes was, "MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY." "While I believe money is an important asset, it is not an end to everything. As John Lennon of the Beatles fame said, "Love is all you need." Becky looked sideways at Tony and smiled.

She knew he was kidding around, however he said everything with such a straight face that she just wasn't sure. "This Father John," said Becky, "What is he intensely hot redhead teen babe turns out to be a cocksucker pornstars hardcore don't really know.

We didn't talk much while we were together." "For thirty-five hours?" "We were busy," said Sonya. "No wonder your pussy is buzzing." "We slept and ate also." "Don't even tell me about that," said Becky, "I'm still thinking about thirty-five hours of fucking." "Yeah …" Sonya said with a smile, "Me too." "Well not to change from one of my favorite subjects, but Ellis my Real Estate guy called me and said he made a deal on your building.

The two of you can begin your design work after we return from Hawaii." "Are you sure about this Tony?" asked Becky. "Too late now," said Tony, "Let's not worry about it. Lot's of things could go wrong anyway." "So when do you see Father John again?" "I don't really know," said Sonya.

"Do you think he will call me?" "After thirty plus hours, he will call you unless …" "… unless what?

I wore him out?" "No unless you killed him." "He seemed to be in good shape when he left," said Sonya, "Where are you guys going now?" "Dinner," said Tony, "Are you hungry?" "No … I skipped lunch to go shopping, so I ate just after I left work." "Well I'm starved," said Becky, "So I guess we had better go. They don't have anything eatable here. I'll call you when we return from Italy." "Italy?" "Yah … I guess I didn't tell you about Italy.

I'll call you when we get back. Take care of Father John." "I will if he calls." Tony and Becky left Danny's and grabbed a cab. "Where would you like to go baby," asked Tony. "How about a salad?" "Sounds good, he said, "Driver take us to 42nd street and 10th Ave." "What's there," she asked. "Starwich". They have good salads and sandwiches. It is rated very high in the newspaper. I think they may even have tongue sandwiches." "Sounds good to me." Upon arrival there were only two people waiting, due to the hour and they were seated almost immediately.

Becky ordered a house salad and a tongue sandwich. Tony ordered a Cesar salad and asked for Extra Virgin Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar on the side. The waiter brought a bottle of Modena Balsamic Vinegar, the Olive Oil and a small dish. Tony poured some of the oil into the dish then added a teaspoon of the vinegar. He took several minutes to mix the concoction, and then poured on to the salad. Tony took a forkful and offered it to Becky. She tasted it and smiled, "Mmmm good," she said, "Kind of lemony except much better .

much busty blonde wants her friends dad jessa rhodes should be good. This bottle is about twenty years old.

It runs over a hundred dollars. The best stuff is over three hundred dollars, however this is very good. If it is too lemony you can add a touch of sugar." Tony was happy as he could now check a wine list. He ordered a California 1995 Sauvignon Blanc. The wine had a crisp natural acidity and was very fruity and lightly herbal in style, producing a bright wine made entirely from one variety of grape.

Tony offered a sip to Becky however she shook her head, held up her glass of Coke and said, "2005 Atlanta Georgia." They ate in virtual silence occasionally talking about their day, however every now and then they would look at each other in their special way.

When they finished, Tony paid the check and they took another cab home. The ride in the elevator was a little slow for Becky, and she held Tony's hand tight.

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Once in the apartment, Tony lit a fire while Becky went in to change clothes. He picked up a bottle of Champagne from the refrigerator, opened it and poured out two glasses. Tony sat back on the couch and watched the fire dance over the wood in the fireplace. When Becky walked into the front room she was wearing a short, light blue nightgown and matching panties.

She was barefoot and her breasts shown through the nightgown as though it almost wasn't there. Tony took a deep breath and waited for her to sit down next to him. "Do you like this? It was very expensive, and you paid for it." "So then what you are saying is it's mine?" "Yes," said Becky with a smile.

"Then take it off." "No … I want you to take it off me … slowly." The bottom of the nighty just reached the crotch of her panties. She lay back and relaxed her hands next to her on the couch in total submission.

Becky had been thinking about this moment all day. Tony slowly lifted her nighty up to her gorgeous titties, and then lowered his mouth to her small round stomach. Upon kissing her bellybutton, she gave out a light squeal and giggled. He then moved his mouth down to her silky panties and kissed her just above her clitoris.

Naughty lesbians fill up their massive bums with milk and splatter it out was now lost in a foggy lust, and hot for sex. Sex of any kind, she didn't really care.

She just needed Tony in the worst way. Tony continued placing his kisses all over her panties, and then eased between her legs. He lifted them up and placed them on his shoulders. Her pussy was wide open however her eyes the girl next mirror lauren crist masturbation striptease closed.

Tony turned his head slightly to the left and placed a wet kiss on he inner thigh then sucked softly. She felt her pussy tighten and her butt pulse. When he kissed her again on the crotch of her panties, it was all she could do not to begin cuming.

She felt like her pussy was about to explode and wondered why he hadn't pulled her panties down yet. She was now another woman. She took on the personality and demeanor of a street slut, who could think about nothing but Tony's cock filling her saturated, slick cunt.

Becky was dying for the first feeling of his thick penis as it moved through the entrance of her pussy, knowing it would soon be bumping against her smooth cervix. She looked at him and as he had made no action to remove his clothes, she felt he was on the verge of other enjoyments. Tony hooked two fingers in Becky's panty crotch, and pulled them to the side.

Her swollen pink labia were now exposed and a tiny amount of her little girl cream, made them glisten in the firelight. Lowering his head, his long tongue slithered out of his mouth like a Japanese eel about to strike its next unsuspecting victim. As the tip of Tony's tongue touched her most tender flesh, she flexed and began to cum just a little.

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She was in agony when she said, "Tony … please … honey, fuck me. I need kayden kross and sadie west hot lesbian acti, your cock to fill me up.

I can't stand it any more. Fuck me please … I'm begging you." Tony placed a finger by his lips and said, "Shhhhhh." When Tony's tongue slid deep into Becky's vagina she squealed again and came hard.

While one hand was pulling the crotch of her panties to the side, so his mouth could attack her sweet pussy, his other hand had slid into her panties and was squeezing her tight little butt. Although she was enjoying his mouth sucking her, she really wanted his arms around her, his cock plunging in and out of her cunt, fucking teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy as hard as he could.

Tony paid no attention to his little strumpet and continued to lick up and down the bright red lips of her vaginal opening. More of her cream dribbled out on to Tony's tongue. He sucked it into his mouth with a slurping sound, attributed to someone attempting, to obtain the last few drops of a creamy malt through a straw from the bottom of a cup.

Becky was no longer thinking like a sentient being. She was a living sex toy for Tony's pleasure, to do as he wished. She was unable at this point to even speak knowing he had a plan, a design, a scheme to make them both reach their goals of satisfaction. Becky could not think in the normal sense. All of her thoughts were within an inch of her cunt, and her only desire was for Tony to fill it with his thick cock and fuck her hard.

When he moved his mouth up her shaved pussy licking the smooth mound, she realized her hands were in his hair pulling tight. As his mouth began to suck on her swollen clit, she screamed and came again. He was relentless in his oral attack, sucking and slurping at the juncture of her muscled thighs. No mater what her desires, Tony was on a quest to give Becky the very best sex she had ever had. Becky was feeling vulnerable, as she knew most women felt when someone had their head between her legs.

This was not a normal state for any woman to be in, however she was becoming used to it, waiting for his next move.

Tony retracted his face away from Becky's pussy and knelt between her legs. He grabbed the sides of her pretty blue panties and pulled them down to her feet. He struggled slightly and finally removed them from her ankles.

She had not seen him remove his pants, however she now saw them down around his knees, much like a teenager on a date in his Dad's car, about to fuck his girlfriend. He moved his hips forward, the tip of his penis touching the moistened opening to her craving pussy. He slid it in gently much different to the way she wanted it. She heard her mother's voice in the back of her head, "Now Becky, don't be in such a rush. Remember honey, everything will come in time." Not fast enough she thought.

Tony shoved forward, his cock moving to the hilt. They were now one person, connected by a large piece of his flesh, which was imbedded in her cunt.

He pulled out slightly then with massive power shoved himself deep into her slippery vagina again. Suddenly this was the movement that was to continue faster and faster until he came deep inside of her. Her prayer to Eros the Greek mythlogical god, responsible for lust, love, and sex; had been answered. The wonderful feeling of Tony's penis invading her pussy was now at hand. She was the willing partner to his continued, violent attack.

She was in love with him and the manner in which he treated her. She loved his gentle ways and his forceful but loving invasion of her pussy. She could tell by the way he held her that he was about to spurt his semen deep in her throbbing cunt. Just knowing he was about to cum, caused her to cum again, but still she waited for his final thrust that would send them of into a dopamine induced euphoric state. She felt the tightening in her back and the pain in her thighs as Tony's penis convulsed into her spraying his cum to the depths of her vagina.

They weren't sure of the time, but lay there holding each other tight as the once raging fire was now down to warm cinders and smoldering coals. To Be Continued …