Spicy babe gets sperm load on her face swallowing all the charge

Spicy babe gets sperm load on her face swallowing all the charge
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One Saturday night, not long ago, my husband, Dan, and I decided to throw a small dinner party with a few close friends. We invited three couples; John and Amy, Paul and Trish and Wes and Leigh.

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We enjoyed a delicious meal after which the men headed for the den while the women cleaned up. The four of us were in the kitchen doing the dishes when Amy mentioned her frustration over how unfulfilling her and John's sex life had become.

We were all around the same age, early 30's, and had been married long enough for the sexual thrills to have subsided. I could relate, and so could the others, and soon we were comparing stories about how long it had been since any of us had gotten a good piece of ass. "We should go jump them right now," Trish dared. All at once, we stopped and stared at one another. We were horny and desperate and a devilish gleam sparkled in our eyes as the idea took root. Sneeking up the back stairs to my bedroom, we soon were rifling through the dresser in search of the hottest, skimpiest, sexiest lingerie I owned.

Thankfully all of us are about the adorable teen hottie rides and blows dick hardcore blowjob size, except for Amy who's 42DD's overshadow the rest of our medium-size tits.

We giggled nervously, excited by the surprise we were about to spring on the unsuspecting males lounging downstairs.

Leigh snatched up a favorite of mine, a soft peach lace teddy with a pair of white seamed stockings and 4" white pumps. It went perfectly with her flaming red hair and long, shapely legs. Amy found an oldie but goodie, a teal colored 2-piece bra and crotchless panty set. Of course her boobs spilled out over the top, leaving very little to the imagination, but it looked fabulous against her dark tan. Trish, the devil that she is, chose the silky red kimono, with a red bra and "G" string.

She also found a pair of red thigh-highs and heels to match. I picked out the black see-through cat suit, and my 6" heels. We all primped a little, touching up our hair and make-up, making sure that the men wouldn't be able to resist us --not this time! After a last glance in the mirror, we giggled and tip-toed down the steps. Trish was the first one to enter the den. When she sauntered in, all conversation immediately stopped. Paul's jaw practically hit the floor as the other guys looked questioningly back and forth from him to his wife, trying to figure out just what in the hell was going on.

They had a hunch when Amy waltzed in with her voluptuous cleavage straining the binds of the snug-fitting bra. Wes let out a low whistle while her husband, John, sputtered and practically choked on his beer. Trish and Amy continued to walk around the room, giving all the men a good look at their sexy bodies. Leigh joined the parade next, every male head turning to gaze at her strikingly tall, slim figure.

Her husband, Wes, whistled again, this time sitting forward in his chair to hide the hard-on tenting his pants. I was the last one to join the party, standing vampishly in the doorway, poised for action. The other ladies were strutting and flaunting their bodies, giving the men more than an eyeful of their fleshy curves. Playing the seductive cat, I slithered across the room, straight towards Wes and his boner. I heard my husband's shocked voice exclaim, "Beka!" but I simply peered over my shoulder and winked at him.

Any further objections were smothered by Amy's huge melons as she leaned in close to his face and hot ass teen babe brittany shae gets drilled by her stepdad hardcore brunette him.

Trish stopped in front of John and removed the sash from her robe. With one foot perched on his knee, she slid the silky strip between her thighs, coating it with her scent before wrapping it around his neck. Leigh made her move on Paul, turning her back to him and bending over to expose the full lusciousness of her ass framed by the garter straps. Paul reached out to touch her but she stepped away, just out of his grasp.

"Ahh, ahh, ahh!" she scolded. We weren't about to let the guys get off so easily. We were the frustrated partners, and this was our revenge.

They would have to deal with their ever-hardening cocks a bit longer while they watched us. The aroma of hot pussies filled the room, as we each danced and pranced around.

The shocked expressions on the men's faces were soon replaced with unmasked lust. We knew we were getting to them, but we weren't ready to do anything about it just yet. Amy moved her tantalizing body away from Dan and stepped up onto the coffee table. She began twisting and grinding like an experienced stage dancer. She was more than into her role of seductress and the rest of us cheered her on, saying, "Yeah, honey, show 'em what you've got.

Make them so stiff they can't walk!" She rubbed shemale tricks straight guy and force him hands over her thighs, squatting and bending to show her coated pink lips at the center of her hot crotch.

When she pulled her knees open and ran her finger through her slit, I thought the men would loose it. She stretched her arm out and grazed Wes' upper lip with her finger, smearing her pussy juice across his face.

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She dipped her finger into her pussy then tongued it, making loud sucking noises and moaning with enjoyment. I couldn't stand it. I walked over to the table and lightly stroked her ass, running my hands up her back then down around her waist. I had never desired another woman before, but the force that drew me to her and enticed me to touch her was wild and unrelenting.

I squeezed and kneaded her flesh, showing the others what they were missing. I stood next to Amy on the table and placed a hand on each of her globes and spread them apart. Then I grabbed hold of her panties and pulled them up tight against her slit.

Paul stood up and lunged toward Amy's ass, but before he could touch her, I stopped him with a 6" spike placed firmly against his chest and pushed him back onto the couch. "Sit back and wait your turn." Trish and Leigh gathered around the table and joined me in stroking Amy's well-shaped form.

Leigh reached up and tugged one strap of Amy's bra off her shoulder, then ran her fingers along the outline of the cup. Amy squirmed from the intimate touch and Leigh proceeded to lower the other strap. To the amazement of the audience, Leigh continued unfastening Amy's bra, freeing her huge breasts and massaging wife creampie while husband sleep tenderly, kneading her nipples between her fingertips.

Trish moved in to play with Amy's hot, wet cunt, pulling the panties aside to twist and stroke her clit. Trish and I each hooked a finger under the waistband of the panties and slowly pulled them down, slipping them around her heels then tossed them at Wes. Together, the big dick to bang is pornstar love movie of us lowered Amy onto her back on the table- Trish and Leigh each taking a leg, pressing her knees back into her pillowy mounds, while I grabbed a nearby beer bottle and plunged it deeply into Amy's pussy.

Amy howled her pleasure. John was so worked up from watching his wife being turned-on by three women that his engorged cock jutted out above his waistband. He grabbed Trish by her tiny little frame and tossed her roughly onto the sofa, diving hungrily between her legs and tearing the red G-string off with his teeth.

He ran his tongue across her moisten lips, indulging in her sweetness. He released his raging hard-on and moved into position with his knees pressed firmly against her ears. He stroked her pussy and rosy ass bud as she took his 9" stick deep down her throat.

He pumped wildly, delighting in the feel of her teeth grazing along his shaft, her mouth milking the cum boiling in his balls until he filled her, gagging her with his huge load. She continued sucking and licking his cock until he was hard once again.

He moved around to face her, pushed her legs back over her head, exposing her virgin ass. Already wet from his face fuck, he penetrated her bud. Ignoring her cries of protest, he plunged relentlessly until his entire cock was encased in her hot, smoldering rectum. She squirmed with the pain/ pleasure sensations racing through her body, but he didn't stop.

He fucked her mercilessly and soon her tight ass gripped him as a huge orgasmic wave crashed over her and her juices poured from her lips.

Dan jumped at Leigh, grabbing and pulling her with him to the floor. He positioned her steamy cunt over his face then probed her folds, biting and sucking her clit until she yelled out "Fuck me!" He flipped her over onto all fours and entered her from the rear.

Burying his cock in one swift stroke, he squeezed and stroked her lovely ass, gripping her hips and slamming forcefully into her cunt, his balls slapping against her skin.

He reached around and pulled on her nipples, sending her over the edge. Her body was rocking - tits swinging, head swaying as grunts and moans escaped from her with every thrust. Her tongue slid over her own lips hinting at the animalistic hunger trapped inside her. Wes flung me aside and grabbed the beer-bottle dildo away from me and plunged into Amy's sweet meat.

Her body slipped in the puddle of cum already drenching the table, and he grabbed hold of her to keep her from sliding away. He slurped and lapped at the flow while he continued to boff her with the bottle. When he pulled the cum-filled bottle from her pussy, he put it to his lips and tipped it back.drinking in her sensual juices.

He climbed over her and straddled her head with footsiebabes cum on my perfect little feet balls hanging over her mouth. He coated his fingers with the cum pooling on the tabletop, and massaged a trail through the valley of her breasts.

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He then slid his cock between them pointing towards her flat belly. She reached up and dug her nails into the flesh of his ass and spread his cheeks apart, swirling her fingertip around his asshole. She gobbled both of his balls into her mouth at the same time, tonguing and sucking the swollen nutsacks until she heard him gasp, and she crammed her finger deep into his ass.

He roared as his cum exploded over her belly, shooting hot streams into her dewy blonde mound. I landed on Paul's lap and he scooped me up, rubbing his hands over my lace-covered legs and ass until he found the secret opening in my crotch.

He pulled the neck down to expose my nipple, sucked it roughly into his mouth while he plunged my pussy with his fingers, working me into a frenzy.

I squirmed and pushed against his invading digits until his entire fist was stuffed into my snatch.

He twisted and pumped against my inner walls leaving me gasping for breath. I had barely recovered from that when he began to smack my ass repeatedly, causing my pussy to twitch with each blow. I was shocked by my own reaction when I screamed out, "Harder, Harder!!" He eagerly obliged my request by stripping me naked and bending me over the arm of the chair.

I saw him loosening his belt then he held it menacingly in front of my face, telling me in a low voice, "Now you're gonna get it." My pussy went wild! Dripping and throbbing from sheer anticipation. I was afraid, but excited too. I hadn't been spanked since I was a little girl and this promised a new, intriguing twist. He started with light strokes which led to much harder ones - each time I'd clench my cheeks to ward off the sting.

It wasn't long before I was on fire, hunching my clit against the chair, trying to find the release I craved. I could feel the heat radiating from my skin. He got off seeing the red welts forming on my ass and thighs and I heard him grunt as he squeezed and stroked his hard cock, jerking himself off and spewing his hot cream over my butt. While Dan and Leigh were still going at it, Wes made his way over to them and started stroking his cock until it became rock hard. Wes then slid his dick into Leigh's mouth as she was being fucked deeper and harder than she had ever felt.

Leigh was being sucked and fucked, something she had always hot cam girl fist make her pussy wet new about, but thought it would never come true. She was in heaven in her mind. Leigh got off immediately, but Dan was a master at control, saved his load until the best possible moment.

He fucked her repeatedly, refraining from losing his spunk. Dan has fabulous control, sometimes too fabulous, but in any case, he was drilling Leigh mercilessly, sending her off on multiple orgasmic waves of delight. He was riding her for all he was worth. I knew he has always had a secret wish to be a part of such an orgy, and all the sounds and smells engulfing the room must've had a powerful effect on him.

Leigh's pants and groans of pleasure built and she thrashed her fiery red main wildly. Though her pussy had been getting the pounding of a lifetime, her mouth was unfilled. When I slumped to the floor with my ass still blazing, I saw the wild lust burning in her eyes as she gazed longingly at my chest. I wiggled my way closer to her and keeping her ass high in the air to receive Dan's drilling, she lowered her face and hungrily devoured my nipple.

She sucked and pulled with such force that it drew me off the floor. Her slurps and my moans captured the attention of everyone in the room and when Dan saw her sucking my tit, he lost all control.

He rammed his cock hard into Leigh's sopping pussy and I heard his familiar gutteral rumbling that always accompanies his release. I knew the instant his huge, hot load began jetting into Leigh's pussy, because she bit down hard on my nipple and twisted it between her teeth.

I gasped and felt a trail of my own cum drip from my pussy. We were all drained and lay motionless for a while - the only sounds audible were those of rapid breathing and a few giggles.

Everyone agreed that our little dinner party had put a spark back into their marriages and even though we are all very satisfied at home, we make it a point to get together as a group at least once a month for a wild evening of fantastic fucking.