Abby rode makes her husband watch her get fucked housewife and tits

Abby rode makes her husband watch her get fucked housewife and tits
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Security!! By: Friskee_cpl Security!! I was in one of my moods. I really felt like going out and screwing myself senseless. My hubby Steve was away for the week leaving me here to fend for myself. I had watched a few pornos and even masturbated in front of the web cam for some bloke overseas but I was still bored and horny. I decided to head in town and see if I could pick up. I thought about going to a pub but most blokes there are just old drunks at this time of the day.

I threw on some knickers, a short black skirt and red halter neck top and went out to the bus stop. I was waiting there by myself when a young lad of about 22 entered the bus shelter. The bus shelter was fairly secluded and as the lad sat opposite me we did the usual smile and nod thing.

He was pretty cute and although I am 28 in a few weeks I knew he'd be up for it. I am only five foot four inches tall with smallish pert breasts and my long dark hair is very, very sexy. I noticed him looking at me so I slowly opened my legs wider and wider so that he could get a glimpse of my undies. I looked him in the eye as I ran my hand up the inside of my thigh pulling my skirt up.

He was no idiot. He smiled and took the opportunity to have a good look. I was becoming very moist and he had begun to take furtive rubs of his growing member. I slid my hand under the elastic of my knickers and gave my pussy a quick rub. He was now openly rubbing his cock through his pants. "Show me what you've got," I said. As I said earlier, he was no idiot and he unzipped his fly and pulled out a nicely proportioned circumcised cock. I slipped two fingers into my moist hole and he began tugging his pole.

I was about to go over and suck him off when the bus came into view. He tried to stuff his cock back into his pants and had only just done so when the bus pulled over. I hopped up and grabbing my purse jumped on. The young bloke looked very uncomfortable as he staggered onto the bus. The bus was chockers. No seats at all. The lad had moved next to me and had turned towards me with his crotch very close. As the bus bumped its way into town I took the opportunity to rub my hips up against his groin.

He was very good at acting nonchalant. There was no leering or hands on groping he just stood there and matched me bump for bump. I could feel his stiffy banging up against my side. I really wanted to screw this young gentleman. The bus cute brunette gets a nice cream pie into the centre of town and we all hopped off in front of one of the main arcades.

My prospective beau had however disappeared and I caught a glimpse of him walking around a corner. Maybe he was an idiot after all. Anyway it was time to go looking for a root.

I entered the main arcade and went to a large department store. The security guard at the door was very attractive and as I smiled and nodded I hatched a plan. I went over to the cosmetics section where the security cameras were all active and began searching through some of the items.

I grabbed a phallic looking bottle of deodorant and whilst facing the camera I slid it under my skirt into my undies. I then grabbed a few other bottles of moisturiser and slipped them into my handbag and waited.

"Security section 3, security section 3" came the voice over the loudspeaker. My heart began beating fast in anticipation as I waited for my arrest.

However no one, not a soul, appeared. "What the fuck is going on here." I said to myself. Here I was flagrantly breaking the rules and no one had done anything. This is bullshit. Fuck it I'll go to the pub and pick up some useless pissy at 11.30 in the morning.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and made my way out the store. I noticed the security guy at the entrance talking into his radio and as I wandered past him he followed me out with two other men in plain clothes. "Excuse me ma'am," he said as he tapped me on the shoulder. "Could you come with me for a moment please." The other two guys had moved in front of me blocking my exit.

As if I was going to run. "Why what's the problem?" I asked "If you could just come this way please." He said as he opened the door at the side of the building. All four of us went in and wandered into a small room that unusual doll gets sperm load on her face eating all the cum of a video monitor a table and a few chairs.

"Please take a seat" he said "my name is Bill Higgins and these are John and Eric. We have reason to believe that you have on your person items that you have not paid for." "Oh I don't think so if I did it must be an accident." I said playing the innocent. Eric scoffed and said. "Sorry ma'am but was is your name?" "Kim" I said flirting with him by flicking my hair. sunny leone sax saxe xxx story Kim we have a some footage here on video showing you hiding some merchandise on your body." John said.

"I don't know what you mean," I said squirming due the discomfort of having a bottle of deodorant stuck in my undies.

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"Play the tape Bill" Bill pressed play and there I was putting a bottle of deodorant in my panties. "Eric could you go get the female inspector please for a body search" John said.

"No wait" I said as I stood up. I didn't want anyone else here. "Is this what you are after" I lifted my leg on the chair and raised my skirt showing them massage quickly turned into a hardcore sex session undies with the bottle nudged up against my wet cunt. The blokes were in shock and awe as I pulled my panties aside revealing my wet pussy.

I grabbed the bottle and slid it against my labia lips. The men were dumbstruck. "Cancel that last order" John said. "She seems willing to give up." "More than willing" Eric said. "Oh yeah" was all I could mutter.

Eric was the first off the mark and he pulled his belt open and unzipped his fly. His cock was a good size and he pulled it to full hardness.

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"Well this is a first," said Bill as he dropped his daks. I pulled my knickers off and sat on the edge of the table. Bill had a big cock.

Real big. It was so big that even John who was now kicking his strides off exclaimed "fuck that's huge" I was rubbing my pussy whilst three pants less men stood around looking very erect and horny. I pulled my top off revealing my hardened nipples and then undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was totally naked just waiting for these cocks to fill me. I went over to Bill and dropped down into a squat.

I took his cock into my mouth and coated it in spit. It almost split my lips it was that thick. Eric and John stood on either side of me so I grabbed one in each hand and pulled them. I began alternating from one to the other coating them all in saliva.

I could feel cunt juice all over my pussy and I dipped my hand in and rubbed it on Eric's cock. I then licked it off. The boys all started taking their shirts off and at last we were all naked. I needed a cock in my pussy so I stood and lay on the table. I was ready for a thorough shagging. I spread my legs and as Bill came towards me Eric said "before you go putting that monster in her let John and I have a go." "Sure" said Bill. Eric was the right height and he easily slid his cock into my hot cunt.

John began sucking at my tits and Bill came around for another blowjob. Eric knew how to shag and he began rubbing my clit as he pounded home. With a cock in my mouth, a mouth on my tits, a cock in my pussy and a finger on my clit, I came. I came big time. I had to let Bill out of my mouth and move Eric's hand off my cunt as wave after wave of delicious orgasm swept over me. Skinny teen slut busted at the border then gets fucked raw by the authorities almost pissed myself.

John lay up on the table and offered his cock to me so I was able to suck two cocks as Eric drilled me. Eric pulled out at one stage and began sucking my clit. Fuck it was good. I had juice aplenty and he really enjoyed sucking it up. John hopped off the table and Eric took the clue and moved away. John had a long thin cock and it reached further in than Eric's.

I could feel it pound my cervix as he thrust in. Bill began sucking my tits and Eric fed his cock into my mouth. The taste of his oozing cock and my cum juice was fantastic. "Fuck this bitch is hot," said John as he quickened his pace. sunny leone fuck spank bang sex stories story me fuck her now," said Bill. John pulled out and Bill took his place. He placed his huge 10" of cock against my cunt and rubbed it up against my clit.

He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and then slowly, ever so slowly, filled my pussy with the biggest pole it had ever had.

I was over the moon. Eric began rubbing at my clit as Bill started pumping into me. I had my legs spread as far as they could and John held my left ankle to help me. I held onto both the cocks on my side as Bill became more furious. When Eric and John both started sucking my elongated nipples I came again with as much ferocity as the first. Bill pulled his cock out and the sensation of my cunt slipping back was great.

I was ready for a change in position and I gently pushed Bill away. I wanted to ride this giant cock. "Lay down," I said to him.

He didn't hesitate. He lay on his clothes on the carpet and I squatted over his huge member. I way versus pmv video game edit final xvideoscom pawg ass on my hand and moistened his knob and then I slipped it into my cunt and slid down on it filling the cavern inside. John and Eric came around and I went back to sucking each cock. I was studying each cock and decided that John's would be the one to enter my other hole.

I spat heavily over it and said to him. "Fuck my arse." He almost came on the spot. He managed to control himself as he quickly spun around and lined his cock up at my arse. He had the decency to grease it up by rubbing his cock all over my cunt juice that was all over my legs. His cock was placed at my arse and Bill stopped pumping as John slid his cock into my pooper. The feeling was exquisite as the two cocks really filled the void within.

The two cocks began an alternating pumping into my arse and cunt. When Eric offered me his cock I took hold of it and sucked it down my throat.

Bill was beginning to start to groan and I knew that he would be cumming soon so I left him to it. I knew that a cum filled cunt would make me cum again. Eric's cock was really hard and he began rubbing his balls and pulling his cock. I opened my mouth in expectation of a blast of semen and I wasn't disappointed. He let fly with a huge stream of cum as he pumped his cock into my waiting mouth.

Warm jizz splashed onto my face and I scooped it into my mouth. Bill below me was next to cum and his cock exploded in my cunt filling me with his hot love lava.

This feeling of his cum being pumped into me sent me over the edge and I came with a ferocity I had never experienced before. John pulled his cock out of me and I lifted myself off Bill and allowed a few big gloops of cum to spill onto the floor. I squatted on the floor and started to pull on John's cock. With cum still on my face and my cunt splayed open with cum dripping down onto the floor John didn't last long and he shot a load of thick spunk over my face and tits.

After I drained the last of the semen out of his pole I stood and walked over to the mirror on the wall. I was a mess. I had a cum goatee beard. The three blokes watched me as I washed my face, arse and pussy in the sink. "That enough for you blokes?" I asked of the three befuddled blokes. "I am sure that you will be keeping an eye on me every time I enter the store?" "We certainly will" Bill said. I put my clothes on which was a cue for them to get dressed.

Without another word they all left the room and I gathered my belongings and exited the room. I saw them walking outside to the food court, no doubt to brag about their performances, and I decided to head home.

As I waited at the bus stop I saw the young man from the morning trip with one of his mates. I made eye contact and he quickly turned to his friend and whispered into his ear.

His friend scanned the crowd and also made eye contact. I smiled. The bus duly arrived and as expected the two of them got on the bus also. I sat down and an old woman sat next to me.

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Damn. When the bus got near to my home I hatched another nasty plan. I didn't want them to know where I lived jamie valentine gets two cumshot on her tities I stopped the bus three stops before my usual place and hopped out.

The two lads followed. I glanced back towards them and smiled encouragingly. They knew they were in but they looked uncertain as to where we were going. Some friends of ours live nearby and they both worked. I knew they never locked the shed that Brian used to watch the footy with his mates.

I entered the shed and the two boys followed. "Hello boys" I said as I wandered over to them. "Hello" said the new boy "What are your names?" I asked "Um I'm Neil and this is Sean," said the original boy on the bus. "Well Neil I've already seen your cock so Sean get it out." Sean pulled his fly open and pulled a nicely sized semi hard cock out of his jeans. "And you Neil" Neil pulled his cock out and I squatted down in front of them.

I pulled both cocks and licked the knobs. Neil was oozing precum already. I took my top off and Sean let out a slow moan as I took as much of his cock as I could down my throat. Neil's cock was as hard as a rock as I pumped it with a passion. I swapped over and began sucking Neil's and he really was hard. I needed to have my cunt filled again and after a bit more sucking I got Neil to sit black coke xnxx story in uk the old lounge.

I stood up and pulled all my remaining clothes off. The boys also stripped naked and Neil sat on the lounge as instructed. I turned my back to him and stood up on the lounge and then squatted down onto his cock.

It was a perfect fit. Sean began rubbing my tits and I motioned to him to get up on the lounge. He stood next to me and fed his cock into my mouth. It was a delight to have two cocks for the second time that day. I was close to orgasm and when Neil reached around and rubbed my exposed clit and Sean pinched my nipples I exploded in orgasm.

I reached down and grabbed and pulled at Neil's balls and he also exploded shooting a huge load into my pussy. Cum was oozing out of my well-fucked cunt when to my surprise I heard a car pull up into the drive. "Fuck someone's here" Sean said. I could see out of the window my friend Wendy's Magna. She is also a bit of a root rat and I could see that she noticed that the door of the shed was slightly ajar. She wandered down the driveway and opened the door. Boy was she surprised.

The look on her face was priceless. Here I was with a still firm cock, covered in cum, still in my cunt and a nice firm cock inches from my face. "What the fuck." she stammered "Hi Wendy" I said "Fancy a cock or two" "Kim, what the fuck is going on here" "I was just a bit horny" "Just a bit!" she said incredulously. "This is not what I expected to see." I turned and sucked Sean's cock. "Would you like some?" I asked her.

"Fuck yeah" she said. She quickly threw all her clothes off and we both began sucking on Sean's cock. Neil's cock was still hard and I turned around and licked the cum and my cunt juice off it. I rubbed Wendy's moist hole as she bent over sucking on Sean's pole. She was dripping wet. "Fuck my friend here Sean." I said to him and he quickly hopped off the lounge and went behind her.

Wendy dropped to her knees in the doggy position and I moved Neil over so that she could suck him as well. Now Wendy had what I had had, two nice hard cocks. I also sucked Neil's cock as it slipped into Wendy's mouth. We fucked all afternoon in that shed. Wendy tried a double penetration but it didn't quite work. These young men had amazing stamina and they both came at least three times during our session.

At one stage I sat on the lounge with my legs spread open as Wendy licked the cum that was oozing out of it as I sucked Neil and Sean fucked Wendy. What was almost going to be a very dull day turned into one of my finest.