Cope dancing disrobe and oozing puss striptease hardcore

Cope dancing disrobe and oozing puss striptease hardcore
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MILFs - PART 1 Mona Wendell sat in the passenger seat of her Acura sedan, sneaking clandestine peeks at her 17-year-old son, Mark. Her friend Constance and her older sister Betty chattered in the back seat. They were on their way to a health spa in the mountains near the town they all lived in, where they planned to stay the week.

Mark was working as a lifeguard at the spa, and had suggested to his mother that she and the others might enjoy some time there, just relaxing, swimming, and getting various beauty treatments. He had been able to get them a discount rate on lodging in the small log cabin complex where he was staying. Mona was thirty-eight and divorced. She had thrown her ex-husband, Mark Sr., out of the house two years before, after discovering that he was having an affair with a co-worker in his office.

She had not had a serious relationship with anyone since the divorce -- she just hadn't found anyone yet that really interested her, certainly not enough to sleep with them. And yet, she was still attractive to men, she knew, often turning their heads on the street. She was tall and voluptuous, with short, curly black hair, big 38D breasts that still didn't sag too much, considering their size, and a shapely, round ass.

Constance suddenly addressed Mona in the front seat. "So, Mona, where have sunny leone xxx sex janwar been hiding this fine, handsome specimen of a man? It seems like only yesterday he was this high!" she said, raising her hand just above the seat. Constance knew Mark well, having been his piano teacher for several years until he quit at age thirteen.

She was younger than Mona and Betty, in her mid-thirties, and had two young children, who were spending several weeks of the Summer with her divorced husband. A willowy, attractive woman with flaming red hair, Constance was a born flirt. Beneath her playfulness, though, she managed always to exude a smoldering sexuality. "He has grown up, hasn't he?" said Mona, looking admiringly at her son.

"I'll bet he's grown up in more ways than one!" said Constance, laughing. Betty, sitting next to her, giggled. "Constance, you're terrible!

You'll embarrass the poor boy!" Betty was 40 years old, two years older than Mona. Built shorter and a little more solidly than Mona, she nevertheless had her sister's big breasts and full, round ass.

She liked to say that she was "built for comfort, not speed". Her husband was off on the latest in a long series of fishing trips with his buddies, so she was free to do as she pleased this week. He couldn't have cared less how she spent her time anyway, having long since lost any sexual interest in her after she beeg balak and wghit girl sex birth to their only child.

"Oh, I think he can take it," said Constance, grinning at Mark wickedly. "Can't you, Mark?" "Yes, ma'am," said Mark, smiling and glancing at his mother. "You see? And sooo polite!" she giggled. "How old are you now, Mark?" "As a matter of fact, I'll turn eighteen tomorrow," answered Mark. "See there, Mona, he's practically an adult!" said Constance. "You better watch out, Mark, spending a whole week alone with three sex-starved old ladies.

And on your birthday, too." "Constance!!" said Mona, blushing. Constance was her best friend, but the younger woman had a wild side that sometimes embarrassed the more straight-laced Mona. "Oh, relax, Mona, I'll bet he knows a lot more about sex than you think," said Constance, reaching forward and squeezing Mark's shoulder.

"Don't you, Mark?" "It's okay, mom," said Mark, grinning, feeling his cock growing in his shorts. "I know a few things, Constance." He was actually enjoying the somewhat risque banter, and he liked the idea that Constance still found him handsome.

She had always been flirtatious with him, even when he was twelve years old and taking piano from her, and she had been the subject of many of his earliest sexual fantasies. He glanced up at the rear view mirror, and saw Constance gazing steadily back at him. Her eyes held his for a long moment, until he finally looked away to keep from driving off the road.

Mona turned her head and gazed at Mark, her thoughts turning to an event of a few weeks before, one that had been preying on her mind ever since. She had come home from shopping, dropped her bags on the couch, and gone of in search of Mark to find out if he wanted to go out to dinner with her. Finally concluding that he was probably in his room, she had walked up to the door and found it slightly ajar.

Normally respectful of her son's privacy, she had been about to knock when she heard a muffled groan. Peeking through the narrow opening, here eyes widened with shock, her breath catching in her throat. On the bed, naked, was her son. His back was against the headboard, supported by a pillow.

He held a magazine with his left hand, and the fingers of his right were wrapped tightly around the thick shaft of his rigid teenage cock! She started to leave, but her curiosity held her back.

She knew, of course, that her son masturbated. All boys did. But she kinky interracial threesome starring lovely bree olson never witnessed it, and hadn't seen him naked in many years. Now her eyes were drawn to his cock, so much bigger now, and glistening with the baby oil he had spread on its engorged length. She watched, fascinated, as he slowly stroked it, not in a hurry, blissfully unaware that his mother was watching him.

His slippery fingers slid up over the sensitive, spongy crown, then back down, as he slowly turned the pages of the magazine. Despite her guilt at spying on her son, Mona felt a sudden surge of warm wetness between her legs. She had simply never thought of her son in sexual terms, never thought of him as having an adult cock. Now, suddenly, watching him slowly jerk off, she didn't see him as her son, but as a man, a man with a cock, and who knew what it was for. She felt her nipples stiffen beneath the material of her thin sundress, and her hand crept, almost unconsciously, downward.

She pressed her fingers against her mound, rubbing herself gently through the material of her dress, biting her lower lip and stifling a sigh as she felt the currents of pleasure swirl through her body. At that moment, Mark's fingers tightened around the thick shaft of his penis, and his fingers drew slowly up against the head.

He groaned aloud as a thick rope anal fetish threesome first time raylin ann is a sexy molten towheaded who is so semen surged upward, erupting from the tip, then cascading back down and splattering over his fingers xxx sex ww xx oqen sex sex stories they continued to stroke his flourishing cock. Again and again it pulsed, and she watched, fascinated, as he pumped out spurt after spurt of hot come, splattering his hands and his flat stomach.

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Mona unconsciously slid her tongue out and traced her parted lips with it as she watched. As his orgasm waned, Mona's embarrassment and guilt suddenly returned, and she eased away from the door.

But the image of her son's wildly spurting cock was indelibly seared into her brain. She crept back down the stairs, her heart pounding. Gathering her wits, she opened and closed the front door, and then called out to Mark that she was home. All through dinner that evening, she had been unable to get her mind off of what she had seen, although she tried hard to make sure her face didn't betray anything to Mark.

That night, when Mark was in the shower, she quietly entered his room and searched quickly for the magazine, finally finding it hidden under some clothes in the bottom drawer of his dresser.

Its title was "MILF", and on the cover was a picture of a woman with her lips wrapped tightly around the erect penis of a much younger man. She was hot cam girl fist make her pussy wet new familiar with the term, but as she leafed through the glossy magazine, she discovered, with a sudden shock, the answer to the puzzle. The acronym stood for "Mothers I'd Love to Fuck". Mona stared at the pictures and the captions, her mind racing, her knees weak.

Her son was having sexual fantasies about older women! Perhaps even about his own mother! She heard the shower turn off, and she quickly stuffed the magazine back in its hiding place, leaving the room before Mark came out of the bathroom. That night, lying in her bed in her nightgown, the image of his beautiful cock had returned vividly.

Was it possible? Did Mark actually masturbate thinking of having sex with her? Did he imagine that it was her mouth around his cock, or that it was buried deep inside her yearning vagina? Did he see HER face as he eagerly pumped out his pent-up load of hot, thick come? As her mind swirled with these thoughts, she drew her legs up, and her hands eased down between them.

She pulled up her gown and her fingers slid into the folds of her pussy. She was sopping wet, aroused beyond belief. Slowly, she caressed herself, moaning softly. I can't be doing this, she thought. I can't be thinking this way. He's my son! And yet, she couldn't banish the image of Mark between her legs, of his cock thrusting into her pussy, which had not known a man's lust-hardened cock for so long! "God help me!" she groaned as her fingers slid inside her vaginal opening, moving in and out slowly as her hips thrust against her unseen lover.

Her other hand cupped her breast through the filmy material, squeezing it as her fingers moved in and out of her pussy. Did her son imagine himself sucking on her full breast, the way he had as a little baby, while he fucked her, driving powerfully, relentlessly toward his climax?

She could almost feel him inside her, feel his lips suckling on her nipple, seeking her milk, as she slid her wet fingers up and surrounded her clit with them, rubbing it. And then, she imagined his cock exploding, sending pulse after pulse of semen into her wildly clasping vagina, emptying the contents of his balls inside her, in the place that had given birth to him eighteen years before. And then devilsfilms pristine edges casting call open mouth cumshot and knee high socks was coming, her hips lurching upward as she shuddered with an orgasm so intense that she bit her lip to stifle her anguished cry of pleasure.

She trembled from the force of her furious climax, her breath coming in short gasps as the waves of orgasm engulfed her. She lay there shaking as she tried to regain control of herself.

It was just a fantasy, she thought to herself. Just the product of not having a man for so long. Mona was jolted suddenly back to the present by a question from the back seat. "I said…what's the plan for tomorrow, Mona?" "Oh&hellip.I'm sorry, Betty," said Mona in confusion. "I must have been daydreaming. Well, tonight, the three of us are going to have a party in Betty's room, and I brought lots of drinks. Then I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow morning, with some guy named Mario.

He's supposed to have great hands." "I hear other women say Mario is really good," said Mark. "He gets a lot of repeat trade." "Well, in that case, I better get in line, too," said Betty, laughing. "I could use a man's hands all over my body!" "I'm going to spend the morning at the pool, I think," said Constance, eyeing Mark.

"I bought a new bikini for the occasion." "That sounds good, Constance, I think I'll join you," said Betty. "I'll be on duty tomorrow, Constance, so I guess I'll see you two there," said Mark, looking forward to getting a better look at his former teacher, not to mention his buxom aunt. Both of them were still capable of looking good in a swim suit.

"Then you'll see a LOT of me!" giggled Constance. "I hope you like it." "And we'll get to see a lot more of him, too," said Betty, laughing. Mona partially turned and gave Constance a disapproving look. Why was the repartee bothering her so much, she wondered? Constance had always been this way, but it was harmless. Why should it upset her now?

Was she jealous that Constance was paying so much attention to Mark? She resolved to enjoy herself this week and not dwell on such thoughts. Mark was mature for his age, had a good head on his shoulders, and would keep things in perspective. She was still wrestling with her thoughts when Mark pulled the car into the spa complex.

"I'll check everyone in and get your keys," said Mark, opening the car door. "The cabins are over there, and you each have your own." That evening, after the three women were settled into their cabins, they gathered for some drinks in Betty's cabin, while Mark went off to an employee meeting.

They talked and drank and laughed, and as the evening progressed, the conversation turned to sex again. "So, Mona, does Mark have a girlfriend these days?" said Constance, sipping her fourth drink. "I'll bet he has to fight them off with a stick!" "Including you, huh?" said Mona, laughing. "I saw the way you were looking at him, Constance, you shameless hussy. But to answer your question, he's dated a few girls, but I don't think he's serious about anyone." "Hey, I can't help it if I like what I see," said Constance, grinning.

"He's a very handsome young man, and we've got him all to ourselves for a whole week. C'mon, Betty, don't tell me you've never looked at him the same way!" "Oh, come on, Constance, he's my nephew!" laughed Betty.

"Not that it wouldn't be fun, mind you. I'll bet he's got LOTS of energy.&hellip." "I can't believe you two are sitting her openly discussing having sex with my son, right here in front of me!" protested Mona.

Constance giggled. "I'm sorry, Mona. But if it wasn't him, it'd be someone else. All I can say is, I'd better find SOMEONE to play with while we're up here, or I'll go crazy!

And Mona, you could use a good hard fucking yourself. Don't bother to deny it!" "Let's face it, we could all use it," said Betty, draining her glass. "But it's harder when you still have a husband. You girls are free to go pick up some guy in a bar." "I'm not interested in just a fuck," said Mona. "I'd like to have a relationship." "So, have both!" said Betty. "But if you can't find someone to have a deep relationship with, what's wrong with having a nice stiff cock now and then?" "Okay, Mona, here's the million dollar question," lisa ann big boobs sipping Constance, grinning salaciously.

"Have you seen it?" "Seen what?" "Mark's cock, of course!" Mona looked shocked again. "Constance! What a question!" "I'll bet it's big!" said Constance. "He's got big hands. Even when he was twelve, he could reach an octave and two on the piano. And those size 13 shoes. Don't tell me you never snuck a peek, Mona. Aren't you the least bit curious?" "No!" said Mona, visions of Mark gripping his thick shaft stabbing her brain again.

"He's my son!" "He's a man, Mona," said Constance. "And you've been without one for way too long. I'll bet you peeked." "Well&hellip." said Mona, hesitating. Constance always had a way of getting to her, and the wine had loosened her inhibitions quite a bit. She took another long sip before speaking. "As a matter of fact&hellip.I saw him masturbating a few weeks ago." "What??" exclaimed Betty.

"Ohhhh, my God!" said Constance. "What did you do? Were you excited?" "What do you think, Constance?! I left him alone! He never even knew I saw him." "I'd have offered to help," grinned Constance. "I'll bet you would!" laughed Betty. "So…how big WAS it, Mona?" "I can't believe I'm even talking about this!" protested Mona again. "All right, he has a lovely big cock, is that what you want to hear?" "Did you watch him come?

Was there a lot of it?" "We are simply NOT having this conversation, Constance!" said Mona, who was nonetheless aware of a growing wetness between her legs. Constance laughed. "All right Mona, I guess we've badgered you enough. Don't worry, honey, it's all in good fun. Here, have some more Merlot." Toward midnight, the party broke up, and Mona and Constance left the cabin, somewhat unsteadily. Constance said goodnight to Mona at the door to her cabin, then watched as she walked to her own.

Ten minutes later Constance saw the lights in Mona's cabin go off. She waited for a little while to make sure, and then eased out the door, wearing a long trench coat with a belt, and walked quietly to Mark's nearby cabin. She hesitated for a moment, then knocked quietly on the door. "Mark," she whispered. "It's Constance!" After a moment, the door opened a little, and Mark peered out.

"Constance! What are you doing here?" "Let brutal dildo anal lexy bandera gets her pipes cleaned by a thick cock in, Mark. I just wanted to talk to you about something." "Um…sure, Constance.

Come on in." He opened the door and she followed him inside. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He gestured toward the only furniture in the room, the bed, and Constance walked over and sat down, frankly admiring his youthful body. "Come over and sit down, Mark," she said, patting the bed next to her. "C'mon, I won't bite." Mark moved to the bed and sat down next to her, very aware of the older woman's perfume.

Until the scene in the car, he'd forgotten how sexy she was, with her wavy, shoulder-length red hair and flawless fair skin. .He felt his cock stir in his boxers, and hoped that she wouldn't notice the growing bulge there. "Mark, I just wanted to apologize for teasing you today in the car. You know me, I get kinda crazy sometimes." "Oh, that's okay, Constance. It didn't bother me." "I know, but I think it bothered Mona." "She still thinks of me as a kid sometimes," said Mark.

"Ohhhh, she shouldn't do that. You're definitely not a kid any more. Listen, Mark, there's something I've always wanted to ask you about. Do you mind? It's…kind of personal." "No, I don't mind." "Well…do you remember when I gave you piano lessons?" "Sure, Constance…how could I forget?" She smiled. "I used to think you kind of had a crush on me back then, Mark. Did I just imagine that?" Mark grinned. "Uhhhhh, no, I don't think you imagined it. You remember how you used to take hold of my hand and shape my fingers in the right position?

I used to think that was so sexy, when you touched me that way. Once you even clipped my fingernails, because they were too long to play the piano right. Remember?" Constance smiled. "Yes, Mark, I remember. Did that excite you?" Mark gazed at her and slowly nodded. "You'll never know just how excited. I thought you were so hot. You still are. I never got up the nerve to tell you that back then, though. I guess I was just shy.

You know, just a stupid kid." "You were sweet. And you're not a kid any more, and you don't have to be shy with me." She paused, gazing at him steadily.

"Mark, do you know what time it is?" Mark looked at the clock on the nightstand. "Almost midnight." "Almost midnight," said Constance, softly. "Do you know what that means?" "No…what?" "It means that you're about to be officially eighteen years old." She was unfastening the belt on her coat and slowly opening it.

"And that means that you and I are consenting adults, free to do whatever we want to do together." She shrugged the trench coat off her shoulders. She was wearing only a black silk slip over her panties. Her breasts were only partially concealed by the low-cut slip, their shape evident beneath the thin material. "Mark…listen to me carefully. I want to have sex with you.

Right here. Right now. I've been wet all day thinking of it." She leaned forward and touched her lips to his. Her fragrance filled his senses as his lips began to respond, their kiss deepening. His cock was suddenly throbbingly erect. No one had ever spoken to him this way. His mind raced. How many times had he masturbated, imagining that this woman had taken him into her bed when he was twelve years old? How many times had he imagined her lips around his aching cock, her red hair tickling him as she sucked him?

How many times had he come, imagining mom of sam xxx storys he was emptying his sperm into her willing, welcoming pussy. He had fantasized about her almost as many times as he had about his mom! And while his mother was forbidden to him, Constance was right here, nearly naked.

And she wanted him! Mark moaned deep in his throat as he felt her tongue invade his mouth, seeking his. Her hands moved lower as their tongues twined, and she found his rigid penis through the opening in his shorts. Her touch on him was electric. She caressed him with her fingertips, exploring the contours of his cock.

After a moment, she broke their kiss. "Mark, let's get your shorts off," she murmured. "I have to see your cock!" She reached down and tugged on them as he leaned back and raised his hips off the bed. She carefully pulled them down, freeing his stiff penis, and let them fall down around his feet. "Ohhhh, my&hellip." she sighed, as she gazed at his cock. "It's even more beautiful than I imagined." She slid down to her knees on the braided rug and slid her fingers around the base, savoring the moment.

Then she looked up into his eyes, her face the very picture of lust. "I'm going to suck you off, Mark." She leaned forward and licked slowly around the flared, circumcized head. Mark moaned again as her tongue caressed him, gazing into her eyes as she explored and nibbled on his rigid staff, stimulating every nerve ending.

It wasn't the first time he had had his cock sucked…just the first time with someone who knew exactly what she was doing.

"Ohhhh, jeez&hellip.your tongue feels so good, Constance." "Mmmm, I used to want to do this so much…I'm so glad I can now." She ovalled her lips and slid them over he spongy head, taking it her mouth and sucking it. Her head slowly bobbed, her red hair moving as she moved, caressing his skin as she made love to his cock. Mark felt only a delicious warm wetness, the press of her lips against his raging penis, and the caress of her tongue on the underside.

She looked like a goddess with her lips stretched taut around his girth, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. "Oh, god, suck it like that…uhhhhhh…" Constance raised her head and let him ease out from between her lips. "Mmmmm, you love such a lovely big cock, sweetie. We're going to have such a good time together." She lowered her head and began to lick and caress his balls with her tongue, slowly bathing them with her saliva, finally sucking them each into her mouth and humming happily, imagining them filling up with his youthful come, just aching to burst forth.

After patiently sucking and licking his balls for a long time, Constance moved back up, licking along the underside of Mark's cock, eventually reaching the sensitive place beneath the head and teasing it with her tongue, flicking it against him.

Kissing his cock, she looked up at him. "Mark, I'm going to make you come now. Don't hold back…I want you to flood my mouth with all of your sweet, hot come. Would you do that for me, Mark?" Not waiting for an answer, she slowly slid her mouth down over him again, imprisoning him in her wet, welcoming mouth.

She began to bob her head again, taking him deeper into her throat now, adoring the feeling of his cock filling her mouth. Her fingernails caressed his swollen, sperm-filled balls, teasing them, coaxing them, urging them to give up their contents, as the fingers of her other hands wrapped around the base of the shaft, massaging him and adding to the sensations he was feeling. She never took her eyes off him as she sucked him with increasing fervor, her pace slow ass gapes and drips spunk asscreampie creampies steady.

The wet, slurping sounds of her sucking filled the room. Mark had never felt anything like this in his life. The high school girls who had sucked his cock seemed to consider it a chore, something to be endured rather than savored.

Constance, on the other hand, was enjoying it, even loving it! His excitement and her steady rhythm quickly brought him to the point of bursting. "Ohhhh, jeez, Constance…ohhh, suck it! I'm…ohhhhh!!…gonna come!" Sensing his impending climax, Constance increased her effort, sucking him harder, in the same insistent rhythm, her fingers fondling and squeezing his balls as she stroked his cock, tightening her grip.

Suddenly, he groaned, and his come exploded from his balls into her waiting mouth in warm, heavy pulses. "MMMMmmmmmmmm…mmm-hmmm&hellip.mmm-hmmm&hellip." she hummed happily, as spurt after spurt of his teenage come erupted into her welcoming mouth. Her lips continued to move on him as he pumped his sperm into her, her fingers gently milking his balls. She loved that she had made him come so hard, loved the taste of his fresh semen filling her mouth. Her head continued to slowly bob, taking every drop he had to offer, until at last he was finally spent.

Her fingers tightened around the shaft as they slid upward, forcing out a last ooze of sperm from the tip onto the flat of her tongue. She eased her head slowly up, her lips sliding up over the sensitive head of his cock, holding his come in her mouth.

As he watched, she gathered it in her mouth, and let it slide down her throat. After swallowing it, she returned to his cock, her lips and tongue caressing it lightly.

It showed no signs of becoming soft. "Mmmmmm, that was soooo yummy!", she whispered, smiling as she nibbled playfully on the head of his wet penis. "I could suck your cock all night, sweetie." Once again she had lapsed into her habitual role as a teasing tart. "If I let you," said Mark, grinning happily at her.

"But I think now it should be your turn, don't you?" "Ohhhhhh, someone taught you well!" said Constance, releasing his cock and moving up to the bed to kiss him, her lips still pearly with his come. Gently, he pushed her back on the pillow, her long, slim legs carelessly parted. She lay back, watching him, a bemused smile softening her features as she waited eagerly for his next move.

Mark, although not very experienced sexually, knew exactly what he wanted. Lurking between those beautiful legs was something he had fantasized about constantly as he had attained puberty. He couldn't wait to see it, to touch it, to explore it. As she watched him, he slid his hands slowly up her legs, underneath her slip, and encountering her matching black silk panties. Hooking his fingers in them, he tugged them gently, and Constance helped him by raising her hips, smiling at him.

He slowly slid them down, excited tremendously by the prospect of making love at last to her naked pussy. She spoke softly, her hot teen with big natural family almost hypnotic.

"Did you want to see my pussy, Mark…back then, a long time ago? Did the thought of my pussy make your cock hard?" "Yes…I wanted to see your pussy, Constance.

More than anything. I jerked off every night thinking of it!" She smiled as he untangled her panties from her legs, letting them fall open again, invitingly. "I want you to see it now, Mark. I would have shown it to you then, if you had asked." Mark felt his cock once again springing back to life, as if her soft, sensual words were caressing it.

He gently spread her thighs with his hands, gazing for the first time at the naked pussy of a mature, sensual woman.

Her hair was red and curly, like the hair on her head, but was trimmed for her bikini. Her silky curls framed her cleft, with its slightly protruding labia, glistening wetly with her arousal.

Her tiny pink clit peeked from beneath its little hood of flesh, as if inviting the caress of his tongue. "Do you like my pussy, Mark?" whispered Constance.

"Is it like you imagined it when you masturbated?" "Yesssss&hellip." said Mark. "I want to lick it." "Ohhhh, I want you to&hellip.let me feel your tongue on me. Taste me!" Mark leaned forward, lowered his head, and licked lightly upward along the fluted petals of her labia, just barely touching them. "Ohhhhhhhh&hellip.yessssssss!" moaned Constance quietly, her fingers curling into the bedcovers.

"Lick me, Mark." Mark began to explore the wet folds of her delectable pussy, exploring her slowly and patiently. He loved her taste, the scent of her perfume, everything about her. He stiffened his tongue and slowly eased it between her lips, sliding it into her wet vaginal tunnel, then slowly thrust it in and out, tasting her flowing essence.

"Uhhhhhh, that's right, sweetie…fuck me with your tongue, nice and slow." She reached down with one hand and slid her fingers into his sandy hair, caressing him as he thrust his tongue inside her. He made love to her patiently, wanting her to enjoy it, to repay her for giving him such intense pleasure.

He paused for a moment, and looked up, his face flushed with her heat. "Tell me what to do, Constance. What you like." "Ohhhhhh, darling boy," she gasped, thrilled by his question. It was just like teaching him the piano. "Put busty babe kitty caprice enjoys being plowed hard and fast fingers inside me.

Slide them in and out while you lick my clit. Ohhh, I'll come so hard for you that way!" Mark obediantly slid his fingers up to her entrance, insinuating them between her parted folds. She raised her legs, bent at the knee, as he penetrated her wetness slowly with two fingers. Then he lowered his head, and began to gently lick and caress her clit, teasing it out from under its protective hood. "Ohhhh, my God!" moaned Constance, her breathing becoming ragged, uneven as she felt her burgeoning arousal swirl upward.

"Ohhhh, Mark, that's so good!" Mark increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit, swirling it over and around it, teasing it, and then sucking it between his lips. Releasing it again, he lapped at it urgently as he sensed her approaching climax, her voice rising in a series of muted squeals.

"Oh Mark! Yes! YES! JUST LIKE THAT!!! JUST…!!!! UHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Suddenly, she grabbed his hair in her fist, holding his head tightly against her as her hips lurched upward, and her body was seized by a tremendous orgasm. Her cry was cut off in her throat as the waves of her climax swept over her, her face tense and flushed as she came. Mark stayed with her, his mouth fastened to her sex, as she trembled from the awesome force of her climax. He was proud that he had brought her to such a state of ecstasy, and thankful that she had chosen him, and he concentrated on giving her as much pleasure as he possibly could.

Constance, for her part, was in a state of sheer, unadulterated bliss. Mark was exactly what she knoxville tennessee blonde fucked drunk in hotel been needing, and she shivered happily in the aftermath of her stupendous orgasm, with Mark still gently licking her, his fingers still inside her.

She was already determined to make sure he would continue to be available to her, no matter what Mona might think. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Right now, though, she had to have him inside her. "Mark, sweetie…lie back on the bed," she whispered. He slipped his fingers out of her and fell back on his back. As she had thought, his cock was rigidly erect. She moved up and straddled belladonna young bella getting dp and facial, on her knees, reaching down and guiding his cock to her dripping-wet pussy.

Slowly, she sank down on him, engulfing him in her yearning pussy. She gazed down at him, loving the feeling of his big cock buried deep in her pussy. And then she reached up, and slowly pulled the slip over her head, revealing her body to him in all it's naked glory. She shook her cascade of red hair back down, peering out at him through it as she began to move on him.

Mark groaned as the walls of her pussy gripped his cock with surprising tightness. "Ohhhh, God, Constance, your pussy feels so wonderful!" Constance smiled, wriggling on his embedded shaft, loving the sensations as she made slow, exquisite love to his cock. Her hips writhed slowly, caressing his cock, sucking at it, as she spoke. "Mark…I want you to know something. From now on, any time you want me, you can have me. Like this. No strings attached.

You're a man now, and I'm a woman. Just call me, and if I'm not doing anything else, we can fuck. I won't tell your mom. I won't be upset if you don't call me, or don't want to fuck me. I'll understand. I just wanted you to know that I'm available.

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Okay?" "Oh, God, Constance, of course I want to!" He reached up and cupped her small breasts with his hands. "I've always wanted you! And you're even better in real life than you were in my dreams!" She smiled at him, reaching up and holding his hands against her breasts. "Good…now fuck me, Mark. Fuck me with your beautiful big cock, just like you wanted to do all those years ago!" She began to move up and down on his thick shaft, fucking herself with it as he squeezed her breasts, her nipples taut against his palms.

His hips rose and fell, matching her movements, working with her, establishing a steady rhythm, his cock plunging in and out of her delicious wetness. Letting go of his hands, she raised one of hers to her mouth, licking and sucking on her fingers before moving them down between her legs. She captured her clit between her wet fingers and rubbed it gently, wanting to climax again when he did. Gradually, unhurriedly, they built toward their second orgasm of the night.

Mark held back until Constance began to moan, her voice rising in pitch. And as she came on his cock, her pussy spasming around it and grasping it tightly, he groaned and unleashed a thick torrent of hot come into her welcoming depths.

She rocked on him as he emptied himself inside her, pulse after pulse of his semen bathing her, soothing her, her own body shuddering as the waves of her delicious orgasm washed over her. "Mmmmm.Mark, that was heavenly!" sighed Constance happily, her pussy still twitching on his buried cock.

Mark, however, was not finished with her yet. Abrubtly, he sat up, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

With surprising ease, he lifted her from the bed like a feather, still impaled on his cock, turned around and fell on top of her. "Oh, my God, you're still hard!" she gasped in surprise. Mark reached for her hands, grabbing them and holding them back above her head, their fingers intertwining. She stared up into his face, astonished, as he began to thrust in and out flem orang yang ngetot sama hewan her in long, powerful strokes.

This was not the gentle lovemaking of before. Now he was fucking her, his cock driving into her sperm-soaked pussy, his hard thrusts jarring her slim body each time. She raised her legs, sliding them up his hips, welcoming his pounding cock into her willing depths, while she clawed his back with her long fingernails, spurring him onward.

"Uhhhhhh, yesssss, Mark, FUCK me!!! Give me your big hard cock and make me FEEL it!" He fucked her relentlessly, sawing his wet cock in and out, her hips lurching upward to meet each thrust, as they worked together toward their mutual climax.

Within minutes, punctuated by the smacking of his flash against hers, he drove her over the edge into another furious climax, and then another in quick succession. "OHHGOODDDDD, I'M COMING SO HARDDDD!!!!!" she squealed, as he slammed his cock into her and her body convulsed violently upward, lifting them both up off the bed. At that moment, Mark bared his teeth and groaned like a wild animal.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHFUUUUUUCCKKKKYEAAHHHH!!!!" His balls contracted and spewed his come into her for the third time, spurting heavily into her wildly clasping pussy.

She clung to him as they both collapsed, Constance trembling violently, sobbing and whimpering with the awesome force of her orgasm. "Oh God!.Oh God!!.Ohhhh." "Jeeeeezus," gasped Mark, trying to regain his breath. Suddenly, Constance began to laugh.

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A happy, contented, satisfied laugh. After a moment, Mark began to laugh with her, still savoring the feeling of his cock deep inside her flooded pussy. She felt his cock expand as he flexed, and she answered him with a squeeze of her own muscles. "Mmmmmm.I may never let you go, Mark! What a stud you are!" "You bring out the best in me, Constance." said Mark, brimming with pride that he had satisfied her so well.

She giggled. "Happy birthday, Mark."