A teenager loses her virginity by the bang bros at a motel room

A teenager loses her virginity by the bang bros at a motel room
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" The Look" By Blueheatt A new couple moved in next door. An older man and a younger girl. My girlfriend and I watched, hoping they were cool. They were,&hellip. except for the girl.

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I snuck looks as she carried boxes and stuff into the house. She was slim but had nice tits. A very pretty face and long nice legs.

She had long hair, piled up on top of her head.

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She was not cool,&hellip. she was HOT. I put my car in the driveway. I pretended to wax my car so I could watch her. She had on short shorts and a tube top that accented her tits. I guess I kept waxing the same spot over and over while sneaking glances at her. She noticed me and slowly came walking over. Close up she was fucking beautiful. We introduced ourselves (Brad and Tina) and shook hands.

Her hand was soft and warm. I was hot struck and my cock noticed her too. She stepped close to me. I could smell the aroma of a hot girls perfume. She had quiet sexy voice and said: "You must have 14 coats of wax on this one spot." I smiled and said: "Yes&hellip.it's an old trick, fake waxing to sneak looks at a neighbor girl…but look it works!…here you are." She smiled and said: "I use the fake carrying an empty box method myself…… I like your car, by the way." I said: "Thanks but be careful.

This spot here has 14 fresh coats of wax on it." That's how we met, black guy and grill xxx sexy but then we hear a mans voice yell from inside the garage: "Tina!". She slowly turned, bumping her ass into me and slowly walked away as I watched her ass swing back and forth so hot.

She looked back with a very sexy smile. Soon a man walked out and stared at me. He walked over and introduced himself as Tina's dad. I kept messing with my car as he went into a long tale of talking about Tina.

What he was saying was to stay away from her. He said she had mental issues and all kind of things wrong with her. I told him I was living with my girlfriend and had no interest in Tina&hellip.(I lied.) That afternoon I saw him leave in his car.

I was in my garage messing with my car. Two minutes later here comes Tina. She walked right up to me close with a concerned look on her face. She said quietly: "What did my dad say to you?" I said: "Well…using lots of word he said to stay away from you. I told him I was living with my girlfriend and had no interest in you…but…I lied." She smiled big and so did I. She said: "I told him I had no interest in you.&hellip.but I lied." We stood close as we looked in each others eyes.

Both our arms slowly went around our waists. We pulled us together tight. I whispered that my girlfriend was at work but would be home any minute. I walked us to a remote spot in back of the garage. We continued holding each other. Tina thought quick&hellip. ( I need to carefully tell him about me. Doctors say I'm a nymphomaniac. They tell me to take these pills to control it. I fake taking them. They take away what I love to do. I desire sex a lot, big deal, so do men.

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I can get off with women too, but I like men. My mom was like me too. This guy Brad is hot for me so why not get to it and fuck for the pure pleasure of it.

I've been fixed so I can't have kids, so I can fuck any man I want to. I feel his cock in his pants so warm rubbing on my pussy.

I need sex and now. The back seat of his car will be just right, or I'll give him a blow job right here and now. Something to satisfy me for a while. ) Brad&hellip. We started feeling each other and soon she kissed me soft and slipping her tongue in.

Her body was warm and soft. I felt her hands tremble some as she was real excited and reached down and felt my cock. She whispered: ("…When?") I said: "Tomorrow I'm off and Randi works but she gets home about 4pm." She kept feeling my cock getting bigger and looked me deep in my eyes. I reached up and felt her full tits.

She gasp and quick reached down in my pants. Her bare hand was warm as she stroked my cock. She said: "My dad will leave at 10am tomorrow, then I'll come over here in the garage. How much time do we have right now?" I older bitch still fucks like a whore "We don't." She said: "I want to suck your cock so bad right now, it' won't take long&hellip.please?" The time was killing me as I didn't want Randi catching me.

I wanted to unzip my pants so bad. I had to stop my hand as it wanted to reach for my zipper.

Her bare hand stroking my cock was not helping. Finally I said: "Tomorrow we'll have lot's of time." She pulled my pants down a little, pulled my boner up so the head was sticking out. She kissed the tip of it, with a lick around the head. She almost made me cum with that move. I gently pulled her hand out and separated us. I put my boner back down. I thought…( …be late Randi, I need a little time to get this boner down. ) I tried not…to watch her walk away but that ass of hers had my eyes fixed on it.

She looked back smiling and gave a half moon flash of her bare ass. I looked around for some cold water to pour on my boner. I don't know how women know&hellip.but Randi knew something was up.

It might have been Tina's perfume on me. She decided to play with me, and tease me about &hellip.'the new girl next door'. She started talking about Tina. "She sure is a hot looking girl&hellip.she looks like a 'man hunter'&hellip.she sure has a cute ass…I wonder if she's bi&hellip.maybe we should invite her over and I'll find out if she's bi&hellip.I wouldn't mind getting hot with her and feeling that cute body…" She went on and on.

Randi had been with a woman before, but preferred men.

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I thought about a three-some…hmmmmm. The next day Tina came in the garage right after 10. I closed the garage door. She was ready for some fucking with me.

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She came up and started with the hot kissing. She was aggressive and rubbed her pussy right on my boner. She slammed her tongue in my mouth and reached and opened the back door of my car. She pushed me in and went for my pants. She was fast, and had my cock out in no time for a quick suck. She lifted up her top and put her tits right in my mouth. She had her shorts and panties off in a flash. She grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her pussy. She started fucking me like an animal.

She moaned a low moan and pushed her pussy down on my cock hard.

She moaned: "Oh yes&hellip.fuck me Brad." Wow she was the fastest fuck I'd ever had. I grabbed her moving butt cheeks and joined her movements. She started kissing me all excited and then back with her tongue, as she sucked on it like a cock. She shook and yelled "OH YES!"&hellip.and moaned a good long moan. I hadn't even cum yet! She started in again. Growling and humping my cock. Her teeth were firm down against my tongue.

She had me super hot and I pulled her tight to me and fucked fast! I shot a big load in her. Now she really moaned loud, and started fucking me all the faster. Another "OH YES!" and she shook all over. Then it was back to fucking more. She finally slowly went weak and could fuck no more.

She kept squirming and kissing my face all over. She put my hands back on her tits and squeezed my fingers around her tits. She was gasping for air as she weakly tried to fuck some more.

That was some wild fuck we had, but she wasn't even done. She still kept slowly moving her wet pussy on my cock. She was working on fucking me again. She was just getting her second wind. She reached down and started fingering her clit and moaning. My cock was getting ready for more. If I had any cum left, she wanted it. By my third cum I think I only shot a few drops of cum left.

She started in whispering to me: ("Oh god Brad&hellip.you're the guy I've been looking for,&hellip. for so long I've needed to climax my self out of my mind.

I'll be right next door and we can fuck anytime you want. I know what your thinking&hellip.yes I'm a nympho but&hellip.I'll keep you happy, just say you'll keep fucking me all you can. I need it bad&hellip.real bad.") She slowly and weakly got up and put her panties and shorts on.

She kissed me, still out of breath and leaned against my car. I got up and opened the garage door. She squeezed my hand and stumbled out and gone. I went in and took a nap. I had to fake an illness that night as Two sexy colombian girls playing in webcam show wanted to fuck.

----------- Days went by with no Tina visits. She was waiting as she knew when my girlfriend worked and I was off. Randi started showing more and more interest in Tina. She knew I liked her and she did too. Finally she said let's invite her over and we'll have some drinks and set her between us. She said: "We'll start messing around right in front of her face and see who she joins in with, me or you or hopefully both!

I want a threesome with that little cute ass of hers. Of course I told Tina that Randi was going to invite her over. She wanted to find out of she was bi. Tina got all hot and said: "A threesome!"…I said, "You guessed it." Tina said: "Poor girl, I will fuck her so hard she'll pass out.

I'll put my fist in her pussy and suck her clit until she sees stars." … I gulped……