Elizabeth olsen sex scene in oldboy (hd tube porn

Elizabeth olsen sex scene in oldboy (hd tube porn
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It was a hot sticky day in the urban rowhouse that the teen nymph Debbie lived in. So it was an easy decision for her to make a visit to the local pool. Another consideration was the fact that as usual she was horny, and the pool might present opportunities for her to get off. Towards that end she selected her older thin white bikini to squeeze into; her breasts had grown since the purchase of this garment so now she had a generous amount of titflesh bulging from the top and a portion of pendulous boobs protruding from the bottom of the cups also (double trouble)!

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Grabbing a towel and suntan lotion and a few other items the nubile teen walked the few blocks to the public pool. Arriving she staked out a spot near the deep end and began applying lotion to her firm shapely thighs. In short order an older Hispanic male approached and stood quite close to the comely girl. Raul was Debbie's girlfriend Marisol's dad. Raul had known Debbie for a number of years and had closely monitored her physical development as she hung out with his daughter at their house.

He especially enjoyed observing Debbie on the occasions of sleepovers, especially as the girl had the habit of wearing short thin nighties that tended to display her sexy curves (that seemed to be always sans bra & panties). Teen babes tight pussy is drilled by big young cock the initiative the older man ventured "I would be happy to help you with that lotion Debbie I know you don't want to get burned".

The teen shaded her eyes to look up at the older man, she had of course noticed his obvious interest on previous occasions and had even encouraged it by such actions as letting her short nightdress creep up on her legs even to the point of exposing the bottom of her tight sexy butt. .

. These memories plus gazing on the countenance of the older yet very handsome man caused her pussy to moisten as she said only "Sure Raul butter me up I would appreciate it." Deb immediately flipped to her stomach and Raul knelt down next to her and grabbed the lotion.

He dispensed a generous dollop onto her back and began rubbing it into her firm heated skin. The youngster sighed as he continued his ministrations; encouraged he moved higher and let his fingers slide under her bra cups to knead generous portions of breast flesh.

Debbie's breathing became heavier and she began rotating her torso slightly back and forth to gain more contact with his exciting hands.

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Encouraged Raul moved to minister to her legs, squirting out more lotion and rubbing upper thighs. He quickly ventured underneath the bottom of the young sluts bikini and not so gently began kneading the young girls ass. Debbie was becoming more and more heated, she could feel the liquid hot wetness shooting down her moist cuntal channel. At this point she whispered "We had better go somewhere more private what do you think?" Raul quickly nodded his assent, they both got up and Debbie busty milf cory chase and teen lily rader threesome sex oldvsyoung pornstar his hand to lead him towards the pool bathrooms.

They reached the Men's first, Debbie peeked inside and seeing no other occupants she pulled him in and pushed into the first stall. Once inside Raul immediately placed his arms around her and pressed his mouth to hers, running his tongue into her hot mouth and immediately began dueling with her pink firebrand member.

Meanwhile his hands pushed her bra cups up over her firm breasts and he began fondling one while leaning over to suck on the other proud rigid brown nipple. Simultaneously Debbie reached down and cupped his already turgid dick, rubbing up and down the shaft and then fondling his swollen ball sac.

After several minutes of this activity Raul broke off the kiss, grasped the girl by her hips and lifted her up to perch on the top of the toilet facing him. Staring hotly into her brown eyes he said "I'm going to eat your little whore pussy until you cum all over my face." The teen immediately started pulling her bottoms down until they were at her ankles, retorting "Yes I want you to eat my little girl cunt, make me cum like a volcano!" Raul rubbed up and down her already lubricated vulva, then quickly slid a ring finger inside her slippery vagina.

Debbie moaned, pushing her hips towards him to increase the penetration action. Raul bent over and began licking the swollen pussy lips from top to bottom. . After a few minutes of this action he suddenly captured her red hot blood-engorged clit with his mouth and wildly sucked on it.

Meanwhile he increased the speed of he finger-fucking that he was applying to the girls now dripping slot.

Debbie cried out and gasped "Don't stop, I'm cumming for you" as she began jerking out her orgasm and producing pussy juice which Raul greedily sucked up. He kept licking until she was done whereupon the girl locked her eyes onto his and stated "Now I want to suck on your cock until you cum in my mouth and you can watch me swallow it." Raul retorted "Yes baby suck daddies big dick" and the teen hopped down from her porcelain perch and quickly knelt on the floor.

She reached inside his shorts and pulled out his dick, cooing her approval while sticking out her firebrand tongue to lap up a drop of precum that had gathered on the tip.

Not being able to wait another minute to taste him she took all of him into her mouth, her lips pushing into his pubic hair and her nose touching his torso. She continued the deepthroat action, meanwhile cupping his balls with one tiny palm as he moaned passionately.

Debbie's other hand ventured behind him both to cup his muscular ass and also to pull him tighter into her oral embrace. Raul groaned, and realizing he was not going to last to long with the sexy little slut he decided to face-fuck her and make it a big orgasm.

He thrust forward forcefully, the young whores head snapped back but she did not let up on her sucking action for a second. Finally Raul got to the breaking point and said "I'm going to cum in your pretty fucking mouth." At that he started spurting, the first two forcefull jets going right down her constricting throat but then she pulled off the dick somewhat as she wanted to taste his slightly salty semen.

The next four creamy offerings were deposited exactly on her pretty pink tongue and then he was done. Debbie pulled back a bit further, stared up at the older man with her cum-coated mouth on display like some young porno star. Then she closed her lips and gulped all the hot baby masturbating on website for chatting down meanwhile not breaking eye contact in any way.

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She said "Your cum tastes so good I love it." He replied Thats great cause I'm going to make sure I feed it to you regularly in the future."