Blond milf tits and verified amateur blonde xxx step moms new fuck toy

Blond milf tits and verified amateur blonde xxx step moms new fuck toy
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So please read parts 1 and 2 for a better understanding of what's going on. Who sent me this DVD? Was it Jack or Janet? This I had to know. More importantly, how did they know where to send it. If you read part 1 and 2 you know I met this group through Master a guy I met through Craigslist. I never gave him my real name when we met because I thought better to be safe and probably deep down I thought like many Craigslist encounters, the guy would be a flake or a no show.

So, after my first encounter in Master's basement it felt kind of wrong to say, "Hey uh, by the way, my name isn't really Carson it's HungJay!" Full disclosure, I'm married. My wife is awesome. Beautiful, sexy, very intelligent, all legs with a dancer's body, however her idea of sexual exploration is vanilla to say the least. Great woman, my best friend, we have an awesome marriage full of laughter and good sex but approaching her with ideas of adding a third party or showing her cuckold porn would cause her to worry.

I get that. Some women are wired differently and that doesn't make her a bad woman by any means. So, now imagine my fear when a random gangbang / bukake DVD shows up at my house with me in it and where my wife could've easily found it.

I was raging pissed to say the least. Master showed equal concern as well and I believed him. Somebody had broken rules of the group. The fact I even had a copy was very upsetting to him. He assured me we would get to the bottom of it. I was asked to pop by and bring the dvd which I did but not before making a copy.

Probably not the best move I ever made but we'll get to that later. I stopped by Masters and we met in his kitchen. We had come to the conclusion the Jack or Janet identified my Audi in the driveway as a car they had not recognized before and had concluded it belonged to me "the new guy".

One of them must have obtained access and checked my insurance papers to get my address. My keys were in my jacket left in a side room so that must've been how they did it. I demanded Master call them and he said he would but wanted teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy to calm down.

We smoked a joint and jumped in his hot tub. He texted Jack and and invited him over. It was while we were waiting for Jack to get back to us that Master and I started talking about sex.

He continued to ask about my fetishes. I told him I liked porn where a bunch of guys jerked off into a glass or a bowl and then the girl sucks it all up from a straw. He explained he had a healthy cum fetish as well. Sensing I was still stressed Master got closer and started giving me a handy in the tub.

It felt incredible. I moved up to the top stair and Master began licking and sucking my dick. He slid a finger in my ass and rubbed my prostate while deep throating my rod. Stopping he stood and got out of the tub. His cock was beautiful. 9.5 inches with what I first thought were warts but then later realized they were surgical pearls he had medically inserted for his partner's pleasure. I stood and followed him upstairs.

In his bedroom he got on the bed on all fours and told me to get the lube from the side table. Now, I had actually never been to crazy about the idea of fucking another man in the ass. I had wanted too with women but never found one willing to try it. But I needed to cum, the blowjob in the tub had left me uncomfortably hard. Pre cum was oozing from my dick as I opened the lube and coated his ass and my dick. I slid right into his ass and have to say the feeling was not what I expected.

I loved that I could thrust inside him and rub his dick at the same time. He started barking "Cum in me, fill my ass, fuck me come on!" I started to spurts loads of seed in his ass. I must've shot 8 times. I slid out and he stayed on all fours. "Get the glass in the bathroom he ordered." I did as requested and when I returned I collected the ivory goo running out of his ass. He said put the glass on the table and I did as asked. It was his turn to get off. He turned his TV on and shortly a video came on with a girl in her twenties at a gloryhole.

I had seen some gloryhole porn but babe rides my dick in the grass telsev like this. The girl was was kneeling on cracked tiles covered in cum, used condoms, wads of toilet paper, and needles.

She was adorable. Latin, 34C, beautiful face. She had cum all over her chest and globs of teen friends step daughter threesome he comes back the favor by providing a strong pooled on her pelvis area caked to her black pubic hair.

She sucked a black dick that looked 11 inches long, I followed suit. Lying on the bed watching porn and sucking Master dick. My tongue explored every surgical pearl. The girl in the vid suddenly got blasted by the spraying cock and I was getting hard again.

Master shouted "I'm going to cum!" And pulled out of my mouth and grabbed the glass on the side table. He unloaded his sticky goodness into it, shot after shot. He saw I was hard and ordered me onto all 4's. I was reluctant and he said not to worry, that he'd go slow. He entered inch by inch and I gasped. The pearls in his cock felt incredible. In and out, pushing further with every shove. I gripped the bed sheets as he started fucking me faster.

He handed me the glass and I placed it under my dick and began my cum explosion. My eyes rolled back in my head and then suddenly he pulled out and was right next to me spurting into the glass. I passed out in ecstasy watching the porn vid next to Master. He lit a smoke and I shit you not said "My wife will be home soon, I should start dinner." I remember thinking, this guy has a wife. I hadn't seen a ring on Master's hand and I hadn't been introduced to her at the party as far as I knew.

The Master got up and had a shower leaving me alone with the glass of our joy juice. It was during this period I heard Master's phone go off next to the bed and I looked at it. Jack got back to us and said he'd by in a bit with a present. I continued to watch the porn trying to build up the courage to drink the contents of the glass, but I couldn't. This was a problem that had plagued me for years.

Once I cum, the very thought of eating my own load diminishes. Suddenly in walks Master's wife Ilsa returning from a hard days work. She was a fucking knockout. Twenty years younger than Master, Latin, beautiful legs and spectacular fake tits. She stood there with a smile, hand on her hip and a look like - who the fuck is the naked guy in my bed.

Suddenly it hit me. She was the girl in the video. She didn't say a word to me and instead walked into the bathroom. I heard her heels on the tile and the shower stop. An argument started and I made out that she was upset that Master used their bed for his work which I gather was a big no no. I decided to leave and got out of bed but as I did she came out and stared at me.

"Where're do you think you're going?" She said. And without skipping a beat she took the glass of cum from the side table and downed it. I was at a loss for words to say the least.

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I mean I had seen her in action only a little earlier but to see it play out like that was another thing. She was wearing a short grey skirt and black sleeveless top. I found out later she works in commercial real-estate. She began stripping down to her bra and panties when Master walked out of the bathroom, clean and dressed, and casually says he'll start dinner before heading downstairs.

Ilsa opened a drawer pulled out a pill container and tossed me a Viagra. I had never taken one before and was a sexy ass teen sophia leone gets fucked pornstars and hardcore unsure about it. Seeing me reluctant to take it she assured me it would be fine and instructed me to relax. I took the pill and watched her smile and head into a walk-in closet.

She exited the closet wearing 9inch white heels that had these white ribbons snaking up and around her shins and calves. White lacy panties, white garters, and a white latex corset. My dick was hard and I have no idea if it was the pill or my own free will but I knew this was going to get fun quick. She asked me to follow her and I did using a throw pillow to hide my now extremely painful hard-on. I followed her into a dark room, yet another one of Master's playrooms that I had no idea existed.

There was a box in the corner similar to the size of an outhouse. She opened the door and told me to get in. Inside there was a hole and TV with porn on. It was a gloryhole booth. This was a huge fantasy of mine. I stuck my dick through the hole and waited.

The screen clicked on and it was German Goo Girl's video playing. 30 guys gangbanging and coating this chick in goo. Suddenly I jumped feeling an ice cube in a mouth around my dick. It felt incredible. Plus I hadn't even washed my dick. She sucked like a pro. Tonguing my piss slit and using long licks. The wood was cold against my chest and legs and I needed to cum.

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When I did it was sensational. Spirt after spurt I filled her warm mouth up. She held my load in her mouth and continued to suck me. Suddenly, the door opened and standing there was Ilsa. To which instantly I thought, who's mouth is my dick in. I pulled out and left the booth and found Janet on her hands and knees by the hole. Cum was all over her mouth. She had a collar that was attached to a leash and Jack was handling her. He looked at me and said, "Master told me my dog has been very bad, I've come to apologize." To be cont'd