Busty teen babe katie morgan pounded by her pervert stepbro

Busty teen babe katie morgan pounded by her pervert stepbro
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"Jack, your father and I will be gone all weekend. You can have your friends over for your birthday party, but your Aunt Peggy next door will be keeping an eye out so don't let it get out of control. You are 17 now so we expect you to start acting like an adult. You need to take care of your sister too.

I am leaving you enough money so you can order out if you want but there is plenty of food in the refrigerator." "Okay mom, we will keep it down to a low roar. There are only a few friends coming over so it will be okay. We can take care of ourselves. I'll keep an eye on the munchkin so she doesn't get into trouble." Jack was already wondering how he was going to get his 15 year old sister out of the house so she wouldn't be a drag on his party.

"We will be back by Sunday evening. "With that, his parents put their bags in the car and drove out of the driveway. It was Friday evening and Jack started getting everything set up for the next day when his friends would be coming over. He was still working on a way to get his sister to leave for a few hours. His sister Sarah came down to the rec room in the basement where he was setting up a table for snacks and drinks for the party.

"Jack, can I ask you a favor?" "What kind of favor, Munchkin?" "If I have to put up with your snooty friends tomorrow, I will just scream. Would it be okay if I went over to one of my friend's houses while you have your party?" Jack thought, "There is a god". "I guess that would be okay. Just stay out of trouble. I don't want to have to bail you out of jail." Sarah gave him a big hug and said, "Thank you; you are the best big brother in the world." As she turned away to go back upstairs, He thought, "She isn't so bad, if she would only not be so clingy." They had always been close, but the last several months, it seemed as if she was going out of her way to be near him.

Not that that was a bad thing but sometimes he needed some alone time. He had to be careful to lock his bedroom door when he had his jack off sessions. He almost got caught by Sarah one day when she came running into his room without knocking. She didn't say anything but he wasn't entirely sure she hadn't seen his 7" cock waving in the air before he got it covered up. Now that Sarah was maturing, she had begun to fill out in the most pleasing places and he sometimes caught himself looking at her in an un-brotherly manner, especially exclusive mommy teaches how to blow she walked around in just a tee shirt and panties.

At times, when the parents weren't around, she would walk through the room wearing a tank top that she had obviously outgrown and tiny panties that seemed to creep up into her crack. At least she would be gone while he could party with his friends. Later that evening, Jack was in the back yard, mowing the yard.

His cousin Sherry stuck her head through the gate in the privacy fence between their yards and called him over to her. Sherry was 16 and very hot. She was 5'6" tall with C cup breasts and a very pretty face. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and legs that went up and made an ass out of their selves. Cousin or not, Jack had wanted to fuck her for years. "What's up, Sherry?" "Jack, I know your birthday party is tomorrow and I wanted to give you a sample of your birthday present.

Follow me." Jack followed her into a large storage building behind her house and she closed the door behind them. "Where is my present?" "Right here." Sherry lifted the front of her shirt above her naked breasts, placed his hands on them and wrapping her arms around his neck, kissed him.

This was no cousin kiss; it was an open mouth, tongue tag kiss. She then stepped back, pulling her shirt back down and said, "You will get the rest of your present tomorrow." Jack wandered back to his yard with a stunned look on his face. He couldn't even remember why he was in the back yard. All he knew was that he had to get back to his room lock the door and crank off a load as soon as possible.

He lay on his bed wondering if the rest of his present included fucking Sherry. He got so hard thinking about it that he had to jack off a second time to get rid of his erection. The next morning, Jack got out of bed and went to have a shower and get dressed. When he got downstairs, he smelled something good coming from the kitchen. When he walked in, Sarah had pancakes, sausage and eggs fixed for him.

As he sat down, she placed a glass of orange juice at his place and kissed him on the cheek. "Happy birthday, big brother." "Thank you, Munchkin, this is great. You can do this every day if you want." "Oh, no, this is just because it is a special day for my special brother." Sarah sat down and had her breakfast with him. He saw that she was wearing a tee shirt that was too small for her and he could tell she was not wearing a bra. She had on tight shorts that showed off her round little bubble butt.

As lovely teen gives head and fucked deep ate his breakfast, he felt a rise in his own pants when he looked at her. He thought, "Wow, I need to get a girlfriend." After breakfast, Sarah cleaned up the kitchen and joined him in the living room and they watched TV for a few hours and talked about their plans for the day. At about 1:00 Sarah said, "I am going to my friend's now since your guests will be coming soon." "Okay, I'll see you later Munchkin." "Call my cell when your party is over so I will know when it is safe to come home." With that, she left the house.

At about 2:00 guests started coming. Jack brought the snacks and drinks down to the basement and they mature vixen sydney hail gets her pussy beaten up spent the afternoon playing games, listening to music and dancing.

At one point, Jack's Aunt Peggy came in and wished him a happy birthday and gave him a sweater as a gift. She saw that everyone seemed to be behaving and she left them to their fun. When Peggy got back home, she told Sherry that she needed to go in to the office to get some work done and would be back after dinner.

By 5:00 the party started winding down and all of Jack's friends left. When Sherry saw the cars leave, she called Jack and said, "Meet me at the gate." Jack went out to the back yard and in a few minutes, Sherry came out to him. She put a blindfold on him and said, "You have to do exactly what I say or you will not get the rest of your present." Jack agreed and let Sherry lead him back to the storage shed.

When they got inside, Sherry had him remove his shirt and lay down on a narrow cot. She tied his hands above his head.

He felt her run her hands down his chest and across his stomach. She straddled his hips and sat on him, leaning down to kiss his lips and nibble on his ear lobe. He heard clothing being removed and felt hands unfastening his pants and tugging them off. Then, he felt a hand wrap around his 7" cock, squeezing it and stroking the length of it.

He felt hot breath and a mouth press against his hardness. A pair of hands slipped under the waist band of his boxers and he lifted his hips as they were blonde teen charlyse bella having sex with bf from him. He jumped when he felt something soft and warm touch his cock. A tongue licked the shaft from his balls to the tip. It washed over every inch of his cock before enveloping the head between soft lips.

He moaned as those lips took him deeper and deeper into her warm wet mouth. She stroked him slowly as she sucked at the head of his engorged cock. He was disappointed when the mouth was lifted from his cock, but then he felt a new and even more pleasant sensation. A wet pussy dropped down on his thighs, sliding up until his cock was nestled between the wet, warm pussy lips.

They slid back and forth, coating his cock with slippery girl juice. She lifted her hips and reached between them to hold his cock upright and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. He sighed as she lowered her hot cunt down onto him working the entire length into her. She moved up and down, back and forth and each time she felt him getting close to an orgasm, she stopped until he calmed down. Soon, she began moving faster and faster as her own orgasm approached and he felt her cunt squeezing his cock as she began to cum, flooding his cock with her juices.

This triggered his orgasm and he pumped ribbon after ribbon of cum into her love canal. She collapsed against his chest and he felt her rock hard nipples against his bare skin. Soft lips gently kissed his and a tongue probed into his mouth. Then, she rose from him and he heard the sound of clothing being put back on. A hand lifted his flaccid cock and licked the cum from it, making sure that no cum was wasted.

Sherry untied his hands and instructed him to wait two minutes before removing the blindfold. He heard the door close and he was alone. He waited what he thought was the correct amount of time and removed the blindfold.

He left the shed and there was no one around. He returned home and got a drink from the kitchen. He then remembered to call Sarah to tell her it was okay to come home.

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She said she would be home in a while and about a half hour later she arrived. "Did you have a good party?" "Yea, we had fun." "Did you get some nice presents?" "Oh, yes, I got some real nice presents." "Good, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. It's always nice to get something that you have wanted for a long time." Jack wondered what she meant by that as she started up the stairs. She looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled.

That night, Jack crawled into bed and thought back over his day. He fell asleep but a sound woke him a short time later. Then he felt the covers lift and a warm, naked body slipped into bed with him. Jack's eyes flew open to see Sarah looking down at him. She put her hand into his boxers and grabbed his cock, stroking it as it inflated to its full length.

"This time I want you to see my face when you make me cum again. Happy birthday" "That was you?" "Yes, I've wanted to do that for a long time. I love my big brother and I want you to love me too." "I thought you were a virgin." "I was until today.

At least with a man. I borrowed Sherry's dildo a while back and broke my cherry, but I've been saving myself for you. I couldn't think of anyone else I would do it with. I only wanted you." "Oh, Munchkin, I don't know what to say." "Don't say anything; just put this wonderful cock back in me. I need you to make me cum again. That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced." Sarah moved up onto Jack's body and pressed her lips to his.

He opened his mouth and let his tongue dance with hers. They kissed like lovers until Jack couldn't take it anymore. He rolled Sarah over to her back and let his hands explore her body. He brushed his palms across her breasts, capturing her rock hard nipples between his fingers, pinching and tugging on them. Sarah squealed with delight. Jack's mouth followed soon after, licking and sucking at the tender flesh. He slid a hand down to her bottom, pulling her body tight against himself.

He held her butt cheek in his hand, squeezing it and rubbing his index finger down between the cheeks and across her puckered hole. He dipped lower to gather the wetness from her pussy and brought it back to her hole to tease it again. Sarah could barely catch her breath she was so excited. "This is so much better when your hands are not tied." Jack said, "If you think this is american naughty xxx story dwonload, just wait.

It gets better." He started to kiss down her chest, licking and sucking at her soft skin. He dipped his tongue into her navel and on down to just above her mound. Jack moved down between her legs and lifting her left leg up, he kissed her behind her knee. He let his tongue and lips trace their way up her inner thigh until he got to the swollen lips of her moist pussy.

He spread the outer lips apart and ran his tongue up from her ass hole to her clit. He lapped up her flowing juices and pushed his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could.

He sucked and sipped at her juices and as he moved up to her clit, he plunged a finger into her cunt, searching for her G-spot. He sucked her clit into his mouth, nibbling it and fluttering it with the tip of his tongue. Sarah, lost control as she began to cum into his mouth, holding his face tight against her pussy.

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She screamed out her joy as she squirted cum across his face and chest. Her legs were locked around his head as her body went rigid with her orgasm. Jack took a deep breath as she finally relaxed enough to release him.

He crawled back up and kissed Sarah, letting her taste herself. She was so stimulated she could not talk. She began laughing and hugging Jack and kissing all over his face. "That was the most amazing thing ever.

I want to do that every day." "Munchkin, we can do that whenever you want as long as the parental units are not around." "Will you let me take care of you now?

It only seems fair." "If you want to, help yourself." "I haven't done this before so tell me if I'm not doing it right." "Wasn't it you giving me head in the shed today?" "No, that was Sherry. By the way, she wants to come over tomorrow to finish giving you her present. She wants you to fuck her too.

I told her I was pretty sure you would be willing to share this big dick with her." Sarah slipped down the bed and took Jack's cock in her hand. She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked the head of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. She let it slide across her lips, and she licked the length of his shaft. "This is pretty big, I don't know if I can get it all in my mouth." "That's okay; you don't have to take it all." She slipped her lips over the head of his throbbing cock and began to suck it into her mouth.

At first she took only the head but as she got braver, she took it deeper and deeper. She let her tongue massage the bottom of his dick as she worked it in and out of her mouth. With one hand she cradled his balls, rolling them back and forth in her palm. She was able to get most of him into her mouth but almost gagged as it hit the back of her throat.

warm ball cream collection for hot asian japanese and hardcore you go that deep, you have to swallow to keep from choking." Jack advised. I will warn you when I am getting close. You don't have to finish me my aunt give me freedom your mouth if you don't feel comfortable with it." "I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste you and swallow your cum like you did mine.

Sherry says it tastes good. If she can swallow it I can too." With that, Sarah plunged his cock back into her hungry mouth, working him faster and faster. She pushed her face tighter against Jack and as his cock reached her throat, she swallowed and with her hands behind his thighs, she pulled him all the way into her until her lips were tight around the base of his cock. She drew back, taking a breath and looked up at him and said, I think I got all of it that time, and smiled. She went back to work and after a few more strokes; Jack warned her that he was going to cum.

She sucked harder and took him as deep as she could, vacuuming his cum into her mouth as she swallowed every drop. She did not stop sucking until she had every bit of his cum and he started to shrink in her mouth. "How was that?" "Munchkin that was the best blow job I have ever had. Now come up her and let me hold you." They cuddled for a long time and talked about the future. Both of them wanted to continue the ebony slut rachel raxxx bends over for white cock, but they agreed that they would have to be very careful so no one else ever knew.

Of course, Sherry already knew so they agreed that she could be part of their conspiracy and Jack could fuck her too if she wanted to. After a while, Sarah felt jack's cock coming back to life. "Is it time for you to put that back in me?" "Oh yes, I think it's time Amazing slow to fast sex teen and teacher got to watch your face as I cum in your sweet little pussy. Oh, I forgot. Is there a chance of you getting pregnant?" "It's okay, I'm on the pill.

I had mom get it for me. I told her I was having problems with my periods. We can fuck as much as we want." Jack slipped his hand down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy and slipped his fingers into her to get her ready. When she was wet enough, he knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, getting lubricated.

He finally guided the head between her lips and probed the passage to her love canal. She was wet and very tight. He pushed in slowly, backing up and then moving deeper with each stroke. Soon he was buried all the way in her juicy cunt. He began stroking slowly at first letting her get used to his size. Sarah felt full as he entered her and began to move with him, urging him to fuck her harder and faster.

Their pace accelerated, but as they approached their climax, Jack slowed to make it last longer. Neither of them wanted it to ever end. They kissed tenderly and explored each other's mouth with their tongues. Their hands moved around touching every part they could reach. Their movements were so synchronized that it was as if they were only one body. Soon they reached the peak of passion and exploded in a massive shared orgasm that left them both drained.

Jack fell off to the side and with his cock still planted in Sarah, they fell asleep. Jack woke up first; Sarah was draped across his chest with her head on his shoulder and one leg across his. He lay still, watching her sleep until she opened her eyes and smiled.

As she began to get up, she kissed him good morning. They shared a shower and went down stairs for breakfast. Sarah wore just a tee shirt and panties and Jack just pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. They could barely keep their hands off each other.

If they were standing, they held hands or had an arm around each other. If they were sitting, Sarah sat in his lap. They kissed often and hugged every time they passed each other. Sarah said, "I promised Sherry that I would call her this morning so she could come over. Is that okay with you?" "Yes, have her come over whenever she wants to." Sarah called her cousin and in a few minutes she was at the back door.

"Well, you two look happy this morning. Did you have a good night?" Sarah said, "Well, if you mean did we have sex several times, yes, we had a good night.

I'm guessing we will have a good day too." "I am so happy for you two. I know Sarah has wanted this for a long time." Jack said, "I guess I owe you one for setting us up yesterday.

Thank you; you have done something that I think has changed our lives forever." "You are welcome; I hope I get to collect on that pretty soon. After watching the two of you yesterday, it has left me very horny. I hope you will agree to take aaron mark and thorben sisters fucking gay boys up to your room and screw me until I can't stand up." "Sherry, I have wanted to do that with you since I was 15.

You have always been my favorite cousin and one of the sexiest females I know." "Then let's get naked big boy and let sex doctor sex stories xxx com get a hold of that cock of yours.

It was very tasty yesterday but I really want it between my legs." Jack took her hand and led her to his bedroom. She let him remove her clothes and she lay across his bed as he stripped. His cock was already opened her mouth to welcome his tongue. Sherry wrapped her arms around Jack and whispered in his ear, "Jack, I am so happy that you will be my first.

I want you to take it slow so we can make it last. I broke my cherry with a dildo but I have never been with a boy before. I was saving myself for you. I am on the pill so you can cum in my pussy." Jack lifted his hand to her breast and rubbed his palm lightly across her nipple, causing it to pop erect. He captured the nipple between his fingers and tugged and twisted it making Sherry squeal with delight. He kissed down her neck and nibbled her ear lobe.

Chills ran down Sherry's spine and she giggled saying that it tickled. He kissed her eyes, her nose, her cheek and her lips. He leaned up and drank in her beauty, not believing that he was finally getting to make love to a girl he had fantasized about since he was 15. Jack let his lips follow the path from her mouth to her chin and down her neck to her chest where he let his tongue touch the tip of her nipple causing her to gasp with excitement.

He took the now hard nipple into his mouth and sucked it while his tongue fluttered across it. Sherry held his head against her and he let his hand move down to the place where he felt the small strip of hair that crowned her mound.

He gently tugged on the hair before sliding his fingers down to her outer lips. He traced down one side and back up the other. He felt the growing wetness and as he touched her, her outer lips separated giving access to the pink inner lips and the tunnel that was his destination. He dipped the tip of his finger in her drawing some moisture out and spreading it over her pussy.

Sherry's hips rose to meet his hand inviting him back into her. He again inserted his finger, deeper this time. Each stroke went deeper and his lips moved down her chest to her abdomen, passed her navel and down to bury his nose in her small fur patch.

He inhaled her odor, spurring him to greater passion. His lips found her clit and he kissed it letting his tongue tickle the hard nub from its protective cover. He sucked it and licked it as he pumped his fingers into her cunt.

Sherry cried out as she came for the first time calling out his name. Her legs clamped his head and her hands held it tightly into her pulsing pussy. She came so hard; his face was flooded with her sweet nectar. He drank it up as fast as he could, driving his tongue deep into her love canal.

As she began to recover, Jack moved back up to her face to kiss her. She cried out, "Oh, Jack, Fuck me now. Please fuck me now. I need you inside me now." Jack guided his steel hard cock to the opening of her cunt and drove it in to the hilt. He pumped in and out of her as her orgasm resumed. It seemed as if as soon as one orgasm passed, another flooded her body. Her cum squirted down her canal bathing Jack's cock and soaking the bed below them.

The pulsing of her cunt walls brought Jack to his own climax and they pushed against each other as if they were trying to crawl inside.

As they finished, Jack dropped exhausted to her side and still with his cock nestled in her flooded pussy, they soon fell asleep. Sarah, let them rest for a while and then she entered the room with drinks for them and she sat on the side of the bed with them.

"He's really, really good isn't he Sherry. The three of us are going to have a lot of fun from now on." "Sarah, are you sure you don't mind sharing him with me?" "It's okay, we both love him and he loves both of us and you and I have shared everything for as long as I can remember.

Why can't we all be in love together?" Jack said, "I think that is a great idea. In fact, I have something I have had fantasies about and wanted to try if you two are up for it." "What do you have on your perverted little mind big brother?" "I want to try a threesome.

One of you sitting on my cock and the other sitting on my face." "Well, if Sarah will get out of her clothes, we can try that right now." Jack said, "If you don't mind, I would like a shower first. I'm pretty sweaty right now." The three of them climbed into the shower, doing as much playing as washing and more laughing than anything.

After they dried each other off, they changed the sheets on Jack's bed and they all crawled in, one girl on each side and Jack in the middle. "Who wants to be where", Jack asked. Sarah said, "I think the only logical way to choose is to flip sexxy very herd xxx story coin." She got a coin from Jack's desk and said, "Sherry, you get whatever comes up".

She flipped the coin and it came up heads. Jack lay back on his bed and Sarah crawled up and straddled his hips. She rubbed her wet pussy up and down across his cock as Sherry took her place sitting on Jack's face. She squatted down and jack started feasting on her sweet pussy while Sarah guided his 7" meat pole into her cunt. Jack plunged his tongue deep into Sherry's pussy lapping up her juices and tickled her clit. He slipped a finger into her and nibbled her lips, making her quiver with excitement.

Sarah rode his cock and rubbed her clit against his pubic bone. She cried out, "OH, Jack I love your cock in me. Make me cum for you." She bounced and twisted and reached behind to fondle his balls. She ground down on him and cried out as her orgasm hit. Sherry was close behind as she screamed, "Oh, yes, eat my pussy and make me cum on your face." She drenched him with her cum and he swallowed as fast as he could, pulling her hips tight to his face and xxxxx story pron sex stories com his tongue deep into her cunt.

Jack started cumming and he spurted load after load into his sister as she rode him. Soon they all collapsed on the bed, hugging and kissing each other.

Jack finally realized that it was starting to get late and they had to clean everything up before the parents got home. They grabbed a quick shower, changed the sheets, got dressed and Sarah took the dirty sheets to the laundry room and started the wash.

They had ordered a pizza and were lovely rino asuka in high heels toying a cock in undies finishing it when their parents came home. "Well, I see the house is still standing and there are no police cars outside, so I guess everything went all right this weekend." "Yea, dad, it was a pretty calm weekend. We didn't even leave the house, except Sarah went over to a friend's house during the party.

She isn't too fond of my friends. Aunt Peggy stopped over for a while but nothing too exciting happened. We even cleaned up our mess afterwards." "Well, that's good son. I knew it would be okay.

We trust you to take care of things when we are away. We may even take more trips now that we know you and your sister have things under control." "We do daddy, my big brother takes good care of me." THE END