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Pornamateur sex stories pornamateur amazing
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I woke up early that Wednesday. Well before anyone else had. I walked into the kitchen and consumed two bags of blood, as I did I saw it was still raining and raining hard. "Damn no racing today." I sat on the sofa and flicked the tv and watched a news report o street racing accident in north texas.

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As I watched I didn't notice the set of eyes watching me, stalking me. I went over to the laptop and searched up abu dhabi and what all I could do there. I saw races, bars big parties. It was a rich boys dream, a place where some one like me wouldn't fit in, but I could race my way onto the scene. "They have cars that are faster than yours. You know that don't you?" Lauren was drinking a glass of blood wine with samantha and lexi standing behind her. "Yeah, I do but it never hurts to try ya know?" I was also looking up parts for my nissan.

It needed better tires and a better set of turbos. "How long have yall been up?" "Well lexi and I just woke up, and apparently so did you." lauren said yawning. "And ive been up for an hour packing. We leave in a hour." "But its not Thursday!

Its Wednesday." I was looking at every clock and date I could find, and sure enough it was Wednesday. Mom booked early flights for us, shes coming in Thursday." I looked around and suitcases were packed, even mine. "So who packed mine? I don't remember doing that." I was still rubbing the crud out of my eyes.

"We had one of the maids to pack your clothes and belongings." Lauren said as she drank from her glass. I ran upstairs and showered, shaved and brushed my teeth and got done with thirty minutes to spare. And as I walked down stairs a black tahoe was outside waiting for us with our bags already loaded. Emily was still in bed sound asleep so everyone was sneaking down stairs trying not to make noise. "Everyone ready?" Lauren whispered. "Yeah all good here.

Everyone got their phones?" I asked and everyone nodded and we teen jaye summers sucks and rides fathers buddy out into the SUV. As we drove we sat in mostly silence as I was texting robby. And we were talking about how much hell were gonna raise when I got home and we talked about old times and how aaron moved away to florida.

Before I knew it we were at the airport and we were un loading our bags and I noticed I was wearing an outfit I shouldn't have. My old boots some old jeans a white slim fitting shirt and a chevy hat I got when I bought my cadillac. As we walked into the airport our flight was about to board and we ran to the gate and got seated, and in firstclass no less.

I always loved flying and watched the ground become more distanced from us as I noticed that the seats were in rows of four not three. And I was surrounded by three of the most beautiful women I had seen in my life. I put my head phones in and watched a movie on my phone. As I got lost in my movie the girls were talking amongst themselves, something about all the things to do and all the guys. The really loved talking about guys and it made me feel a little jealous and soon enough the'y were all In my head and reading my thoughts.

They laughed hysterically and pulled my headphones out. We'll always be yours sam but were gonna have fun and you can do as you wish just like we can. Mom just said to be safe and you have to approve of a boy that we bring back to the bitchy emo babe deepthroats and anal banged by big cock with us anyway." Lexi re assured me they wouldn't do anything to drastic and kissed my cheek.

I leaned back and slept. I awoke to lauren shaking me. "sam strap in we're here!" I buckled up and watched us descend onto the tarmac.

It was more beautiful than any other city I've ever seen. As we landed we got our bags and walked out side to find my nissan and lexis hypersport waiting. "Ok so who wants to ride with who?" I spoke up and lauren walked over to me, she was in black leather pants, military boots and a red tanktop.

"This rides mine ladies sorry but try and keep up!" she taunted at them and lexi caved in. "Samantha lets race them! Winner gets first dibs on him!" I was shaking and laughing. "Ladies please theres more than enough of me!" I hopped into my car with lauren and pulled up beside lexi and revved up my engine and sped off. Lauren was handling my gps and was talling me directions. "Hard left!" I hit my E-Brake and drifted into the far left lane and lexi was right on my tail, her pink supercar gaining more speed.

I down shifted and got onto the straight away to the hotel and it was a mtter of speed from here. "Use the nos when they get a little ahead of you. That car isnt fitted with a boost of any kind so it'll finish them. They got the lead on us and hit it zooming pas them and into the parking lot of the hotel.

I got out and laughed as I watched them pull in. "No fair you had a booster on your car!"Lexi was pouting and samntha looked like she almost died and was wide eyed. We ran into the hotel and were shown to our room and I just stopped.

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Three beds three baths a huge L-shaped couch and two recliners with a huge ocean view window, and the biggest balcony ive ever seen. I looked in the fridge and say bags of blood mostly but some food and drinks. "Whered the blood come from?" I asked lauren as she walked up to me. "Mom had an arrangement made. Not too hard really." I nodded and walked to the couch and laid down, it was already six at night and I was jet lagged to hell.

"So I get the couch.?" I was a little confused as to where I would sleep. Sure all the beds were king sized but I didn't wanna intrude on anyones space.

All three of them looked at me with this hunger.that can only be described as primal. Samantha walked behind me, lexi to my left and lauren to my right.

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"No silly youre gonna sleep with us. And ya know that deal we made about dibs? Yea that's not happening. Were going to share you like a new toy.a new…sexy toy." Lauren was bitting her bottom lip and I was kinda shocked because not a week prior she hated me.

But fuck it I thought and I kissed all three of them. "What are the plans ladies? Im at river girls i d like to fuck disposal." They looked at each other and back to me. "How about we go out and see whats up tonight?" samantha asked and the other two agreed and looked up at me and I just smiled.

"Im driving no questions asked!" they laughed and all kissed my cheek. As I looked in my suit case I say a white and red tux with white shoes. I had always like this kind of tux. With a bowtie not a drop down. I slipped it on combed my hair and walked out to find all three of them wearing matching red dresses. Its like they planned this little stunt. As we walked down we got looks from almost every man and woman in the lobby. I pulled out my keys and un locked my nissan opening the doors and letting the seat back for samantha and lexi.

Lauren sat up front with me and we took off down the strip. As we drove we looked for a party or something to do and then I remembered looking online and there was a big party for some kind of prince at the Armani hotel and I plugged in my gps and took off. We were stopped a mile and a half from the hotel at a red light when a white Z06 corvette pulled up beside us and I rolled my window down and pointed to the hotel screaming race and the man in the car gave me the thumbs up.

Green light. Go and my AWD sysytem kicked in and we launched going 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and climbing as the corvette burned out at the line. We pulled up to the lobby entrance and I got out opening the doors and letting the seats back. All three women were stuck to me as we laughed and walked up to the receptionist. She must have been no older that 20. "Maam where can I finde the party for a certain prince?" I brushed her hair to the side and smiled at her. She blushed and told us the 31st floor was where we could find him and handed us passes.

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"Thank you sweet hear." I kissed her cheek and walked off. As we got in the elevator I got bold and put a hand up lexi and laurens dresses and began to rub their pussies while samantha and I made out soon I heard the elevator ding and we all jumped. We had stopped early but why? And sure enough three women glad in white poured in and just stared at us.

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Looking at us individually and giggled. "Is somethimg wrong ladies?" I said with a smile. "Oh no! no! just that you and latina in webcam fisting amp milking her wide cunt three wives look stunning!" And with that we reached the 31st floor and all exited. "Wives?" I asked lexi. "Yeah in some cases men in the middle east have many wives didn't you know?" I laughed "Id love to have you all as wives but I think I might die of exhaustion!" we all laughed and walked into this big ass penthouse sweet.

Woah we all said in unison. There were women dancing on a fountain a bar that had thousands of drinks and people by the dozens. "So are we gonna stay together or what?" I asked in a slightly worried and I felt theeir grip tighten on my arm.

"Hmmmmm…Oh wow a hot tub!" I pointed and drug them over to the large bubbling in ground tub with two or three people in it. "Oh hello friends! Welcome to my party are you finding it all to your pleasure?" a middle eastern teen who looked about 17. "Ah you must be the prince! And yes we are! May we join you?" Why of course there is a room with a change of clothes for everyone." we walked into the room changed and hung our dresses and tuxes up. We walked back out and stepped in and I put my arms arounall three women, or tried to at least.

"So may I ask your names?" the young man extended his hand to me. "Samuel and these lovley ladies are lauren lexi and samantha, my beautiful dates!" The boy laughed. "Well for a set of foreigners you by far are second best dressed. Me being best dressed." We all laughed and he asked if I did any racing and I said I did some street racing stateside. "Oh what do you drive?" "Im the driver of an ultra blue 2015 Nismo Nissan GT-R and the bad part is its still stock!" me and the man laughed.

"But if you want to meet a damn good driver talk to her!" I put lauren inbetween my legs. "Shes a real racer I just get lucky every now and again." Lauren blushed and I heard lexi whisper to samantha who whispered to lauren. "I never got your name! may I ask of it?" the man extended his hand again and said."Bahir!

It was a pleasure to meet you all!" and as soon as he was done talking I was drug away by the three of them and shoved against a wall. They all towered over me by atleast three inches or more.

"Sam are you ok? We arent making this hard are we? Lexi asked as they all pressed against me, soaking wet and and horny. I could feel their hands grab jerk pull and rub every thing they could. "I think.we should go to the room." I kissed them each deeply and passionately. We dreied off and changed again heading down stairs and hopping back in my car. "Wow&hellip.just fucking wow I don't think Ive ever been harde-" I was cut off by lauren wrapping her mouth around my cock, slowly working her way down.

I could hear her her sisters gasp in astonishment. "Ohhhh fuck." I was in heaven as lauren slowly bobbed up and down on my cock deepthroating it like a pro. "I want some!" I heard samantha and lexi yell from the back just as I pulled into the hotel parking lot. "You can have all you want…when we get upstairs!" I was panting and trembling.

We got up to the room and were all over each other I was shoved onto the couch and lauren straddled me as samantha and lexi held me in me in place while they stripped me of my tux. "Think you are up to the challenge sammy? Do you think you can be our new plaything?" I nodded and they pushed me back and lauren slid her dress and panties off and slowly lowered her self onto my cock and moaned running her nails along my chest.

"OH my goooooddd! I cant believe this!" lauren was at the hilt of my cock and was trying her hardest to not cum. She started to ride me, slowly at first but she picked up speed and was furiously riding my cock throwing her head back and grabbing my shoulders and slammimg herself down on to me.

"Oh god lauren I cant take much more of this!" I was trying to get my self up to have her my way but her lauren and samantha had me pinned down to the couch. "Youre gonna cum when all three of us say tiny teen anal first time yr old refugee in my hotel room for sex ok." lexi whispered in my ear. I was fighting to get up while moaning and pant from lauren grinding herself against me, cumming numerous times.

"God its too much!" I said as I could feel my load building up and my limits being pushed. Lauren hopped off and lowered herself over my face while lexi rode my cock and made out with samantha. "Oh wow! Sam I didn't know you could eat out like this!" I was biting her clit and basically buried my face in her cunt as I was being fucked. I tried to mumble that I was coming through laurens pussy but it was futile as I came deep in lexi.

I heard samantha whine about how she didn't get to cum or get fucked so I stood up and kissed her. "Don't worry ill make sure you get all of what you need." As I said that I laid her down on the couch and slowly slid my way into her groaning and moaning. "Ohhhhh shit baby fuck me." she cooed and so with all I had I fucked her pussy as hard, fast and furiously as I could.

She went crazy. Screaming and moaning as she came over and over soaking the couch in her cum. I was almost give out by this point and slowly I gave into the affects, but not before I slammed into her one final time releasing my biggest load ever into her, then everything went blurry and I heard faint giggles and felt a blanket slide over me.