Busty milf and tight teen babe crazy some sex on the couch

Busty milf and tight teen babe crazy some sex on the couch
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REGGI & SHI by:Reggi & Shi A few hours after Treyvon and Shiann tasteful one eyed monster sucking delight blowjob and amateur up, Treyvon's friend dropped by.

Shiann immediately thought that he was cute. He was 5' 5", chocolate skin and a smile that could blind the sun and he was single. Shiann was relentless that day with trying to go home with Reggi. Before long, Reggi finally agreed to bring her home. Unlike Treyvon's 2-story townhouse, Reggi lived in a double apartment in a poorer part of town.

Being that he didn't make as much money as Treyvon, Reggi lived much more simpler but found ways to make it look elegant. Reggi, unlike Treyvon, was a perfect gentleman. When he and Shiann arrived, Reggi showed her to the couch and poured her a glass of fine red wine while they talked. Several times he left to the kitchen to check the dinner he had cooking. He also went into the bedroom to set it up for the night he was sure he was in for. He lit cinnamon and rose candles all over the room and spread rose petals all over the bed and the floor around it.

Upon leaving the bedroom, Reggi was startled to find Shiann waiting for him.

She was curious about what he was doing but Reggi wasn't ready to show her yet. He led Shiann back to the couch and the two of them finished off the bottle of wine. A few minutes later Reggi led Shiann into his cozy little kitchen and sat her down at a little rectangular dinner table and lit two unscented candles.

Before long the floor lining lit up with some dim lights and Reggi appeared in front of Shiann with a little platter of smothered pork chops, baked macaroni & cheese, collard greens, cranberry sauce,& garlic bread.

He placed two platters that was set up similarly on the table, one in front of Shiann and the other in front of his placemat. Reggi then came back with two white wine goblets and a bottle of thirty year old merlot which he poured for both of them. While they ate, the two of them talked about everything under the sun. The conversation soon turned flirty. They talked about their favorite positions, what they would try, who they would fuck, etc.

Before long, Reggi was clearing the table and placing Shiann on top. They began kissing and sucking each others face off while Reggi began undressing Shiann.

Shiann was so preoccupied with Reggi's awesome brunette classy slut fucking riding big dick that she was having trouble unbuttoning Reggi's black silk, button-up shirt.

By the time Shiann was in nothing more than her emerald green panties, she had only managed to remove Reggi's shirt and wife beater. Reggi was about to carry Shiann into the room but Shiann jumped out of his arms and ran to get the whipped cream. Reggi reluctant mature wife suprise threesome Shiann into the room and threw her onto the bed and rose petals flew into the air and fluttered onto the two of them.

The two of them continued making out intimately for 10 more minutes until Shiann was begging for Reggi's cock. Reggi shrunk back a little bit and that caught Shiann's attention "what's wrong sexy? Why'd you stop?" Embarrassed, Reggi responded, "I'm still a virgin" "its ok Reggi, i'll guide you" Shiann assured Feeling a little reassured and confident, Reggi climbed back on top of Shiann and began kissing her again.

"first thing i want you to do is finger me" Reggi had an idea how to do that.

His hand travelled down Shiann's vanilla skin and through her panties to find her pussy. Upon finding it, Shiann instructed him to insert one finger into her hole. Reggi did just so, it felt so good to Shi. Soon Shiann was growling and moaning and bucking as Reggi had three of his long, thick fingers flying in and out of her tight pussy. Reggi felt like he was on a rollercoaster the way Shiann was jumping and bucking all over the place.

Shiann was screaming and moaning in absolute delight after one, no two, no three orgasms racked her beautiful body. Shiann was gasping for air as she threw Reggi off of her.

Now Reggi was standing, "get on your knees hot asian girl hardcore sex xjappehu japanese and big butt, i want you to completely clean my pussy of whipped cream" Shiann then shook the can of whipped cream and sprayed it all over her pussy. "get over here now, i dont wanna see or feel any of the cream" Reggi dropped to his knees in front of Shiann and began licking, slurping and nibbling her sweet pussy.

It tasted delicious to Reggi. It was sweet like cherries but a whole lot wetter. Reggi soon started getting into the groove of things. Reggi eating Shiann's pussy like he had never eaten a day in his life. He started licking up the whipped cream like he was a cat. He started nibbling and making out with Shiann's pussy lips just as if he was kissing her sweet face. Reggi started slurping up Shiann's juices like he was drinking a 7-11 Slurpee.

It felt awesome to Shiann. She began gripping the bed and begged Reggi not to stop. With one hand, Shiann gripped Reggi's head and forced him to keep eating her out. She moaned and cried out in pleasure.

She kept goin on and on almost drowning and suffocating Reggi with her pussy and its juices. When she finally did release his head, Reggi fell back gasping desperately for air.

It wasn't long before Shiann had finished herself off with one long squeal. "got a condom on and fuck me please" Reggi went to get a condom out of the nightstand. He couldn't find one "uhhhh.i don't have any Shi" "fuck it then, get over here and fuck me" He went back to Shiann ready to fuck but he couldn't find her hole. She grabbed Reggi's cock and guided it to her entrance.

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Reggi was a little smaller than Treyvon's serpent but still a decent size. He went in easily, stroking slowly at first.

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Reggi didn't realize how horny Shiann was. Shiann's pussy was really tight, almost like that of a virgin. Reggi stroked into her slowly. It was so tight but felt so good. "faster Reggi! Drill me faster and harder!" Shiann kelt yelling orders and encouragement like that to Reggi which made him dive deeper into her pussy. Soon he had all 10" deep inside of her. In and out, deeper and deeper College sorority pledges rolling around together in jello bath wrestling and hazing dove until his balls was slapping five with Shiann's exposed asshole.

This made Shiann so mad with sexual excitement that when she came, it sent Reggi flying out of her. Reggi was stunned but now hornier than ever. He quickly recovered himself and dove back in Shiann as deep as before, drilling her like he was mining for diamonds, until he came hard and deep into her tight inferno.

Thats when she had one more orgasm crying in both pleasure and pain "oh my god that felt great!" she exclaimed Shiann was ready to go again but Reggi needed to rest. "get up here baby and let mama help you relax and get ready for Round 2" she cooed Reggi climbed on the bed and laid on his back while Shiann stood over him deciding what she was gonna do.

Soon she walked over to his cock and began stoking it and eventually sucking it into her mouth.

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Everytime her head went down, it went further and further, taking inch after inch into her mouth. Shiann was awesome with blowjobs because 15 minutes later, Reggi was cumming like a volcano deep down her throat. Shiann happily slurped down and swallowed every drop almost choking. After swallowing Reggi's delicious, sticky seed, Shiann began stroking and kissing his penis. Her tongue danced around the biig ass round ass perfect ass 075 tube porn of Reggi's cock sending him into sexual bliss.

She kissed his head and then started sucking some more, stopping right as he was about to cum again "why'd you stop Shi? It was feeling so good!" Shiann looked at with him a naughty look and said "i wanted to hear you beg me for more. I wanna hear begging before i get you off" Reggi begged her to get him off. He begged liked a little boy until Shiann began sucking him off again.

Once more Reggi came in Shiann's willing mouth and once more she drank it all without hesitation. Shiann was done servicing Reggi yet, after giving him another handjob, Shiann pressed her tits together and slid them over Reggi's hard cock. It felt so great. Reggi was enjoying seeing his chocolate cock constantly popping from between Shiann's vanilla tits.

If getting titfucked wasnt enough, Shiann kissed and sucked Reggi's cock everytime it appeared between her tits. Soon, Reggi was coming for a sixth time, all over Shiann's tits. After her tits had cum on them, she stood over Reggi and massaged it all over them in the most sexual manner imaginable.

She danced her tongue over her quarter-sized, peach areolas and bite her nipples. Reggi was so horny kompoz eu slapping mon and som but Shiann wasn't ready to give Reggi another show yet. "sleep boy, you're gonna need your rest for what i have in store for you later" Shiann climbed into the bed with Reggi and cuddled him until he was knocked out, then she slipped out of the room, got dressed and snuck out of the house to get some equipment.

Shiann snuck off to Adam & Eve's Adult Store. Shiann was planning on putting on a really sexy show for Reggi. Within a half-hour, Shiann was walking out of the store with about two or three bags. She picked up three pairs of edible panties (apple, strawberry and blue raspberry), a bedroom cop outfit (tie skirt, cop hat, leather strap-cup halter top), 3 pairs of black furry handcuffs, a ninetail whip and a tube of KY lube.

When Shiann creeped back in, Reggi was still fast asleep. Shiann tip-toed back into the living room and changed into the cop outfit. The black leather skirt and top nicely complimented her vanilla skin complexion.

The straps of the top just barely covered her nipples and supported her boobs. She slid on the blue-raspberry panties and then snuck back in the bedroom. After placing the tube of KY on the nightstand, Shiann slowly and carefully put a pair of handcuffs on each of Reggi's wrists and attached the other ends to the respective bedpost. She proceeded to awaken him Still a little dazed and confused, Reggi asked, "Shi what's going on?" Shiann giggled a little and explained that she was a cop and he was a criminal.

She would ask him to do a series of tasks and he was required to obey or else he would get 10 lashes for each time he misbehaved or didn't please her like she liked. Reggi was now alert and fully ready to oblige. "first i want anal. Get that hard cock and drill my ass" she commanded. After releasing him, Reggi quickly got behind Shiann's firm, thick ass and positioned himself at her backdoor.

At her command Reggi firmly forced all 10" of his raw cock deep into Shiann's tight arse. It was almost like trying to shove a dime through a needle eye, Shiann's ass was that tight. Reggi's insertion into Shiann was immensely painful. Shiann screamed her ass off for at least 2-3 minutes until her tender asshole was able to stretch and become acclimated to Reggi's sudden intrusion.

The pain from this one insertion drained Shiann's energy and left her laying on the bed limp. Reggi, however, curves guarantee sex for a playgirl hardcore blowjob still full of energy and fucked Shiann like an animal. She cried and screamed in pain and pleasure. He then flipped her over and fucked her ass from under her. Shiann bounced Reggi's cock in and out of her ass. Reggi laughed and continued smacking Shiann's ass causing more pain.

Shiann begged Reggi to stop, her ass was on fire. The friction was too much. As much as Slim brunette amateur fucks in fake taxi screamed and begged to stop, Reggi kept going harder and faster.

It wasn't long before Reggi shot one of his thick loads of cum deep into Shiann's rectum. The cum felt good in her ass, it cooled the fire in her ass. She rolled off of Reggi and onto the floor, ass in the air ready for more. Reggi climbed on top of her and continued fucking Shiann's ass like no tomorrow. "Oh my god Reggi, that's enough" she gasped "please eat me out!" Shiann limped back to the bed and laid back waiting for Reggi.

Reggi was somewhat surprised at how good her panties tasted.

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The fierce nibbling at her panties tickled Shiann's clit. It wasn't long before Reggi was face deep in pussy. While Reggi serviced her pussy, Shiann removed her top and began playing with her nipples until they was rock hard. After they was hard, she poked holes in the center of 2 strawberry halves and shoved them onto her nipples and covered each one with whipped cream.

"Reggi, my nipples have something on them that i want you to suck off" Reggi eagerly scramble onto Shiann and began getting to work. First he licked the whipped cream up completely cleaning the strawberries off. He then started biting the strawberries off and lastly danced his tongue all over and around her nipple.

This tongue dancing led to him softly sucking Shiann's tits. Reggi allowed his tongue to drag over her beautiful areolas. Mom mature mom tries some inter racial sex had to stop Reggi, she couldn't take another orgasm running through her body.

She was ready for sleep. It was somewhere around 5am when Shiann finally got Reggi to leave her alone long enough for her to get some sleep. Reggi was wired however. He hopped into the shower and relaxed in it for a around 2 hours. He then went into the kitchen and started making and omelete. It wasn't long before Shiann was awake again.