Pretty amateur blonde passenger railed by nasty driver reality bigcock

Pretty amateur blonde passenger railed by nasty driver reality bigcock
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I awoke in the morning to the sensation of Jane's mouth gently sliding up lovely teen gives head and fucked deep down the length of my cock which was already rock hard again. My head was still fuzzy from all the drinks the night before but it soon cleared to remind me that I had not dreamed what had happened. After Paul had appeared in the room last night to see me with my cock fully buried in his wife's cunt and all he'd done was ask her if I had been any good, I'd relaxed further in the knowledge that I was not about to be chased out of the house by an irate husband.

Far from that, I now knew they had both set me up and had planned the whole event, firstly sending their daughter Sarah away to her friends for the night and then Paul pretending to feel ill so that Jane could seduce me. Jane had remained grasping me into her with her legs wrapped around me as I turned my head to face Paul. He was stood naked in the doorway and was slowly pumping the length of his shaft as he fixed his gaze to my ball sack which had, only seconds ago, been slapping against his wife's ass as I buried my cock deep into her and shot stream after long stream of my spunk inside her.

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He came over towards us and Jane finally relaxed her grip on me a little to slide herself sideways on the couch and take Paul's rampant cock into her mouth where he proceeded to fuck her with a fury.

I watched transfixed, my limp cock still resting inside Jane's sopping opening, as Paul slammed his cock deep into her mouth hitting the back of her throat with every stroke. She held him with ease and it was clearly not a new experience for her as I watched this long cock sliding in and out of her mouth less than six inches in front of my eyes.

How long he'd been watching us from the doorway I wasn't sure, but it was clear that he was ready to shoot his load almost as soon as he entered her mouth and after a dozen or so strokes he started to cum.

He pulled his cock free after his first spurt and continued to shoot victoria june and dylan snow cum into her open mouth and across her face and head as he stroked himself to drain every drop. She closed her eyes and giggled at the feel of him shooting over her face and she let his spunk drip from her mouth down onto her tits where she then slowly began to rub it in with slow sensual movements and then she opened her eyes and stroked her hand across my face to leave streaks of Paul's cum on me.

Almost everything that had happened on this night had taken me by surprise and this was no exception. She must have seen this from the look on my face and she laughed out loud and teased, "My, my Tom, I do believe this is the first time you've had a mans cum on your face." And Paul joined in with her laughter and then I too saw the amazing alexis ford with her big ass does ana side and began laughing with them.

"It's late now, so why don't you stay over and we can have a little more fun?" she asked, and I was too drunk, giggly and aroused to refuse.

"Come," she said as she led the way from the lounge to the stairs, Paul behind her with me bringing up the rear. As we ascended the stairs, Paul was one step below her and a little to her right and he reached across and sank his hand up between her thighs so that he entered her dripping pussy with his fingers. Jane never even faltered her step and I watched and absorbed all this at my eye level as they proceeded up the stairs ahead of me. I think we were all a little drunk as we fell into the bed but It was Jane again who took command and, lying between us she grasped a cock in each hand and began stroking us both back erect as she kissed us heavily, each in turn.

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Paul was the first to get fully hard again, after all, I'd already cum twice to his once, and he raised himself up the bed to allow Jane to suck on him again as she continued to stroke me. "Lick me again Tom." She murmured and I slid down the bed to place my mouth over her dripping pussy once more and I began to lick and nibble her as I tasted old british granny and teen webcam so no one noticed when his associate returned with cum leaking from her.

She reached down to me and pulled me back up the bed and rolled me over onto my back as she straddled me and sank herself fully on my rigid cock where she remained with it buried to the hilt as she ground herself against me, bringing herself to orgasm yet again. She then leaned forward and continued to ride me in slow, deep thrusts when I saw Paul's face over her shoulder and felt his weight against her.

She halted her movements for a few brief seconds and I could then feel Paul's rigid cock sliding into her ass and rub through her membrane against my own cock. When he was fully inserted, Jane began her movements again and she rode us both in unison.

I could still feel Paul's cock against mine as she slid backwards and forwards on us both, gradually speeding herself up as she reached orgasm after orgasm. Then Paul grasped her hips and held her steady as he pounded into her rear and built himself up to his crescendo. I then felt him go rigid as he shot stream after stream of spunk deep into her bowels and I could feel every spurt as if it was splashing on me and then I could hold out no longer and came inside her, just as deep as Paul and I could feel my cock pulsing against his as we both filled her with our cum.

That was last night. We had fallen asleep together like that with Paul and I on either side of Jane and her kissing us softly and alternately. Now I could feel those same lips around my cock and she had already returned it to full life. I pulled the covers back and lay there just watching her at work as she savoured my newly rigid cock again.

"Good morning," she muttered as she removed my cock from her mouth and continued stroking it with her hand, "Did you sleep well? No bad dreams I hope?" and I burst out laughing at her cheeky humour.

"No, I had a terrible night" I teased back, "and I dreamed that my cock was being ripped off!" "That was no dream" she responded, "that was little me just keeping you ready for this morning. Now, how would you like breakfast?" and she rotated herself so that she could lower her beautiful pussy onto my face and she could continue licking and sucking at my cock.

A few minutes later, Paul entered the room.

"God Jane!" he grinned, "You don't waste any time do you? I've hardly had chance to take a piss and already you have woken Tom and started fucking without me." He then climbed on the bed next to us and watched as she sucked me and as I lapped at her pussy.

"Very nice, one for the album I think" and he reached into the drawer next to the bed and took out a camera and before I had time to think again he started taking shots of the two of us. "I just love to see your ass framed Jane," he said and manoeuvring himself behind her, he paused to spit on her stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing and smear spittle along his cock, and he then slowly advanced on her and sank himself into her asshole right before my eyes.

I have never seen anything quite as incredible as that sight. I was lapping her pussy and right in front of my eyes this long and rigid cock slid past me and buried itself into her asshole and then began to saw in and out of her. I just couldn't stop looking, and the fact that at the hilt of each stroke Paul's balls slapped into my face, only seemed to make the whole situation more exciting.

Then he was cuming and with a loud grunt he began to discharge into her as he had done the night before only this time he pulled out and shot his spunk all over her ass, her cunt lips and my face, splashing some into my mouth.

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I didn't know what to do and the next thing I realised was that I was shooting my spunk into Jane's mouth as she sucked me to my conclusion and I thought I was never going to stop. She sank down on top of me and I looked up to see Paul taking more photo's.

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This time the frame held Jane's gaping cunt with cum all over it and her asshole and all over my face which was there between her thighs. He then turned the camera over so that I could see the viewing screen and showed me his last shot.

"What do you think of that Tom?" he asked, and I looked to see a shot of my face covered in spunk with his cock over it still dripping his final strands onto me. "Let me see." chirped Jane as she twirled around on me and raised her head to look. "That looks so sexy Tom," she purred as she glanced from the photo to my face, "It looks like you've just sucked Paul off, don't you think?" and again I began to wonder just what I'd gotten myself into with my new neighbours.