Naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi

Naruto and shizune porn hentai and yaoi
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written for me by a special friend I had been waiting in anticipation all week.

Finally it was thursday, the new cleaning woman would be here today. I had noticed her last week, first time working for us. I'm home all day, so I'm pretty much her only contact with the household. She looked good last week, plump, sexy, big chest and gorgeous round ass. Long blonde hair that framed her pretty face so well. Most importantly I had noticed that she had trouble meeting my eyes when I spoke to her.

She was about my age so I wasn't sure what to make of it at first. I decided to try something out to see if my instincts were correct here. Before she had left I had called her in and told her that if she were going to work here, she had to wear a proper uniform and I would have it for her next week.

Again she did not meet my eyes, and I noticed a deep blush on her cheeks. A knock at the door - finally! I let her in and told her that her uniform was in the guest room and she was to wear ONLY what I had laid out for her.

Nothing of hers was to be part of the uniform. I knew that if she came out wearing it, I was right about her.

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Otherwise I would have to find someone new again. Footsteps coming down the stairs - she was wearing it! Now I knew, it was on. It was a typical french style maids uniform, but a bit sexier than the standard. The low cut top barely contained her swelling chest, no bra, good.

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I could see her tattoos now too, some kind of french scrip on her right tit, another on the left. "Turn around" I said Wow, more tats on her back, she was even sexier than I thought. The high cut skirt hardly covred her, I could make out the bottom swell of her sweet ass below the hem. She turned to face me again, the only thing keeping her modest was the short apron tied around her hips.

Still would not look at me, but that blush in her cheeks was a deep healthy red. I explained the "rules of the house" that I had made up this past week. "1, you will not break anything" "2, you willl wear your uniform at all times" "3, you will clean what I tell you when I tell you" "4, you are to address me as sir" "5, breaking any of these rules will i spy on my chubby step sister to punishment" "Do you understand all of these rules?" I asked.

"Yes sir" "Good, get to work. You can start by polishing the baseboards" "Yes sir" I take a seat and watch as the show starts, still wondering if this is a good idea. You get on your hands and knees and start rubbing pledge into the baseboards. All of my doubts were immediately erased as I watched her. I could already see her pussy lips were swelling and turning red, and I swear there was already a drop of moisture on them.

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Watching her ass bob up and down as she rubbed the baseboard was getting me really turned on. I'm glad I left the panties out of the outfit, I'm getting a great view of her pussy and ass. She bends a bit more to reach and I notice that her lips are swelling so much thy're starting to puff out and open.

"Go dust the figurines on the other shelf" I tell her.

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she walks over and starts at the top, her skirt rising up as she stretches. God that ass is so hot, I can't wait to get my hands on it. I watch as she cleans, stretching, bending, jiggling. I'm so hard now I can barely stand it, time to step it up soon.

Then, it happens, a figurine drops and breaks. I don't care but now is my chance to "punish" her. "Come over here, what are you doing?" "I'm sorry sir, it was an accident." "Well, I told you the rules, you must be punished now." I pull her down across my lap, that big sweet ass sticking in the air.

"You are too clumsy, maybe this will teach you." My hand comes down on her ass, a crack echos in the room. I can see a nice red hand print on her cheek as I do the same on the other one. Now up close I can see that she is getting soaking wet and can even smell the sweet muskiness of her sex. I rub the first handpring before bring my hand down again. Good god, she's getting even wetter!

I slap the second spot again and this time I hear a moan rather than a cry as I do it. Another slap, another moan. "You little minx, are you actually enjoying this?" I say "Lets see if you enjoy this." I trace myfinger up and down her pussy lips before sliding a finger in, she's wet, but she is tight. "how's that, you like that?" "Yes sir, whatever you say sir" My hand slides up and I rub her entire ass before sliding a finger in there as well.

Her juices are flowing freely now, I'm thinking I can probably make her squirt if I do this right. "get on your knees, let's see if you mean that" she drops to her knees and I open my fly, she reaches in and pulls my cock out, already glistening with precum I'm so worked up. She takes me in her mouth, straight to the base right at the start.

Her head works up and down on my shaft as her hand lightly fondles my balls. Her big soft tits start to spill out of her top and I see that her nipples are pierced too!

she's still working her mouth and tongue on me and I can feel it getting close "get ready, don't stop no matter what" I feel the first spurt of cum shoot into her mouth and I grab the back of her head, holding her on me as I shoot my entire load down her throat.

"still not doe with you" I say as she licks my cock clean, "lie on the floor." I pull a large battery powered vibrator out of a drawer and turn it on.

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I gently touch the vibrating tip to her pussy lips and she lets out a squeal of pleasure. It hits her clit and I see her eyes close as she starts to let go. I slide it between her lips, despite it's size, she is so wet it goes in rather easily. The little rabbit on the top buzzes her clit as I work it in and out of her. She cums, and then again before I turn it off. I instantly lower my face to her and breath in the heavenly scent of her before my tongue goes to work, my fingers work in and out as my tongue teases her clit, I can tell a superb hardcore action along milf hiroko akaishi one is close and I step my effots up a bit.

Just before she hits the big one, I stop "turn over" I tell her she gets on her hands and knees again, that glorious ass in the air again as I guide my dick into her. God she is so tight on me! I thrust into her again and again, pulling her hips against me, her ass jiggling against me.

I pull out and my cock finds her ass, slowly I work the tip in as she pushes back against me. Working in and out of her tight ass, I can feel that I am going to cum again.

Working her clit with one hand, I can feel her cuming again and I unleash my load into her ass just as she does. I stand up, "look at you, tits hanging out, hair all messy. clean up this room and yourself" Sounds harsh, I know, but the small smile on her lips gave away her feelings. "I want you back here tomorrow to finish what you didn't get to today" i tell her "Maybe 3-4 times a week if needed" Yes, this was going to work out well, maybe tomorrow we'll try the handcuffs.

Hope you liked it, went in a diff direction for me, but tried to write one for you. -J