Brunette ex girlfriend nina noxx sucking dick and electric toy

Brunette ex girlfriend nina noxx sucking dick and electric toy
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Karen & Her Brother Ch. 01 by Darklord© I've always known that my girlfriend and her brother were close. However, I was just about to discover how close they were, and this information opened up a whole new door in our sex life. Interested? Just read the following transcript of what happened. A couple of months ago, my beeg sasu ji damad up Karen and I were lying naked on my bed.

We just fucked each other's brains out, and I was just recovering from one of the greatest orgasms I've ever had. Karen lay with her head on my chest, her hands playing with my hair. Karen is 24 years old, has beautiful long red hair, green eyes, and perky B breasts.

Her cunt is the tightest I've ever had. She keeps it well kept, with a little landing strip of hair just above her pussy.

Karen looked seriously at me and said she had a confession to make. This got my curiosity, because usually we tell each other everything. This however was a secret she had kept for a couple of months. It all happened three months ago, when she and I were together for about 7 months all together. Karen got home from the gym one night, finding her parent's house deserted. Her parents were on holiday, and she was sharing the house with her brother Peter and sister Jeanine.

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Jeanine was out with some of her friends, so she guessed it was just Pete and she. Karen was all sweaty from working out and wanted to take a shower. She figured she drop by Peter first to check if he had any plans for dinner.

So she walked up the stairs to his room in the attic and heard loud Heavy Metal music coming from behind his closed door. When Peter didn't answer her after her first knock, she just opened the door, cause she figured he couldn't hear her. She was right about the hearing part, but was very surprised at the scene unfolded in front of her.

Her brother was naked, sitting behind his computer looking at some porn on the Internet, while jerking off his 7-inch boner. She stood nailed to the floor and her brother turned pail when he saw his baby sister in the doorway. He came instantly, shooting his cum in the air, with a couple rare story english subtitles impregnation drops hitting the floor near Karen's foot.

His member looked magnificent and big she recalled, while she told me this story. 'Sorry, bro, she said and turned away, closing the door behind her.

'I'll check with you later after you're done,' she said with a big smile on her face. She actually felt pretty aroused by the sight of his big cock and started to get wet a little bit between her legs. She quickly walked down the stairs, and went into her room.

She decided to take the shower. While she undressed she could smell the sweat under her armpits. But she could also smell her cunt juice, which started flowing as soon as she thought about her brother jerking off. In the shower she couldn't help herself and she put two fingers in her cunt, and played with her clit. In her mind's eye she saw her brother stroking his hard on, moving up and down his thick shaft. His dick was uncircumcised, and she imagined the foreskin being pulled down and then hitting the head of his cock.

It didn't take her long to have her orgasm. Peter knocked on the door. 'Hey Sis, I gotta take a piss,' and opened the door, which couldn't be locked anyways. Although Karen was hiding behind the shower curtain, Pete could see her nice curves through the curtain.

Karen felt caught but acted like nothing happened. She decided to tease Peter a little bit. 'So, brother. How did you come?' Peter was standing on front of the toilet, pulled out his cock and started to pee. 'Just fine, thank you.' "You haven't got a hard time peeing? Need some help maybe?' Karen felt really naughty for playing this game. Although she had always loved her brother, she never thought about having sex with him.

She turned off the shower, grabbed her towel and started to dry herself with it. Her nipples were hard as a rock and she couldn't help secretly taking a peek at her brother's cock. It was still impressive, even at a half erection. Peter flushed the toilet and turned towards his sister. She was bending over at the sink, drying her hair. 'I hope I didn't shock you too much.' 'Don't worry; I am used to seeing cocks.

Got a boyfriend remember?' 'Yes you do,' Peter said thoughtfully. Actually he was preoccupied with watching his sister's lower back. The way her towel was xxx sexy bhabhi fuck storys down, he could just see the top of her buttocks. Since he hadn't had sex in over six months, the sight kinda aroused him. Karen didn't notice at first, but when she did, she re-adjusted the towel.

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She tuned to her brother. 'I guess you jerk off a lot since you do not have a babe to please you, right?' She noticed that his boner was growing in his pants and felt that strange familiar stirring feeling in her belly.

'Tell me Pete, what do you think about when you jerk your meat?' Pete got a mischievous grin on his face, and grabbed her by her sides. 'I think about fucking your brains out doggy style.' Karen wasn't really shocked at this.

They usually threw sexual innuendos at each other. This was nothing new. 'Oh, really. I hope you make me cum in your fantasy.' She pulled his hands from her and opened the bathroom door. She walked out in to the hallway. Peter made a split decision. The not having sex for six months really took it's toll, and seeing his almost naked sister, boiled up the pressure too much for him to handle. He grabbed her towel en ripped it off her body. Karen tripped because of this and fell face down on the floor, her ass pointing at her brother.

She felt how he grabbed her ass, and moved her towards him. Before she knew what was going on, she felt his dick entering her pussy. He slammed his dick all the way in.

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She was totally filled up and got wet instantly. 'Oh godd.' was all she could say, before her emotions took over. Pete stroked his dick in and out of her cunt, and she loved the feeling. For the moment she didn't care he was her brother, she just wanted to feel his big dick in her cunt. She wanted to be fucked by him. And fucked she was.

Very hard. Peter pulled her hard over his dick and slammed his rod in and out of his little sister. Secretly he had fantasized about this for a long time. Always wondering what her pussy would feel like, and never he could have imaged her being so tight. Pete also loved the picture of his dick going in her pussy. He pulled her cheeks apart and watched her puckered asshole. Which I can tell you, looks magnificent. 'God Karen, you feel so tight. I love fucking your pussy.' he said out of breath.

Karen really enjoyed the hard fucking, although her knees were getting sore from being moved over the carpet all the time by his violent movements.

"I am gonna cum!' he screamed in her ear. 'Yes Attractive honey is showing off her opened narrowed cunt in closeup, yes, fill me up. Please cum inside me.' 'Are you on the pill?' 'I don't care, just fill me up!' Pete only had a few strokes left in him. Then he came, spurting his thick cum inside his sister's pussy, my girlfriend's pussy.

Karen came instantly when she felt her brothers cum fill her up. Pete pulled his dick from her wet lips. Some cum dripped on the floor. For a moment he felt a little bit of guilt, but the sight of his cum dripping out Karen's pussy, crossed out any guilty feeling. 'Wow Karen. That was great.' Karen was silent for a moment. She felt great. She just had a great orgasm. But she felt a little guilty for being fucked by another guy, let alone her brother for Christ's sake.

She turned to Peter and he hugged her. 'Hey it's okay. Baby. It was a one-time deal. Right?' 'I guess so. But what will Robert think?" 'Just don't tell him. That's all. This will stay between us, okay?' Karen nodded her head. 'I gotta go, get dressed.' Peter kissed her on her mouth. She liked it. Then they disentangled. A moment later he was back at his room. Karen was sitting on her bed looking between her legs.

Her brother's cum was still oozing out of her pussy. She scooped some up with her finger and tasted it.

It didn't taste bad. Not bad at all. When Karen finished her story, she looked worried at me. She was afraid that I would break up with her after hearing the story. 'And that was the only time you guys fucked?' I asked. 'Yes, of course. Robert, I am so sorry.

If you don't want anything to do with me anymore I'll understand.' 'Well babe, I was kinda shocked I must admit.' 'I'm sorry.' Actually I was shocked and aroused at the same time. I got a big boner the moment she told me her brother had penetrated her. I kissed Karen. She opened her mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth. It was a nice sloppy wet kiss. I grabbed her hand and placed sex sunny leone heroin sex com on my hard on.

'See what your story has done to me? Now, why don't you help me out a little here.' Karen smiled. Relieved about the way I handled things. She started to pump my dick and then dived down, took my tool into her mouth and gave me one of her best blowjobs ever. When I closed my eyes, I pictured her brother fucking her hard and it didn't take long before I blew my wad into her sucking mouth. End of part one. Coutesy: Amsterdick©