Pretty girl in omegle nena se masturba y goza

Pretty girl in omegle nena se masturba y goza
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I'm an older male, married and active. I spend a lot of time on the computer so meeting ladies on-line is easy. But, recently just chatting via text became rather boring and lame so I started thinking of ways to actually meet some ladies in-person.

My wife and I are very close. We each have our own vehicle but we keep in close contact and know where each other is, most of the time. I have some sports activities that don't interest my wife so some of the time, especially early mornings I'm on a golf course or tennis court. This one particular lady, about my age mentioned that she'd love to get together with me, and we've chatted about sexual things so I knew she would be loads of fun if only we could figure out where and when.

To heighten the anticipation we agreed that our first meeting should be in a comfortable motel room. Since I couldn't get away overnight, or even to spend a few hours in the afternoon, we decided to get a motel room near where I live.

Now, most motels have a typical check-in after 3 PM. So, one afternoon I went and hot amazing hotties lusty seduction hardcore reality in my own name, paying cash, for a one-night stay. Checking the room, it seemed acceptable for our little tryst. I wedged the door open and left the key inside for my new friend and called her cell phone. "Everything's ready, dear.

Come on in when you'd like. Here's the room number, just let me know when you've arrived. Have a good evening, wish we could go out to dinner." The plan was for me to get to the room as quickly as possible in the morning, using a golf match as my excuse.

Luckily it didn't rain, so I'm on my way, anticipating how our first time together will be. Imagining the passion as the door closes behind us for the first time! Thinking about that first tight hug and then the kiss. Then, a deeper more passionate kiss, well anyway, you get the idea.

Upon arrival and a quick tap on the door, there she is, dressed only in a thin nightie. Lovely lady, fresh from the shower, nicely made up and of course, no perfume.

Mmmm, love that tight hug as we stand there for a minute breathing each other in. Indeed, a soft warm kiss is better than anticipated and we linger for another minute or so, just enjoying the touching. I noticed the sheets were pulled back on the clean bed in anticipation. She led me to the bed and said let's lie down naked and see what happens. Of course I didn't argue, however, I enjoyed gently helping her slip off the nightie.

Once I was naked beside her We again cuddled a bit and held each other tightly.

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I told her that I had one request, and that was for her to follow my lead. I hope you don't mind my verbalizing what I'm doing, as it happens? She said no, so here's how it went; Once we are together, naked, the way I like to treat you is with lots of little light kisses all over your eyes, ears,nose, throat, hair, cheeks and lips. Little light wisps of air, blown in your ears and over your face.

Then, I'll start a full-body massage on the front of your lovely body, WITHOUT touching the normal erotic zones. Yes, it'll be difficult for me to not touch your lovely breasts and vaginal areas, but I'll wait. It'll be better after touching the rest of your lovely body and making it cum alive. Each arm, each leg, each foot, each toe is made love to. While I have no foot fetish, I'll make sure your feet are made to feel loved, along with the remainder of your lovely body! Okay, time to turn over for a lovely massage on the back of your body.

Hard massages on the shoulders, good pushes in your lower back, rubs all up and down your spine, Mmmm, continuing down your legs, calves, paying special attention to the backs of your knees and backs of your ankles.

Again working on the arches of your feet. Okay, time to turn over and lots more kisses all around your face as before.

Deep passionate French kisses, our tongues becoming entangled, as we suck each others busty czech babe tamara grace slammed for some money, Mmmm nice. I must spend a lot of time kissing you and nuzzling your face, as you are a lively warm and intelligent woman, and not just a body!

Now starting to kiss your chest, right between your fantastic breasts, up and down. Then starting to kiss in large circles around each breast, moving ever slowly toward the center of each magnificent breast. Closer and closer to the aureole, watching that lovely nipple stiffen and grow taut, blood-gorged as it is! Kissing closer to the aureole, just the hint of my tongue flicking a nipple, then the other nipple. Now licking each nipple, sucking gently, then nibbling gently, and working each nipple, rolling it around in my mouth like marbles, lovely smooth round and warm marbles.

Oh, so the story about your nipples being connected to the genitals is true? Hmmm Now I'm kissing your stomach. What lovely smooth skin! Round and round, fantastic, lovely area. Now kissing lower, just across the pubic mound. Lovely smells emanating from this area, love kissing your soft pubic mound, hm, sensitive, huh?

I love kissing you here, in anticipation of things to cum. Kissing your mound, back and forth, up and down, down…&hellip. Now I kiss you full on your lovely vaginal opening. Lovely warm inviting area. MMMmm, I notice a wavelike motion starting in your entire hip and pelvis area.

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Great! So, you like this? MMMmm, again, I kiss your vagina, and slowly my tongue moves out and licks your outer vaginal lips, and magically, they open and are pink, warm and lubricated. You are so wet and interested. I continue running my tongue up and down your lovely outer vaginal walls. So nice, soft, warm, and sensual. I sense your vaginal opening beginning to open invitingly, however……… It is time to kiss your lovely clit.

This little lady in the rowboat has been waiting, growing quietly until now, anticipating the stimulation that is to cum. Just the hint of a flick of my tongue, causing your little lady to stand at attention. Another flick of the tongue. Now a full kiss right on your lovely pink and taut clit, so blood-gorged and ready! Now I begin to massage your clit with my tongue, while your vaginal opening is aching. I use a well-lubricated finger and begin to slide slowly and delicately into your now beckoning opening, all the while continuing to nibble and massage your clit.

My fingers inside your vagina, searching, seeking, and now finding the lovely soft and ribbed G-Area, just under the pelvic bone, and now concentrates on rotating around that area, finding all the walls of your anal teen lita phoenix hardcore and perky vagina being alive and ready for more.

Soon, with the internal and external massaging of your lovely body, you begin to feel a deep overwhelming feeling welling up inside you, and it can't be stopped. You arch your back, well your body parts, and your vaginal walls seem to be pushing my fingers, surrounding them with hot soft yet firm pressure. Your lips spread and you squirt a stream of hot liquid, right in my face. Oohhh, you've heard of squirting, or cuming, but never experienced it. The G-Area massage and the resulting squirting is not something many men know about, let alone know how to locate, massage and make love to the G-Spot, causing the best of all orgasms!

It is such lovely hot and musky liquid! Somewhat urine-like, but with a much stronger and more pungent odor. Lovely for a man who knows how to accomplish this. There is no better feeling for a man, than to know how, and to accomplish this for a woman. This type of orgasm is so deeply fulfilling and comes from down so deep, that it's much more like that of a man! After many of these, you begin to wane, seeming to be capable of no more. Yet, just at that time, another well-lubricated finger is gently inserted into your anus,all the while other fingers are continuing to massage your vaginal insides (yes, more personal lubricant is frequently needed as it gets washed away!) as well.

In fact, this is a good point for YOU to massage your clit, while I rotate my fingers inside your alive vagina and your tight anus. After all, you know your clit better'n I do, and I will nibble your breasts while you do the clitoral action. Together we accomplish some of the best screaming and overwhelming orgasms known to woman! It's fantastic! Eventually, you are reduced to nerves that just shudder, and you now are so sensitive in the clitoral area that you can't take anymore, so you just reach out and want nothing more than to be hugged, tightly, extremely tightly.

You begin to cry and I cry with you, it's such an emotional time. I hug you and hold you, wrapping my legs around you, squeezing you! Perhaps we fall asleep, or perhaps you eventually get your strength back, but at any rate, you've never felt like this before.

Now we take a nice warm shower together, just basking in the togetherness we've created. You feel totally loved and can't wait to obtain this feeling again.