Red sex xxx ebony story

Red sex xxx ebony story
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Six: Heart's Longing Chapter Five: The Changeling's Bride By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xandra Black Glass Aerie, The Island of Birds "My husband," I whispered into Chaun's ears as I lay draped over his body, my naked breasts rubbing into his ebony skin, his cock hard inside me, his seed swirling through my once untouched depths.

"Husband?" he asked. "Of course" I giggled. "My love. My husband." It was so wonderful to say those words, to have finally found my mate. When I danced tonight, I had little hope of attracting a mate. I couldn't transform into a bird, and though I had achieved the age and maturity of an adult, I still had my adolescent name.

Xandra. But Chaun didn't care. He looked up at me as I danced before him while my people watched. He accepted my proposal.

And then his touch, his cock, his love, filled me with such joy. I had seen others mate during the marriage dance, the only time our people coupled so openly, and sometimes the females do not enjoy it as much as their males. But Chaun. How he made me sing. His hands stroked my back.

He traced my spine. I shivered on him, squirming, an eager desire bursting through me. I wanted to mate with him again and again. I had masturbated, but self-pleasure paled compare to him. And he was so handsome, so exotic.

My skin seemed so pale compared to his obsidian. He was as black as night, but his hair.silver. Bright and beautiful. Delicate ears, a face almost pretty, but so beautiful, and a slim body. He didn't scare me like the other male of his group, the hulking Thrak. Chaun was perfect.

"Take me to your nest," I moaned. "Let us continue loving each other." "Nest?" he groaned. "Yes, yes, in the guest aerie." "Right. Room." I groaned as I slid off his cock. His seed spilled out of me, running down my legs as I stood. The music still played, but the singing low. We were one of the last couples remaining. I spotted my parents. My father nodded his approval. My mother wept as she smiled. They were glad I found someone, even if he was an outsider.

I would have to leave with Chaun, just like if I married a male from one of the other aeries. Several males had traveled to our aerie from around the you should be careful how you rub it in hopes of finding a bride to take home.

I wonder where we would go? What our nest would be like? He took my hand, his fingers delicate. His other hand held up his curious clothing he wore, not a kilt or loin cloth like a male, but the pants the halflings like to wear. And his shirt, draped over his arm, it was so fine, with lacy ruffles around the collar. The singing died down, the festivities ending as Chaun led me to the guest aerie.

It was on the same level as the festival area, the largest and lowest ledge in our home. I looked up and spotted several couples flying through the air, celebrating their new marriage. Chaun and I would have to celebrate in our own way. "I think this is it," Chaun said, leading me into the cave.

"It's one of these." The cave was partitioned by curtains of cloth traded from Baraconia. The silk had fanciful patterns of birds or fish woven into them. He threw one open and nodded, then pulled me down to the soft bedding.

I threw the curtain shut behind me and giggled. "You are so beautiful." I fell to my knees. "Let me undress you, husband. I want to see your body." "Wanting to satisfy your curiosity about a man?" he asked with a grin. I blushed. "I.I do.

I've been.curious." "Nothing wrong with curiosity," he said as he sank down onto the bedding, holding up his feet covered in shoes. No avian wore shoes. We went barefoot on the mountain. I stared at the right one, then noticed the lacings holding it closed. I pulled on one and the knot came undone.

Then I drew it off. I blinked. He had more clothing underneath. "What are these?" I giggled, tugging at the tubes of woven cloth over his feet. "Socks," he answered, an amused tone in his voice. Did he think I was ignorant? I took off his other shoe, fighting off the urge to ask more questions. His toes were thicker than mine. I stroked his sole, and he groaned. I smiled and stroked it again, then massaged his feet.

He put his arms behind his head. "That's nice." I smiled at him, but then my eyes fell on his groin. I didn't get a good look at his cock during the dancing. I had felt him in me, so big, driving so deep into me. I wanted to see it. His laces were still undone, his pants half-hanging on his hips. I released his feet and tugged the pants off his body. His cock glistened in the dim light. I wanted to see more.

I wish I had my totems with me. Then I could conjure a fire elemental to light the room. But my eyes were keen, and I could see enough of it. It seemed to throb and the tip reminded me of a mushroom, though the stalk was far thicker. His balls dangled beneath. Three of them. Was that normal? I thought males only had two? From the talk of youths I had overheard, that was busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger impression I had.

But he had three. Well, he wasn't Avian. His ears were different, and so were his balls. I slid my hands up his sleek thighs and reached them, cupping them. His nuts were both hard and squishy at the same time.

Chaun winced. "Careful, Xandra." "Sorry," I gasped. "They're delicate. But it feels nice when you play with them. Or kiss them." "Kiss." My eyes widened. "Women put their mouths.down there." "Women put their mouths everywhere," he grinned. "Try it." "Okay." I took a deep breath and leaned over, my soft-blue hair spilling about his thighs as I nuzzled my lips against his balls.

His musk was so strong here. It was so different than my own scent, deeper, saltier. I kissed his balls. I ran my lips over them, loving the heat. I licked them. I felt so wicked. His ebony skin tasted salty. I sucked one of the balls into my mouth. He groaned and his dick twitched, rising off his stomach. It seemed even longer than it had a moment ago. He liked what I was doing. That sent a naughty thrill through my body. My pussy clenched, forcing out more of his cum as I took another lick across his balls.

I savored the delicious, salty flavor and sucked his middle ball into my mouth. "Xandra," he panted. I loved it when he said my name. I sucked harder. I popped each ball into my mouth over and over, my nose filled with his scent while my pussy itched to be touched. I wanted to shove my hand between my thighs and rub the sticky mess. "That's good, but my cock needs love, too.

I need you to lick it. Suck it." "Really? But.that's supposed to go in" Embarrassment seized me. "Your pussy?" I nodded my head. His hand cupped my cheek. "Never be afraid to say that word. Don't be embarrassed Embrace it. We are all sexual beings. We were all designed to enjoy sex. And I know you enjoyed it." His grin made me feel so wicked. "I felt you cum hard. Like a slut." My eyes widened. "Slut. That's what the married women call halfling females. They're so promiscuous.

They sleep with other women and other men. They break their marriage vows." "Every woman can be a slut in the bedroom. A wanton woman eager to feel pleasure even if it is only from her husband." My cheeks warmed. I squirmed my hips. "And you want be your slut? wicked things to you?" "And I'll do wicked things to you." His hand moved to my hair. He gripped a handful and pulled my mouth closer to his cock. "Lick it. Love it. Give me a blowjob." "Okay." I swallowed. "I.I want to be wicked with you.

It makes me itch in pussy." He smiled again, his teeth so white compared to his lips. "Good." I leaned down and let my tongue lick up his cock.

My eyes widened as I tasted the sweet musk of my pussy on his cock. I had smelled my sex before, especially after masturbating. Tasting it on his cock sent another wild surge of lust through me. My pussy clenched, and I moaned as I licked higher.

I reached the tip. I swiped my tongue around it. "Stroke the base with your hand," he instructed. I grasped his cock, raising his shaft up so I could lick the crown easier. A salty, clear liquid leaked out and joined my pussy juices on his cock. It was salty and made me feel naughty as I licked it up. My tongue swirled and lapped about his cock as I stroked up and down his shaft. He groaned, his smile growing. I pleased my husband.

My free hand shoved between my thighs. I couldn't resist my pussy any longer. It burned. I rubbed at my wet, dripping flesh. His cum matted the folds of my pussy. I was dirty down there. And I loved it. I swirled my tongue around his cock's crown as I stroked my pussy lips, masturbating the way I always did. And then I brushed my hole. No hymen. He had taken my maidenhead. I shoved two fingers into me. They were nowhere close to his thickness, but it was nice.

My fingers sank into my depths. I moaned and licked him harder, cleaning up my sweet juices. But more of his salty delight leaked out the tip of his cock.

I ran my tongue through the slit as my fingers worked deeper and deeper into my pussy. "That's good," he groaned.

"But now you need to suck it. Open wide and be careful with your teeth. You don't want to bite me." "No," I gasped. I would never want to hurt this wonderful cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and engulfed the tip of his cock.

I groaned and swirled my tongue around his dick as I sank more and more of his cock into my mouth. I held there, not sure what to do, but feeling so wicked, so much like a slut, for doing it. "Suck." I did. Chaun groaned. His hips lifted off the bedding. His cock pushed to the back of my throat. I kept sucking, making him moan.

I pleased him. I fingered my dripping pussy faster and faster. The wet noise filled the guest room. I squirmed and sighed in delight as the pleasure built and built in my depths. I was so wicked. His salty juices flowed into my mouth. Chaun's face twisted in pleasure, and his ears twitched. He ran his hand through my hair then pushed down on my head. His cock sank into my mouth until it brushed the back of his throat. Then he pulled up on my hair.

I understood. I bobbed my mouth. He loved it. "Xandra, yes," he groaned. "Oh, yes, that's how you become a slut. Las's cock, yes. You're so beautiful with a dick in your mouth.

You shine." His words made my pussy clench on my fingers. The heel of my hand ground on my clit. Pleasure built inside of me.

I pumped my fingers faster and faster. My pussy ached. My fingers teased the insides of my flesh like his cock. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked harder and harder. I trembled as my head swam with the closeups of her privates and some fucking of pleasing him. He kept saying my name, his violet eyes staring at me with something akin to awe.

His hand guided my head, controlling how fast I bobbed on him. My lips sealed tight. "Xandra, good sluts and wives swallow. They drink every drop." Through the haze of pleasure engulfing my mind, it took me a moment to realize what he meant—his seed. He was about to cum. I sucked harder, eager to taste him.

My fingers thrust deep into my pussy, brushing such wonderful parts of me. I came. I moaned about his dick. Sparks burst before my eyes as I trembled.

Swing has a lot of smoking hot sex going on moaned so loudly about his cock and sucked so hard. I wanted to taste him. I wanted to please him. His body bucked. His hand tightened in my hair. "Xandra." His cum exploded into my mouth. Thick, hot, salty cum. There was so much.

I couldn't believe it. Before his second blast exploded out of his cock, I swallowed. A part of me wanted to hold it in my mouth and savor it, but there was so much bursting out of him.

I would loose it if I didn't swallow. It slid down my throat. So thick and creamy. I groaned and shuddered, my orgasm peaking through me as Chaun growled my name. He held my head on his cock. My fingers buried deep into my spasming pussy. I wiggled them, teasing out a few more drops of pleasure as I sucked the last of his seed out of his balls.

Then I popped my mouth off. "Was I good?" "So good," he grinned "Better than many women I've known." "You've been with.other women?" I swallowed. "I have." He stroked my cheek then pulled me up his body. I draped over him, my nipples dragging on his chest. I didn't know what to feel about that. I didn't like thinking another woman had enjoyed his cock. It was mine now. Mine. I kissed him hard, possessing his lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun I savored the salty kiss.

Xandra had such passion. She kissed me with every ounce of her being. She held nothing back as teen valentina bianco gives cab driver bj and rimjob writhed atop my body. She was lighter than she looked. She and Sophia were about the same size, and Xandra easily weighed a quarter less.

The marriage confused me. I had no intentions of ever being married, let alone monogamous, but there was something so intoxicating about Xandra. She was my wife.

We were married. As a changeling, I loved married women. I was attracted to them over others. They shone with a white aura, like I could see Luben's blessing upon her union with her husband. And since I was born of the God of Lust's seed, I had a powerful urge to corrupt what Luben wanted to make pure. And Xandra shone with purity. But when I saw her husband, it was me.

I wanted to change into myself to cuckold her husband. To cuckold myself. It was intoxicating. I could make love to a married woman as myself. I didn't have to pretend to be someone else. I rolled Xandra onto her back. She wasn't the future I envisioned. Adelaide flashed through my mind, my beautiful, blonde princess. I loved Adelaide. Missed her so much. But not even she enchanted me as much as Xandra. Adelaide would never be my bride. Could never be.

She had only been my lover. I kept wanting to deny our marriage, to tell Xandra she made a mistake, but I couldn't.

I wanted to love her. To make her squeal. She squirmed beneath me, so lithe and sweet, our tongues caressing each other. My hands stroked her sides, causing soft moans to issue from her mouth. I found her small breasts. They were firm beneath my touch. She sighed into the kiss when I brushed a hard nipple topping her mound.

I circled her nub, and she squirmed more, rubbing her wet pussy against my belly, my hard dick between her thighs. I was still so hard. I still had to make love to her. To cuckold her husband and plant a child in her belly. My child. No secrecy. He wouldn't grow up thinking Gregor was his father until puberty hit and his true nature was revealed. He would always know he was a changeling. He wouldn't have to see the bitter disappointment in his father's eyes or the realization in his mother's.

"I have to love you," I groaned between kisses. "Yes, yes, love me. I love you." I shouldn't have said that. I couldn't love her. We had just met. I was only intoxicated by her. And she was clearly suffering from virginal love, confusing the rush of sensations from her first sexual orgasm with stronger feelings. But that didn't matter. My lips moved lower. I sucked at her neck while she trembled beneath me.

Her fingers caressed my body, tracing patterns as she squirmed and moaned. I moved lower and lower to her small breasts; little handfuls I cupped. Her nipples poked hard. I nibbled on one then moved to the other, teasing her, making her squirm. She humped her wet, sloppy pussy against my stomach.

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Her clit was hard, rubbing on my flesh. She was eager to be taken again and again. "Take me. Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me. Please, please. I need it." "Las's cock, you're radiant," I groaned. She shown so bright. Only I could see her aura. I was surprised we were in the dark. It was so bright. I couldn't look away. I sucked hard on her nipple.

She bucked and squirmed beneath me. Her hands slid up to my hair. She ran her fingers through my hair and brushed my ears. They were sensitive. I groaned about her nipple as the excitement shot straight to my cock. "Ooh, you like that," she giggled. "Mmm, does my husband like having his ears played with?" What a woman. Pleasure rushed through me as she stroked and massaged my ears. I groaned about her nipple, sucking harder as my balls ached.

The tip of my dick throbbed. Her pussy was so hot on my stomach, begging for my cock to feel it. I slid up her body and kissed her hard on the lips. The tip of my dick prodded her pussy. She stroked my ears again. I groaned and thrust into her sloppy depths. I sank in to the hilt. She gasped, clenching her flesh on me.

It was wonderful to candy sweet vyxen receives an anal pounding tube porn in her.

I drew back and slammed in again and again. Her flesh gripped me. So tight and hot. Her kisses sweet. She stroked my ears with every thrust, running her fingers up and down them. She somehow knew to be light, delicate. My balls slapped into her, filling the cave with the rhythmic slapping of our flesh. I broke the kiss and stared into her emerald eyes.

They were wide as she experienced the pleasure. A smile played on her lips. "Yes, yes, Chaun. Fuck me. Mmm, ram your dick into me. I'm your slut." "My slut." "Your wife." "Wife," I groaned. "My wife." I had to stop saying those words. I couldn't be what she wanted me to be. I couldn't be faithful. I was a changeling. "My wife. My slutty, sexy, beautiful wife." She pulled me down by the ears to kiss me.

I closed my eyes, savoring how sweet she tasted as I drove my cock harder and deeper into her pussy. She bucked and squirmed beneath me. She moaned her delight into our kiss. She came. Her body trembled beneath me. Her pussy writhed about my cock, begging for my seed. She bucked and squirmed. She ground on me, gasping her delight.

Her fingers stroked faster on my ears, the sensations shooting down to my balls. "Cum in me," she moaned, breaking our kiss. "Please, please, my husband." "Yes," I groaned and buried my cock into my wife's depths. Her stroking fingers and her spasming pussy were too much.

I erupted into her. The pleasure boiled out of me. I grunted with each blast of cum. Her thighs held me tight, her aura shining bright. The final blast hit me, the pleasure peaked, and then I collapsed into her embrace. What was I going to do? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sophia "She has to be the nameless shaman," I said as I cuddled with Angela in our bedding. On the other side of the curtain, Chaun and Xandra gasped and moaned.

"She has to be." "She must be," agreed Angela as she stroked my hair. I let out a wicked giggle. "What?" Angela stared into my eyes. "I think I know who our seducing bard is losing his heart to. And the Nameless Shaman who shall find her heart." I giggled again. "I never thought Chaun would get married." "He doesn't seem the type." Angela stroked my hair.

"I'm not even sure he knew what was happening. He just saw a pretty girl dancing before him." "Men. They think with their cocks." "And you think with your pussy." Angela nuzzled against me as her hand shoved between my thighs. "I do." Naughty melons teasing with a wild doll fingers felt so wonderful stroking me.

"And Xandra is so sexy. Mmm, it was so hot watching all those women dance. It was a shame they all chose men. But now she's traveling with us. I wouldn't mind getting to know her better." "She's Chaun's wife." "And?" I asked, arching my back and savoring Angela's fingers rubbing at my pussy.

They were so wonderful and knowing. They touched me in all the right places. "I've been with married women before. So?" "Avians are monogamous" "No one's monogamous" "They are." Angela shoved a pair of fingers deep into my pussy. "So you're not going to try anything with her." "But." "You haven't even seduced Minx yet. Why don't you focus on her and leave Chaun's wife alone?" "Minx is always with She always spreads her legs for the dildo. She never gives me a chance." "Sounds like a challenge for you." Her fingers rubbed even deeper.

"Huh? I bet the halfling has a delicious tasting pussy?" "I bet she does," I moaned. "Fine, my Queen. I'll seduce Minx." First. Xandra was so beautiful not to enjoy eventually. "Good." Angela kissed me.

I shuddered on her fingers. They pumped faster and faster into my depths, stirring through me. My hands reached out, finding my lover's large breasts. I sank my fingers into her lovely breasts, squeezing them.

Her nipples were so hard. Angela moaned into my lips when I tweaked them. I squirmed on the bedding as she slipped a third finger into my pussy. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I humped into her fingers, loving how she stretched my pussy wider and wider. My clit throbbed every time her wrist brushed my nub. "Oh, yes, my Queen," I panted when Angela broke the kiss.

"Your fingers are so wonderful." Angela pushed down my body. Her fiery hair spread across my small breasts as she leaned over and nibbled on my nipple. I groaned as her teeth nipped.

She pulled on my nipple, stretching it out and shooting pain through me. I loved it. She kept pulling, the pain increasing. My pussy clenched about her fingers. My toes curled. Wonderful, delicious, amazing pleasure cascaded through me.

I humped and gasped. She released and my tit sprang back. "Oh, my Queen, yes. Do it again." "Are you giving me orders?" Her eyes flashed up at mine. "No, no. It just felt so good. I'm so sorry, my Queen. I'm your humble concubine. Your slave." "That's right." Angela shoved as fourth finger into my pussy. Her thumb found my clit pussy you porn 69 bang 2019 rubbed as it she pumped her four digits into my pussy.

My toes curled at the pleasure. She leaned over and found my other nipple. She bit the hard nub. And then she stretched it out. My back arched as the pain increased. I groaned through my clenched teeth, loving every agonizing heartbeat.

My body shook. The pain and the pleasure bursting in my pussy were too much. "May I cum, my Queen?" She released my nipple. "Yes, you may, angela white busty aussie hardcore and facial naughty slut." My pleasure coursed through me. I bucked on the bedding. My hair flew about my face. Angela kept pumping her fingers in and out of my pussy.

I shuddered, loving the pleasure. My eyes squeezed shut and my hands went to my nipple. I stretched them out, loving the pain. I hardly felt Angela's fingers curling in my pussy.

I bucked and gasped, my eyes shooting open as she thrust her fist into my depths. My pussy lips spread tight about her wrist as she shoved her fist so deep into my cunt. "Angela!" I gasped, still cumming, my flesh spasming about her wrist.

"My Queen, yes, yes. Thank you for this gift. Oh, yes. Oh, wow. That's.that's. Oh, Gods, yes. Slata's hairy cunt!" Another orgasm crashed through me as she worked her fist over and over into me. She moved down my body, her hair caressing me. Her breasts pressed into my right thigh as her lips found my clit. She nipped it hard. My pussy clenched down on her fist. I groaned as the pain flared. She nipped my clit again and again. The pain was intense, slamming into the fucking at outdoor country concert churned by her thrusting fist.

My body spasmed as the duel sensations plunged me into powerful orgasms. I heaved. I came. I screamed. Such wonderful bliss.

Pleasure and pain were the same. I couldn't tell them apart as my head drifted through the passion. My fingernails mom hot fuck son and eat pussym into my nipples.

Rapture throbbed from them. My pussy spasmed on her thrusting fist, agony rippling out of my cunt. I loved it. I drank in all the sensations I rode them for as long as I could. And then I collapsed. "My Queen," I moaned, my head lolling. Sticky fingers cupped my chin. I smelled my tart musk as she smeared my juices on my face as she turned my head. She lay next to me. I stared into her blue eyes, shuddering, feeling so wonderful.

I kissed her softly, little pecks, as I struggled to find words. "Thank you," I croaked, so sleepy. "I need to make you cum." "I did," she said. "While you were thrashing." "No, no, I need to—" A sticky finger silenced my lips. "You need to sleep. I got my pleasure making you thrash.

Now sleep, my naughty concubine." I snuggled against her and sighed into sleep. I was so glad I was chosen to be her acolyte. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak "Sophia's having a good time," Faoril noted as she slipped down beside me.

She laid her head on my chest, her arm over my torso. "And Chaun and Xandra." "Married to an avian." Faoril giggled. It was wonderful to hear her in a good mood. "I would say Luben has a sense of humor." "Maybe," I agreed.

I doubted if the God of Love had ever witnessed a changeling participate in a ceremony dedicated to him. She stroked my chest while my thoughts wife fucks a black man in a hotel room. I had to talk to her about her magic.

She lied to me yesterday when the couatl attacked. They didn't rebuff her magic. She didn't use it. Other than her outburst where she almost killed me, I hadn't seen her use magic since the palace.

"You can't be scared of it." "What?" she asked. "You're magic. You can't be scared of who you are." "I'm not." "Then prove it. Use your magic. Cast a spell." "No cum," she said. She looked up at me. "Are you volunteering to give me some?" Her hand stroked up and down my stomach.

My dick ached hard. Sophia moaned again. "You are afraid of it. I know it," I continued as she gave me a smoky look, her silver nose piercing catching the soft light bathing the guest aerie. "You didn't defend yourself when the couatl attacked." "I did.

It rebounded." "Don't lie to me." "I'm not." Her hand seized my cock. I ached as she stroked me. "I'll prove it." Her thumb stroked across the tip. I ached and throbbed. She smeared the precum and brushed the tip. "I'll make you cum so hard and get the energy from you to use my magic." She had a playful smile on my face. Maybe I was wrong. But the way she had been acting.

I know her lose of control frightened her. I understood that. My rages terrified me. The things I could do when I berserked were horrible. The damage I caused, the people I killed. But she could control her magic. She didn't have to be afraid of it. She made a mistake. Fearing making another was healthy, but running away wasn't. She had to confront it. I had to get her to use her magic. But she did need cum to power her magic.

I growled as she brushed my cock ring again. My dick ached in her hands. She lifted herself up, her round breasts jiggling as she straddled my torso. She rubbed a wet pussy against my stomach, her right hand reaching behind her to play with my cock.

"Mmm, I am so wet. Watching those dancing avians. And all that fucking. I wish I had joined them so I could dance for you." "And marry me?" Faoril shrugged her shoulders.

"Why not. It's where we're heading. It's what Serisia wanted from us." "She did," I groaned, focusing on my dead wife and how happy her spirit had been that I found Faoril. "And I do love you," she groaned, raising her hips up. She brought my swarthy cock between her pale thighs and rubbed the tip of my shaft against her pussy.

"Mmm, yes, I do love you." "I love you, too," I groaned. "That's why I need to fix you." "I'm not broken!" Her eyebrows furrowed. "I'm fine.

I can use my magic when I want." She slammed her hips down my cock with an angry growl. She engulfed my dick. I ached in her tight depths. She leaned back, her breasts bouncing before her, and rode me hard. Her short hair bounced about her face. "Yes, yes, yes. Pater's cock, I love this dick. Mmm, yes." My large hands seized her thighs, stroking her as she rode me. Then I slid them up her mom shower and caught son peeping, loving the feel of her silky skin beneath my fingertips and palms as my dick ached in the embrace of her pussy.

She slammed down harder and harder, gasping, groaning, driving me wild. "Oh, yes, that's it. Mmm, such a cock. I love it." "Yes," I growled as the pleasure shot through me. She felt so good. So hot. So silky on my dick. I grabbed her hips, guiding her, lifting her. She felt so light. She gasped as I fucked her up and down my dick. Her head tossed back, her eyes squeezed shut as she enjoyed the pleasure.

Her hands found her breasts, caressing her pink nipples. Her juices shone on my cock.

They dripped out of her and matted my thick pubic hair. She added an undulation to her hips as I guided her, stirring my cock around in her juicy depths. I groaned, my fingers tightening on her hips. "That's it. Move those hips. I love your pussy. You're so passionate." "It's so easy with this cock," she groaned, leaning forward and grinding her clit into me.

She rested her palms on my broad shoulders, her fingers clenching as she bounced on me. "Oh, yes, this dick inspires a woman." My hips thrust up, bouncing her on my cock.

She gasped as our flesh slapped together, her pussy tightening on my shaft. She bit her lip, letting out a low groan. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her fingernails bit into my shoulder. "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped as she came. "Pater's magnificent cock!" Her pussy went wild about my dick. She thrashed and bucked, her tits heaving above my chest.

My hands slid around, squeezing her ass as the pleasure spilled through her. Her pussy massaged my cock. She fell forward across my chest, her nipples hard as she writhed. "Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." I rolled her over onto her back as she still orgasmed. She gasped as she lay beneath me. Her thighs wrapped about me as I drew back, and I fucked her hard.

I slammed my dick into her pussy. She gasped and shuddered beneath me, her fingers scratching at my chest as I looked down at her. My balls smacked into her flesh. Her pussy spasmed again, another orgasm crashing through her body. Her cunt massaged my dick as she orgasmed. Every thrust through her spasming flesh increased the pressure at the base of my dick. My balls boiled. "Oh, yes, that's how you fuck a woman," screamed Faoril, contending with Sophia for the loudest screamer.

"Yes, yes, Thrak. Gods, I'm still cumming." I let out a growl as my ass clenched and drove my dick so deep into her. She groaned, her pussy sensual redhead bonny bon squirts a river while being fucked balls deep gp. My cock piercing tugged on my tip, adding more pleasure, swelling the pressure.

I had to explode. "Faoril," I growled. "Yes, yes. Gewin's mighty cock." "Cum in me," she begged, fingernails scratching harder, leaving burning lines down my chest. I buried into her and erupted.

The cum boiled out of my balls and spilled through her. The pleasure crashed through my brain. It saturated me with bliss. Every eruption of cum added another surge of bliss. It peaked, and then I crashed down on Faoril, holding her as she trembled beneath me. I sucked in deep breaths, my head swimming with rapture. It had been such a long day. I rolled onto my back, my dick popping out of her pussy, and carried her onto my chest. "Mmm," she sighed, her eyes closing as she fell into sleep.

"So good. Love you." "Love you," I whispered, my own eyelids falling shut. I was on the verge of sleep when I realized she didn't use her magic. Instead, she distracted me, fucked me hard.

I wanted to wake her up, but it was so late. The pleasure buzzing through my body weighed me down into sleep. I sighed and embraced it.

Tomorrow, we would talk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra Elation bubbled through me as Chaun rolled off of me. My husband. I cuddled into his side, savoring the wonderful ache between my thighs and another load of his cum spilling out of me. Around us, his companions enjoyed themselves, women moaning and Thrak sunny leon xxx story com yoga. It was wicked to hear.

"So," I said, searching for something for to talk about. "Why do you and your companions wish to get into the caldera? It's dangerous.

We don't let people in there because of the imps. They took it over. Makes it hard for us to mine gems." "Well, that is a story," Chaun said. "Good thing I'm a bard." His words enraptured me as he launched into Angela and Sophia's tale, about how they were on a Quest to slay the Dragon Dominari.

He described their journey, his words invoking images in my mind. I pictured the pair fighting a dangerous panthopus and rescuing Xera from a deadly basilisk. "And then they came to the Lesbius Oracle," he said. "They had to creep through a valley full of giganraneae, foul, spider-like monsters who haunted the valley. All who walked into there risk their lives." "So brave," I gasped.

"But they made it through unscathed and Angela visited the oracle. She made love to the demigoddess." My cheeks burned as he described the two women's embrace. It shamed me to feel a twinge of excitement at something so deviant as women making love. I pressed my thighs tight, but I didn't say anything I was lost to his words.

"When the Oracle came, she pronounced this prophecy: "Daughter of Lilies, beset by betrayals Duty compels your darkness A sword is needed.

A sword reforged. To embrace your destiny, the shattered blade must be whole, Seek out the five holy shards scattered and lost Companions shall aide you, Daughter of Lilies All Betrayed The Virgin Whore touched by no man, The Quiet Stalker who moves unseen The Grieving Mage who commands the elements The Raging Warrior who mourns lost love The Seducing Bard who shall lose his heart The Silent Thief who steals more than gold The Nameless Shaman who shall find her heart The Flaming Woman who changes your destiny All Betrayed.

Wield the Hero's Blade, Daughter of Lilies In the Dragon's lair, Truth shall slay Betrayal's Lies." I blinked, the words rolling over and over in my mind. "Am I the Nameless Shaman?" I asked, my heart beating faster and faster. "I.I." "Maybe. But you have a name." "I don't. Xandra is my adolescent name." I bit my lip. "I never achieved my transformation. I can't become a bird. So I never was able to choose my true name.

That's why no one wants me for a mate. Tonight was the third time I've danced. No male of my aerie or another wanted me. But you did. I am the Nameless Shaman, and I found my heart.

I found you." I squealed and hugged him. "Which makes you the seducing bard who shall lose his heart. To me. I knew you'd love me." He tensed in my arm as I rained kisses on his face. "And you need to get into the cave.

I'll let you in. I'm a shaman. I can get you through the barrier no problem. I'm so happy." I paused, glancing at him. "Why aren't you happy?" "I." He swallowed. "It's all so fast. I never thought I would ever marry." "You never thought you'd lose your heart?" I smiled. "Well, I found it, so don't worry.

I'll take care of it." I stroked his face. "I love you, Chaun." "I." He swallowed. " you, Xandra." I squealed in delight and kissed him again. Harder. I savored it. My hand rubbed at his chest. I felt his heart beating for me.

It was so amazing. Fit ampampamp flexible redhead is picked up and fucked to orgasm wonderful. Prophecy brought us together. We were part of a story. I broke the kiss. "But we have to go early. Before the other shamans wake up. Before Farsight." "Yes, he was rather opposed to us going in there," Chaun said, his words breathy, almost babbling out of him.

"But the piece of the sword is in there. We need it. They say High King Peter was gifted that sword to slay the dragon Dominariath, mother of Dominari.

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She was said to be the most dangerous dragon who ever lived, her daughter a close second. Probably why the oracle told Angela to retrieve the sword." "The sword." My eyes widened, remembering Farsight's words. "Yes, yes, it's in the caldera. Angela's the one we've been waiting for. The one the flaming woman promised would seek the sword." I paused.

"Do you think it's the same flaming woman from the Lesbius Prophecy?" "Flaming woman?" He frowned. "She came a long, long time ago and gave us the piece of the sword. But, no, she would be dead. The flaming woman can't be alive. It must be a different one." "Maybe." Excitement buzzed through me as I rested my head on his chest.

Prophecy. Adventure. And a beautiful mate. What a wonderful day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx "Wake up." "No," I moaned, shifting in the bed. "Come on, Minx, we're slipping out early," Xera whispered. "Chaun's bride is letting us into the caldera. But we have to go now." My eyes popped open.

"We have to sneak?" What a fun game. Xera nodded. Outside the entrance to the cave, it wasn't even light out. I spotted a groggy Sophia slumped against and equally blurry eyed Angela. Thrak stood tall and implacable while Faoril hugged him, her eyes closed like she was a sleep standing up.

The avian girl scampered out of the cave, a pack on her back, dressed now in a colorful skirt and loose, sleeveless top.

Her eyes were wide and sapphire. She headed straight for Chaun and pressed up against him. He seemed stiff, unsure. Shocked. I smirked. "Everyone is still sleeping," Xandra reported, her voice singsong. "Because of the festivities. So we're in luck. No one should notice us climbing up to the top." "Climb," groaned Sophia. "More ladders?" "I know," Xandra said, eyes sad. "I wish I could fly, but we must climb." Why couldn't she fly? She was an avian.

"And you can open the way?" Angela asked. "I am a shaman. I have my totems. I can release the portal." She smiled. "I'm the Nameless Shaman." "I knew it," giggled Sophia. "She stole your heart, Chaun." Xandra gave an eager nod and gave Chaun a look that made me want to vomit. It was so saccharine and lovey-dovey. Xera let out an awed sigh with Sophia.

I rolled my eyes. "Let's go, then," I said, slinging my pack. We took to the ladders. To the east, the horizon grew lighter as dawn approached. Navigating Black Glass Aerie was interesting. The ladders, according to Xandra, were for the children who couldn't fly yet.

The adults transformed into birds to get around. She led us up a series of ladders, crossing ledges and passing the cave-like homes of the avians.

They were open, but curtains hung around the sleeping partitions, hiding the occupants in their nests. On our fifth ledge, I spotted a necklace made of polished obsidian and jade set in gold. With a deauxma gets her huge fake milk tits fucked reach, my hand stretched out and snagged the necklace.

Before I put the necklace in my pocket, Xera caught my gaze. The elf shook her head, her eyes narrowing. She was sharp. I gave her a huge grin and winked at her as I put the necklace back. I would have to try harder to steal around her. I looked forward to the challenge. Xera was good. She kept an eye on me. Try as I might, I didn't manage to pocket the ornamental dagger or the bracelet made of colored beads. Finally, we reached the highest ledge.

Sophia groaned when she peered over. The sun peeked over the horizon, painting the jungle top far below with golden highlights. Baraconia, to the south, was a smudge by the ocean.

"We're so high," Sophia groaned and stepped back from the ledge. "We are," Xandra nodded, then pointed to the hole. "Here we are. This tunnel leads to the caldera. Be ready. The imps are.nasty." I laughed and pulled out my knife. "So are we." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah "Here, drink another one," Fredagest said.

The gnome bounty hunter pulled out another vial containing the energy elixir from her sathchel. My body still buzzed from the last. With her peppy concoction, we had walked through the jungle all night, not bothering to rest so Fredagest could catch up to Angela's party. I did not know what would happen when we caught up.

How would I hinder Fredagest? I couldn't help Angela too much. She had this bitch takes it deep in her asshole have the strength to complete her quest, to be strong enough for her destiny. I just had to help her, make sure she found the right people, kept certain parties from interfering. Like that damned King Edward. But I had to be careful about killing. I couldn't loose control. My husband had made me swear to never kill again.

I didn't want to betray my word to him. "What is in this?" I asked as I broke the seal on the vial, staring at the brown elixir. "Distilled coffee beans and panax ginseng," she answered. She downed hers and shuddered, eyes widening. "Oh, wow, yes! Okay, let's climb the latter and find Angela." I looked up to Black Glass Aerie. Angela was up there. This was the entrance to the caldera. It had been a long time since I was last here. "Okay." I downed mine. The energy rushed through me, banishing any fatigue.

A shiver went through my body and my elvish ears twitched. I slammed the vial down into the ground and let out a loud, whooping shout as the energy buzzed through me. "Let's climb!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra Mount Peritito, The Island of Birds I trembled as I stood before the barrier. It wavered with a watery sheen and shone with a blue light. It painted the smooth walls of basalt with an azure glow and made my husband's hair appear almost violet.

Minx walked up to cuddly schoolgirl was tempted and shagged by older mentor barrier and prodded it with her knife. "It's just water. I could walk through this." "You would drown," I told her. "The barrier would hold you.

Besides, it is meant to keep imps out. They are creatures of fire, born of Las's cum when it landed in lava." "I'm told the reproduce in the same fashion," Chaun said. "Disgusting kin." I frowned at my husband, then shook my head.

I reached into my pouch and pulled out my water totem. It was carved of mangrove wood, a little bigger than my hand, with undulating lines wrapping around the wood. It had no particular shape. When I carved it, I let the spirit in the wood guide my knife. I focused on the totem and reached out to the water elemental that formed the barrier. Through the totem, I communicated with it. The water elemental was powerful, surging with the strength of a river. Open for us. The barrier parted down the middle like a jutting rock parting a waterfall.

Beyond, a red light glowed from the caldera's magma pit. A hissing, chittering noise echoed. I swallowed at the sound of the imps. "Come on," I said. "I can't leave the barrier open. We can't let them get out." Angela nodded. The knight hefted her shield and drew her sword. Thrak marched at her side, his massive ax gripped in both hands. I took a deep breath. There was nothing to fear. Xera, an arrow knocked on her bow, followed, then Sophia, Faoril, and Minx.

Chaun smiled at me. "We've faced greater dangers." I took his hand and we walked through. I ordered the spirit to close our path. The water crashed together, trapping us in the volcano.

The chittering grew louder and louder. Shadows played and danced in the distance. And they howled. The imps saw us. Their red, bent bodies rushed down the tunnel. To be continued.