Fake cop cum in a mother and pals daughter who have been caught shoplifting before were

Fake cop cum in a mother and pals daughter who have been caught shoplifting before were
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The Banger Sisters. I was stuck for cash, avoiding my landlord and everyone else I owed money which left me with very few friends. The friends that were left I held very dearly. Jessica, my best friend in the world, had been friends with me since nursery school when we were named 'the gruesome twosome'. Jessica and I both left school at fifteen; she had a well-paying job to go to, and I went on to have a scholarship at an art college.

For a while we lost touch but more recently when it was our birthdays she called me to meet, both of us turning twenty-one only days apart. We met at a local restaurant for a bite to eat and to catch up which turned into a three day bender ending in her lush, uptown apartment in bed together naked.

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I woke up with a pounding headache and looking around I had no idea where I was or what the hell had happened until I saw Jess naked next to me. ''Jess.Jessica'' I whispered as I nudged her leg.

''Jessica!'' I shouted as a tall, naked black-haired guy walked in. He put his finger to his lips signaling me to be quiet. I just sat there frozen, wide-eyed and naked as he came towards me. Jessica rolled onto her side, making more room in the kingsize bed as this unknown, naked man moved closer to me.

''Who the hell are you?!'' I whispered in a raised pitch. ''You don't remember?" he said with raised eyebrows, "I'm Luca, Jess' co-worker. And you are Alyssa,'' he smiled a million-dollar smile and kissed my hand. I paused for a second to compose myself and smiled back at I guess what would be considered my new friend Luca. I moved over in the bed next to Jess and pulled the covers up over me as Luca sat next to me. ''You weren't that modest last night, Ally.

In fact you ripped the shirt clean off me!'' I laughed. ''Oh My God, Luca, I'm so sorry, I don't normally drink. Jess brings out the worst in crazy students sucking and having group sex heard that, bitch,'' Jess slurred in a drunken slumber and went back to sleep. Luca and I laughed really loud at her as she waved her hand about, telling us to go away and leave her alone. She never was a morning person.

Luca got out of bed and went in search of his boxer shorts as I looked for something, anything, to cover myself. He was right. I tore his shirt clean off, only two buttons on the shirt remained and strategically positioned so I was covered completely. I wandered out of the bedroom into the living room just as Luca was putting on his boxer shorts. I'd never seen anything like it.

He must have been seven inches flaccid; I didn't dare to think how big he was when aroused.

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''Coffee?'' he chirped as he walked into the kitchen. ''Um.yeah.sure, whatever your having,'' I mumbled, trying not to look at his cock through the tight boxer shorts.

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I sat down at the window looking out across town trying to think what had happened last night or the nights before. I was actually dreading to ask. Luca came in and handed me a glass with an orangey red liquid in it.

''What's this?'' I looked at him as he sat very close to me. ''Whatever I'm having,'' he smirked and drank the same drink. I took a sip and almost choked on it. All I could taste was vodka and peach schnapps.

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I assumed there was some kind of fruit juice in it but not a hell of a lot. ''What the hell!? It's like pure alcohol.'' I coughed. ''That's because 95% of it is alcohol.'' I shook my head and put the drink down. Luca picked it back up and handed it to me.

''Drink it. It will bring back all those memories you can't remember.'' I looked at him through squinting eyes then raised eyebrows, ''Ok.okay.'' With that I downed the glass with closed eyes, and when I opened my eyes, Luca was even closer than before, planting a kiss on my open mouth as I gasped for air.

He pushed me back on the sofa, laying me down as he lay on top of me, kissing me hard and fast. He was grinding his hips against mine in a circular motion with me knowing I had no panties on and only his boxers stopped us from fucking right there and then. As he reached down tugging on the shirt buttons, loosening the shirt from my body, the memories started coming back from last night; a threesome and a girlfest the night before.

Jess really did bring out the worst in me!

Luca was very talented with his tongue, knowing every place that should and would make a girl weak at the knees. He started by nibbling on my earlobes, then working down my neck to my clavicle. Then across my chest, tracing my areola and nipples with his tongue before sucking gently .every so often a little nibble; it was sheer bliss.

He looked up at me as he moved down brother fuck hairy sleeping sister toned stomach with his tongue, circling my navel, then stopping at my mound and looking up at me. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders as he kissed up them, nibbling on my thighs hardcore teenage girlfriend deepthroat and anal fucked making me squirm.

He reached out and gently parted my lips as he inserted his tongue deep into my pussy, then up to my pulsing clit. I let out a little yelp of pleasure, and I grabbed his hair as he began to lick my clit fast and finger fuck me hard.

He inserted three fingers into my pussy and I swore he was a sex god as he made me squirt within five minutes of fingering me. I started to squeal as I came hard and fast on his fingers and face. He just lapped up the juices as best he could. He looked up at me, his face soaking with my juices and all I could do was smile back like cheshire cat at him.

''Your turn Luca.'' I smiled as I got up. I took him by the hand and sat him on the sofa where he had made me cum so much. I straddled his legs, nibbling his earlobes, kissing down his neck, mimicking every move he had done to me exactly.

I got down on my knees, taking his semi-erect, nine-inch cock into my very warm, supple hand, slowly stroking 'til he got harder. I moved up to lick the underside slowly, teasing him with my tongue stud as I twirled it around the tip of his almost hard cock. At eleven inches, I really didn't know what I had let myself in for but since I started I figured I must go on. I worked my hands on the bulk of his shaft as I sucked on the top half, hitting the back of my throat until he was in my throat, fucking it.

He was in control, pushing my head up and down on his cock as I gently rubbed his balls. I could feel them drawing up, knowing soon I'd have a stomach full of cum.

He pulled my head up and started to jack off onto my tits. I was wrong. He wanted to see his cum on me as he spurted four long streams onto my tits and stomach. I grabbed his cock after he came and started stroking and sucking the tip, trying to get every bit of cum out that I could before running my finger through the cum on me and licking it off my finger as Jessica came into the room. ''Lay back Ally,'' she said. I did as shaved cock girl miho gets screwed in the backyard asked and she started licking my stomach and tits, getting all the cum into her mouth.

Then she kissed me, sharing the cum between us. I swear Luca was about to cum again just watching us. I got up and went into the shower, trying to understand what had happened before Jessica and Luca joined me in the bathroom. ''Ally, will you join us in the living room when you're done?

I've left you some clothes in the bedroom,'' she ended.

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''Okay, give me five.'' I got dressed in the jeans and tight white tee shirt she had left for me and went into the living room. The two of them looked deep in discussion when I came in and sat down across from them. ''What's wrong?'' I quizzed. ''We have been talking, Ally, and I think you should know something about us.'' they said together. ''Tell me then.'' I was getting impatient.

''We're in the adult film industry, you know, exotic pictures?'' Jessica admitted. ''YOU'RE pornstars!'' I shouted.

''Ally calm down! I'm still Your Jessie. We are only telling you 'cause we know gorgeous nina elle licking and sucking large hard meat interracial pornstars in trouble with money.'' She sounded sympathetic. ''And?'' I added. ''Well look around, this is what I've gotten from six months of work. I could get you in, IF you wanted.

Luca says you suck like a pro.'' ''You do, babes,'' he piped up. ''WHAT! You want me to do porn, Jessica!'' I said shocked. ''It's not bad in anyway, Ally. We could do a double act.like we used to.'' She grinned. Luca looked on, shocked at what Jessica just said. ''The Porn Sisters, Ally and Jessie,'' I said. Luca and Jessica looked at one another and grinned; she knew I was up for it. All she needed to do now was to get me into the industry, the how being the difficult part.

I became her groupie. Wherever she went, I went too. One day on set they needed a ''fluffer'' and I was nominated for my excellent oral skills by Luca, a recommendation couldn't have came higher in the director's eyes. ''And you are?'' he quizzed. ''I'm Alyssa, Jessie's sister,'' I boasted. ''Well get to it Alyssa.'' He stood over me, watching along with ten other people as I performed oral sex on a random stranger who couldn't keep it up for his partner.

Needless to say he was hard and raging to go within two minutes, and I would have made him cum in another minute. I wiped my mouth and stood up to a round of applause, even from the director. ''So sisters, eh? Follow me girls.'' He smiled.

As we followed behind him to his office, Jess grabbed my arm and mouthed 'sisters!' I nodded and smiled brightly. He opened his office door and gestured us both inside. Jessica and I stood in front of his desk while he walked around and sat down. ''Wow Jess, why'd you not tell me about your sister?'' ''You never asked and she's never shown an interest in 'the business' 'til a couple of days ago, Mack.'' I stood next to Jess smiling sweetly at Mack, hoping he would give me a job.

''I'm gonna' have to see you naked, Alyssa.'' ''Now? Ok.'' I started taking my clothes off and stood before him in my girl shorts. ''Those too, and Jess I also want to see you next to Alyssa to see the comparison.'' He grinned lewdly. We both stood side-by-side, stark naked, holding hands. We were basically identical for not being sisters, 5'7 in height, 36D but mine were real, jade green eyes and long toned legs. Big difference was I was pale with long, curly auburn hair and a trimmed, curly bush, and Jess was very tanned with long poker straight black hair and no pubic hair whatsoever.

We had matching tattoos on our left hips; me with the heart shaped locket with keyhole and she with the matching key and heartshaped keychain attached to it. I heard Mack almost purring at the sight of us. He leaned forward in his leather chair to look closer at us. ''Well, I think I could use you Alyssa, are you willing to do this type of job?'' ''Only if you call me Teen babe washing car he did whatever he felt like and I work with my sister ALWAYS,'' I insisted.

''I can make that work. Get dressed and follow me.'' He smiled an evil smile at me and nodded more than required. It was the best job we could have asked for working with each other doing something we both enjoy and getting paid for it.