Courtney cameo minor part major star twistys

Courtney cameo minor part major star twistys
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At work, there's this girl. Let's call her Katie. She's kinda short, blonde hair, blue eyes, and not exactly skinny, but not thick either. She has one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen. She's perfect. She has one of the nicest asses I've ever seen, and her tits aren't bad either. One time at work, I fucked her.

I fucked her hard and good. This is that story. While working one day, we did our usually flirting back and forth. But this time it was different, it was just as, and there were no customers.

It was weird, but nice. She came over to me and started teasing me. I'd be leaning on the counter and she'd come up and start rubbing her ass on my dick. "You like that, don't you Jon?" she asked, leaning back and looking into my eyes. "You already know I do, why even ask?" I replied with a smirk.

"Oh by the way, there's this box I need you to help me move in the backroom. brunette asian tasting and rubbing fat cock

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Can you do that?" "Sure, of course" I said. We go into the backroom and close the door behind us. She shows me which box and attempts to pick it up. She bends over and tries to pick it up. I couldn't help but notice the light blue thong sticking out of her pants.

So I got an idea. "You know, it's not good to lift with your back, you're supposed to lift with your legs. So try that, maybe you can get it then." She giggles and then kneels down. Her thong and ass are completely exposed at this point. I can't help but stare. She must have turned around and noticed. "Watcha staring at?" She asked, with a smile and a little giggle in her voice.

"I don't know what you're talking about Katie" I laugh. "Ya know, I've been feeling pretty horny lately, and I wouldn't mind if you were indeed staring at my ass" She replied.

"Oh?' "There's no customers. We're the only ones here. You can fuck me right now and no one would ever know. I know you've been feeling pretty horny as well. In fact, it looks like you're already getting pretty hard thinking about it" She said, looking down at my crotch. "Oh, well I guess I am then." I said, looking down. "I can take care of that for you," she said, walking towards me.

She got down on her knees and undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She grabbed my cock and started licking all around. Her moist tongue felt so good. I started to get harder and thoughts began to run through my head. She then began to slowly lick the tip of my cock, slowly she licked more and more of it. She then wrapped her beautiful lips around my hard cock.

She went about halfway and sucked some more. I grabbed her hair and slowly forced more of myself into her mouth. She moaned, so I forced all of my cock in her mouth. I felt it hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little.

"Sorry" I said. She just shook her head and kept going. I guess that means it's okay for me to keep fucking her mouth then.

I futurama porn fry and leela having sex her head again and kept pumping my dick into her throat. I noticed her hand began to rub her crotch.

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"You like that, don't you Katie?" I ask. She just nods in response and looks up at me with those bright blue eyes. She looked so innocent. It drove me mad. I quickly fucked her throat more and more. She was gagging so much and spit slowly started to leak out of her mouth. "I'm going to cum soon Katie" She looked up at me again with those eyes, and that was it.

I shot my hot, sticky cum deep inside her mouth. I She kept going and going, and I kept cumming and cumming.

She swallowed all of it with a big gulp. She stood back up and I took off her shirt. She took of mine in return.

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I started grabbing and rubbing her tits and she moaned shaven asian lady plays with her sex toy blowjob. I took unhooked her bra and slowly kissed down her neck to her breasts. I pinched lightly at her nipples and began kissing around her breasts. I then started to lick her tits. She moaned softly again, clutching at my back. I freed a hand and slowly traveled down to her waist. I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

She already felt so wet. I picked her up and sat her on some boxes. "mmm Jon, finger me." she demanded. I slid off her pants and slid off her thong. I slowly slid one finger in her wet hole and shortly added another. I kissed around her thighs and finally arrived at her clit.

I slowly licked, while still fingering her. She moaned louder and ran her fingers through my hair. I came up and kissed her passionately. "Jon.fuck me.fuck me now." She said, gasping. She didn't need to tell me twice. I slammed my hard cock deep inside her.

She was so wet. She screamed and dug her nails into my back. I fucked her like that for a while before picking her up and turning her around and bending her over.

I slammed my cock back into her pussy and nailed her hard and rough. She moaned and screamed my name. I grabbed a handful of her hair and slammed as hard as I could. She backed up a little bit and straightened her back.

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She grabbed the back of my neck and drove her ass towards me. I fell backwards onto the floor. She didn't stop though. She rode me just like that. I couldn't help but stare at her ass.

"You liking the view Jon?" She asked. "I've always loved your ass Katie." "Well then, why aren't you inside it then?" She replied with a smirk. "You tell me" I said.

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"After I make you cum, I want you to ride my ass. I want your hard cock deep inside my asshole" she said, moving faster. "I'm going to cum Katie! Where do you want it?" "Cum on my tits Jon!" She says, getting up and kneeling. I get up and start jerking off all over her tits. She loves it, she looks down and smiles at my cum. I'm still hard I notice, and so does she.

All she does is stand up and bend over, spreading her cheeks. Her tight pink asshole is just waiting to be fucked. I move up to her and line up my cock. I slowly slide it in and she moans. Her asshole was the tightest I ever felt. I could barely get any of my cock in. "Give me more, I want your whole cock in my ass, it feels so good." She moans. I slowly slide more and more of my cock in her ass. I love the view I have. I pull out and do it all over again, watching the gape disappear and reappear before my eyes.

"God Katie, your ass is so tight" I say, moaning and gasping. "You should be loosening it up then, wreck my tight asshole Jon." She replies. I slam my cock deep inside her ass as hard as I can. She screams and begs for more. I do it again, this time pulling her hair.

I feel myself about to release and this time I don't tell her. I cum deep inside her asshole and she moans as she feels my warm cum shoot inside her. "Oh my god Jon, I feel it, I feel your warm cum inside my ass." She moans. I shoot load after load after load into her ass.

I continue fucking it, using my cum as lube. It feels so good. I finally pull out and watch as my cum leaks out of her tight asshole.

"Mmm, Jon, that felt so good." "Yeah it did," I said, panting. We both got dressed then and went back out to the floor. There was still no customers there. We looked at each other sexy gorgeous hottie desires to fuck non stop hardcore and blowjob smiled.

That was definitely the best day of work I've ever had.