Jock beats any dildo girlfriend and hardcore

Jock beats any dildo girlfriend and hardcore
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This is a very long chapter with a slow start but I hope you enjoy the payoff. As always if you enjoy or didn't enjoy the story, or there's anything you'd like me to include, any and all comments are welcomed and much more useful feedback than up/downvotes to help me write better stories.

-phenylalanine At the end of her one week sabbatical Tegan announced it to her roommates by joining them wearing nothing but knee-length socks filth makes adorable hottie jump on cock a slim belt she felt nicely accentuated her slim waist. In truth as much as it had been draining for her going from 100 to 0 overnight was a new kind of frustration and she had spent the night dreaming about them ravishing her right on the table.

Somewhat surprisingly, while Brandon stared at her hard nipples as though he'd never seen breasts before let alone hers, daily, for weeks the guys didn't really respond or acknowledge her unspoken statement and they ate breakfast only making polite conversation about nothing in particular. Eventually Sam and Angus left for work and Brandon helped Tegan clear away the dishes as she washed and he dried them and put them away in awkward silence. As soon as the last bowl was back in the cupboard Tegan corners Brandon and slung her arms around his neck, pressing her body against his.

"Hey B, any classes today?" "No, just study. I have a presentation at the end of the week." "So diligent, I used to put all that off until the last minute." "Well, y'know, the professors say you should be doing three hours of work outside of class for every hour you spend in class." "Sounds stressful. Maybe I can help you relax?" Tegan purred as she pulled herself close to him, kissing his neck and jaw.

She imagined she could feel a bulge rising in his pants pressing against her belly. "I really wanna get ahead of my work. Later?" "Oh. Sure." She slid her arms from around him and stepped back to give him space to leave the kitchen and retire to his room. She stayed in the kitchen brooding for a few minutes. Considering the guys had just had to abstain from sex for a week she had thought her reunion tour would have been a little more, well… anything.

But instead she felt like she'd been snubbed. Sure, Sam and Angus had to leave for work and might not have had time for an unexpected quickie but Brandon? He had oodles of a nice massage is just a bait for a quickie fuck time she knew for a fact he usually spent on video games or porn, which had mostly been repurposed for enthusiastically ploughing her every time he had a hard on, and he'd been getting quite good at it.

Maybe she'd been too forward, but thought that her approach had been the simplest way of approaching the subject without directly saying something like "come and get it!" With a sigh she went back to her room and flopped down on the bed, picking up her tablet and idly browsing the internet. She wondered if there was a Cosmo article for how to rekindle a polyamorous free for all when it seemed like the guys had lost interest then realized even if something like that did exist, it was probably a terrible article with useless information that would put someone in hospital.

She wondered if the last few weeks of lazing about naked with few responsibilities had made her less attractive somehow and inspected herself for signs of flab or sagging. Nothing immediately apparent there, though it did occur to her that she could probably use a workout.

She set her tablet on her side table and pulled up some instructional yoga videos, spending an hour or so going through the motions using the yoga mat she had optimistically bought years earlier and never used. She deliberately left her door open in case Brandon happened to wander by and be enticed by her stretching and posing in the nude, though as far as she could tell he didn't leave his room at all for the entire session.

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After her improvised yoga routine she looked up a few other exercises and was reminded that kegels were a thing that exist and experimented with a few pelvic floor exercises, as the internet had made it clear it was necessary to keep her vagina in tip top shape. Now completely at a loss of activities to undertake, and stubbornly avoiding masturbation so as to keep her body primed for action when the other guys got home, she wandering around the lounge room trying hot amateur brunette babe in high heels railed by pawn guy find something to do.

It was her night to cook but there was plenty of time before she needed to do anything about that. The kitchen, really the whole place, was as clean and tidy as it was reasonable to be. She found herself outside Brandon's room and listened at the door for any evidence of what he might be doing secluded in there, and heard nothing.

If he didn't have any videos or music on he was either asleep or possibly actually deep in study. She rapped at the door. "Yeah?" Brandon enquired from within. "Can I come in?" "Sure." Brandon responded after a brief pause and she opened the door and slipped inside.

For a change the room was lit by the overhead light and Brandon's desk lamp as he seemingly pored over the textbook cracked open on his desk, rather than the harsh glare of his PC monitor. Tegan wandered across the room and sat down on the bed, which was made for a change.

There was a long silence as Tegan waited for Brandon to say something, or otherwise acknowledge her presence. Eventually she was the one who broke. "Surely you're due for a bit of a study break by now?" she said in what she hoped was a playful way. Brandon glanced at the time and flipped the book face down to keep his page open as he turned in his chair to face her though he seemed to be making a deliberate effort to only look her in the eyes.

"I guess. What's up?" "What's up? Nothing, apparently." There was another pause. "Look I don't know how to put this delicately so I'm just gonna ask: why isn't anyone want to have sex with me?" Brandon looked away. "Is something going on I don't know about?" "It's not that, it's just…" he trailed off and took a long time to continue.

"…it's kinda weird." "What's weird?" "Look before your break things got… crazy." "You mean the constant group sex and jizz in my food?" "Yeah." "But I'm ok with that." "Ok but… I'm kinda not." Tegan studied his face.

"What do you mean?" "When we started having sex, you were my first. I guess it was special to me." "It was to me too B, you know that." "Ok but then it was like… when we fucked for the first time that probably wasn't even your first time that day. Then the others started having sex with you in front of me. Then we were all having sex at the same time. I went along with it but taking a break gave me time to think and now it's just so in my head.

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I'm not sure I'm ok with you having sex with other guys." "That was the arrangement all along, we've already talked about this." "I know, I'm not like… trying to take the high road here." He sighed. "I just know that it weirds me out. Even when it's just you and me I'm thinking about how other guys have been inside you SUPER recently, and I start thinking about the stuff you let them do." "You… haven't really had relationships before.

That's just jealousy, and it's super normal. Ok our situation is fucked up but the jealousy part is normal. You don't have to compete with those other guys, especially because we don't have a relationship. It's just sex." "Well I feel like I do need to compete." "Why, you trying to be the best? Busty blonde sucks bbc interracial and pornstars the Top Gun of fucking me?" Brandon looked away again in irritation.

"Don't make fun of me." "I'm sorry. My imagination got away from me." "I guess I just want to have something the others don't.

And they got you first.

So…" Brandon shrugged. "What is it you want?" "That's the point, I don't even know what I want, you let them do basically anything already so what's even left?" They were silent for a minute while Tegan thought it over. "What if we have a secret?" she suggested. "You gave me something special right? When I was your first.

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I'll share something with you." "Ok…" Brandon regarded her curiously. "Come over here." Tegan patted his bed next to her. "I'll tell you a story." Brandon got up from his chair and joined her on the bed. She gently took him by the shoulders to get him to lie down, then lay down next to him her arm across his chest.

"No one else knows about this except you. This is the story of my first time… with a girl." --- It was Tegan's second year of university and she'd started living on campus, partially because the commute was a hassle but also because it enabled her to get away from her parents. When her first year grades afforded her a small scholarship that would more than supplement her part time job to enable her to support her living and educational expenses.

She was also living the single life, having recently dumped her university boyfriend when she found out he was cheating on her with a girl with bigger tits who let him do anal, and living on campus meant getting to attend the best house parties near campus and stumble home drunk only to get up and do it all over again the next day. It was at one of these parties she met Bethany. Bethany was, like fisting his girlfriends ruined pussy tied to a tree submissive stretching college-age students, going through a number of phases.

At the moment those phases had led her to dye her hair a striking black with blue streaks and affect an overall nerdy goth look, applying a pale foundation to her already pale skin, accentuated with dark eyeliners and lipsticks and thick-rimmed glasses. She'd stomp around the campus in chunky leather boots and black dresses that were laced at the back to ensure an hourglass body shape, with her wide hips and large bust completing the picture.

When they met it was because she caught Tegan staring at her exposed tattoos, a variety of black and grey floral pieces, snakes and skulls that adorned her pale arms and upper back. They were scattered sparsely across her skin, but there was still plenty to look at. She was practically the textbook rebellious college student.

"See something you like, Red?" "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" Tegan apologized, flustered. She'd been in the middle of talking to a guy when she drifted into her line of sight and apparently being a few drinks in had been none too subtle about it. She turned back to her conversation partner but he'd apparently already lost interest and moved onto another target. Well fuck him Tegan thought bitterly. Or not she added as an afterthought.

Having just dumped her cheating free xxx teen 18 pornsex stories she had low tolerance for men who were only looking for one thing and didn't care where it came from.

"Bethany." The name derailed her train of thought. The girl was in front of her, offering her hand. "Tegan." She answered, shifting her drink to her left hand to take Bethany's and shake it.

"Looks like you lost your date." "He wasn't my date, just some guy." Tegan took a sip of her drink then gestured dismissively at him, already across the room talking to another girl. "He probably just wanted to get in my pants anyway." "Probably? Oh honey you have a lot to learn about college men." Tegan rolled her eyes. "Fine, he definitely did, guys only want one thing.

Skip the lecture." Bethany's condescension eroded her patience and she turned to walk away and find someone less bitchy to talk to. "You didn't answer my question." Bethany called out after her. "What?" Tegan turned back. "I asked you if you see anything you like." "I was looking at your tatts." "My tits?" She laughed and took Tegan by the arm as she started to turn away again.

"I'm just playing, girl. Fuck you're uptight." "I'm not gay." Tegan said bluntly. "Not that there's anything wrong with that." She added, lamely.

"Oh, I see how it is." Bethany confronted her. "You see some girl who's a little outside your comfortable suburban norm and you're all like 'oh, she's some militant dyke who's going to try and convert me'. Well forget you." This time it was Bethany who turned away, storming off.

Mollified, Tegan followed her out of the crowded room onto the back patio as Bethany lit a cigarette and leaned on hot ass webcam your pleasure is my world balustrade overlooking the pool.

Tegan realized she had no idea whose place this was but they must have been loaded. She stood a few steps behind Bethany and glanced around. There were a couple of other smokers a few metres away but they weren't give her any attention, wrapped up in a conversation about either as far as she could tell sports or video games.

Maybe a video game about a sport. She announced her presence to the other girl. "Hey." Bethany glanced back at her, seemingly surprised and annoyed to see her there. "What?" "I'm real sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. It's totally cool if you're a lesbian." She realized immediately that wasn't nearly as articulate as it sounded in her head. She must be a lot drunker than she thought.

"Oh fuck off." "Hey I'm really trying to apologise. I'm not homophobic." "No, you just go around assuming people are lesbians because they look a certain way, that's totally normal non-judgmental behavior." Tegan didn't answer, knowing anything she said would just dig her in deeper. She knew she should just write this off and walk away but she couldn't stand the idea of anyone thinking she was a bigot. There was a long silence while Bethany finished her cigarette then flicked the smouldering butt into the empty pool before turning back around.

"Are you still here?" she spat deriseively. "I… I…" Tegan stammered. "Oh, you don't like it when people think you're a shitty person? Well try not being one." Bethany started to push past her to go back inside when Tegan caught her wrist in her hand.

"Please, I really didn't mean anything, I'm…" "…not a big fat homophobe?" Tegan shifted awkwardly, unable to meet Bethany's eyes. "Kiss me." "Kiss you?" "If you think being a lesbian is 'so cool'" Bethany aggressively air-quoted "then you'll have no problem kissing another girl." Tegan hesitated, her mind fuzzy from booze and anxiety.

She knew the logic wasn't adding up but she also didn't really see another way out. "You're all talk." Bethany started to pull away again, and in an urge of desperation Tegan pulled her close and pressed her lips to hers. She had only intended to go for a quick kiss but Bethany grabbed her head in her hands and held her, and she felt the other girl's tongue pushing past her lips, which she didn't resist.

After the initial shock wore off she realized they had been kissing for some time, and Bethany had pressed her up against the railing. It took her a little longer to realise she had her hands on Bethany's hips and was eagerly kissing her back. She could feel the other girl's larger breasts pressed against hers. Bethany's hands gradually released Tegan's head and she ran her hands down her slimmer body, ebony teen freak and casting couch teens xxx nothing happens in the temple sans president her back and holding her waist.

Eventually they broke apart. "Nothing to be afraid of." Bethany chided. "I was never…" "Red, I'm fucking with you. God, you're so easy to mess with." Realization dawned on Tegan "Oh my God, you weren't even mad!" "Nope." "You tricked me!" "Yep." Bethany paused.

"But for some reason your hands are on my ass." Tegan pulled them away as if burned, Bethany laughed hysterically. "Babe, you crack me up." They stared at each other for a long moment. "I really was just looking at your tattoos." Tegan emphasized the second half of the word this time. "Wanna see the rest?" Tegan blushed. "I'll take that as a yes." She stepped back and took Tegan by the hand. "Let's go to my room." *** Tegan has assumed that Bethany's room would be in the student accommodation a few blocks away, and that a brisk walk would clear her head.

Instead, they went back inside, turned down a hall and before she knew it Bethany was closing the door and throwing the privacy bolt behind them. "Casa de Beth." She announced. "You live here?" "Share house. Beats those shitty dorms." Tegan glanced around the room.

It was bigger than the one she shared with her roomie back at the campus and even had a jack & jill style ensuite that connected with the bedroom next door. Bethany had also decorated with a liberal application of posters, and had a sprawling collection of makeup covering the top of her dressing table. Suddenly Bethany was in front of her, guiding her backwards until her legs hit the queen-sized bed and she flopped backwards. I was clear at this point that this thing with Bethany was about to go far further than she ever intended but she didn't protest.

Even though Bethany had played her, she felt a thrill run through her she hadn't felt before, and knew she wanted it, kicking off her sandals as she crept backwards, trying to steady her breathing as she watched Bethany unlace her boots and slide out of them before crawling onto the bed with her. "You haven't done this before huh." Bethany remarked. It wasn't a question.

Tegan just shook her head, timidly. She felt like a rabbit frozen in the headlights of an approaching car. "We'll go slow." Bethany lunged at Tegan pinning her to the bed with her body and started kissing her again, sliding her hands asian wife cheats on husband joi pov her back and rolling onto their sides.

Tegan found her hands roaming aimlessly up and down Bethany's back, unsure of where to put them, what to do. As Bethany began to kiss her way down Tegan's neck she cradled the other girl's head and neck in her hands and closed her eyes as she felt her fingers working the zipper at the back of her dress and her hand slip inside to caress her bare skin.

Taking her cue Tegan nervously fumbled with the laces of the bow in the back of Bethany's corset-dress until it came loose. Not knowing how corsets really worked she left it at that and stroked Bethany's neck as Bethany started pulling down the shoulder straps of her dress to reveal Tegan's small tits, then pulled back to properly take them in, running her fingers along the curve of the underside before gently stroking her nipples.

Tegan shivered at the soft touch. "You're adorable." Tegan just bit her lip, looking at Bethany's sizeable chest in response.

Bethany grinned and gave Tegan another kiss on the lips before rising up to straddle Tegan's thighs and took her glasses off tossing them aside then squirming her heavy dress off up over her head and sending it to the floor, then staying straddling her while Tegan drank in her body. Bethany wasn't what Tegan would consider overweight but she had a little chub in places. Tegan had been able to tell that from her face, but if anything it made her cuter and probably didn't hurt her bust size any either.

She was still contained in a lacy black bra but Tegan imagined she could make out the outline of her nipples through the material. Above the cups her pale skin seemed ready to overflow at any moment. Her belly was flat, but soft rather than toned like her own. She had a mandala-style sternum tattoo that ran under her breasts and her belly button was pierced with a blue gemstone. She was wearing a skimpy black thong that left very little to the imagination, giving Tegan the impression that she was probably completely shaved.

Just above the waistband was another tattoo, a line of three small stars. Tegan ran her hands up Bethany's sides then cupped her breasts through her bra, feeling the weight and softness in her hands for the first time. Bethany seemed content to let her take her time, returning the favour by caressing Tegan's chest and stroking her neck for a minute until finally reaching back to unhook her bra, catching it in her hands as it began to drop then slowly revealing with a coy smile.

To Tegan it seemed like they got even larger when no longer contained with the bra. Out of the bra they sat lower, partially obscuring the mandala tattoo, but she wouldn't use the word saggy. Heavy was definitely the better word. Her nipples were small and dark, the hard nubs perfectly centred on the large pale orbs. Unable to resist Tegan pushed herself off the bed and threw an arm to old herself against Bethany as she used her free hand to cup and squeeze her tit, softly kissing and sucking her nipple.

She ran her hand down Bethany's back, squeezing and groping her exposed ass cheeks, while Bethany simply held her close, enjoying Tegan's awkward inquisitiveness and enthusiastic exploration. Eventually Bethany gently pushed Tegan back down against the bed and crawled back off, grabbing the fabric of Tegan's dress and pulling.

Tegan instinctively lifted her hips to let her dress be pulled away, leaving her now only in her panties. She hadn't expected to be letting anyone see them tonight, but had wanted to feel good about herself after recently becoming single and had gone with a silky red bikini cut with a lacy front.

Just as she wondered if Bethany could see her pubic hair through the lace the point was rendered moot as Bethany stripped her of those too.

She pressed her legs together, suddenly overcome with shyness at the thought of another girl seeing her completely nude someplace other than the gym showers where they all pretended not to look at each other. Despite her keenness to get her naked, Bethany remained patient and waited until she had Tegan's attention again before slowly, agonizingly, peeling off her thong and letting it fall to the floor, now stepping out of it. Tegan realized she'd never really looked at another girl naked before definitely not in a sexual way and became anxious as she realized she was probably about to become intimately familiar with a body that wasn't her own.

Bethany crawled back onto the bed again, her breasts hanging ponderously and caressing Tegan's belly and chest as she slid over her. Bethany offered her tits to Tegan's mouth and she willingly grasped her sizeable melons and sucked eagerly at her little nipples, letting out a muffled squeal as Bethany licked her fingers and slid them between Tegan's shaved lips, grinding her palm into the slightly unkempt tangle of red curls above her slit, and began to gently caress her private folds.

Tegan knew she had gotten wet with excitement and maybe some trepidation but hadn't realized how much until she felt Bethany smearing her own juices onto her clit, which immediately responded by throbbing under Bethany's touch. She gave into the urge to let her hips buck upwards only to have Bethany press her back down, sliding a finger inside her, then a second, slowly moving them in and out with a gentle twisting motion.

Tegan began to run her hands down Bethany's belly towards her smooth mound but Bethany pulled away, her heavy breasts moving away from Tegan's panting mouth and being pressed against her naked body again and Bethany kissed her way down Tegan's neck and collarbone, to her chest. Bethany took a moment to sample her small tits, fingering her a little faster and pressing her palm against Tegan's mound, putting indirect pressure on her clit as she sucked her nipples, swirling her tongue around the outside of her areolas alternating sides a few times before moving on.

Tegan rested her hands on Bethany's head, stroking her hair as she kissed her way lower. She was quivering in anticipation not only because it was her first time with another woman but because she'd never been on the receiving end of oral before her first boyfriend having been inexperienced and shortlived and her most recent lover simply being selfish, no one had ever reciprocated her blowjobs.

When she felt Bethany's warm breath on her hairless slit she stifled a whimper by biting her finger. She felt Bethany's fingers withdraw from her and looked down to see her licking her fingers with a wicked grin, before pushing them back in and lifting Tegan's leg to throw it over her shoulder for better access, finally bringing her mouth to Tegan's pussy after what seemed like an eternity of waiting.

She felt Bethany's tongue exploring her like no one ever had before, it's gentle roughness probing at the place she was entering Tegan with her fingers then sliding up between her labia to find her swollen clit.

Tegan whimpers again and gripped Bethany's hair as a jolt of pleasure ran through her body and Bethany responded by wrapping her free arm around Tegan's thigh to grab her hand and hold it, interlacing their fingers. Bethany's tongue swirled around her clit, first clockwise, then counter, then forming a seal and applying suction before repeating, seemingly trying to find out what Tegan best responded to, all the while sliding her fingers in with a slight curl, pressing against the front wall of Tegan's vagina.

Tegan was moaning, squeezing Bethany's hand and grasping the sheet under her, her panting becoming more and more urgent. It seemed that Bethany was moaning too, presumably enjoying eating Tegan out. Suddenly she felt an immense pressure and Bethany stopped moving her fingers, pressing on a particular spot as her powerful tongue started stroking her clit from side to side.

Tegan's breath caught in her throat as her entire body tightened up and her legs trembled, her thighs pressing on Bethany's head.

She felt as though she was either going to implode or exploded or both at once, and then it almost felt like she did both. When the breath she'd been holding finally escaped her it was in the form of a guttural scream of relief, quickly followed by a series of panting moans interspersed with "oh fuck"s. Her hips were bucking uncontrollably as Bethany continued to lap at her clit.

She could feel what she thought might be sweat but was probably her own juices slick and cooling on her thighs and ass. Her cunt was clenching at the fingers inside her which were continuing to press against the front wall of her vagina, the fingertips rubbing a small circular motion. Almost as soon as she become all aware of these feelings as the aftershock of her orgasm drained out of her like someone emptying a jug she began to feel like she was filling up again. Her clit and nipples ached and she gently squeezed Bethany's hand, whispering a weak "OK" to indicate she was done, but Bethany simply mumbled a muffled "uh uh" with the tiniest shake of her head in response.

Tegan wanted to protest because in her experience she became too sensitive after an orgasm, but she realized that Bethany's gentle tongue wasn't uncomfortable, and the feeling rising in her body was the start of another orgasm already hurtling wildly towards her brain.

"Fuuuck." She whispered and she gripped the covers again as her second orgasm swept through her, and then kept going, and going. She didn't know if it i will fuck you for my chores stepbrother stepsister spreading one long orgasm or a series of connected ones, but she knew she'd never felt anything like it.

She lost all track of time and gave into the fireworks going off in her lower body. When the last waves of pleasure finally subsided like the last rumbles of thunder from a departing storm, she felt tears well in her eyes from the emotional intensity of it all.

She barely noticed Bethany slide out from under her leg and join her on the bed, caressing her face tenderly. Tegan could smell her sex on her hand. "Alright?" Tegan responded by taking Bethany's face in her hands and kissing her on the lips. She smell of her own pussy grew stronger but that was not a concern considering what she was about to do.

She pushed Bethany onto her back and started nasty milf is worthwhile at fucking hardcore blowjob her way down the other girl's neck and chest, trying to take control of the situation. She was exhausted from the world-shattering climax Bethany had just give her but she was filled with a desperate desire to return the favour, like she had something to prove.

She groped her breasts on her way down, giving attention to her nipples before kissing down her belly and to her shaved mound. Now face to face with another woman's genitalia for the first time, especially once that was immaculately hairless, she felt her momentary spike of courage leave her.

She noticed a small stud piercing just above the slit. She examined the slightly parted lips and the hint of moisture on them. She could detect Bethany's smell, different to her own but still familiar. She realized she was completely at a loss and wasn't sure if she could actually go through with it.

Bethany's voice made her jump. "You ok?" She was propped up on her elbows watching Tegan inquisitively. "I… I don't know if I can…" Tegan stammered. "Sure you can" Bethany said coolly as she raised one leg and placed it over Tegan's shoulder, placing her heel on Tegan's back as if to draw her in.

Tegan watched as her lips slid against each other, exposing a little more of her inner labia. "Start with a little kiss. I'll tell you what to do." Tegan gingerly pressed her lips to the hairless slit before her, gently kissing and massaging the skin with her lips and gently probed with her tongue, tasting Bethany's wetness.

"Mm, there you go. Keep it up." Bethany coaxed. Tegan pushed a little further with her tongue, moving it without any apparent direction as she got used to the taste, and the adventure of doing something completely new to her. She found a hard nub that she assumed to be Bethany's clit and started stroking it with the tip of her tongue. "Good, babe. Now put your fingers inside." Tegan brought up her hand and started just below her tongue, running her fingertip down until she found Bethany's opening, her finger easily sliding into her slick hole.

She was surprised but the warmth certainly she'd fingered herself before but it was strange to be enclosed by someone else's body.

No wonder guys were so keen to put their dicks in there. She turned her hand so her palm was up, slowly stroking her finger in and out, trying to remember to keep licking Beth's clit at the same time. "More." Bethany urged. Tegan wasn't sure if she meant more fingers or more licking so she did both. She added a second finger to Beth's accommodating hole and started licking faster, using the flat of her tongue to put more pressure on it, which was rewarded with a soft moan of appreciation.

She started xxxxx story pron sex stories com her fingers faster, trying to put pressure on the front wall of Bethany's vagina as Bethany had done to her. "Suck my clit, and make circles." Bethany instructed. Tegan did her best to follow, but her sucking was more like slurping and she felt embarrassed by the sound. She quickly switched to making counterclockwise circles around Beth's clit, though she was finding her tongue and jaw were beginning to tire as she used muscles she never had before.

"Good, keep going… how many fingers you using?" "Two" Tegan replied, her mouth muffled by cunt. "Go to three, you've got dainty fingers." Tegan complied, adding her third finger into Bethany, who squeezed them a little as she kept stroking in and out. She definitely felt like it was getting snug in there now. She started swirling her tongue in the other direction, breaking it up with sucking whenever her tongue tired.

After a few minutes of this, with Bethany slightly bucking her hips as Tegan fingered her she spoke again. "Hey… wanna get crazy?" Tegan almost panicked at the question not only was she having sex with a stranger at a party, it was also her first time with a girl.

How much crazier could things get? She raised her head partially to see what the hell Bethany was talking about and partially because her jaw definitely needed a break. Bethany leaned across the bed and reached into hew drawer to take out a bottle of lube. "This is normally for my dildo…" Bethany trailed off. "…you want me to use a dildo?" Tegan queried, already knowing that's not what she meant.

"No babe, I have something a bit bigger in mind." "You want me to…?" "Uh huh. I've never done it before, but I'm drunk and you have pretty small hands." Tegan paused for a moment then mentally thought Fuck it, let's go crazy. "Ok. How do we do this?" Tegan took the lube from Bethany and eased her fingers out of her.

"Slow and steady. Put some lube on your hand and put your fingers back in." Tegan complied, Bethany squirming with a giggle as the coolness of the lube hit her.

"Ok, try adding a fourth finger, keep them bunched together." Tegan squeezed her hand as she added her pinkie and thumb to the other three fingers in a kind of arrowhead shape, pushing until she met resistance as the width of her fingers increased closer to her knuckles. Bethany raised her knees and spread her legs, her thighs parted as wide brazzers big wet butts ass excess scene starring madison rose and manuel ferrara she could get them.

"Start licking my clit again and when I tell you, start pushing and don't stop… as soon as you get past the knuckles, curl your fingers in and try to make a tight fist ok?" Tegan didn't answer but went down on Bethany again, using her lips and working her jaw to massage her pussy as she circled her clit with her tongue again.

After a few deep breaths Bethany whispered "now" and Tegan pushed. At first it didn't seem like it was going to happen, then suddenly the knuckles slid forward.

"Oh shit, fuck." Bethany cried, which prompted Tegan to curl her fingers inwards and compress her hand into a fist. Suddenly her hand was being squeezed on all sides by Bethany's cunt, her clit pulsing in Tegan's mouth as her hand warped and distended her flesh. She pushed her fist in a little deeper and Bethany tried to squeeze her legs together, forcing Tegan to back off a little with her hand buried inside her.

"Oh shit, fuck." Bethany panted again. "Are you ok?" Tegan asked, quietly trying not to panic. "Fuck it hurts so good." Bethany shuddered and her muscles clenched around Tegan's hand.

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Tegan took the opportunity to look down at Bethany's pussy, amazed at how her labia wrapped around her wrist, gripping her tightly. She could hardly believe that she'd made it fit. As Bethany seemed to adjust and settle down she put her head back between her thighs, and Bethany eagerly accepted, holding the back of her head with both hands as she continued to lick her pulsing clit.

At this point, wrist-deep in a girl who just met, all sense of decorum went out the window. She sucked and slurped at her pussy, attacking her little nub from various angles, not too concerned about how noisy she was being.

She could hardly move her hand but managed to fuck Bethany with a slow in-out motion, the tight entrance of her vagina gripping her wrist, her muscles undulating around her buried fist. Bethany, for her part, panted and moaned, pulling Tegan's enthusiastic mouth to her pussy, her pale breasts heaving with every gasping breath and glistening with sweat.

When her moans grew louder and more urgent Tegan surmised she must be getting close to orgasm and began to lick her clit, forcing her aching tongue to mimic the side-to-side motion Bethany had used on her. Bethany squealed with delight as she peaked, locking her ankles behind Tegan and squeezing her head with her thighs as she bucked against her mouth.

As she gradually came down from her high, whimpering as her legs shook, Bethany sat up and took Tegan by the arm, helping her gradually slide her hand back out of her. Tegan released her fist and let her hand be pushed out of Bethany's twitching hole, watching it slowly clench closed behind her as Bethany sank back onto the bed with a sigh and curled up on her side. Tegan, kneeling on the floor stared at Bethany's ass and pussy, her thighs slick with lube and juices, then looked at her hand, similarly coated and suddenly feeling very cool now that it was no longer inserted inside another 3 girls 1 boy ebony sex stories being.

Of all the things she thought might have happened at this party after a breakup, she had predicted exactly none of them. It seemed like Bethany was on the verge of going to sleep, so now she had a choice. She could put her clothes back on, slip out, and probably never see Bethany again and make this her first one night stand among other things or she could crawl onto the bed next to her and see what happened in the morning.

*** While she had been telling her story she had started massaging the bulge in Brandon's pants and freed his stiffening cock from his pants, stroking him slowly and deliberately while he lay there listening to every last word and detail. She began to stroke him faster as the story neared its end and he indicated he was about to finish about the point she described Bethany's intense orgasm.

She interrupted her story telling to put her mouth over his cock, swirling her tongue around the head as he erupted in her mouth, his hot load bursting against the back of her throat. She hungrily gulped down his cum, massaging his cock head with her lips until his orgasm subsided and the last of his seed leaked into her mouth. She lifted her head swallowing one last time, keeping her hand wrapped around his cock.

"We dated for about xnxxx sex sex stories story and then weeks. I say dated, it was mostly sex." She concluded. "Wow." "Yeah.

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So, that was the story of my crazy college experimentation." "So, you didn't date any other girls after that?" "Nope. It was a one and done thing.

I guess I can't say for sure, but I don't think I'm all the way bi." "Did you ever do that again?" "Fist her?" Tegan smiled. "We tried once more but it didn't happen.

I think she was pretty drunk that night, plus I got better at pleasuring her without resorting to extremes." "Did she ever…?" "Fist me? Hell no. I wouldn't let her try." "Oh." "Disappointed?" Brandon laughed, relaxing back on the bed.

"I guess it would have just been extra hot to hear that story." "Well, you'll just have to make do with the story you got." Tegan slid off the bed and stood up. "I hope you feel better now." "Yeah, I do. Sorry I made it weird." "Don't be, I just want you to be happy with the arrangement. All of you." Tegan said meaningfully. "I am. It's all good." "Tegan smiled and turned, strolling out of the room.