Teen amateur girl love hard home sex and swallow cum

Teen amateur girl love hard home sex and swallow cum
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I popped round all week. I'd never had a sister before. And I was facinated.

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On the plus side for her tiny frame her tits always seemed bouncy and when I was around she was always dressed in short shorts and t shirt. I loved it. She flirted with me with every chance she got, and over the days I discovered that she was also his step daughter, her mother being divorce number 2. Herself now 20 knows That her real father was a piece of work.

That ***** had helped her mother out by taking them in and for 8 years they were happily married. She doesn't talk about the split, but later on you may guess why that may of happened.

That she left her town and now lived in Bristol her mother moved to Spain. That Mr **** had remarried and moved town and settled down again properly. She tells me about my step-mother. This is the most I've learned, and I also learned I'm a pretty good actor. When singing these papers, we also discussed some back story for anyone else as they would be very very curious.

The Current Mrs***** was a professional business woman who often travelled. They had been married just under a year, that his step daughter from he previous marriage had know she had a step brother but thought we'd never meet. And all the little bits and bobs. I always flirted back. It must of been obvious as my step father caught me looking a few times he smiled. He took also took in the view.

It was towards the end of the week when he gave me a key. He told me now I could come when and how I saw fit. Work had been easier and everything back home all fit in. I had a secret life. Creeping in. Everything was silent. There was the occasional shuffle from upstairs. So I made my way upstairs stripping as I climbed the stairs. I made May way to his high school gharl sar xxx but found myself confused as I could hear a distinct slurping sound.

The door was ajar and I positioned myself so I could see what was happening. This for some reason shocked me. His daughter sat knelt on the bed still wearing her short shorts but topless her tits must be large c cups bouncing up and down as they followed the rhythm of her jaw.

She took daddy's cock deep down her throat. She stopped at the base. His cock completely swallowed and stuck her tounge out flipping it over his balls before drawing back and taking a deep breath. He shoved his hands down her shorts and continued to rub her pussy over. She loves it running her hands through her hair squeezing her nipples. They kiss for a moment whilst she peels off her shorts. And then spins round so her little bubble butt hovers over his cock.

She leans back and with out speaking he silently rubs her pussy with his cock back and forth I can see it hard and covered in her juicers and in an instant glides it up into her pussy with a thrust.

She screams in ecstasy and he pumps her from behind holding tightly onto her hips. He sits up and she falls and her head is burried into the pillow as he has her on her knees spread far apart her hands hanging off the bed and fucks grunt after grunt.

With out realising I'm wanking my cock, standing naked by his door. It creaks a little and threesome is happening with three lesbian gals before us looks up and meets me dead in the eye. He smiles for a moment and spits on his step-daughters ass she moans in pleasure. He removes his dripping cock from her pussy and slides it around her ass. "Daddy I don't think I'm ready" I hear her a whisper. He strokes her hair and then bella bellz youre so extra his cock in to her ass.

I dart back as she jolts forward looking toward the door her arms reaching out with now where to go. He reaches underneath her chest with one head squeezing her tit so tight I swear it would burst.

His other hand safely positioned between her legs rubbing her clit as hard as she could. She started shaking uncontrollably. I could only imagine that she was cumming whist she was being butt fucked by daddy. I blew my load over the door. I Got dressed and promptly left, not sure where or what to be doing. The weekend came and I got on with life. We didn't really talk about it what happened the next time we messaged each other.

But the message read. On Monday you will come home from school early. I had seen him with his step daughter. She had sent me a text saying she would catch me next time and that I was always welcome down her way. I made my way over there with the excuse to my girlfriend that I was seeing an old friend she didn't like anyway. I got there at 4pm on the dot. I entered the property and on a chair was some small red tartan shorts, a white short sleeved shirt and stripped tie.

And a note saying "school girl costume. School boy costume" I put these on followed by some knee high white socks and black shoes and a blazer and walk into this. porn on, smoke drifting around the room. He stands up in shock and asks what I'm doing here. He's standing naked. Bound japanese milf groans while her pussy is teased cock standing hard erect in front of him.

I tell him school finished early. He asks me not to tell the mother. I say I won't if he lets me watch it two. He smiles. I curl up next to him on the sofa as he strokes his cock slowly. I kiss him from the neck down -and whisper "have you cummed today" he replies "not at all so be ready" I re-adjust to suck his cock just like his daughter did. I do attempt to deep throat fails but he enjoys it anyway.

I bob up and down slowly and don't be careful with the dribble.

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Beautiful curly babe in white lingerie uses ohmibod strokes my head. "I know you saw me fuck her. I saw your spunk on the door. Your a naughty boy aren't." "Uh uh" I whimper whilst sucking him off "You want to fuck her too" "Uh uh" sucking him up and down "If you do there will be consequences. You do understand" For a moment I keep sucking then stop sit looking in his eyes. This man has power over me.

I smile and he starts to feel me up through my shorts I'm so hard. He pulls me up so I'm standing on the sofa and turns me round so my ass is facing TV. He steps off the sofa is now behind me his hands all over me. He feels down rubbing his hands over my ass ripping my shorts exposing my ass hole.

"From now on this is your cunt. Your pussy. You keep it clean and always look after it is that clear." "Yes daddy." I respond. He starts licking it at squeezing my cheeks and slapping at them, slobbering all over. He pulls me down, I fall and land on my knees on the sofa still bent over. He had two fingers in me rolling around, I feel my bladder, I feel my prostate getting worked up. I rubbed my cock and balls through the material of my shorts.

When I felt his cock head entering my. Cunt. The hole opened and I feel that warmth and completeness. He takes it slow entering in and out and I push back every chance I get.

He slowly takes my blazer off and shirt and tie and continues to fuck me in my shorts, socks and shoes. My dick locked away from being wanked. The only pleasure being my buttfucking. I fall into rhythm pushing back when it feels appropriate and he starts thrusting.

His hands rubbing my back and squeezing keeps squeezing my asscheeks he reaches over and palms my cock through my shorts and pumps and pumps. I lean back up against him his cock fully penetrated we kiss our things dashing each other at this awkward angle. He pulls out slowly. His clock is glistening with lube. My ass clean. I decide to take his into my mouth. He steps back and I sit ok the edge of the sofa him infront of me.

I wrap both my hands round his cock and start sucking on it vouching back and forth quickly. I'm loving it. I don't care how I look as he comments "Oh you. Messy boy" he pulls his cock over my mouth and wipes up my drool and starts wanking. I rub myself through my boxers and anticipate his sees. His pre cum starts spurting out of his cock as he leans his head back. I dart my head about trying to catch it. I place my mouth nearer arching my tongue so it doesn't hit the back of my throat.

His loads starts erupting from his cock white streams of fucking nectar. It dribbles out and I try an catch it, it falls on my chest my mouth full. I sit back stretched out over the sofa, he shakes and pumps, another load shoots out and hits my chest it's instantly warm and dribbling down and a spread it into my skin. My face glistened with falling spunk and my chest sticky. My mouth still full of cum, he looks at me still slowly wanking his cock it dripping slowly, he beckons me up to him and I stand up looking up into his ways and places his mouth against mine and sucks in the cum I drop and clean his cock up in under 30 seconds and as I stand he pulls down my shorts my cock instantly jumping out precum dripping from my foreskin and pushes me back he leans over me slowly dribbling his cum slowly over my cock stomach and chest up to my face when he closed in and engulfed me in a deep cum filled French kiss.

Our faces are literally cum-covered my body shiny against his, he reaches down and starts running the cum into my balls and over my cock my foreskin gliding back and forth over my cock head. I'm leaning back, I'm spread out, naked cum covered in the wettest kiss of my life my cock being wanked so good and sloppy I feel my balls working into action and my cum shooting out soaking my chest and splashing his, as I cum he doesn't let up, my body shaking me I have to push away his hand.

We roll over together and I lay on him. Porn In the back ground. I'm sticky and stink of cum. It smells so good. Re lights up his smoke and we finish it off together. A new scene has come on and three college girls party and gangbang cum hide and go freak getting steamy.

I know he can feel my hard dick against his leg. And I can see his clear as day. Erect.