Adorable gals for one ramrod interracial hardcore

Adorable gals for one ramrod interracial hardcore
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Everyone was milling around on the dock waiting to board the M/V Seawind, a 100' dedicated diving vessel. There were only about a dozen people waiting, so the trip was not going to be fully booked, meaning more room for everyone, both above and below the water. The ship looked long and sleek, with a large diving deck in the back and a huge sundeck on top of the ship running almost two-thirds the length of the ship.

There was also a smaller sundeck at the bow, in front of the wheelhouse. Suddenly the captain appeared at the top of the gangplank, tall, tanned, a big smile on his face. "Well, hey, everyone. I guess you're all ready to board now and we're ready to have you. My name is Ed and I'm the captain. My first mate and backup captain is Rob here, and Mary is our cook and third crew member. If you have any questions or problems with anything, just ask any of us and we'll be more than happy to help you with anything while you're with us for the week.

"So, first of all, let me just make sure our manifest is in order and we'll board you as I call your names. The Adams family, Don and Jane with their two children Jimmy and Susan, welcome on board.

Harve and Sue Mills, welcome on board. John South and Alice Hargreaves, welcome aboard. And last but not least, Billy, Bob and Bunny Johnson, welcome on board for our spring break dive cruise. "There three girls on a webcam sexy show plenty of staterooms, so you can each take whichever one you'd like.

Our crossing to the Bahamas will take about four or five hours, so get familiar with the ship and get unpacked and your dive gear set up on the back deck. There will be a ship's briefing in an hour in the salon to explain to you how we run our trip and what your options are and where we're going to be going. The weather is supposed to be great, in the mid-80s with calm seas and big black cock vz japan rain scheduled.

So again, welcome aboard and have a great trip." Everyone boarded with much talk and excitement, dragging their gear down the ladder to the staterooms. Don and Jane took a stateroom and indicated to Jimmy and Susan that they should take the one across the hall. Jimmy grumbled about having to share when there was so much room and he was going to graduate next year, but in the end he threw his things on his bunk across from his sister, who was a year older and graduating this year.

Billy, Bob and Bunny debated for a minute, but then decided to share a large stateroom together so that Bunny wouldn't have to be by herself. She was a freshman in college while Billy and Bob were sophomores. Quickly everyone got their gear stowed and began to explore the ship, eventually meeting on the dive deck where they all checked their equipment and set up their gear in preparation for their first dive when they arrived in the Bahamas. Then it was time for the briefing and everyone gathered in the salon with Rob and Mary.

Rob was a nice-looking young man in his late 20s with dark hair and a shy, engaging smile.

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Mary was a sun-bleached blonde with a big smile on her face and big tits which threatened to spill out of the top of her bikini. She had full hips and a very relaxed attitude about herself. For the next 20 minutes they explained how the ship best worked and the protocols they would be observing during their trip. When they had finished everyone had a complete briefing on all aspects of life aboard ship. "So, it's a nice day and we have at least three more hours before we arrive at customs," Mary said.

"So you can change if you'd like and soak up some sun or sleep while you can until we arrive. If you have any questions, just ask any of us. If you don't find us wandering about, the crew quarters are down in the galley and you are always welcome." "I'll go first," Susan said, pushing past Jimmy down the stairs.

"Go first," Jimmy said, shaking his head. "Go on, Bunny," Billy said. "We'll give you half a minute." There was some laughter from some of the others at this as most everyone went to teen slut emma ryder and busty milf veronica avluv share cum young old and pornstars into their bathing suits. Little did they realize that they might wear nothing else for the next week. Billy waited exactly 30 seconds, watching his watch, before nudging Bob and following everyone else down the ladder.

Opening the door to their cabin suddenly, they surprised Bunny who was brother fuck hairy sleeping sister over facing away from them stepping out of her underwear. "You guys," Bunny said, standing up and turning around to glare at them.

"What will people think?" she asked, her hands on her hips, her tits full and flush, her nipples hard. "Heck, you're our sister," Bob said with a laugh, pulling his own clothes off. "What's wrong with that?" "You're too much sometimes," Bunny said with a laugh, sitting down on the bunk to pull her bikini on. "It's just because I like you so much," Bob said, turning so that his cock was dangling in her face as she sat on the edge of the bunk.

"I can tell," Bunny laughed, struggling to pull the bottom quickie offer for pretty beauteous girl hardcore and european her bikini on with Bob's cock rubbing all over her face.

"You're not getting any now," she said, laying back on the bunk and pulling her knees up to her chest so she could pull her suit up. "It sure looks good," Billy commented as he pulled his clothes off, staring at Bunny's pussy sticking out at them, her huge thick clit sticking out from between her pouting, smooth- shaven pussy lips. "It is," Bunny said, pulling her suit all the way up and covering herself.

"And I'm going to make sure everyone has a taste before the week's up. Now get out of my way," she said to Bob, quickly biting the head of his cock as it dangled in her face, "or I'll really bite it." Bob and Billy quickly finished changing themselves and left their cabin, following Susan up the stairs. Both their eyes were bugging out of their heads as they stared at the g-string bathing suit bottom she was wearing as she moved up the stairs ahead of them.

There was only a string going from her waist down the crack of her ass into the slit of her pussy. They could see a few tendrils of wispy blonde hair around the edges. Her ass was high and tight and they could easily see her pink asshole puckered around the string. By the time they got to the top of the stairs they both had hard-ons on their suits. "Gosh, Susan," Jimmy exclaimed as she came up the stairs into the salon. "Mom and dad are going to kill you when they see that suit." "Let them," Susan said, tossing her nose into the air.

"I think it looks good on me. Don't you?" "It barely covers anything," Jimmy replied. "Do you two like it?" Susan asked, turning to Bob and Billy and smiling at them.

"I think it's great," Billy stammered, his eyes glued to the small, sheer patches of fabric which covered barely more than the nipples of her full breasts. "Great," Jimmy said, moving past them and down the stairs. When he got to the door to his cabin he could hear his mother and father in their cabin. "I can't believe you did this to me," he heard his mother say. "But it looks just great on you," his father replied.

"I'll be embarrassed," Jane lamented. "It's the latest hottest style there is in bathing suits," Don replied. "I'll be proud to see the looks you get." "I'm so embarrassed," Jane said. "Come on, lets go up and get some sun," Don replied. Hearing this, Jimmy quickly let himself into his cabin, closing the door just as the door to his parents cabin opened.

Changing, Jimmy quickly went back up, knowing there were going to be some interesting confrontations going on as everyone first appraised each other.

Besides, he wanted another look at that girl called Bunny. She was really hot looking with that huge head of flaming red hair.

Arriving up on the sun deck, Jimmy could see that Susan was laying on a chaise lounge over near one railing, laying on her back.

She's afraid to let mom and dad see her suit, he thought, smiling to himself. Bunny and her brothers were laying on chairs opposite to where Susan was. The married couple, Harve and Sue, were sitting beautiful babe knows how to fuck properly chairs drinking beers. She was really short but it seemed she had a really nice body under her one-piece bathing suit. His mother was sitting on a chaise lounge facing everyone while his father was spreading a towel on his.

When he finished spreading the towel, he offered the chair to his mother. Hesitating for just a second, she stood and turned to sit on the towel, her back to him. Jimmy almost burst out laughing when he saw she was wearing a butt-floss bikini. He did notice that even though her ass was sure bigger than Susan's, it still looked pretty good.

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Settling sexy babe rides toy pov on a chair where he could see everyone, Jimmy enjoyed the breeze from their passage and the movement of the ship on the sea. Then he saw the last couple coming up the stairs, John and Alice. She was wearing a light white top that buttoned, coming down to her knees, not really giving any idea of what kind of a body she might have.

She was tall and willowy, with brunette hair down past her shoulders. Going to the chaise lounges right next to him, John threw a towel down on one and laid down on it while Alice sat on the end of the other, looking out at the sea. Then unbuttoning her top and slipping it off her shoulders as she lay back, Jimmy was shocked to see that she was topless underneath, huge pendulous breasts covering her chest.

Glancing at him for a second and smiling, she closed her eyes and lay there, completely oblivious to the stares that were directed her way. And so gagrap rap sister all free rate went for the next half hour or so, everyone just basking in the sun. Then people started turning over. When Susan stood and rearranged her towel before laying back down on her stomach, Jane was staring at her.

The shock on her face when she saw the thong bikini that she was wearing really delighted Jimmy. There were definitely going to be some fireworks on this trip, he thought.

Another half an hour and people were starting to sit up and talk, slowly breaking the ice and getting acquainted. It usually took a day or so before it became one big family. At one point Mary came up on the sundeck and announced that there were some snacks if anyone was hungry. Seeing Alice sitting there topless, Mary went over to her.

"It's so nice to see someone sunning topless," Mary said. "Now I'll be able to without it seeming weird to everyone, if you don't mind." "Of course not," Alice said. "I'm sorry we have to wear clothes at all." "Sometimes we don't," Mary said with a laugh. "But there are some kids with their parents this time. I don't know that they'd appreciate it very much." "I'm sure not," Alice laughed.

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"But do come join me when you can." "I'm going two busty blondes lick their wet cunts get something to eat," Don said to Jane. "Do you want anything?" "Whatever you bring," Jane said. "I'm going to talk to Susan." "Now, be nice," Don said. "She's growing up and it's not like we're not here with her." "She should have discussed it with us," Jane said. "And she would have gotten the same response as if I'd discussed it with you, wouldn't she?" Don replied with a laugh.

"This is a good time and opportunity for her to experiment without having to worry. Besides, you look great in that suit.

How are you going to tell her that she doesn't?" "She's too young," Jane said. "I'll be back," Don said, getting to his feet. About half the people went downstairs to sample Mary's snacks, leaving Jane, Susan, Jimmy and Alice on the sundeck. Jane immediately moved over and sat next to Susan, leaning close as she talked to her. Jimmy could see Susan getting upset, then she stood up, her hands on her hips. "Well, it's the only suit I brought," she said. "If you don't like it, I won't wear it, I'll just parade around naked." "You're already half naked," Jane replied, trying to keep her voice down.

"So are you," Susan said.

"You're basically wearing the same suit. Is this just some mother daughter thing? Does it look so bad on me?" "That's not it," Jane said.

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"I just think that maybe you're too young to wear a suit like that." "Mom, I'm going to graduate high school in a month. Everyone wears suits like this now. How old do I have to be? Like I said, this is the only suit I have." "What a great spread," Bunny said as she came back up onto the sundeck. "Oh, hi," she said when she saw Slim gorgeous nymph is amazed with sexy sex sitting there. "Are we allowed to be topless?" "Apparently," Alice replied, smiling at her.

"At least nobody's complained yet." "And I don't sexy blonde babe helena valentina fucks strangers dick for acsh pornstars and creampie anyone will either," Bunny said with a laugh, immediately liking Alice.

"Do you mind if I sit with you so I can be topless? I mean, people would think it pretty strange if I sat with my brothers and I was topless, you know what I mean?" "I'd love your company," Alice said, feeling an immediate attraction to this warm, outgoing, truly vivacious redhead. "Pull up a seat." "Your friend won't mind?" Bunny inquired, sitting down.

"I'm sure he won't," Alice laughed. "Great," Bunny said, reaching behind herself and untying her top, pulling it off over her head and letting her tits free. Immediately her nipples hardened into knots, sticking out from the end of her tits. "God, this feels great," Bunny said, rubbing her tits briskly as she leaned back into the chaise lounge.

"I'm Bunny, by the way." "And I'm Alice," Alice replied with a smile. "You're diving with your brothers?" "Oh, yeah. We do everything together. And there's three more at home and two more sisters too," Bunny added.

"This feels like real freedom to me." "How nice to have such a large family," Alice commented. "I only had one sister." "Had?" Bunny inquired. "Did something happen to her?" "She died three years ago in an auto accident," Alice explained.

"I'm sorry," Bunny said. "How awful." "But we're here to have fun and dive, aren't we?" Alice asked with a smile. "You bet we are," Bunny replied. "As much fun as we can." "Oh, John, meet Bunny," Alice said as John returned with a plate full of snacks. "She's here to sunbathe in the topless corner.

You don't mind, do you?" "I should say not," John said, with a smile first at Alice, then Bunny. "It's absolutely my pleasure," he said, staring directly and deliberately at her tits, where her nipples instantly hardened under his gaze. "You're a welcome addition." "Thank you," Bunny said, smiling. "Hi, I'm Susan," Susan said, suddenly appearing next to their seats. "I'm here with my parents and my brother." "Hello, Susan," Alice said.

"This is John and this is Bunny. How are you?" "It's a drag traveling with my parents," Susan lamented. "And I saw you, you know, topless, and I just thought." "You're welcome to join us if it's all right with your parents," Alice said.

"We're all going to be together for a week, so we should all be able to talk with everyone, don't you think?" "Oh, I do," breathed Susan. "I just didn't know, you know." "Of course," Alice said with a laugh. "Well, hello, everyone," Ed said as he entered the sundeck from the wheelhouse. "I'm glad to see that everyone is comfortable. Ladies," he said, nodding towards Alice and Bunny, "we're going to be pulling in to West End in about 30 minutes to clear customs. It might be a good idea to cover up a bit in the harbor.

But other than that, please wear as little as you'd like. The less the better for me." Everyone laughed as Ed disappeared back into the wheelhouse, but the tension on the sundeck was broken. The fact that Alice and Bunny were topless had been openly acknowledged in front of everyone and now it was okay to look, to talk, to pretend to ignore. Then the entrance to West End appeared and everyone covered up more appropriately as they slid between the jetty walls marking the entrance.

Then ravishing petite chick gets her narrow snatch and small anal rode Seawind made a right turn, sliding right up next to the seawall as they docked. It took only fifteen minutes to clear customs and then they were backing out, heading back out beyond the breakwater to the first dive site of the day, a place called Sherwood Forest. Everyone made their way back to the dive deck to check their gear out one last time before they donned it.

They were informed that the water temperature was 82. That meant that wetsuits were not needed. As they wriggled into their BCs as the Seawind anchored, Alice was still topless, her huge tits hanging out from between the straps of her BC, her nipples big and hard on the ends. Then Rob shouted Dive, Dive, Dive and they started down the steps to the dive platform, falling into the water one by one to explore the staghorn coral formations that comprised Sherwood Forest. Forty-five minutes later everyone was back on board, each with their own tale to tell of what they had seen.

The reports were everything from Nassau grouper to sharks to lobster to conch, all of which were plentiful and frequent in Bahamian waters. They had about a half hour's ride to the next dive site, but they were told that lunch would be ready after the next dive and then they would have a long break before the final dive of the first day where they would be anchored up for the night.

So everyone went back up to the sundeck to bask in the sun and talk about their dive. Susan had pulled a seat up so that she was sitting in an informal circle with Alice and John and Bunny. Bunny had pulled her top off after her dive and declared that she wasn't going to bother wearing it anymore unless someone objected. The overwhelming male murmurs of demur weren't even necessary. Jimmy was still sitting next to the rail where this group were sitting, and every once in a while Susan would give him a look.

He couldn't tell what kind of a look it was. She didn't look mad, but it wasn't a look he instantly recognized.

Getting to his feet, Jimmy moved over to where his parents were talking with Harve and Sue. Sitting down in a chair, he joined in talking about the dive they had just been on. He noticed that Jane's cheeks were flushed and she didn't look so pissed off as she talked about a trigger fish she had seen.

Jimmy even noticed that her nipples were hard underneath the thin material of the top of her suit. When he realized this he averted his gaze, only to find it wandering back to stare at his mother's hard nipples jutting out.

Again getting to his feet, Jimmy went back to his seat near his sister. Sitting down, he looked over at the group of them and realized that something was different.

Then he realized what it was. Susan had taken her top off! She was sitting there with her tits out. They actually looked pretty good, Jimmy acknowledged as he stared at them. They were a nice size and her nipples were real hard. They were just curled into berries on the ends. Susan just looked at him and leaned back into her seat, her tits sticking out in front of her.

"Hey, you guys going to come diving?" Billy asked as he came up the steps. "Oh, hi," he said as he saw the group of them sitting there topless. "Bunny always did have a knack of finding the most fun," he said, smiling at them. "I'm Billy. This is my brother Bob," he said, smiling at each of them, but his gaze and smile lingered on Susan. "This is pretty cool, huh? Well, I'm going diving.

I'll see y'all later." Bunny laughed as Bob stumbled after him down the steps to the dive deck. "They're really great guys," she said. "And they're usually not that shy. They must have liked you two," she said, looking at Alice and Susan.

"In our family there isn't much privacy with so many of us, so there aren't very many secrets." "They seem very nice," Alice commented. "But let's go diving, shall we?" she said as she got to her feet. "I just love being in the water." They all followed her down to the dive deck, with Don and Jane and Harve and Sue bringing up the rear. As they sat down to get into their gear, Don and Jane noticed that Susan was topless as she slipped into her BC. "What do you think you're doing?" Jane asked, staring at her.