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Cockold let fuck his wife at the beach by a fr
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LEE walks into the hallway on his way to his room upstairs. He stops, finding his aunt in trouble. Wtf aunty, look at you., I love you, you know I do; don't do this to yourself. God damn I wish you would quit this drinking aunty.FUCK! - - - - - - - - - - - [Pause] "Here., let me help". I move to help her and she flinches.

pulling back from me. she can hardly keep herself from tipping over as she sits teetering diagonally on the stairs. 'Damn, what am I going to do'?

Aunt Judy is mom' older sister; she's sitting side-ways on the stairs in a short skirt and wearing a vertically stripped blue and off white blouse. Her short grey skirt has a slit over one thigh. about 8 inches I am guessing; which shows off a lot of auntie's leg.

Her charcoal hose are completely exposed on the one leg showing the black garter. Her hose have a pattern at the top. pretty., even erotic I would say. Her shoes: One is completely off and is lying on its side at the bottom of the stairs, about three risers down. The other shoe has twisted off her heel; but is still partially on, covering her toes.

Aunty seems to be trying to get that shoe back. She is so fucked up there's no chance of that happening. I watch her, my heart filled with sadness. Her hands are uncoordinated; the left hand is holding her erect by bracing against the railing. Her right hand is trying to move hair out of her face but is failing miserably.

The hair keeps falling back as if it to hide her face. My poor aunt. I love her. Damn I hate this shit! I move to help her but she flinches again, giving a slight shriek.sort of a frightened shriek. I step back and look closer. her blouse is undone at least one button. showing her black bra pretty girl knows how to please a guy part of her right breast.

My aunt has B cups at best; still, nice boobs for a middle aged woman., no marks on her skin that I can see. "Come on auntie. let me help you. It is Lee., you know your favourite nephew", I say softly. [I squat so she can see my face better.] I hear a door close.

I move quickly down the hall to the family room where there are patio doors that open onto the rear deck. It is a couple of dozen steps to the family room and the same to the patio doors. When I arrive at the patio doors I see Tom and Jeff running slowly away from the house, across the lawn. Ok. large tit beauteous chick devours two large cocks squirting and japanese it. [I say to myself.]. They groped Auntie Judy.

Their own aunt, for Christ's sake. That would explain her freaking out. Drunk or not, women react to that scenario. Getting back to my aunt I find her leaning precariously. I place a hand on her shoulder to keep her from falling and get that same startle reaction again. This time I push her back. I can't have her falling down the stairs. "It is me. LEE"! [Looking her straight in the eye] Fuck., is she polluted. Her eyes have an alcoholic haze to them.

I doubt she can even see me., or focus; or would know or remember who felt her up for that matter. I try again and again to get her moving but she is unable to do so and unwilling to let me help her. Any touching gets 'that' reaction, her flinching. I stay close., and yet, far enough off so she does not freak. This house: My parent's home is a two and one half exquisite honey reveals monster booty and gets anus pounded house in the country.

Dad inherited 1/3 of the farm from grandma aaron mark and thorben sisters fucking gay boys she passed. MY mother's parents had not done to badly either. Add up two inheritances split amongst the siblings and presto.

lots of bucks. Consequently, mom and dad build a 6 bedroom home, c/w dormers, a garage and hot house for dad's green thumb. It has a huge farm-kitchen.

Manicured lawns., two decks and all the trappings a well to do family can have. along with a shit load of headaches. also attributable to the money. Dad rents out one hundred and sixty acres to a neighbor, he gets a small amount in return. Mostly dad is just making sure the land is used properly. Old Svend is a good farmer and benefits from his deal with dad.

. This family: My parents had only one child, yours truly. I am a Five Star member of AADAC. I got into it at fifteen. My mother is a saint, she took control and by the time I was eighteen she had me back under control and living under her roof again.

Sometimes things happen and it is just plain dumb luck., at least in my case. Dad, Brent., had a brother and a sister. Uncle Darren sold everything he inherited and moved away from family. WE lost track of him but have heard he is a doing ok in Oregon. Darren has one son, Tom. Tom lives with his mother in town. She was left high and dry when Darren fucked off. Mom and dad helped her out and she is OK, as in comfortable. Dad's sister, Aunty Joanne, lives near but does not associated with us much.

She lost her husband in a shooting many years back. She has managed her inheritance well. She keeps away from us. Mostly I think because she does not want a bad apple like me near her children.

one of whom is Jeff. WE see her at Xmas and some Thanksgivings. Mom has one sister, Aunt Judy. Aunt Judy is ok but her husband, Ned., what a fucking name. sounds like a horse. Suits him though., he is a horse's ass. She tried to manage her money but Ned had to play the big wheel. You know the kind. New car, and not a cheap one., new house., and not a cheap one, and on, and on. partying.spend, spend, spend.

Aunt Judy, being a woman. tried to keep it together. Then one night the shit hit the fan. I had been in AADAC for about 6 months and out of the slammer for a year. I did six months for petty theft, and damaging public property. Mom saved my ass. Mom is a wonder, not her last name. Alice is her name. my cousins, Tom and Jeff; call her their Wonderful Aunt Alice. she loves it and them. Of course it carries on from there. . The Party: (the night the shit hit fan) It was winter, just over two years ago.

Ned wanted a party and so there was a party at HIS house. Not Judy's house but his. Dad was invited but did not want to go, almost everybody stayed away. except for some of Ned's boozing buddies. Things had gotten that way. and the money was going. so Aunt Judy had begun drinking a lot. Late that night dad answers the phone. There had been two other couples there but they had left; Uncle Ned had been an A- one jerk.

The call was to let dad and Alice, my mom and Judy's sister, know that the party was getting out of hand and Judy was the only woman left, and she was very drunk.

The caller, one of Ned's more respectable friends said we'd better get over there, and fast. Into the Jeep we jumped. Mom drove. Dad had run to my room asking me to get ready, he said there was trouble at JUDY's and there were too many guys there for him to handle alone. We had to literally run after the Jeep; mom was on her way. Fucking Zena the Warrior Princess my mother when it comes to family.

It took us about ½ hour to get there. Dad convinced mom to let him go in first, and alone. I have got to give dad credit that guy can be persuasive. So we get to Aunt Judy's and dad heads inside; the drapes are drawn so we cannot see a thing. Mom and I were watching it seemed quiet: "" CRASH ! "" The door crashes and one of Ned's friends comes running outside knocking the fucking storm door to pieces.

Mom and I jump out of the Jeep and head towards the house; it is slippery so I am helping mom.

She yells at me to get going and she will make it on her own. "Don't take any prisoners Lee. look out for your father". I hear her yell at me. [Fucking mom man] . The Brawl: Milf blonde sucks and fucks a big black dick for interracial fun come running into the house and there is dad and Uncle Ned duke-ing it out.

men yelling and trying to break it up. Someone got a hold of dads arm and Uncle Ned caught him with a good one, dad went down. I came sailing thru the house and kind of tackled uncle Ned with neither of us falling.

we careened of the kitchen stove and the fight was on. Ned is bigger than me so I was in trouble.after a few seconds or so I heard mom yelling and screaming like I've never heard her before. Ned pulled up to say something and I drove into him taking both of us through the handrail and onto the stairs and floor of the sunken room.

Ned hurt his ribs and I started pounding him. He defended himself but now I was fucking winning. A couple of his friends got me off of him, I was going crazy. Screaming and kicking at him, fighting to get free. WE all turned our heads at that moment. We heard mom fucking freaking out; she was in a fight with Jason, one of Ned's drinking buddies. He was ducking and trying to stay out of her way; mom was relentless. Jason fell over something taking down the drapes as he fell.

Cruisers outside, someone had to have called the cops. That was no deterrent to my mother. She kept after him; kicking him when he was down. poor bastard grabbed the drapes and used them for protection. "Allen., keep Alice from killing Jason". Ned said. [He laughed a bit.] The other guy, the one who had me pinned up against the wall, kept me pinned.

Ned walked up to me; "Fucking drug addicted little prick". He elbowed me in the head.

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[I could feel my knees giving way but I managed to keep standing.] Ned turned to go up the stairs; "Bring the little prick upstairs Marco"! WE started up the stairs, my arms twisted behind my back.

I could see the reflection of the emergency bars in the window. I wondered way the cops were not inside the house. 'Oh'., I thought; right, back-up. My family is getting the shit kicked out of it and the cops are waiting for fucking back up. Useless cock-suckers. Dad was still on the floor unconscious, but stirring. "Come on Alice, settle down honey".

I heard someone say. [Probably Ned. He is the only one I know of who calls my mother 'honey'] I think HE wants to fuck her. He might as well take a number. My mother is quite the number, and a beautiful one at that. Lots of men have tried to get her over the years but to no avail. Mom heard this Allan guy moving towards her. She turned and flew at him picking up a small caste iron pan as she moved in his direction.

She swung this little pan at him.he blocked it. both mom and this Allan dude yelled out in pain. Fucking mom, she just kept after him. He finally got pissed enough to take swing at her. He caught her, grazing her shoulder. She swept his feet out from under him. [I did not even know mom knew this shit.] He grabbed her ankle and pulled her down on her ass.

Mom kicked this Allan guy in the head. he lost it and went after mom. I was still pinned and could do nothing while my mother was kicking and punching at Allan. [In hide sight it was quite the fight. mom held her own.

Fuck can she use her feet.] I believe Allan is not the kind of man who hits women; I think he was just trying to stay the course until the cops showed. Useless fuckers! In either case, when Allan lost it my mother, I am proud to say, held her own. When Allan was not freaking at her he took a beating from mom's feet. . The Cops show: "ALICE. STOP"! Spoke the mighty Sgt. Wiley Moore, Mom's friend. Mom turned to see Wiley. She pointed in a direction I had not looked, all be it darkened.

My eyes took in the carnage. My Aunt Judy's body, bare ass pointing sky-ward, legs spread, draped over the end of her sofa. Her crotch red from use. I could see semen on the arm of her sofa between her legs, and on the floor below her.

Her pussy was mostly closed but very red. My aunts bum hole was open, bleeding, and leaking cum. [Now I understood what got mom going.] I fucking freaked out, calling Ned every fucking thing under the Sun.

I struggled to get free but Marco held me firm. my fucking arms were screaming at me in pain. I stomped on his foot. Marco yelled and slammed my head into the wall. Wiley yelled at Marco to stop, and at Constable Johnson, a woman., to secure the crime scene around my aunt.

I saw a blur to my right and saw Alice the Wonderful, lover of all things great and small; moving in my direction. Marco swung me putting myself between mom and him. Fucking jerk-off coward. Sgt. Wiley was yelling at mom, Constable Johnson was positioned to keep the crime scene intact around my aunts exposed ass. another cop showed. A pig fest. Mom went sailing by in a blur., well mostly a blur.

Marco yarded on me and we fell against the wall then to the floor. This brilliant move my Marco broke my wrist and separated my shoulder putting your hero out of action.

I yelled out in pain. But, out of the corner of my eye I see in Peckinpah-ian motion flashing steel, blood spurting thru the air. more than one voice yelling Alice over and over again.screaming.extremely load noises and then silence. . A NOISE OR STIRRING BROUGHT ME BACK TO THE PRESENT; I see some motion and heard Aunty Judy.

My aunt is trying to get up and was about to fall on her noggin. Moving quickly I take old of her shoulder steadying her. "Aunty., it's me, Lee. will you let me help you"! Time for my Aunt: "Lee". She says; that was blowjob showing ass and big butt girl dildo first time puppy love I needed. Gathering her shoes and her purse which suddenly appears on the stairs.

I pick up my Aunt. [I am 22 now, bigger and stronger., mom' cooking helps] At first she pushes at me. but is resting her head on my shoulder by mid- flight as I climb the stairs leading to the second floor and her room. She pushes at me again as we pass the bathroom. I keep walking. She gets a little more agitated; the light goes on in my head and I wheel about taking her to the bathroom. That was pee not Lee you dummy, I think to myself.

I stand with my back against the wall and light switch, sliding up I turn on the bath-room lights. Holding her firmly I set aunties feet on the floor and move the toilet seat. She cannot hold any longer and a shower of pee begins to run onto the floor. Turning auntie I slide her skirt up and sit her on the toilet seat, with her panties still on. Aunty Judy pee's thru her panties into the toilet. However we are a mess, her and I. My pants and socks are wet, even soaked. not to mention my hands.

Aunty Judy's skirt is wet, her comment needed there.her hose and garter, everything below her waist is wet. I bend down and give her a little kiss on the cheek; "Ooops"!

Squatting in front of her I removed her hose, she did not protest one iota. I notice aunties face; "I will look after you aunt, don't worry". [I know my aunt; she likes to be clean] Standing I noticed the pee was making its way to the door and carpet in the hall.

I tossed a towel in the Yellow rivers path. I stood in front of her; dropping my drawers and taking off my wet socks; they too found their way to the pee dam. Pushing my fore-arms under my aunt's arm pits I managed, with some difficulty, to lift her off the toilet.

It took me five minutes to take her skirt, garter and panties off while holding her up. She did stand mostly on her own though and she didn't freak out, so I took that as a good sign. I wrapped sexy pretty girl enjoys deep ass gangbang large white towel around her bottom and carried her to the bedroom assigned to her by mom.

perhaps assigned is the wrong word.she always slept in this room when staying with us, which was about once a week. We even asked her to move in, but., well she didn't.

Using a couple of wash cloths and towels with some bar soap I got her cleaned up. In the process I removed her shirt and bra. I thought I might as well clean her up right so she could have a good night's sleep. [I told this to myself, and I believed it] Her bed was wet from my washing her so I moved aunty into my room.

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I could lock the door so she would be safe. I dressed her in a large 'T shirt'; this 'T shirt' read, 'GIRLS KICK ASS'.I thought it funny. I covered her bottom with boxer shorts; yellow and black with a large smiley on the front. She should get a chuckle in the morning when she woke up.

I am Catholic so I have a confession, I felt her up while I washed her. She was sleeping by then so no harm, no fowl. I love those little sayings; one can justify anything with them. She is a bit barrel chested my aunt; her breasts are nice, real nice, B cup I guess with pretty nipples. So sexy when her nipples are erect and such a lovely feel to my lips. I kissed each beast lovingly, not missing a spot before I took her nipples into my mouth.

It was wild sucking auntie's nipples; feeling and watching them rise.pulling on her nipples with my teeth, gently of course.

God what a rush! I would tell her in the morning probably, she would appreciate that. My aunt evelin gets fucked by her nymphomaniac stepmum be a little mad, but more likely than not she will get a laugh out of it.

Mom, Dad, Aunty Judy and I get along very well. Even Tom and Jeff fit in., the little pricks, Alice in Wonderland's nephews. The six of us have many meals together with no shortage of joviality at the table.

Aunt Judy; Before I put the boxers on her I placed her on her tummy with a pillow under her to elevate her rear. I spread her legs and looked at her. She has a world class ass on her, I can easily see that. My lovely aunt was raped because of that ass. I ogled her pussy, thighs and ass.

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Aunt Judy is a woman with some hair between her legs. not a lot, but a fine covering. She is a strong woman so her thighs look big; they are firm, no veins, some muscle definition. Her cheeks are big enough to give her a nice well to her bum hole, those cheeks are very firm. I kissed each cheek to show my appreciation. Actually I kissed her cheeks a lot to show a lot of appreciation. I spread her cheeks to look at her bum-hole. I could see were the Doctors had cut to repair her.

I must have spent ten minutes just looking at her busty mom mrs starr rearend pounded by alan stafford o01, tracing a path with my fingers about her bum and that well her cheeks create.

I touched auntie's bum-hole a lot. Gently and lovingly, I am no rapist and I remember how angry I was at the time of her rape. I could see how with a little lubricant one could enjoy her back door. I mean with that tight hole and the well created by her bum cheeks providing so much surface to wicked beauty adores licking balls hardcore and blowjob against.

My aunt could be the best bum-fuck any man could wish for., passed out drunk or not. I thought, and with men's propensity to do wrong by woman.this shit happens.

I chastised myself for what I was thinking. I suffered a moment of sanity, and pulled those cute boxers over auntie's bum, tucking her into bed for a good night-s sleep. I could be forgiven many things but bum-fucking Aunty Judy was not one of them. I remember mom's feet from two years ago; I do not want to be on the business end of those feet. Who says a stiff cock has no conscious? [I smile as I think how this clean and sober I live has me philosophizing.] But I'm taking no chances; I'll sleep in the chair in my room.

No sense tempting fate; I tell myself. I did hear a door or two closing but I did not investigate. someone using the facilities I assumed. SO! . I sit in my chair in the eerie glow of the night lights; looking., no., 'leering' at the rise auntie's hip makes as she lay's on her side sleeping. The gentle movement of the covers caused by her breathing congers up thoughts in my mind. and that is making me hard.again! Ohhhh! My lusting soul doth appreciate the shape of a woman!

I sat in the chair looking at Aunty Judy. The thoughts running thru my mind brought back that night at Aunt Judy and Uncle Ned's, and mom's Warrior Princess Action. That mother of mine, I thought, and those feet of hers. My lust began to wane. I will always remember mom's face that night when Aunt Judy was raped.

In the briefest of moments as she ran by I saw the face of a woman twisted by pure hatred. What really got me.and I mean really-really got to me, and haunts me even to this day, were her eyes: NO SPARKLE - NO LIFE IN THEM AS IF AN EEERY PRESENCE WAS WITHIN, AND BLACK AS EBONY, IN A WORD; . - EVIL - . ! I have no doubt that-that night, for a moment anyways, the Devil was disguised as my mother.

If the cops, including mom' friend Sgt. Wiley, had not been there; Uncle Ned would have been dispatched to HELL by my mother, and rightly so. Just the thought of mom's face brings a chill.

IN my moralizing I'd told myself many things, all truthful; and yet it didn't do much good. I found myself standing at the foot of the bed, bedroom lights on; looking at my aunt. What's the harm I said pulling the bedding off her and ogling her shape. Her legs are excellent for a forty something woman. I could see past the shorts I'd put on her and there before my wandering eye I could see most of her pussy and some of her ass.

Auntie's feet were lying off to one side and slightly out of alignment as she slept. Even though I had washed her, even though I had felt her, even though. Almost every man knows and most men have felt the power. the urge that comes when looking at an unconscious woman. It's intoxicating.

It's overpowering. It's innate'! There was 'that' something wildly erotic about looking at my aunt as she slept. Perhaps knowing she was helpless to stop me from having her left me craving her so badly. God I ached! Slowly, and against all common sense, I began pulling those shorts off her.

Exposing Aunty Judy's ass.God she looked delicious. I moved her about getting a pillow under her hips elevating her ass.just the way I liked it.I spread her legs farther than I had done before.yielding a view that nearly knocked me over. I kept my shorts on telling myself I was just going to look at her, and maybe kiss her a little, and maybe lick her a little, and maybe nibble at her, and.

I watched my cock enter aunty.God she felt tight at first. Such a sweet pussy my aunt has. I moved in her slowly, enjoying the snugness of her. I felt aunty move, even though it was only slightly. I kept slow fucking aunty, my beautiful aunty. My beautiful aunt moaned and shuddered. I hoped she'd had an orgasm but how was I to know. I kept fucking her and upped my pace. I kept it under control as I did not want the bed rocking too much.

I was really enjoying fucking aunty when for no apparent reason an image of my mother sleeping popped into my head. The similarity of mom and aunties hips under the covers was uncanny. God I thought, I wonder if aunties and mom's bodies are similar. I looked down at auntie's body and thought of mom.I could just as easily be fucking mom I thought, this idea moved thru my mind like folk lightening., igniting all my synapses. It luscious hottie loves mixing sex and massage hardcore handjob onto me like a vice.

My mind went into a skid, metaphorically. I got so fucking hot I couldn't stop; I never cam- so hard in my life. I was surprised nobody came to the door.did I ever rock Aunt Judy or what, man what a fuck! During the night auntie got up to pee; she punched me when she came back to bed, waking me up from what was a sexy dream.

''Did you enjoy it Lee'', she said. ''Yes, I was fucking great auntie''! ''You come over later this week and fuck me while I am awake Lee. It's been a long time since I had a good fucking''.

There was a lengthy pause, and then she kissed two ghetto slut and one big black cock. My aunt and I snuggled together whispering for some time. I began to play with her tit at some point and she eventually started working my cock. It couldn't have been more than half an hour but it seemed Aunt Judy was getting horny.her beautiful nipples were very hard.

"Lee, why wait for another time, lets fuck right know.I am getting pretty horny sweetie". Not one single syllable was exchanged after that. It took us mere seconds to move about and couple. She wanted to be on the bottom.God she felt good. I started slow fucking Aunt Judy hoping to make her cum. She moved her thighs up squeezing me between them. Aunty adjusted our position and took me in as deep as I could go.

She cradled me, holding me in place with her strong legs. Aunty Judy fucked me. Slow grinding hip movements.using her vaginal to pull on my cock.

It was so sexy, so comfortable; I never had sex like this before and aunty was fantastic. I did almost nothing as she took us both to orgasm. "Oooooh., oh my God aunty, that's the best I ever had". She kissed me, a sweet sexy kiss. My God what a woman I thought. "Aunty, can we do this again sometime"? "You betcha Lee, I hope we do it a lot. You are my dream come true Lee". WE lay together for awhile: "I'm going to sleep downstairs in the den aunty, save us from moms' feet".

She never answered, my lovely aunt was asleep. I kissed her nose and snuck out of the room. . EARLIER- ACROSS the upstairs hall from where Lee was looking after his aunt, some forty feet away; "See, I told ya., Lee would look after Aunt Judy".

Tom says to Jeff. "Ya. Lee is a good guy", Jeff says and winks. Tom and Jeff had walked quietly thru this huge home, they'd been here many-many times over the years and knew the floor plan down to the dust bunnies.

Tom and Jeff took the stairs two steps at a time. Entering Aunty Alice's bedroom; "Just as I suspected, Uncle Brent is sleeping downstairs.he likes the cool-ness of that basement bedroom". Jeff whispers to Tom. "Leaving Aunty Alice to us", Tom replies. Jeff gives thumbs up to his cousin. [Neither lad is blecked lun butifull girls xxx about her hearing them.

Tom had slipped a powerful tranquilizer into her milk while she was hugging Jeff good night.] "I do not feel right about this", Tom says. "I mean fuck man, this is Alice in Wonderland here.

She means more for me than anyone else on Earth., including my mom., anyone". "I hear ya man. Fuck. Maybe we shouldn't do this. how am I ever going to look her in the face if we do this man"? Tom and Jeff looked at one another then Aunt Alice.

Jeff walks quietly to her bedside. "I love you aunty, I am sorry I snuck into your room tonight". [Jeff kisses his aunt on her cheek.] Tom follows suite. "God she smells nice., eh Jeff". "Ya. Let's go before we dressing well with dolly leigh and riley nixon is a must pornstars and hardcore our minds.

fuck she is gorgeous for an old babe eh". "Ya. Isn't she though". Jeff places a hand on Alice's hip as she sleeps. "Unhh, my God she is intoxicating Tom" Tom places his hand on Alice's hip.moving it along her thigh, gently squeezing her upper leg, all be it thru the covers. "Ya.she is.let's go Jeff". Tom and Jeff quietly leave their aunt's room, and soon exit this mansion of a house.

"We could have stayed the night you know". Jeff says.

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"I know, lets walk home", I feel great. "Me too".Jeff replies. Tom and Jeff amble across the lawn talking about their aunt. eventually they are off the property and walking towards town. It is nearly 2am and a clear night. In the country on a clear night the stars light things up pretty good. Tom and Jeff walk along the old road towards home, they will be home by day break. . Alice stood at her window watching her nephews walk off into the night.

She wanted to call out to them to stay the night. But, that was just not possible with what had just happened in her bedroom. 'I thought the milk was sour', she remarked to herself. Alice had not drunk much of it. the boys would not know this as they had left while she was sipping it. --- 'RASCALS', Alice thought to herself. Alice crawls back into bed., smiling. --- 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND'--- Curling up Alice thinks about her nephews.

She loves the way they are. Alice was proud of her nephews. their actions. They had high school gharl sar xxx not to rape her in her sleep. At first she thought it was Brent coming to bed.

what a wonderful surprise she thought. my nephews. Alice's body had been making demands on her that she had always been able to satisfy with Brent until these past 6 months.

The changes her body was going through were legal age teenager love tunnel is nailed well homemade and hardcore her crazy.

her two fantastic nephews may have just solved her dilemma., and she theirs.perhaps, she thought. 'I have to mull this over', Alice told herself. She would have them over for lunch on Saturday. Both Brent and Lee would be working.

Alice made herself comfortable under her blankets.satisfied that her two nephews could help her through her mid-life changes. ---- At the age of 41 Alice's body was in turmoil. She recalled the lyrics from Jefferson Airplane's WHITE RABBIT., or at least the last part; When logic and proportion Have fallen sloppy dead And the White Knight is talking backwards And the Red Queen's "off with her head!" Remember what the dormouse said; "Keep YOUR HEAD _______________ Keep your head " .

--- The story continues: "Shhh. aunties asleep". [Tom and Jeff exchange a smile.] Tom and Jeff tip toe into Alice's room. "She sure is a beautiful woman Jeff. I have always loved her dark brown hair. It glistens. Must be her natural oils. maybe her shampoo".? [Whispering.] "I know what you mean Tom, I love her too"! [They look at one another. smiles are exchanged.] "Do you think she will wake"?

Tom whispers. "Na. She is pretty well intoxicated. If that was not enough, I gave her a tranquilizer. We should be ok if we are gentle with her." Jeff replies. They move to opposite sides to the bed. taking the covers. together they uncover their aunt Alice. Their eyes meet; "Jeez Tom", "I know. I never expected that either. My God isn't she beautiful".

"Ya. fucking HOT for any age". [They gaze at their aunt's naked body.] "Carefully now, let's move her into position". [Tom and Jeff slowly, and with the utmost care move their aunt so she lays cross-ways on her bed.] .Alice does not waken.

Tom and Jeff look at their aunt; "Jeez Tom, aunty has beautiful skin. I do not see any blemishes". "I love her nipples". Jeff leans over and kisses aunty on her nose; "Thank you aunty; my., our Wonderful Aunt Alice. That nickname sure applies eh Tom"? "Does it ever", Tom replies. "Come over here Tom. [Tom walks quietly around the bed until he stands beside her head.] I love her bush.

that soft curl. and her bone man. it really sticks out. "I know. her pussy lips are nice to eh. they stick out too." "Ya know Jeff; let's shave her. with a Hitler like moustache". "Ya, good idea Tom. With her lips and pubic bone prominent, auntie's pussy will look like the prow of a ship".

Alice pushes herself up on her elbow and hops off the bed turning to look at her nephews; "What the hell, hot angel piaff gets gonzo hardcore creampie action on all internal cream pie and european is supposed to be a fantasy rape, not SNL.

[She looks down at herself.] The prow of a ship yet"! Tom and Jeff burst out laughing. "WE love ya aunt, you know that". "Uh huh., this-mid-life stuff has got me in a tail spin. I am horny all the time it seems. Funny as you are Thomas and Jeffrey. [Pause]. I thought we had made an arrangement. This is hard enough as it is for me without you two making fun of your old aunt". Alice walks to her closet and quickly puts her house coat on; a bit miffed at her nephews.Alice ties the belt on her robe.

ALICE turns - - suddenly her feet leave the carpet. [Gasp] Her heart soars. She feels weak as the energy drains from her body. These two young men, one on each side of her, had lifted her off her feet and are carry-ing her across the room angelina crow e lara stevens na orgia her bed.

Alice felt a tingle run through her body. Alice's nephews carry their beloved aunt to her bed. lying her down crosswise. Gently, Tom and Jeff began the invasion of Wonderland. The two bring their hands up to either side of their heads, wiggling their fingers and making a spooking sound followed by a deep roguish laugh.they pounce on their lovely aunt.Alice squeals with delight as she is attacked. . AFTER-GLOW, Alice in bed: Alice turns on to her side; curling up in her bed.

Covers, sheets and pillow casings all fresh. she had made a mess of the other bed-clothes. the boys had changed her bedding. Alice could not remember ever squirting before.

If she had, certainly not that much. Alice rolled onto her back., smiling as she recalled her nephew's talking. She had listened to them as they walked away from the house. Alice had been standing by the open window; her nephews liked to use the lawn for a shortcut going home.

Alice could not remember ever receiving such glowing compliments in her life, and Alice could honestly say she had been complimented allot over the years. Yes, Alice knew she was an attractive woman but she never let that go to her head. My God, what those boys did to her. she never.

Alice was wiped. She bunched up the bed sheets and squeezed them to her chest, letting out a little squeal.

Alice was a changed woman, of that there was no doubt. She loved her nephews, there was no doubt there either. They worked well together she thought. Tom on her left, Jeff on her right, or was it the other way round, no matter. . Alice's breasts getting sucked and august ames licks cassidy kleins thick pussy naturaltits and facesitting, bitten and pinched. Those boys she mused.they held her.doing what they wanted to her. She was sure pissed at them when they tied her arms and hands.'brats'.

she had thought. She liked it when they kissed her though, telling her how much they loved her, blowing on her nipples.blowing in her ears, kissing her face and neck, both boy's in unison symmetrically. God that felt good. ALICE thought back to the way the boys divided up her body. They placed two quarter's on her, one on each nipple.

Then they flicked their respective fingers at her breasts making them bounce launching the coins, playing heads or tails. THE language they used. OH that made her angry. She could not remember who said what, but she went ballistic. - - - BRATS !

"Heads fucks the bitch in the mouth, tails fucks her cunt"! She tried kicking them off her. She tried getting her hands loose, no such luck. The two boys were sitting on her legs; definitely her most dangerous weapons. She was so mad she missed them grinning like Cheshire cats. When she finally noticed them grinning they laughed at her. Teasing their aunt like that.BRATS! TOM won heads.

She laid there while Jeff covered her eyes.she did not understand but she was ok with it.Then he pinched he nose. Ok she had thought no big deal also. But when the gag was pushed into her open mouth she struggled, and again to no avail.

Soon Tom was sitting on her chest slipping his sweet teenage cock into her mouth thru the hole in the gag.she'd never even seen one of those before. Alice had no control and this did not sit well with her but she persevered.fantasy rape and all. Alice looked up at her handsome nephew and saw his reaction to fucking her in the mouth.he was rapt. Alice's mood changed; she was please to provide this lovely young man with so much pleasure. Tom was getting more and more energetic; Alice knew he was going to cum.

She hoped she could handle it all and swallow every drop.she wanted to taste him.God she felt naughty. Suddenly Tom pulled out and got off her; "Your turn man, I cannot handle it.she is so fucking hot Jeff. God she is something isn't she"? "Yeah. [Pause], she is. I doubt if I will ever find a woman this beautiful, or even close". Jeff got in place and slipped his cock thru the gag into Alice's mouth. Jeff's cock was a little smaller than Tom's but was just as delicious Alice thought.

Jeff had more pubic hair than Tom she noted. Alice's sex drive began to reappear. Alice could feel herself start sucking at Jeff's cock.gag and all. This was her second cock in five minutes and the third one to get near her mouth in her life, her husband owned the other one.

She looked up at Jeff and she felt nothing but love for her nephew. God he was handsome she thought. Jeff pulled himself from Alice's mouth; "Fuck man, I get it now.I cannot handled it either.God dam she is so fucking hot.I actually do want to rape her Tom". Jeff brought his face close to Alice's; "God damn aunty, you are so fucking beautiful". Jeff pulled back from Alice.

"Look at her nipples Tom, they are so hard.fuck they are fucking fantastic". "I know, I want to take one home with me, you could take the other one". "Wouldn't that be something", Jeff said, "to have auntie's tits to play with every night". [Pause] "Tom"? "Yeah, what Jeff"? "Let's kidnap her.ya know for real.Take her to the cave. WE could fuck her and fuck her and fuck her until we all die from malnutrition". Tom smiled at Jeff; "Sounds like a plan Jeff, cute babe slowly sucking on his tiny dick do you think aunty"?

Alice lay i spy on my chubby step sister unable to answer. She nodded in the affirmative. They both laughed and started to move about getting ready for the next installment of this fantasy rape. . Alice squeezed the covers tightly, remembering the thought she'd had; "Nothing could be better than being with her two nephews", what a-way to end one's life she had thought.

She was sure she could explain it to God, or at least she hoped she could. Alice shifted about in her bed; soon her mind was back with her nephews and sex. . "Let's take the gag off", Tom said. Jeff moved to his aunts head and in mere seconds the gag was off. "There ya go aunty", [Pause.] ."Oh fuck, look at her face Tom, the gag left marks on her." Both boys attention moved to their auntie's head, they touched her were the gag had left marks.

They gently rubbed her face and kissed her cheeks. Tom and Jeff were so upset with the marks they untied their lovely aunt without thinking. Alice for her part was happy to have her hands back as they had begun to feel numb. Plus she wanted to hold her nephews, no matter what they did to her. After a few minutes the marks on Alice's face started to disappear and the boys began to relax., a little anyways. They stood looking at their aunt, not moving.

Alice could see that they had lost their impetus; "It's ok", she said, smiling., "I won't stop you no matter what you do to me. I want to hug you both though when you are fucking me". [Alice could not believe she had used the 'f' word.] No sooner said than Alice's nephews each grabbed an ankle pulling her about on the bed so her ass was near the edge. Her legs were held up and open. Their heads disappeared between her legs. They looked like to Tarsier's. [Big eyed animal.] Alice nearly laughed, but the feeling of her nephews tasting her inner thighs, alternating between nibbling and licking her was euphoric.

Alice was lost in the sensation of these two you men between her legs. Alice barely had enough control to take hold of her legs, holding them up in a 'V' spread as they were for the boys. Their heads popped up when she did this with eyes so big.only to dive in again eating their beloved aunt.

The constant dialog from her nephews was so flattering that Alice's emotions took her past the point of control. She could not stop her on coming orgasm. . ALICE remembered feeling let down after she cam-. She so wanted to hold on until her nephews were actually inside her. The boy's must have picked-up on something because their heads popped up with wondrous eyes looking at her. Their handsome faces covered with her juice. Alice must have looked equally surprised though, her nephew's faces were wet.

Alice could honestly say she had no recollection of squirting, her orgasm was that intense. Alice snuggled in her bed again pulling the covers up over her nose so that only her eyes and the top of her head were exposed.

Alice took a moment., then.reflecting: It was Jeff, the quiet one, who broke the silence: "You ok aunty", he asked? "Yes, yes I am fine. That was something else. [Pause] That was one of the best if not 'THE' best orgasm I ever had.

I think I blacked-out for a moment or two". Alice watched both her nephews rise up looking at her, their hair, hot ass teen babe brittany shae gets drilled by her stepdad hardcore brunette and faces covered with her juice.

What really stood-out were those beaming faces that looked back at her. Both Tom and Jeff were so very, very, proud of what they had done for their old aunty. "I guess that is that boys. Too bad", she said, "I was hoping to cum while you were inside of me". It was Thomas this time who responded; "No self respecting rapist would walk away without fucking his victim.

now would he aunty"? "No, I guess not. I don't know if I can cum again though", Alice said. "But I want both of you to enjoy yourselves.ok"!

"Yes ma-am". They said together. THE FUCKING; OH the fucking. Alice giggled at the sound of her swearing., Alice never swore, at least not until today. Tom was first; he'd won the coin toss, or lost it, depending on your perspective. Tom moved Alice back some on the bed. He moved his knees outward spreading his legs taking his lower body weight on his knees. Spreading Alice' legs, holding them open and slightly elevated using his thighs.

Tom took his upper body weight on his hands. This allowed him to look down when entered her. He positioned himself and took his precious aunt in one thrust, balls deep. Alice gasped and jumped, not from any pain but from the feeling. This was her first cock other than her husband's and she was surprised by the feeling, it felt good.very good.

Tom was about Alice' husband's size but he was so hard, much harder than her husband; Alice loved it. Tom fucked Alice straight in and out; back and forth.pistoning in and out of her in a deliberate fashion. She knew he was not going to last long. The more excited Tom got the quicker he moved in her. Soon he was fucking hard and fast; "What an unbelievable woman," Tom said, and said, over and over and over as he praised his aunt.

"Oh God, Oh God", I can't stop it.unleashing shot after shot into her. Tom knew he had finished too quickly for her but the feeling of her was fucking amazing; "To fuck a woman, any woman who looks as good as you aunty is an unmatchable gift.

[Pause] Sorry aunty!".He exclaimed, "I could not help it." Alice slipped her arms from around Tom's neck; "That's ok baby you enjoyed yourself." She said. There was little or no movement for a minute or so then Jeff moved toward his aunt. "You don't have to Jeff," Alice said. "I'll give you a blow job if you'd prefer." "Are you kidding aunty," Jeff replied. "I am going to fuck you until you cum.

The next time we do this I want to bum fuck you aunty." [A brief pause.] "How does that sound to you Miss Wonderland.?" [Jeff winked at Alice.] Sometimes Horny tattooed babe loves to do anal surprised Alice and this was one of those times. Jeff was usually the quieter of her two special nephews. Alice smiled at her nephew; Alice was fairly certain she would not cum.

She was getting tired, had already had an explosive orgasm less than half an hour ago, and Tom had just speed fucked her; she believed that was the term used these days. AND--- she was not feeling very sensitive down there. All of the above gave her confidence in agreeing to a deal with Jeff.

"Jeff, whether I cum or not Jeff, enjoy yourself. Your old aunt insists." "Ok aunty," Jeff answered. [He winked at her again, this time with a beautiful smile] Suddenly Alice was a little worried. What if she did cum- ? She did not want to have anal sex with anyone, even her special nephews. His confidence caught her off guard.

What did he have in mind? Jeff approached Alice, rising above her he rubbed against her for a couple of minutes. Alice lay there offering some movement. "A beautiful, beautiful caring woman," Jeff said. Jeff continued by saying he did not mind sloppy seconds, after all this was Aunt Alice. There must be a thousand men in town who would give years off the lives to get her. But in fact sloppy seconds fit Tom and Jeff's plan for the Goddess known as Alice. "We love you.Tom and I have cooked up a special treat for you".

- - - -"Turn over aunty", Jeff asked Alice. Alice turned over with hesitation. Jeff raised her hips slipping a pillow under them; some adjustments were made to Alice' position.

Her bum was elevated further using two pillows to accommodate what was coming; "Aunty, aunty, aunty, oh my, you are exceptional." - - - - Jeff paused: "Un-fucking believable actually".

Jeff kissed Alice's cheeks.He loved her ass. He placed his cock in her crack and slid it back and forth.sliding it deeper and deeper along her crack. "Ohhhh, what a God you are built. Oh Fuck!" Both men smiled as Alice's head snapped to attention as she felt Jeff's cock touch her anus. "NO, aunty, I'm not going there.but does it ever feel fantastic." Tom leaned forward whispering in her ear; "Jeff and I know what we want for Christmas, oh special, lovely, wonderful Aunt Alice"!

"You brats" . She answered. . ALICE alone in her bed: Alice rolled over in mom and dad are boyfriend bed and clutched a pillow, hugging it. She was getting very sleepy and knew she would be asleep soon. But before she did she wanted to relive the memory of her orgasms'.

Alice smiled to herself; Brats she thought. That Jeffery, what a scoundrel he is. Still, she thought, what a beautiful young man to love his old aunt like that. My God Alice thought; the inventiveness and love those boys showed her. Alice felt a tingle run through-out her body. Jeff had told her he had on a special condom that wound vibe in her, or something, she remembered. What she hadn't counted on was it feeling so good.

It felt a little weird when Jeff pushed into her. He started to move in her gently until Alice became comfortable with it. Tom opened her mouth and pushed his cock into it, he slowly face fucked her; a first for Alice.

She'd given her husband many a BJ but Brent had never face fucked her; it was different than she thought it would be. She liked it! Tom has a very nice cock Alice mused; she really liked Tom's cock. Alice wanted Tom to cum in her mouth, she wanted to learning how to lick pussy in college him.

She felt herself getting turned on as the boys made love to her. Alice tried to keep herself under control as she remembered her deal with the boys. That damn vibrating thing Jeff was wearing was getting to her.she could not stop herself. Soon Taboo game and sexy brunette hardcore anal associates sisterly love was sucking Tom's cock hard and begging him to cum in her mouth.

Her ass was bouncing about like she could never remember it doing, my God it felt good. Alice giggled as she remembered her language; "Oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh please Jeff fuck me. Alice nearly blacked out her first 'O', as she liked to refer to them. The second one was almost as good.the third one was a little more subdued. Just before Alice' second 'O' Tom cam- in her mouth, did he every taste good. She would never look at him, either of them the same way again she thought.

Alice could sense sleep coming, an edge of darkness closing in around her.she moved slightly in her clean bedding. . Brent looked in on his wife after work; he was on the late shift these days.

He smiled at the look on her face as she slept. He kissed Alice tenderly on her forehead; "Sweet dreams honey"! What a lovely smile Brent thought as he left her bedside.