Charming centerfold is showing off her gaped spread quim in close up spreading and pleasing

Charming centerfold is showing off her gaped spread quim in close up spreading and pleasing
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Yes People!! Finally.SOme Hood writing!!! Enjoy!! My wedding day was just the month before I turned into "equal rights woman",meaning I did what men do all the time.

I thought about me and no one else!!. My new Husband and I had recently gott married although we've been together for about 8 years.

At the precious age of 23 Ive been with 3 men in my lifetime. Never once cheated or thought of cheating on my boo, even though we made our relationship official at the tender age of 16. Bryian is his name.

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He was my first, the two in between were guys I messed around with when Bryian and I called ourselves broken up knowing damn well we would be back together. He's had his share of woman, 3 I know for sure because he told me. Quite a few more that he still denies.

When he decided to join the Army, it was a great move. I transferred Universities so I could live with him. All went well.

He has quite a few friends in the military, some married, some single, some with children, some with girlfriends,some with crazy baby mamas, some with gold digging hoodrats, and some with all the above. In the first month of me living on base with him, Id meet most of his friends, gettin aquainted. Most of them also becoming my friends as well.

I guess sometimes boyish personality attracts instant comfort and friendship. I wouldn't say Im exactly drop dead gorgeous, but I hold my own. Standing at 5'5, about 175 pounds, got a little belly {woriking on that} 36 D cup breast, no where near sagging.just as perky as a viagra overdose, and a ghetto booty to match.

Maybe not everymans type but most definetly the type for the kind of men I like. Thugs. Sexy,Black, thuggish ass men. Thats what my Husband is and tight teen ass banged by big black cocks on the couch what kind of men he befriends. I love Dark skin dudes, and for some reason, my caramel dipped in milk colored skin always attracts them.

A red bone is what you would call me if ever by chance you find yourself in the hood. I really Thank God for creating me in the likes of sexy thugs, and these hazel eyes can spot them a mile away! My husbands bestfriend is Montrell. 24 years old, dark and lovely, a wife, 2 baby momas and a girlfriend.

His whole life was drama. And in being so, his wife threatend to divorce him because in her words "he' s a compulsive liar".

I guess he wanted to get away from the heat for a while so he asked my husband could he stay with us just for a while until his wife cooled down. My husband gladly helped out a friend. Im guessing that my Husband felt there was no need to worry of adultry becasue they both worked in the same unit,went to work and got off at the same time, which meant I would probably never be at home alone with Montrell.

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They would ride together every morning to work at 7a, Bryian usualy gets off at 5pm,while Montrell gets off at 3pm but he would wait for Bryian so they could ride together.

When they both got home I would have dinner ready, we would eat together, play cards, watch a movie, play Call of Duty on xbox 360, we would just enjoy time. Everytime I glanced at Motrell for longer than a glimpse, I would catch him staring at me. Or licking his lips. Those thick dark beautiful lips. His 5'11 frame matched my husbands. His sun kissed dark skin smoothed over his every muscle just like my husbands. His eyes were sexier than those of my husbands,being the same shade of light brown just like mine.

He and my husband could easily pass for first cousins if not brothers. Montrell being the older. I often compared them. I would say that my husband is the sexier of the two overall. But if I had to pin point my favorite parts of them both. Montrell would be.

His lips! God blessed him. I often fanasized about those lips touching mine.

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After about a month of him being there, us flirting, thumping eachother, him slapping my thighs in playful gestures. Just enough to turn me on, but not enough to alarm my husband of flirting or faul play.

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I was getting a bit confussed. Sometimes I felt like he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. Other times I felt like he didnt, and other times I hoped that he didnt because I didnt want to be the "whore who fucked her husbands bestfriend". One day after Bryian and I had came back from our home state from our wedding, Montrell, who had gone back home, called my husbands cell and asked could he stay the night over because his wife was trippin.

Bryian agreed even though he had to work the night shift at his unit. Bryian went in to work at 7pm and Montrell arrived to our home around 9pm. Bryian wouldnt return home until 7am the next morning. I was cooking when Montrell opened the door with Bryian key that was loaned to him for the night. "Baby what did you forget?" I thought it was Bryian returning to get something so the fact that I stood in the kitchen cooking with my black cotton boyshorts and a white army t-shirt didnt mean a thing until he spoke.

"Damn Lauren." It was more like a loud whisper that made me jump out of my skin because I knew it wasnt my husbnads voice. I doubt if he ever paid attention long enough for me to get that type of reaction.

"Montrell get out!!" I damn near screamed as I ran to my bedroom to throw on some pants. As I stepped my foot inside my pant leg, I heard his sexy voice again.

"Why you gotta do all that, its just me.". "I know, but i still cant be walkin around in my freakin panties!" I was nervous for some reason. "Why not? You dont want me to see you? I wanna see you." He lloked so sexy and serious. "You see me now move before my rice burns." Any excuse would do at that point. "I aint hungry right now." He never broke eye contact, looking my directly in the eyes with every word he spoke.

"I still gotta go see about it, get out my way boy." I guess that was the magic word. "Boy?? who culitos en el autobuacutes precious asses in the bus shorts and public fuck yu callin' boy?" He turned me around and bent me over the edge of the bed and pressed his erection against my ass "Do I feel like a boy to you Lauren?

Do I feel like a boy? Ima man! You want a man to fuck you?" I was in shock, its what I wanted but I couldnt handle the fact that he was actually doing it. "Move Montrell." "He eased off me and I turned around to look into his face. Then he kissed me. Put his right on my face and his left hand cupped my ass and he gave me the best kiss Daddy cums in his daughters mouth ever had in my life.

I knew those lips were capable of doing so. He puckered his lips and kissed me that way, then he nibbled my bottom lips, then he slipped his tounge inside my mouth and we kissed that way. He brok our kiss and undid his pants and removed his shirt. I just stood there like a damn fool wathcing him. Him looking me dead in the eyes while he did so. His stern face looked as if he was daring me to say stop.

No worry, my mouth would not obey my horny babe solo pussy masturbation on cam, and the juices gathering in the crotch of my panties exposed any lie I thoight to tell to get out of the situation. When he was fully undressed he came leaned into my and kissed my neck with passion.

He cupped my ass with both hands and lifted me onto the bed, lifted my legs up across hot blonde in stockings loves his boner shoulders and snatched my panties off. "I bet dat pussy taste good as fuck" Every word he said turned me on even more.

He dipped his head out of my view and between my legs. Before I could say no we shouldnt do this, his tounge was swirling around my clitoris in rapid motion. Extremly different from how Bryian does it.

He dint kiss my thighs, rub my clit with his thumb,finger me or any of that pre-bullshit. He just got down there and went to town on my ass! I ve had many orgasms from oral sex but never so quickly. I felt that beautiful feeling arriving not even 30 seconds into it. "Mointrell what are there s nothing more exciting than hard student fuck with the cock hun It felt like he had two tounges swiming all around my pussy and occasionally going in and out of my pussy as if he was fucking me with his tounge the reviving itself by sliding across my clit.

"Oh shit, Montrell, what are you doing.ahh.yea.ohhh shit,right there.ahhhhh." That shit felt too good.I could tell he was smilling when he answered me. "Im spelling my name with my tounge." That was the best I had ever had. I came so good, didn't squirt, just came really hard. He finally came up for air and got on top of me and positioned himself so that the head of his dick gently caressed the tip of my clit while he whispered in my ear.

"Do He know that yo pussy taste like Sour Green Apple Jolly Ranchers?" I giggled a little and suddenly gasped for air and tried to hold in a loud moan at the same time when I felt his dick glide into my pussy. It felt so good. My Husbands not a small man, he's well blessed as well so I was quickly able to accomedate Montrell's size.

His dick was so hard inside of my pussy, he lifted my ass up a little and that sent me into overload. He was toucinhg the back of my walls and putting pressure on my spot.

I was moaning so loud, I know the neighbors were getting annoyed lol. "Ahhhh.yea. Montrell, baby.fuck me baby.ohhh shit baby.ahhh.ahh.ahhh!." I was feeling good. "Ummm, so fukin tight and wet.I knew you had that good shit.aaahhhh shit.what you doing?.how you.ohhh shit.ssssss." I was contracted my pussy muscles around his dick finally flipping the script and driving his ass crazy!

" Stop before I nut in you girl.ahhhh.Lauren.pussy so fukin good'll fuck around and make a nigga fall in love wit cho ass." My every intention was being fulfilled. "You like this Montrel?" "Hell know I.i.i.ohhhh shit baby Im cummin'." He quickly pulled out and came all over my aching pussy.

That shit was so good. I got up to take a shower and clean my self up. Before I made it to the door he stopped me asked me if I felt guilty for what we just did. I said no even though I kinda did. He said that it felt too good with me, almost too good to be true.

My style,personality, and good sex. He said I was the perfect type of lady for him and that he could not have sex with me anymore. I asked why, kind of disappointed. He said because I wasnt someone that he could just fuck on the regular, I was someone that he cared about and that eventually he would catch stronger feelings for me, so we needed to leave it at that one time.

That was a month ago.since then, we've had sexx almost if not every time we are alone together. Guess his wife was right.he is a compulsive liar lol!!!