Thai actress jeeja yanin nude sex

Thai actress jeeja yanin nude sex
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as you remember from part 3 i had just swallowed a huge load of my own cum while my dirty wife sawed a strapon deep into my ass as she wispered sweet nothings in my ear. sweet nothings my assshe made me promise that i would suck any cock she put in front of me, black, whitemexican, and i was to do it in the most slutty way possible with lots of noise and a huge cum shot in my mouth at the end.

ofcorse i made that promise because she wouldn't let me cum untill i did. a few nights later she called me at work and told me that gym xx giral and boys was to go straight up stairs to the bedroom when i got home. as i entered the bedroom i saw my wife being serviced by my other mistresses (sandy, grechen and april).

when they saw me enter the room they stopped what they were doing and said tonight will be a night to remember. they handed me an outfit and told me to shower and get dresses "oh and we better not find any hair on that body of yours accept whats on your head". shaving my leggs was weird but shaving my balls was even cock was hard as hell by the time my balls became bald as a babys.

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as i dressed in my white stockings and black healsplaid schoolgirl skirtwhite lace panties, padded white lace bra, white cotton button down shirt. when i walked out of the bathroom all the girls smiled and surrounded me.

they led me to the bed and laid me down on my stomach and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. they held me down and proceeded to beet my ass. they took turns and took great joy in my screams. my wife made me spread my own ass cheeks so she could zero in on my asshole with the flogger. man did that hurt. the throbbing from my ass was in my ears by the time they got done. they sat me stepmom teaches guy how to satisfy pussy like a champ on a chair at the vanity and wiped my tears away and then they took turns applying my make up and wig the whole time they were talking like dirty little sluts to me and telling me what they think of my new look.

they also explained that they wanted me to think about my ass all night thats why the beating was so rough. at that point they made me look at myself in the mirror. i was a foxy women. i mean i'd do her type women. well they didn't let me look to long( i could have looked all day while jacking off )anyway they lead me down stairs to the front door.

i stopped in my tracks.

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i had never been out side looking like this. where were they taking me. well they shoved me out the door and into a waiting limo. we drove for a while and finally came to a club and the music was pumping.

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my wife looked at me and said " i want you to go in there and dance with as many men as you can and dance as slutty as you can wiggle that ass and croch grind these boys into a frenzy". the men started hitting on me right away, the girls left me and went to a table in the back where they could watch me.

i danced and grinded and acted as slutty as i could. so much so some of the other women there treid to pick fights with me for getting there boyfriends all hot and botheredwhich at that point vans cock was able to bang stepmom alenas pussy and ass mistresses would let the girls know to leave me alone or the would be there slave for a month.

i started to notice that there were no white men at this club. lots of young black men and a few mexicanbut i just kept on dancing and drinking. after a while i had to pee, so i went to my mistresses table and asked if i could pee. they said " the womens room is over there.

i 'll tell ya peeing out of the side of my lacy panties with a hard on proved to be difficult. there i was head against the wallcock bendt downwards out the side of my pantieshard as hell.

pee going in all directions when the stall door flys open. there is my wife with just about the whole bar in tow and she said " there i told you guys she was a of the men in the crowd yelled i'm going to kill that fagot.

yeah another sreamed lets castrate the fucker. they all teen small tits creampie ive looked up to president oaks my entire life i truly believe "yeah" my wife spoke up at this point and said " look guys if he wants to be a girl so bad give him what he wants.poor little panty boy has been living a secret so long and i bet he's a mean cocksucker".

hands started to touch me in all over my body and one of the young black boys dragged me and pulled me out of the stall and into the middle of the tile floor. i was surrounded and stripped accept for my stockings heals and padded bra. i guess they just wanted me to look as much like a women as possible. the thought of sucking all these unwashed cocks and dirty assholes was too much for me and my cock got even harder.

i was forced to the ground on my knees and a cock, long and black was in my face and another bobbing infront of my face waiting for satifaction. i slowly opened my mouth and could smell pee on the cock infront of my lips as i began to pleasure him with my tounge at first and then my whole mouth. i felt the other cock touching my cheek so i grabbed it and switched to sucking him. back and forth i went as i felt someone touching my ass. i looked back to see a young mexican stud poking his brown cock at my asshole.

he shoved it in with one stroke to his balls. i sceamed around the young black boner i was suckig on and he shot his load in my mouth at the same time. i dont remember all that went on but i was forced to suck many black and mexicans penises and drink many loads of sweet nectur. i licked there dirty assholes to and in turn they fucked me good. licking a black mans aahole while being fucked was unreal. as the last black boy mounted me with my cock dragging against the floor he fucked me long and hard untill he emptyed his african seed into my pulsing rectum ,my wife wispered in my ear " cum for us babycum while this young black boy gives you his sperm.

with that dirty bitch wispering in my ear and black cum blasting off on my insides and the rubbing action of my cock on the floorplus knowing everyone was watching me i blew.long and hard .shot .after shot.after shot. the cum just boiled out all over the floor and down the little drain.

applause erupted from the crowd with hoops and hollers from every one. i was so ashamed. as we drove home the girls told me how proud they were of me and that i will be living as a women fron now on. they say they know its a dream come true for me because we know how much he loves wearing panties, and that i handled those young black boys like a true women.

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they will not call me panty boy either because they don't want to remind me of that dirty cock of mine. more soon