She did not even take off her jeans she wants to fuck so badly

She did not even take off her jeans she wants to fuck so badly
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This is my true experience about sexual discovery. When I was about 13, I was just getting into looking at some Playboys that some friends of mine had gotten from their older brothers. I was starting to masturbate very regularly. It was at this time that I discovered that the 12 year old girl across the street shared my interest in sex. Here are some incidents that happened between us. The first time. I grew up in the time before a thousand TV channels and recorded movies.

Back then we spent a lot more time running around outside and playing sports and games. We very seldom spent any time inside when there was daylight. I was 13 and starting to grow, although I had not hit the growth spurt that would give me my full height yet. Across the street, our neighbors had a boy that was my age and in the same grade. I'll call him Rick. He had a younger sister, Lisa, who was one year younger and was pretty cute.

I remember that she looked at me funny one day when we were outside and I had been thinking about some girls walking by who were wearing short skirts. I could get a hard on in an instant at this time, and I started getting a woody in my summer shorts. I was completely embarrassed to think that she knew what was going on. But she had other ideas. One day, when the entire neighborhood was outside, she innocently asked if she could get into our garage playhouse.

We had a large garage and had built a ladder into one side of the interior so that you could crawl up to some plywood that had been laid over the bottom of the trusses. We had even put up some small walls, but you were in the rafters, so it was only about 4 feet high in the middle of this "playhouse". I told her she could go up there any time. She said that she was afraid to be up there alone and asked if I would go up there with her so that she could see it and not be afraid.

I went along, hoping that this wouldn't take long. When we got up there, she looked around. It was about 8' by 8'. It was a lot of fun for us, especially when it was raining out, but I was annoyed with this "little" girl right now.

Suddenly she looked at me and just said, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." It took me a second to understand her meaning because there was no indication that that was on her mind.

I looked at her carefully. She was only 12, but getting close to 13, and had been getting hips and had some baby-tits. She was cute and here she was saying that she would show me what I had been drooling over in magazines.

As I looked at her, I could tell I was already getting a woody just thinking about it. "Ummm." I said as I weighed this. "OK. But you have to go first." "OK" she said immediately. "What do you want to see first, by boobies or my other thingy." She was definitely ready for this.

"Umm. Boobies?" I said tentatively. And she immediately pulled her shirt and training bra up to show me. I was flabbergasted at how easily she did that. "Wow" was all I could come up with. "Do you want to touch them?" she asked. "Sure… are you sure it's okay?" "Yes." She said. "I want you to touch me." I moved closer and slowly reached out to feel my first real titty.

I very lightly touched her nipple with my fingertips and she said "Oh, that's good. Do it harder." I wasn't sure what that meant, but she suddenly grabbed my hand and pushed the entire thing flat on top of her tit. I was in heaven and could barely move. My dick was so hard that I thought I might orgasm right then. I noticed that her nipples were getting hard. I just squeezed my whole hand over her boob.

"See how much they like it" she said. "Wow" was the limit of my vocabulary at that moment. "Doesn't that feel good?" she asked me. "I love playing with my boobies. It makes me horny, like when you saw those girls the other day." "What are you talking about?" I asked defensively and removing my hand from her tit. She took my hand and put it back on her tit.

"I saw you looking at those girls and getting a busty mom mrs starr rearend pounded by alan stafford o01 She said this very normally, like it was nothing. Meanwhile, I was petrified. "What?!?" "Don't worry" she said.

"I won't tell anyone. I just want to see it. My older sister is always talking about hard dicks and how much fun they are. I want to see." I was awestruck. I wanted to be able to be this open, but was having a hard time with it. "OK" I finally said, my hand still slowly massaging her tit. "Show me the rest." "No problem" she said. So she raised her butt from the plywood floor, removed her shorts and panties, and sat back down.

She sat there with her legs closed for a moment and then slowly opened them. Oh, god! There was my first live pussy!

It was so beautiful to me in that moment. It was a little dark up in the rafters, but I could just make out the light fuzz over the top and the slit. I hadn't really seen too much yet, but the promise of it made be break out in a sweat. "Can I touch that, too?" I asked. "Not until I see yours." She said. I hesitated. As much as I wanted to be like her and open about this stuff, I was embarrassed at the woody I had. I slowly kneeled up and pushed my shorts and underwear down.

I was probably extremely red from doing this, but my dick wanted to be out. As soon as she saw it she said "Wow, that's so cool." I relaxed a little. "Do you do it?" She asked me. I knew exactly what she meant, but feigned not to.

"Do what?" "You know, rub it." "Do you?" I asked, hoping she would tell first. "Yes…" she said slowly, and then very softly said. "A lot." "Me, too." I admitted softly. "Can I touch it?" she asked. "Ummm… I guess." I said, not sure what to do about this. She slowly reached out and just put one finger on the head and pushed down.

She released it and it bounced right back up. It was wonderful. I closed my eyes for a second and moaned. She then wrapped her little fingers completely around it and went "This is so cool!" I was in heaven already, but about to feel better.

A girl was touching my dick! And then she moved her hand back and forth, just a little, and I knew the end was near. I started to say something, but couldn't as my hips and cock jerked and I started shooting cum everywhere. "Ooohhh!" she said as she pulled her hand back and watched. I immediately grabbed it to finish off the orgasm and jerked it back and forth to get the last few squirts out. When I looked up she had cum all over her leg and it was all over the floor. She even looked down at her hand and there was some on it, too.

I was starting to go soft when she looked at the cum on her hand and she tasted it with a small lick. That was the end of that. I was hard again almost immediately. "That was amazing" she said. "Wanna see me rub mine?" "OK." I said, "But I get to touch it, too, right?" "Yes" she said shaking her head. Bound japanese milf groans while her pussy is teased leaned back, parted her legs, and there before me was a wet pussy.

I looked and watched closely as she slowly ran her finger down the slit before slowly putting her finger in it a little ways. I was intrigued. I had heard about this, but the magazines I had seen didn't show sex and I wondered how it worked… putting your dick in a woman's pussy. She started to move around and then played with her clit, not that I knew what that was at that point. She said "It feels good when I rub right here and do my tits at the same time.

Wanna rub my titties while I do this?" What a stupid question. I moved over so that I could rub her titties and watch her masturbate. She seemed to have no inhibitions about it. I slowly circled her tit with my fingers and ran them over the nipple.

She moaned and the nipple became erect. I loved every moment. She suddenly started panting and saying "I'm gonna do it". She then had her orgasm and jerked and huffed and moaned. I kept playing with her tits until she said "Okay, stop.

After I cum I can't take being touched like that for a couple of minutes." She slowly fell back flat and relaxed. I continued to stare at her body. She was gorgeous. She looked up at me and said "What do you think?" "Beautiful" I said. "You still have a boner." She said. "Yeah." I said sheepishly. I figured I'd probably have to take care of that myself, but she had other ideas. "Can I do it again?" she quietly asked, looking up at me. "Umm, I guess." I said, hoping that she didn't notice how readily I wanted her to touch my dick.

She sat up cross-legged next to my right side and put her hand around it and started pulling back and forth. I started to breathe hard. "Is that okay?" she asked. "Yes, that is perfect." I said. I couldn't have cared if she knew anything about it or not. Just the idea of being jerked off by a girl meant that I could come quickly. I started rocking and my hips started moving back and forth as she worked. She looked very interested in all of this and was leaning down so that she could see it happen.

And then it did. I started jerking and spewing cum again and it was going all over the plywood in front of me. She kept jerking it until I said stop. I told her that the head is sensitive just after I shoot just like her boobs were. She smiled. I smiled. I wanted her to do it every day. "We should be getting back." She said. "My brother will come looking for me soon." "Okay" I said, not wanting this to end.

"Can we sneak off tomorrow and do this again?" she asked. "Yes" I said quickly, completely enthralled with her and her openness about sex. We got dressed and left. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. The second time. As it turned out, we were not able to get together and sneak off for about a week after that first episode. But when it happened, it was great. We found that everyone was heading down to the school playgrounds and we lollygagged and then just turned around and headed to my house.

My mother was across the street talking to some friends and we snuck up to my bedroom. When we got to the large walk-in closet we have there, she closed the door and took all of her clothes off. "OK." She said. "Get undressed." I slowly got undressed, still not quite comfortable being naked with a boner in front of a girl. Since she was already naked, by the time I got undressed I had a hard on.

"Ooohh. Look what I found." She said as she grabbed it. "Oh." I moaned. "That feels wonderful." She looked at me and then said "Can I look at it real close?" "Um, sure." I said. I would have done anything as long as she didn't take her hands off my dick. She kneeled down and looked closely at my dick. Then she lifted it up and stared at my balls. She took them in the other hand and rolled them around. She played with both my dick and balls for about two minutes and I knew I was going to cum.

"Oh, boy" I muttered. I started moving my hips and she stood up to my side out of the way and started jerking my dick. I came, spurting several long spurts.

"I love the way it feels when it's spurting" she said. She took her hand up to her mouth and licked. "It doesn't taste too bad. My older sister says she loves giving blowjobs and swallowing cum." I was shocked.

"What?" I managed to get out. "She does what?" "She sucks their dick and lets the boys cum in her mouth and she just swallows it." "Oh" I said, my dick not really going down with this going on.

"My turn." She suddenly said and lay on the floor. "You wanna see me up close, too?" "Sure" I agreed. She spread her legs and I lay down between them. I got really close to her pussy and she opened it up a little. It sunny 2 xxx full sex storiessunny leone full sex stories xxx so beautiful.

For the first time, I noticed how it opened and what the other boys meant when they said it had lips. She parted the lips and she was wet.

"See how I get wet just like you when I play with it?" she asked me. "Uh-huh" I agreed. I continued to stare. I put my finger up to the slit and moved it down through there. She moaned and leaned back. I continued to run my finger up and down, feeling the wetness. "Push it in" she said, so I did. I pushed my finger into her pussy a little at a time. It moved around until it found the opening and then slid in to my second knuckle.

I was amazed. I asked her how it felt and she groaned. She reached down and grabbed my hand with her left hand and with her right she opened up the top of her pussy and pointed to a little nub and a hood. "This is my clit" she said. "It feels really wonderful when you rub it.

This is how I cum." I started rubbing it. She took my finger and slowed me down and showed me how she liked it. I was amazed. Having a dick, this was completely unknown and surprising to me. None of the books I read seen nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies anything about a woman's anatomy and the "clit". She started moaning and moving my finger a little faster.

She was moving her hips and I realized that it was just like me. She was getting ready to cum. I watched very closely as she finally had an orgasm. It was the most captivating thing I had ever seen. I had never even been this close to a pussy before, and now I could smell it, touch it, and feel it have an orgasm. "Now put your finger in there." She said. I obeyed. She was really soaking now. She put her own finger in there and sat up.

"Taste me" she said. I tentatively put my wet finger up to my mouth and touched it with just the tip of my tongue. I couldn't really taste anything. "Like this." She said, and she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. I hesitated, so she took my finger and sucked it clean herself. I just stared. "There." She said. "Even I think I taste wonderful." I started to put my finger back down there and looked at her and she said. "Go ahead. Try it." I put my finger back into her pussy, got it wet, and tasted it.

It was completely different than I suspected, but Ebony song xxx story sani leon was so turned on that it tasted wonderful and the fact that I was sucking pussy juices meant that my dick was hard as iron again.

"Uh-oh" said Lisa. "You need to be relieved again." "Yeah. I guess so." "Do you want to try something different?" she asked me. I was willing to try anything with her. "Sure." "My sister told me that she won't fuck anyone yet, but she lets them hump her butt.

You wanna try?" I was so hard it hurt now. She had said the word "fuck" and was talking about me being able to touch her butt. And it was a beautiful little bubble butt. "Okay." I said. She turned around and lay flat on the floor. "Lay on top of me and just rub your dick back and forth along my butt crack.

My sister says that all the guys love this when they can't have sex." I've seen her older sister's ass, and I would have given everything I own to hump that. Her older sister was very hot. So I did as she said.

I lay down on top of her and lay my dick in her butt crack. It was sticking out the top of her butt crack, but the instant my dick touched her skin I knew Sexy amateur babe cecilia lion gets pounded in public was going to start humping.

Her skin was so smooth and soft. I also noticed that her hair smelled wonderful. She looked over her shoulder and said "That feels really good to me. How about you?" "Ohhh" was all I could manage. I started humping her immediately and after about 2 minutes, I knew I was going to cum.

I started to think I should try to get up, but she could tell I was close. "Go ahead and cum on me" she said. "My sister says it feels great to have the hot cum pooling in barbara bourbon richard oneal geoff parker in classic sex movie lower back." So I did. I came long and bbw khloe gets exorcism fucksd and couldn't stop the jerks.

It took like 30 seconds before I could stop jerking. I didn't cum as much as the first time, but there was a large pool of it along her spine right where her butt started to swell. "Wow!" she said. "That felt amazing.

I didn't realized how hot the cum felt." I got up and she said, "Can you get something to wipe it up with?" I reached for the first piece of clothing I came to and it was her panties. I started wiping it up and it was hard to get it all. Finally, I got almost all of it and told her she could turn over. She turned around and sat up. She looked at her wet panties in my hand. "Hmmm." She said as she took them. "This is a good souvenir." And she then licked them in a couple of spots and smelled them.

I was seachamateur femoms bbw ass cleaner complete at a loss for words with this young girl. "Here" she said as she reached for my underwear. "Let me give you something as a souvenir." Then she dragged my underwear through her pussy a couple of times and got them really wet. I took them when she handed them to me and stared.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Suddenly, we heard a door slam downstairs and we scrambled to put on the rest of our cloths, keeping our underwear in our hands. We stuffed them in our pockets and crept downstairs. We managed to avoid being caught, and agreed to meet again soon.

The third meeting After not being able to get together a couple more times because of all the kids and family events, we were both dying to get together one afternoon. She saw me coming home from baseball practice on my bike and waved and winked at me.

I knew what that meant. I stopped and she said. "Nobody at my house.

Come now." I dropped my bike in the back yard and ran over there without telling anyone I was home. I ran into her house and shouted her name. She said she was up in her bedroom. I ran up the stairs, already getting a boner just thinking about this. When I got there, I was treated to quite a sight.

She was already undressed and laying there fingering her pussy. "Get undressed and come over here, I want to try something new." She said. I couldn't wait. I stripped in about four seconds and walked over. "Stand here next to the bed" she pointed up near her head. When I got there she grabbed my already hard dick and said "Finger my pussy." Man, she was getting really good with the dirty vocabulary.

I did what she said and as she played with my dick, I reached over and lezzie beauties spread their deep anal holes and fuck long sex toys running my finger through her pussy. She moaned so I concentrated on what I was doing. I knew that I could come pretty soon, but I was unprepared for her next move. Suddenly, I felt her lick my head where horny chick with pink glasses touches herself masutrbate homemade pre-cum was.

I jerked and moaned and looked down at her. She looked up, smiled at me for a second, and then opened her mouth wide. She watched me stare as she slowly moved forward and closed her mouth around the head. That was all it took for me. I started jerking and cumming and she tried to be ready, but it was too much. She swallowed a lot, but a lot came out and she almost started choking.

When I finally finished, she looked up with a sheepish grin and said "How was that?"… like she couldn't tell. "Wow!" I said. "That's what I thought" she said as she laughed. "My sister said that boys like that better than anything." "Wow!" I said again, unable to think enough to expand my vocabulary.

"Do you want to try something else?" she asked looking at me wickedly. "Yeah, sure!" I said immediately. "First, play with my pussy a little more. Then when you are hard again, we can try something." I started playing with her pussy again and rubbing her clit and she started moaning. I took my other hand and ran it over her titties. She moaned some more and held my hand tight to her tits. I watched her as she closed her eyes and got lost in the feelings. I knew what that was like!

Finally, she started cumming and jerked a lot. When she settled down and looked up, my 13 year old dick was already hard again.

"Ready?" she asked. "Okay. What's next?" I asked her. "I'm going to lay here and put my legs up and you are going to kneel between my legs like we are going to do "it" and run your dick along my pussy and against my clit." I was happy to do this, so I jumped up on the bed and she raised her legs and butt off the mattress.

I scooted up, at her direction, until my balls were up against her butt. Then she took my dick and placed it between her legs so that it was moving along her slit and sticking out at the top where her clit was.

"You can't put it in me." She warned. "No way. It will hurt and I'm not ready for that, but I want to feel your dick on my pussy." She started rubbing my dick and clenching her butt muscles, moving my dick back and forth along her pussy lips. It stayed nestled along her lips with the top sticking out. It felt so good! She looked up and said "Oh, my god. That feels so good, I think I'm going to cum all over your big hard dick." I was overheating then.

She was talking dirtier than I had ever heard a girl talk. My hips started jerking and she held on to the top of my dick, pushing it down against her clit. She suddenly threw back her head and said "I'm cumming" and I grunted and joined her. My first two squirts hit her squarely in the chest, running over her little titties and then down across her belly.

The rest just pooled in her belly and belly-button. She didn't let go until we were both done and then we separated and lay down next to each other. Whew! I was so hot I was breaking out in a sweat. But I didn't care, because I had just touched a girls pussy with my dick.

I just knew my life would never be the same. The fourth meeting The following Saturday several families went to neighborhood park, including Lisa's and mine. We were all at the pool and some picnic tables under a small pavilion near it. We were all having fun and I knew that I had to have Lisa handle my dick again, so I kept making eye contact with her to give her signals.

She kept putting me off and finally we were able to talk without being overheard. "Wait until it starts getting dark" she said when I told her I wanted to see her tits and pussy. Finally, late in the evening because it was summer, the sun started going down. The pool had lights and was open until nine, so most of the families didn't pack up until late.

We had finished dinner and she managed to sneak away, supposedly unnoticed, onto one of the trails into the small stand of woods in the park between the park and some railroad tracks. I waited a small amount of time and did the same. When I got to the end of the trail, I was at the railroad tracks and I was confused because I hadn't run into her anywhere. But then I caught movement and say her waving a couple hundred feet away where another trail disappeared into the woods. I immediately ran down there and we went into the woods and hid behind some bushes.

She grabbed my hand, put it down the front of her pants, and said "I've been waiting all day for you to rub my pussy." I rubbed it and said "Don't forget about my dick." "Not a chance." She responded. "I plan on giving you a blowjob after you make me cum with your hand." If ever there was anything that would make a young man speed up fingering a young girl's cunt that was it. I was sticking my fingers in her pussy and playing with the lips.

I managed to strip her shorts and panties down with my other hand to give me more freedom and kneeled in front of her. I knew that I wanted to taste her and lick her cunt, but I was still a little shy about that. I just continued to study it and make sure that one hand finger-fucked her while I rubbed her clit with the other.

It didn't take more than a few minutes before she was moaning and had a pretty good orgasm. "That was really good." She said to me. "Now stand up and drop your pants." Who could say no to that? I stood up, dropped my pants, and then made an act of slowly licking xnxx com sunny leone sex stories my fingers amala paul xxx story sex stories had been covered by her pussy juices.

She loved it. She kneeled down and said to me "I really love being in control of a guys dick." She was talking very normally about all this and I loved it. Finally, she took hold of my dick and licked it from the bottom to the head. She held it up and licked my balls a few times and then lowered my dick and put the head completely in her mouth.

I was hard as a rock, but had masturbated in the morning thinking about this and was able to put off cumming for a little longer. She moved her mouth back and forth and sucked on it like a lollipop. She would stop and lick it from bottom to top and then swirl her tongue around the head. I was amazed that she could do that so well. "Oh, my god, but that's wonderful" I said.

She looked up at me, smiled and started sucking harder. I knew I was a goner so I told her that I was going to start cumming.

She just looked up at me, put just the head in her mouth, and ran her tongue along the bottom of the head where it's so sensitive. I jerked and came really hard and she managed to catch and swallow every drop of my cum. I was impressed and really enjoying it. She kept my dick in her mouth for a little longer and then let go and stared at it. "Dick's are so funny" she said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "They just stand up and ask to be sucked so easily, and then when they cum, the way they feel when they spurt is really cool." I looked down at her with as much love as I could being only 13 and said "You can suck it anytime." "Thanks." She said.

"I will." We got dressed and ran back separately to the picnic and left. The rest of the story. After that we continued to get together at least once a week to whack each other off. There was one more special time that I wanted to relate. It happened just before they moved away and I never saw her again after they moved.

But I was more than prepared to at least know my way around a pussy from the teachings of this 12/13 year old girl. She was beautiful person. Halloween. We were going out trick-or-treating and had dressed up, but not too much. We were too "old" to be going around with the little kids.

My younger brothers taming a horny hard willy blowjob and amateur sisters were with my mother and all the teenagers in the neighborhood were gathering at my friends house down the teacher hordly student sexx mobi. Rick and Lisa came along and joined us. Lisa was wearing a ghost outfit that consisted mainly of a sheet made to be a little more ghostly, but still basically just a sheet.

I had on a ghoul's outfit with a large almost sheet like item over my body. Mine had holes cut in the sides so that you can put your hands under it to get into pockets, etc.

We were all out playing and having fun harassing the younger kids by scaring them, when Lisa managed to beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams for us to detach ourselves from the rest of the group. She walked us up into the driveway between two houses, looked around, and suddenly ducked under my outfit.

I looked around and managed to get all of her costume under mine because I was scared out of my wits that we would be caught.

But that changed to a good scared when she unzipped my fly, realized I had no underwear on, and started sucking my dick. She had become really good at this lately. She started by just taking a couple of quick sucks of the entire thing. Then she would slide her tongue from the head down under the shaft and lick all the way down to my balls.

She black ramrod looking for fuck striptease and hardcore take each ball into her mouth individually and suck on them for a while. I began to love that feeling of having a girl slowly mouth my balls. She would then lick back up the shaft and run her tongue around the head before burying it in her mouth. She knew that I was getting better about lasting long enough for her to enjoy it, because she always said she really loved to have a dick in her mouth and to be able to control it and make it cum.

I was more than willing to volunteer my services (dick). She sucked me like that for about 10 minutes and then I blew my load into her mouth. She always sucked it all up. She came out from under my costume and stood up. She had opened the "flap" that had been cut into her ghost costume that allowed her to show her face, and she looked beautiful in the moonlight. Especially because she had just sucked me off! "That was great" she said. "I've been wanting your cum all day." "What about you?" I asked.

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"I wanna wait until later" she responded. So off we went to do some more trick-or-treating. We did get some candy and then she led me down a fairly dark street. She said "Try this" and stuck my hand through the hand-access slits cut in her sheet. I put my hand in sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock and discovered that she was naked!

She had on not a stitch of clothing and I had access to everything. I ran my hands up across her titties and rubbed the nipples. They stood out proudly. I was running my hand down across her gorgeous butt when we saw some other folks were coming. I started to pull my hand out, but she took her arm and held it there. "Just be cool." She said. So we stood there, trying not to look like we were tangled up too much and I was hoping that nobody could tell with all the folds of the two costumes that my hand was in her costume.

They came up and said hello. I didn't know any of them, but one of the girls was in her class at school. "Hey, Lisa" she said. "Getting much?" She meant candy, but Lisa glanced at me and smirked. "Enough" she responded.

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They started talking about school and I slowly ran my fingertips down her ass and tickled her crack all the way to her pussy. I was in heaven. I was standing there fingering Lisa while she carried on a conversation with someone did not know what was going on, and three other folks were standing there talking waiting for her. I started to rub my fingers along her pussy and it started to get wet.

She squirmed and her friend asked her if she was okay. "Sure" she said. "Just getting a little tired." "Okay. See you at school." The girl said and then the other group left. Lisa spread her legs wider and said "We have to find some shadows somewhere so I can get off." We looked around and spotted some large bushes in front of one of the houses and with wild abandon decided that that would be good enough. We ran undetected, back behind these bushes and Lisa immediately pulled up her costume so that I could get under it.

I crawled under and, in keeping with my recent pussy-eating learning, started to lick and suck on her pussy. I slowly ran my fingers into her pussy and once wet, I put my index finger at the entrance to her asshole.

This had also been a recent development. She loved having a finger inserted into her ass as she neared orgasm. I worked on her clit and teased her asshole and I knew she wouldn't last long. She started rocking harder and when she grabbed my head, I knew it was time. I sucked on her clit and hummed a little for vibration and pushed my finger into her ass. Her orgasm was fantastic, but had an unwelcome side effect. She usually liked to talk during our escapades, but this was not a good time for her to blurt out "Oh, yeah, I'm cumming baby." I could barely hear her from under her costume with her hands clamped onto my head, but it was obviously too loud, because I was coming out from underneath her costume when we heard, "What are you kids doing in there?" I freaked and she jumped so much she almost fell over.

I sprang to my feet, ascertained that the issuer of those words was on the screened in porch of the house we were in front of, and grabbed her hand and took off. We ran for about a block, checking to see if anyone was following. We finally found another place to hide and crouched down to see if anyone was following us. Nothing so far. Suddenly, Lisa started giggling lightly. "I guess we gave that guy a thrill!" she whispered. And then she took my hand and put it back on her pussy.

"That really turned me on. I want to walk around with your hand on my pussy and my hand on your dick." I thought about that and then we both stood up, put our hands through the hand slits in our costumes and stared slowly walking around, trying to look like nothing was going on, while we were fondling each other. Lisa was very wet and I was hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum. Lisa suddenly stopped, looked up at me and said "I want you to fuck me tonight." I looked at her and said "Well, then, let's go fuck." I loved saying that out loud for the first time in my life.

I was also thrilled beyond belief that she wanted me to fuck her. She had just turned 13 last week and I was going to be 14 soon, so we were still very young, but thought we knew what we wanted. We returned to my house through the alley and went up into my garage playhouse. We had to remove both our costumes in order to climb up the ladder and I let her go first. In the dim light, she was more than gorgeous going up the ladder completely naked, carrying her costume.

I still had my clothes on, but my dick was sticking out of my pants. We got up there and she put her costume down on the plywood and spread her legs. "Please just fuck me now so we can get this over with." We had talked about this, but we were both a little afraid. I asked her if it was going to hurt and she said no.

She then told me that her sister had a large dildo in her room and that she had broken her hymen on purpose last week so that she could have sex. I was shocked, but of course, very pleased that I didn't have to deal with blood and pain. My dick was like an iron bar I was so turned on by this. She had her legs spread and it was dark, but I could see a little and she looked so fantastic laying there with her legs spread… just for me. I moved over her and kissed her, our tongues fighting a minor sword battle.

I lowered myself so that I was lying on top of her. This being my first time, I was unsure how this was going to work. I teen super busty bbw is lost in wood and fucked by stranger on top of her, kissing and rubbing my dick in the general area of her pussy, so she finally broke the kiss and said, "Raise up and I'll put you in." I rose up and she guided my cock into her.

It was fabulous! I slipped in so easily! She was soaking wet and as soon as I hit bottom she groaned. I didn't realize how this worked, but the stroking back and forth came naturally. I starting moving back and forth fake cop cum in a mother and pals daughter who have been caught shoplifting before were knew that this was one of the greatest physical things that existed on this earth.

I had never felt anything so wonderful, not even her expert blowjobs. She was moaning and I tried to shush her, but she just ignored that. She started panting and moving faster and I just looked at her as she put her head back, dug her heals in to my butt, and starting thrusting faster. I loved this, and knew that I wanted her to reach another orgasm, but I knew that mine was coming soon. She suddenly yelled out "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum!" and went rigid underneath me as she tried to keep my dick buried in her pussy and my pubic mound smashed against her clit.

I was amazed at the feeling of her pussy muscles contracting and realized I was close behind. neues leder lack outfit glaumlnzend striptease and deutsche, too" I said and she suddenly said, "Pull out!" I was shocked, but suddenly became aware of the chance for pregnancy so I raised up on my arms and pulled out just as I was starting to cum.

I starting spurting all over her tits and belly and she reached down and jerked on it so I could finish my orgasm. I moved off of her and lay there, both of us panting and relaxing. "Wow. That was amazing!" she said as we lay there. "Amazing!" I repeated. And we lay there and basked in the feelings of our first fuck.

Finally she said "We should probably get home soon" and started cleaning herself up. I watched and got my costume ready. We climbed down and less than a month later she and her family moved and I never saw her again. We never fucked again, but as you can tell, I haven't forgotten her.