Ebony teen freak and casting couch teens xxx nothing happens in the temple sans president

Ebony teen freak and casting couch teens xxx nothing happens in the temple sans president
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The comment section has been restricted to members only due to spammers and other idiots. Please feel free to PM your comments to me. Edited to meet the new age rule. Lucky Mann amateur babe innocent face masturbate with toy Becky's Gang Bang We grew up in a very small Michigan town back in the day. Back when you could listen to rock and roll with your parents in the mom and son classical vdz. Back when the Beach Boys and Beatles were hot.

Back when girls wore their hair piled up on top of their heads, and their virginity was prized. Or, if they did "put out," they didn't openly talk about it. Of course the guys knew, or thought they knew, who put out and who didn't. My brother Ed and I grew up on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. Our parents were normal folks who worked hard to keep a rented roof over our heads.

I don't remember Dad ever having a new car while we boys were at home. He just plodded along making a working man's living. We never lacked for anything of importance. Dad just couldn't afford many of the nicer things in life.

Then there were the elitists in our small town. Most of the fathers in those families were college educated and held good jobs or owned their own companies. Most were decent enough, but a few acted as if the common working class were merely an unpleasant necessity. This is the kind of family Ed's girlfriend, Becky, came from.

Becky was a 16-year-old high school Junior and leader or the cheer squad at the local high school. She came from one of the elitist families in town.

At 16 she already had a reputation as a stuck up little bitch, albeit a damn cute one. Becky couldn't be bothered to give the time of day to most of the other kids in school. It went without saying, Becky would never put out.

However, for some reason, she liked my 16-year-old brother, Ed. Ed had just turned seventeen at the time, and Becky had just turned sixteen. She really wasn't allowed to date, but she would sneak out of the house now and then to see Ed. If her father had known his precious daughter was seeing Ed, he would have grounded her until he shipped her off to some fancy boarding school far away.

I was eighteen but still lived at home to save money. I was trying to save enough for the down payment so I could buy my own place. One Saturday our parents had gone to visit family in central Indiana.

They had left early that morning and were not expected home until Sunday evening. Ed came in about a little after noon that day and asked if he could have the house alone for a little while.

He told me. "Becky has promised to sneak out and come see me." He wanted the house so they could be alone. He wanted to try to seduce the pretty young Becky. "I want her cherry." He proclaimed.

"What makes you think Becky will put out for you? And what makes you think she's cherry?" I asked. "She told me she was still a virgin. She's let me finger her, and she's jacked me off. I just want to try to get some from her today. This will be the first time we've had a real place to do anything.

Please Gene, can you just go someplace for a little while." Ed was practically begging. "Well Ed, I don't know." I teased. Of course I would let him have his shot at Becky's cherry. "Please, if I can have the house, I'll owe you a really big favor." Then I had an evil thought. "Tell you what I'll do for you little brother. If you let me hide up stairs and watch through the vent, you can bring her here and get her cherry if you can.

That's the best I can do for you. OK?" "All you want to do is watch?" He asked. "Sure. Becky is a cute young thing. I'd really like to see that little stuck-up cheerleader's naked body.

Seeing her get her cherry popped would be a trip. What do you say, Ed?" "Well, OK." Ed agreed. "If you just want to watch, I guess that'll be OK. "OK. Go get her, and don't forget to lay her right below the vent into the upstairs bedroom.

Otherwise I may have to come down at a real inappropriate time. Deal?" I asked. "Deal." Ed agreed. Grinning from ear to ear, Ed hustled out of the house to meet Becky at the local teen hangout. A few minutes after Ed left to meet with Becky, my friend Jim showed up. I wasn't expecting him, but I figured the more the merrier. When I told him of the plan, he jumped at the chance to see the cute little Becky in action.

"I'd love to see that stuck up bitch get her cherry popped." Jim and I went upstairs as soon as we saw Ed and Becky walking down the street. Covering our selves and the vent with a heavy blanket kept the light out and would prevent Becky from seeing us. I jumped up saying. "Oh shit! I almost forgot." "Forgot what?" Jim asked. I quickly rummaged through my dresser and found it.

I returned to the vent with my new Instamatic camera in hand. "We need to remember this Kodak sex xxx school girl com m Jim and I chuckled and got back under the blanket just as Ed came in with the cute young Becky.

Ed turned the radio on for music and led Becky to the couch. Ed was true to his word. It took him quite some time and lots of petting on the couch before Becky agreed to lie on a blanket Ed had placed on the floor. He finally convinced her and they lay down. He placed Becky so she was directly below the vent in the living room ceiling. Becky was directly below Jim, me, and my camera. We had a perfect view of her small body. All she would see would be a dark hole in the living room ceiling.

Becky was only about 5'4" and weighed a little over 115 pounds. Her long straight dark brown hair had flared out around her head. Her dark eyes were sparkling, and a bright smile was on her lips. Ed already had her blouse unbuttoned when he laid her down. That camera was already coming in handy. It was only a matter of a few more minutes before Ed had her bra lying on the floor beside her.

Her tits looked small. Given her overall size, her titties were probably the proper size for her small body. They appeared to be B cups at best. Her pink nipples had hardened at the center of each tit.

Ed caressed and sucked Becky's tits and whispered in her ear. She was getting visibly aroused. Jim and I could see her breathing was getting raspy and her nipples had grown even harder. Her eyes were closed and her head was rolling back and forth. She moaned her approval of what Ed was doing to her.

She gasped loudly but offered no resistance when Ed lifted her skirt and pushed his hand into her panties. She euro milf in white lingerie julia reaves her legs in anticipation of being finger fucked by him.

We could see Ed doing just that. Under her panties his finger was rapidly moving in and out of the horny teenaged girl. As Becky cooed and hugged him, Ed pushed her skirt and panties down and off her legs. We could see she had very little hair on her pubic mound. For a sixteen-year-old, she could have passed for a much younger girl. The naked and aroused little Becky was then ripe for the plucking, or more accurately, fucking? Ed quickly rolled on top of Becky and aimed his skinny five inch cock at her pussy.

Ed, like most teen boys, was in a hurry. With a quick thrust, he had his cock fully imbedded Becky's hole. Jim and I knew this certainly wasn't Becky's first fuck. She didn't even winch when Ed shoved his cock into her pussy. She only grunted and hugged him tightly. As Ed pounded away at Becky, Jim and I had a whispered conversation. We made a rough plan to share Becky's charms when Ed finished fucking her.

"You sure?" I whispered. "Hell yeah! Let's do it." Jim agreed. As Ed built to his orgasm, we settled in to watch Becky's reaction when he left his cum in her pussy. Ed pushed all the way into Becky's pussy and arched his back to stay deep in her pussy.

We figured he was cuming. That's when Jim and I quietly tiptoed down the stairs. Just as Ed rolled off Becky's spread and freshly fucked body, Jim and I burst from the stairway. Becky screamed, sat up, and grabbed for her clothes. "What the hell are you two doing here? Get out!" "Now, now Becky. You don't want to get too excited here. We ain't going to do anything you haven't done before." "What the hell are you talking about? You son of a bitches get out of here." She didn't seem to understand her situation.

So, I explained it to her. "Becky, you have some choices to make right now. You can willing entertain Jim, Ed, and I and hopefully have a good time. By entertain, I mean we are going to fuck the shit out of you and generally treat you like the whore you are. We won't hurt you where it leaves any marks, but make no mistake about it. We will use the shit out of that cute little body of yours. Or, if you'd like, you can get up, get dressed, and go home right now.

However, if you leave for home, before you get there, your Daddy will know all about his little princess getting fucked this afternoon. If you think he won't believe the anonymous phone call, I assure you he will believe it when we get the pictures developed that are in this little camera, and he gets copies of them in the mail." I held the Instamatic up for her to see.

She was beginning to tear up. "Besides, all he'll have to do is smell your panties to know you've been fucking around. Those same pictures will soon be spread all over school as well. Your precious reputation will be shit. Every boy in town will know you put out. Now, what do you want to do?" Becky, was sobbing loudly. She looked up at me from the floor. Her tears were flowing down her cheeks. "Please don't do this Gene.

I'm really not that kind of girl." "Hell, you absolutely are that kind of girl. Aren't you sitting there naked with a load of cum up your cunt? You can tell Ed anything you want, but you and I both know you were no fucking cherry today.

So, what's it going to be? Do you fuck or does Daddy get a phone call?" Still sobbing, Becky lowered her head and barely audible said. "I'll stay." "What? Speak up group sampling of asians cunt japanese and hardcore. We didn't hear you." I commanded.

She took a deep breath, lifted her head, and angrily said. "I horny tattooed babe loves to do anal I'll stay." "That's cool. You'll stay and do what?" I pushed the advantage.

I wanted to break the little stuck up bitch's spirit early so she wouldn't fight us later. She again hung her head but spoke loudly. "I'll stay and you can all fuck me. Alright?" "Yes, Becky. That's alright. Now get back down on that blanked and spread them legs. Your about to get a decent fucking." I ordered. The young teen did as she had been told.

Becky was still a cute little thing. Her little titties nearly flattened against her chest, but her nipples were hard and about the size of large peas. Her pussy lips were still puffy and wet from the recent fucking Ed had given them.

I kneeled between her legs and pushed my pants and underwear down to my knees. Becky's eyes widened when she saw my six and a half inch cock. "Oh God! I can't take something that big.

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The boys I've had have all been smaller." "Sure you can, Becky. That pussy will take all I've got and much more. Now raise those knees. I want a good shot at that cunt of yours." I demanded.

"Here Jim. You take care of this." Jim took the camera and began shooting. "Becky! Just how many boys have you fucked?" Ed yelled. "Oh Ed. I'm sorry." She whined. "Fuck sorry! How many, you bitch?" Ed insisted. He was angry and hurt. She answered angrily.

"There have been three others. OK?" As Ed stomped off into the kitchen, Becky raised her knees as ordered and closed her eyes. I placed my cock at her cum slicked lips and shoved. Becky eyes snapped wide open and she yelped in pain when my cock rammed into her cervix.

Apparently no boy had reached that far into her hole until that moment. With no further discussion, I proceeded to rapidly and repeatedly ram my cock into little Becky's stretched cunt. "Umph, umph umph." She grunted with each thrust into her pussy and hit to her cervix.

Even though Ed had recently left a load of cum in her, Becky's pussy was still quite tight. It wouldn't be by the time we finished with her that day. In a short time, I was hammering away at Becky's hole. With a final hard lunge, I buried my cock in her hole and bathed her cervix in cum. I then gave her tits a firm squeeze, pinched her nipples, and told her.

"Don't move Becky. There's more to cum." I then got up. Jim handed me the camera then dropped his pants. He kneeled between her raised knees. "Damn Gene, I sure don't care for sloppy seconds, or thirds, but I guess she's all we've got right now. He patted Becky's smooth belly and gorgeous redhead teen with shaved cunt masturbates his cock into her pussy. He then lay over her body and licked her face.

She pulled her face away, but Jim didn't mind. Due to the extra lubrication from two loads of cum, Becky didn't feel as snug to Jim. It took him awhile to get off. But soon enough, he gave her two or three hard rams and added his cum to that already in her then sloppy hole. When he got up, cum was running out of Becky's well used cunt. I told her. "Damn Becky, that cunt's a mess. Get your ass in the bathroom and clean that thing up. We ain't done, but your cunt is just too sloppy right now." Becky seemed to take far too long in the bathroom.

"Hell, I'll go check to see what's taking her so damn long." I told Ed and Jim. When I burst into the bathroom, Becky was sitting on the toilet sobbing. "Bitch! I said clean that fucking pussy. Honey spreads long legs girlfriend and homemade, we don't want to fuck that sloppy hole.

I reckon I'll have to clean the damn thing myself." I took the hot water bottle and its hose out of the closet and filled it with warm water. "Get in the tub and bend over, bitch.

I'm going to hose out your the cunt." She did as told. I shoved the hot water bottle's nozzle all the way into Becky's sloppy hole.

When I held the bag high over her back the water flowed into her pussy and washed most of the cum out. When the bag was empty, I ordered her. "Stay put, bitch." I flushed her out with two more bags of warm water. When the water pouring from her pussy was running clear, I filled the bag one more time. Becky stayed bent over in the tub without moving.

She was prepared for more water in her pussy. Without her seeing, I dipped the nozzle into a jar of Vaseline. I patted her butt, dragged the tip through her pussy's slit. SURPRISE! I shoved the tube into her asshole. As the warm water flowed into Becky's ass, I told her. "Don't even think of letting so much as a drop of that water out of your ass until it's all in. You hold it in until I tell you to release it.

Do you understand, bitch?" She whined and said. "Please Gene. Don't." "Shut the fuck up, bitch! Answer the damn question! Do you understand you are to keep that water in your ass until I tell you otherwise?" "Damn Gene!

Yes, I understand. Haven't you guys done enough to me?" Becky whimpered. "Oh no, Becky. I told you we are going to fuck the shit out of you. You can leave any time, but if you leave before we're done with you, Daddy will get that call and the pictures. You can stand now." I told her as I pulled the empty bag's nozzle out of her ass. "Step out of the tub, now." I could see her squeezing her ass cheeks to prevent losing the water as she got out of the tub.

Indicating she was to sit on the toilet, I gave her some orders. "Now, sit! Don't let go yet. I think you need to start acting like you're having a good time and getting off with us. You and I will know you're acting, but no one else will.

You got it?" She nodded yes and sat on the toilet. "Answer me bitch!" "Yeah, I got it." Poor little Becky seemed to be a bit angry. Too damn bad. "Good. Now shit!" She let loose a flood of shitty water.

She seemed to get a great deal of relief from the release. "Hell bitch, while you're sitting there, suck my cock." "Noooo! I don't do that!" She stated defiantly. Anal fetish threesome first time raylin ann is a sexy molten towheaded who is so soundly slapped the back of her head.

"You do now, cunt. Today, every hole you have is a cunt. Just imagine the thrills you can give your boyfriends from now on, and you won't even have to drop your panties. Now suck, bitch!" I took two hands full of her long soft hair and pulled her head to my hard cock. Of course, my cock still smelled and tasted like her used pussy. "Hum umm!" She mumbled through clinched lips as she shook her head no.

I twisted her hair in my fists. As she opened her mouth to scream in pain, I shoved my cock in. I used her hair to bob her head slowly up and down on my cock. Her hair made a good handle to fuck her face. "Now suck you stupid cunt." Becky reluctantly did futurama porn fry and leela having sex she had been told and started sucking.

It wasn't much of a blowjob. Hell, she wasn't all that good of a fuck either. I held out some hope for her ass. Some girls just prefer being fucked in the ass. Maybe Becky was one of them. We'll find out soon enough. I finally got a nut and fed little Becky her first taste of cum. She coughed and sputtered a bit, but she kept it all in her mouth.

When I pulled my cock out of her mouth, she started to lean over the tub. "Bitch, you swallow that. If you spit it out, we'll all fuck you in the ass then make you suck and lick us clean." Becky sat up and swallowed. "Now dry your ass off and get back out there. Hurry up. There's a lot of fucking for you to do yet." She didn't see me take the Vaseline with me as I left the bathroom.

When I returned to the living room, Ed was still pissed about Becky lying to him about her being cherry. I grinned and asked. "Hey Ed. You interested in popping her cherry?" "It's too late for that. Some other asshole got that." Ed replied. "There is a way, brother. Listen up." He not only brightened up as I told him of my plan, he got down right excited.

When Becky came dragging out of the bathroom, Ed had disappeared into the kitchen. I lay on my back on the blanket. Come here Becky. I want you to sit on my cock. You're going to fuck me this time. And you better do a good job!" Becky came over to me and straddled my hips with her feet. She slowly sunk to her knees as I held my cock straight up for her to sit on.

Squatting, she took my cock into her well used pussy. The washing had helped a lot. She was no longer as sloppy as she had been. Her pussy seemed to have even tightened up a bit.

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As she fully settled on my cock, I pulled her body down over mine. I patted her ass and said. "OK, Becky. Fuck me!" She immediately began rocking her pelvis. Not a bad fuck this time.

Jim took pictures as Becky settled on my cock and happily fucked me. As she continued to fuck me, I noticed Ed return from the kitchen. Becky didn't see him. His cock was hard and had a shiny coating of Vaseline. "Good job, Becky. Keep it up." I told her.

She smiled and increased her efforts. She was still unaware of Ed's presence even when he stepped between our widely spread legs. Reaching for her ass, I patted her cheeks.

I pulled them apart, and held her tightly to me. She probably thought I was about to cum. Ed hit his target on the first attempt. That's when Becky became aware of his presence. As Ed drove his cock fully into her asshole, she howled loudly.

"NOOOOooooo! Take it out! It hurts! God damn you Ed! It hurts!" Becky cried out. Ed laughed and pushed as deep as he could into Becky's no longer virgin asshole. "Does it hurt as much as losing your cherry, bitch?" He began fucking the cherry out of Becky's ass and told her. "You were right, Becky. I am getting your cherry this afternoon." He pounded away at her tight little asshole and was quickly on the verge of climax.

He rammed his cock as hard as he could into her ass and dumped his load of cum deep in her bowels. "See Ed. I told you she still had a cherry you could get." Everyone laughed, except Becky. Ed climbed off her ass and I said to her. "That wasn't so bad was it, Becky." "Fuck you! That hurt!" She was pissed more than hurt. I soundly slapped her ass and said. "Now, is that any way to talk? I'll tell you what. We'll give you another choice.

Jim seems ready for more. He can either fuck you in the ass, or you can suck him off. Which cunt do you want to use this time, bitch?" Becky said nothing. "You keep fucking me while your think about it for a few minutes." I told her.

"While you think about it, sit up and fuck me like you mean it, you stupid cunt. Remember, you like being fucked or Daddy gets that call." As Becky again did as she had been told, Jim handed the camera to Ed. Ed was freely burning up film as Becky road my hard cock. She was getting to be a pretty good and obedient fuck. She humped up and down on my cock, and I fondled her small tits. Becky was soon rapidly fucking herself on the cock she was riding. With her head thrown back and her eyes closed, she grunted each time she came down.

"That's it, Becky. First porn hd and getting horny watching punish my yearold arse and mouth that cock!" I thrust my cock up to meet her pussy as she lowered it. Becky looked down at me and begged. "Please, shut up and fuck me, damn it!" As she rode my cock, I roughly fondled her tits. When I pinched her nipples, Becky groaned. She shuddered and ground her cunt down hard on my cock.

She pressed her clit tightly to my pelvis and cried out. "Oh God! Yessssss!" Her orgasm passed and she collapsed onto my chest trying to catch her breath. I quickly thrust up into her hole until I came. No sense letting a pussy go without cuming in it. Patting her ass, I told Jim.

"Jim, it seems Becky here can't make up her mind whether she wants you in her mouth or up her ass. So, you get to choose.

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You want her ass or a blowjob?" Jim was surprised at his options. "She really sucks cock?" "Oh yeah. She swallows too." With a slap to her big cock bf bangs teen gf and her busty mom, I asked. "Don't you cunt?" She whimpered and quietly answered. "I guess I do now." "Then get over here and start sucking." Jim scooted his ass to the edge of the couch and spread his legs.

Becky crawled between Jim's legs and, with a little hesitation, took his cock into her mouth. Becky was just getting busy sucking Jim's cock when someone knocked on the door. She sat up with a look of panic on her face. "Don't get up, bitch! I'll get the door. Just get back down there on that cock." Becky sighed and resumed sucking Jim's cock. Ed opened the door and his friend Tom stepped in. With a look of surprise on his face, Tom asked. "Damn man!

What the hell are you doing naked in the middle of the day?" "We're just having a little party. Care to come in and join us?" Ed then led Tom into the living room. When Tom walked into the living room, he saw Jim and I were also naked. A naked girl was sucking Jim's cock. The girl had her ass pointed in his direction. He pointed to the girl and asked. "Who's that?" "That's Becky, you know, the cheerleader.

She's the entertainment this afternoon. Want some?" Ed asked. "Oh hell yes! I've been wanting some of that arrogant little bitch for a long time.

She won't even say 'hello' at school." "Bet she'll say 'hello' now. Come on over here." Ed chuckled and led a timid Tom to Becky's exposed ass. Patting her ass, Ed spoke to the cunt. "Becky, don't stop what you're doing, but I want to introduce to my friend, Tom.

Tom will be dumb slut spreads her ass and masturbates next cock you feel." "Tom, you can have her pussy or ass. Her mouth seems a bit busy right now." The guys all laughed at Ed's comment. Tom dropped his pants and patted Becky's cute busty looking good teen fucking her toys ass.

"This bitch has been a pain in the ass for a long time. I reckon it's time to turn the tables." Ed handed Tom the Vaseline.

Tom greased his 6 inch cock and said. "I've never fucked a girl in the ass. This just might be fun." It is, and her ass is a lot hotter and tighter than her pussy. Have fun." Ed again patted Becky's ass and left her to be Tom's toy. Tom then walked up behind Becky, pattered her small ass, and shoved the head of his cock into her asshole. "Hummph!" Becky grunted. With a mouth full of cock, she couldn't say much more.

Tom then grabbed her hips for leverage and shoved 6 inches of hard cock into Becky's asshole. Becky pulled off of Jim's cock and screamed. Jim shoved her head back down on his cock and shoved it into her throat. Becky gagged, and Jim let her head up a little. He growled at the hapless girl. "Get used to it, cunt. You'll have a lot of cocks down that throat soon enough." Tom pulled back until just the head of his cock remained in Becky's ass.

He then slammed deep into her ass again. "Get used to ass-fucking too, cunt. Your ass is too good not to fuck again and again." Becky groaned. All the fight seemed to leave her. She put more speed and suck into her blowjob. She even began pushing back as Tom reamed her asshole. Over the next couple of hours, Becky young body was used and abused by the four teen boys. They repeatedly fucked her pussy, ass and mouth over and over.

Becky didn't really get into it, but she willingly accepted all the cock offered to her wherever they wanted to fuck her. Then there was another knock on the door. I answered it this time. It was our thirty-five-year-old neighbor, Bob.

"Hi Gene. I was wondering if I could borrow your dad's lawn mower. I was cutting my grass and mine just blew up." "Well Bob, I don't kn." "What's going on in here? Something smells funny." Bob then barged in.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Becky sucking Ed with Tom pounding her pussy from behind. "What the fuck is this? Who is that girl?" "I, er, uh, that's Becky. You may know her Daddy. He works at the same plant you do." "Oh yeah! I remember her now. Last time I saw her, she was a bratty little kid who needed her ass whipped.

I don't work at the plant any more though. Her Daddy had me fired for some bullshit he caused. Bastard said I was insolent. He just didn't' want a black man on his crew. I'm still pissed about that." Auuuh, Bob. Would you like some of Becky. She has been entertaining us for quite a while so one more won't matter much." I offered.

Bob was unbuckling his belt even before I finished offering him a shot at Becky. "That pussy looks awfully sloppy, but I'll be happy to fuck the asshole of the daughter of the asshole that got me fired." Tom and Ed contributed their loads of cum to Becky and moved out of Bob's way.

Bob walked up to Becky's head. She was still on her hands and knees after servicing Ed and Tom. Bob pulled his sweaty black cock from his pants and put it in front of Becky's face. She tipped her head up, opened her mouth wide, and took Bob's fat cock in. I shot the last two pictures on that particular roll and sent Ed to get more film from my dresser. Becky's sucking caused Bob's black cock to grow in her mouth. It grew to its full 9 inch length as he pumped into her mouth.

Bob grabbed the back of Becky's head and pulled. He buried his 9 inch cock down the teen's throat. She could only whimper. When her eyes began to bug out and she started to turn a little gray, Bob pulled his cock out. Becky gasped for breath as Bob moved to get behind her. He turned down the Vaseline. "Hell, that ass looks like it's been greased enough by you boys. Besides, I don't give a fuck if it does hurt her.

Maybe her Daddy can kiss it and make it better." Becky was just beginning to breath normally when Bob rammed his fat 9 inch cock deep into her stretched ass. She screamed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! God no. Please take it out. Please fuck my pussy. I can suck you off. Please take it out." Becky was begging Bob. In spite of all the fucking her ass had already taken, Bob's large cock was stretching her beyond her worst nightmare. Bob didn't give a shit. He wasn't butt-fucking Becky. He was fucking her Daddy's ass. Bob fucked 'him' long and hard.

It just happened to be Becky's asshole that was wrapped around Bob's cock. Bob pounded that ass for all he was worth. Finally, he growled and rammed into Becky's depths one last time.

He pumped his cum deep into Becky's bowels. As one last insult, when Bob pulled out of her ass, he slapped her ass hard enough to knock her over and leave a bright red hand print on her right cheek. Becky laid on the floor whimpering. She didn't try to get up.

Finally, I told everyone. "OK guys. I think she's had enough. She needs to clean up before going home. So, go get in the tub, cunt. We'll be in to help you clean up in a few minutes." Becky tried to get up, but was too exhausted. We helped her up and she walked, with help, to the bathroom. Ed and Jim helped her to the bathroom and into the empty tub. She laid back and closed her eyes. Tom and I followed. "Are you ready for a warm shower, whore?" I asked.

"Uh huh." She replied. So, we gave her a warm shower. As one final insult to the girl who had so recently been an arrogant little bitch, all five of us pissed all over her cum soaked body.

She groaned but did not protest. Bob, Tim, and Jim then left and Ed and I gently bathed the worn out teen. She even smiled as we washed her tits.

When we finished washing her body. We used the hot water bottle to hose out her pussy and asshole. We then filled the tub with warm water and left Becky to soak and relax. Nearly an hour later, Becky emerged from the bathroom.

She looked refreshed but a little worse for the wear. "Can I have my clothes now? And a hair brush, please?" She quietly asked. Sure cunt. Here's your clothes." I tossed her brave young beauty screwed by old rod to her. "You'll find a hair brush in the bathroom cabinet." When she again emerged from the bathroom she was still a little unstable on her feet.

"Sit down, Becky. We need to talk." I told her. Without question, she sat on the couch between Ed and I. "What is it now? I am so tired" "That's OK. We just need to talk about what happened her today. You have done all that was asked of you. So, Daddy need never know what you did. Also, the pictures will be developed but not leave my possession.

So, the kids at school need never know either." Becky nodded and said. "Thank you." "That's not all." I continued. Ed was really disappointed you weren't cherry. But more importantly, you lied to him about your being cherry when several others had fucked you before him." Looking at Ed, Becky lowered her head and said.

"I'm sorry, Ed. I." I interrupted her. "That's OK too. He got in your ass first. That's sort of like getting a cherry, ain't it?" She nodded. "Yeah. I guess so. It hurt worse than when my cherry was popped, too. What is it you want from me now?" "Like I said, I am keeping the pictures for my own enjoyment, and to keep you in line." That got Becky's attention.

"What do you mean by 'in line'?" "I mean we may want you to entertain us again some time. Such a cute little cheerleader should not be used and just thrown away. So, when we call, you will come over right away. It may be for one of us. It may be for both of us. Or, it may be another party like today where you are the entertainment. But unless you want the pictures to be sent to Daddy and spread all over town, you will be available to serve us. Do you understand, cunt?

Do you agree?" "Yes. I understand. I'll be here whenever you want me." She bowed her head and said. "I guess this makes me wife creampie while husband sleep whore." "No cunt. A whore spreads her pussy all over town. We won't allow that. What you are is our pussy, our blowjob, and our ass.

You are ours, cunt. You will be expected to fuck only us, or anyone we tell you to fuck. No one else! Now get in my car and I'll take you home. By the way, start using the large end of a carrot to practice taking cock down your throat." 'Yes, Gene. I will." She agreed again. Over the next couple of years, our parties became very well attended. Becky was a popular attendee at our parties. We even rented her out to certain friends who wanted a special kind of entertainment for themselves or their party.

She serviced Ed and I well until she let some dick-head from out of town knock her ass up. It was said you could hear Daddy yelling for at least two blocks. The shotgun wedding was well attended.

I wondered if the dick-head she married knew that most of the men attending the wedding and reception had at one time or another had their cocks stuck in his new bride. I'm sure he didn't know she would be continuing to service half the guys in town at our request.

Hell, renting out Becky's cute little pussy and ass had become a lucrative part-time business for Ed and I. Many of the guys x art the red fox jake went to school with still want to fuck the arrogant cheerleader that had snubbed them in high school. She is all the income Ed and I need.