Incredible teasing ntouching handjob with ruined part fol

Incredible teasing ntouching handjob with ruined part fol
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"Ugh.another long day. At least it's Friday." I thought to myself as I rummaged through my purse for my keys. My feet and mouth hurt from standing and smiling at total strangers all day. Finally, finding my keys I opened my door to find my cat meowing to greet me or maybe she was hungry no idea but it was nice having someone waiting for me at home. "Hi, Moon. You missed mommy?" I said in a baby talking tone as I closed and locked the door and dropped my purse and a few groceries I picked up on the way home.

Moon followed me into the kitchen as I started putting away the few items and threw the bags away. "All I want is a nice long bath and a maybe say a sandwich." I thought to myself as I took off my heels and biting my lip at the sweet relief and pain of my feet finally being relieved from it's prison.

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I unzipped my dress as I headed to my room noticing how slightly messy it was from this morning from waking up late. Taking off my dress and stockings I heard my phone ringing. "Ugh.why." I thought walking back into the living room to find my phone on the couch. Picking it up I saw that it was my co-worker Alicen. "Hello?" I sighed a bit. "Hey Skylar, it's alice. A few of us are going out for drinks around 9 wanna come?" she sounded already buzzed. "But I really wanted to relax tonight. But then again I don't really go out.

Last time I did it was my sister's wedding and that was.5 years ago." I thought to myself. "Uh.yeah sure why not." I smiled a bit. "Great! We'll come pick you up at 8:30." Alice said before hanging up. I looked at my phone the time read 6:33pm. "Great i have a little time to take that bath and great ready." I smiled to myself running to the bathroom to start my bath.

As the bubbles filled the tub along with the water. I lit a few candles and removed my bra and panties.

I went to the sink the wash off my make-up and take out my contacts. "God I hate having to wear heavy makeup and these damn contacts were bothering me all day." I sighed to myself.

Wiping off my makeup with a few removers revealing my normal tan skin instead of a pale looking ghost. I took out my blue contacts and saw my normal green eyes. Putting my hair in a little messy bun I quickly brushed my teeth and cleaned up my face before heading into the bath. Slowly getting into the nice soothing bath I grabbed my mini table and set my sandwich (a turkey and cheese with chips on the side ugh my favorite) with my phone next to it.

As i laid in the tub eating as a hard week got soaked away I thought to myself. "Wow, I hate my life. I'm 25 years old I haven't dated anymore since 12th grade. I hate my job. I barely even go out. Something needs to change." I sighed trying to enjoy the rest of my food.

After my nice bath I started looking for something nice to wear. I checked the time and saw it was 8:23. "Shit shit." I said as I looked through my closet and pulled out a mini black skirt and red strapless top. "I'll just wear my jacket over it it'll be okay i guess." I said to myself as I got dressed as Moon laid spread out on my bed sleeping.

I did my makeup nothing heavy like I need for work just simple red lip gloss, and black eyeshadow. I went to go put on my shoes even though I hate my heels I like feeling taller I'm only 5'6.

I put on my red heels that looked nice with my stockings as I was putting on my black jacket my cell phone started ringing. It was Alicen again. "Hey Skylar. I'm sorry we are gonna have to cancel. My daughter just caught a fever." she sounded concern. "Oh.Okay. I'll see you at work on Monday then." I sounded a bit disappointed. "Thanks for understanding bye." She said hanging up. "Well, I got dressed for nothing." I thought to myself. Then I caught a glance of myself in the mirror.

"Huh, I do look pretty hot tonight. I should go out anyway." smiling to myself I called a cab. The car came to my building around 8:40. I hurried outside and got in not before I gave moon a kiss good night. When I got in the innocent sweetie is gaping juicy vagina in close up and having orgasm stretching fingering turned back and asked, "Where to?" with a smile. He looked fairly young about 20.

"Uh.any good clubs you know?" I asked quietly. "I know this club called the sugar cube." He responded. "Then I'll go there." I smiled putting on my seat belt.

When we pulled up to the sugar cube it didn't look like much just a guy in all black standing by an old rusty looking door with a red rope blocking it. "Uh.where's the entrance?" I asked confused. The driver laughed and said "That is the entrance.

And that will be $7.00." "$7? That's really cheap." I said handing him the money. As I got out I could swear I heard him say, "I'm so jacking off tonight." He drove off as I slowly walked to the guy dressed in all black. He looked at me and smiled. "Hello." I smiled back. All he did was nod and pulled back the red rope and opened the door. Music and bright lights poured out, slowly walking inside. I heard People cheering, laughing, shouting.

Some were grinding on each other, others at the bar. Suddenly, I heard, "Skylar? Is that you!!" I turned around quickly and saw a girl around a group of girls and guys waving towards me. I raised my eyebrow and stared at her for a bit. She must've gotten tired of waiting for me to come over so she came to me. "Hey! It is you!" She said smiling. Her hair was down almost covering her entire face, she wa wearing a pretty nice gold dress with almost randomly chosen accessories.

Her hair was blonde with streaks of blue and she had on such heavy makeup and strong perfume that made me almost puke. Warm ball cream collection for hot asian japanese and hardcore blue eyes were almost unseeable since her pupils were dilated. "It's me! Erica! Remember? We were both on the swim team at Ohio University!" she shouted over the music.

"Oh yeah!" I shouted suddenly remembering she was the swim team's best diver till rumors spread about her sleeping with the entire swim team of our reveal school just to win our championship. She dropped out after that. Rumors said she became an escort.

"Come sit with us." She said snapping me out of my thoughts as she took me hand and guiding me past all the drunken people dancing. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass before I could react we were at a table fill with people.

"Hey guys sunny leone fucking xxx sex stories story 2019 is my friend Skylar we went to College together." She smiled showing me off to her friends. There were 6 people in the booth 3 girls and 4 guys. "Skylar, This is my sister Katey and her boyfriend Martin. His brother George.

And that's George's boyfriend Markus. That's Cindy we met at my brother's wedding. And My best friend Sherry but we all call her cherry!" "Please call me Cher." Sherry said cutting Erica off but she didn't seem to care.

I nodded at Cher and everyone else. As they all greeted me kindly. "Hey, you forgot about me." A tall man with dim icy blue eyes came up from behind us and put his hand on Erica's shoulder.

"Oh! Of course! Skylar this is an old friend of mine Seth." she smiled putting her hand on his large shoulder. "Hi." I said looking up at him he looked around 6'2. "Nice to meet you Skylar." He smirked a bit shaking my hand. It was firm yet soft. "Can I buy you a drink?" He asked. "Uh…" I said looking at Erica but she was too busy talking to the others about I guess work. ".okay." I said. "Okay, I'll be right back. Anything you want in particular?" He asked. "Um.surprise me?" I said giving kinda a wry smile as he disappeared into the crowd to the bar.

"Hey Skylar come back." I heard Erica's voice. I walked back over to the table. "I was just telling the guys about how when we first met in our dorm and we fought over whose clothes were whose and the last ramen. "We never lived in a dorm together or even talked to each other in college we just so happened to be in the same school and team." I thought as I laughed and agreed. "Fucking liar." I thought.

"Hey, I got you an incredible hulk." Seth said as he came to the table with a purple and green drink. "Oh, thank you. I will pay you back later." I said sipping it. "Oh yes you will." I thought I heard under Seth's breath as he stared at my ass. "Excuse me?" I asked. "Huh? Nothing.

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You don't have to pay me back just consider it a friendly gift." He said smiling sipping his drink. I went back to sipping my drink, "Huh this is pretty sweet." I thought. After finishing my drink about half way everything started getting kinda fuzzy. I'm not a really heavy drinker so I figured it was the drink so I set it down on the table and sat down.

Suddenly, I became life of the party I started telling stories how Erica lost her swimsuit during our 3rd season and had to borrow one from the lost and found but it was two size smaller than her normal ones. Everyone was laughing and having a good time except for Seth he just kept looking at me and smiling. I checked my phone when and saw it was almost 1am.

"Hey Erica it was nice meeting you again but I have to get going." I said kinda sloppy I wasn't feeling to good suddenly. "Aww okay. Oh let's exchange numbers so I can call you we can hang out again!" she said taking my phone and putting her number in. "Oh put mine too. And mine." Suddenly my phone was being passed around as everyone put their number in and texting themselves with it. "Here you go." Erica said handing my phone back it read 7 new contacts added.

I put my phone in my bag. "Erica i'm gonna go to the bathroom then leave." I said taking my purse. "Bye everyone." I said smiling and waving. I headed to the bathroom I felt like I was almost floating to the bathroom. The music seemed to get louder then suddenly quiet once I was in the bathroom. "'d I even get in here so fast?

That must be a really good drink!" I laughed to myself going into the stall since there was only one. I put my purse on a hook and put a seat cover on the toilet all crook just when I was about to lift up my skirt I heard the door open then close then lock. "Someone's in here. Damnit I forgot to lock the door." I said when my stall opened it was Seth. "Uh you know this is the little girl's room right?" I laughed a bit as everything got fuzzier and fuzzier.

"Looks like me little surprise is starting to kick in." He smirked locking the stall door. "Little surprise?" I said then I realized."oh no no no no no." I shook my head then tried going past him. He grabbed me and pulled me close I felt his hard dick on my thigh as I struggled weakly to get away.

"Mmm you smell so much better than Erica." He whispered as he took my hair out of it's bun letting my hair fall. His hands grandpa at the doctor fucks hot young nurses in old young threesome porn down to my ass groping and squeezing it firmly. I froze hoping someone would bang on the door or something but nothing.

He forced my jacket off revealing my little to no shirt and no bra. Since my breast naturally sit up on their own and no one could see my nipples along with my Jacket I figured I didn't need to wear one. Seth easily pulled my german amateur teen get ass fucked by poolboy on holiday down exposing them.

"No bra I see and your nipples are already hard. Are you excited?" He laughed. "Am I?" I thought to myself as he pinched and sucked nipples hard.

I bit my lip trying not to give him the satisfaction that I was enjoying this. I felt his hand go up my skirt and rip my stockings open.

"No! Stop!" I yelled trying to push him off but he quickly grabbed my hands with his free one and pinned me against the wall. "Come on be a good girl." He said kissing my neck as his fingers pushed my panties out the way and started playing with my clit. Going in slowly circular motion like I do when I masturbate.

"Mmm you're already so wet." he growled a bit in my ear then stuck his tongue inside. I moaned softly as he started rubbing faster slowly thrusting against his hand. "That's my girl." He whispered sticking his finger inside my pumping slowly as my wetness started dripping down his fingers and hands. "Mmm.ahh stop please." I gasped as I felt myself on the edge of cumming. "Why? you seem to be enjoying yourself a lot." He smirked pushing another finger inside and pumping even faster.

"Please! I'm a virgin." I cried as I tightened around his fingers and came hard feeling pure warmth explode throughout my entire body. Tears formed in my eyes as wave after wave of pleasure came over me as he fingered me faster and faster the sounds my pussy made as they went in and out excited me more and more. Suddenly, Seth let go of my hands and laid me on my jacket. I was too weak to move as I heard his belt unbuckle and saw his pants on the floor. He hovered over me as I felt something hard and hot press against my quivering cunt.

"Mmm so sexy when you look helpless." He chuckled in my ear as his cock slowly entered me. I felt more tears in my fulfilling beautiful chicks hungry needs hardcore blowjob as he slammed what felt like 8 inches into my now non virgin cunt.

It hurt so bad I couldn't even scream in pain. He slowly pumped in and out of me as his heavy breathing fills my ears. "You're such a good girl for taking Daddy's cock like this. Mmmm I hope my baby girl get's pregnant." He laughed sucking my bitting my nipples. Finally getting some strength back I tried pushing him away again but all he did was pin my arms above my head again and lift my lower body up to make his thrusts deeper and faster.

"Ahh.please stop." I started moaning finally coming out of my frozen state. "No your pussy is so tight and good." He growled thrusting into me harder and faster. All that could be heard is muffled music and the sound of my cries and moans as I was starting to enjoy being violated like this. "Seth! Seth!" Nude interview with handjob with busty redhead jenny moaned loud rocking my body a little trying to meet his thrusts as the pain started turning into pleasure.

"Mmm my baby girl starting to enjoy herself more." He said letting go of my hands and pulled out of me. "Please put it back inside." I groaned spreading my pussy for him and rubbing my clit. He smiled and slammed back into me. "Fuck this feels so good." I thought as I held my legs up trying to get him even deeper.

"Fuck, fuck i'm gonna cum." I said to myself as that same warm feeling rushed back over me along with a sudden burst of heat. I heard Seth groan and moan as he kept his cock inside me.

His cock was pulsing as he stayed inside me for what felt like hours. He pulled out of me and his cock was soaked in blood, his and my cum. My eyes widened realizing he came inside me and i started crying realizing when he just did to me.

"Clean me." He demanded. I shook my head as I sat up and tried standing up but Seth slapped me and forced me back down. "Open." He growled holding my hair in his fist. Opening my mouth he slammed his cock in my throat with no warning.

His cock tasted terrible as he thrusted in and out my mouth I could barely keep up. I wanted to puke. But I was moaning around his cock, "Heh you're such a slut like Erica said." He laughed shoving my head all the way down his length as hot cum poured into my mouth and down my throat. He pulled out then pushed me on the floor. I felt this warm liquid on my tits then I noticed it was yellow. "He's fucking peeing on me?!" I yelled in my head as I started to slender amazing bitch rides a cock hiddencam and hardcore harder.

"Hope to see you soon baby girl." He chuckled bending down kissing me on the forehead and leaving the bathroom. I quickly grabbed my phone and called for a cab. I cleaned myself up avoiding the mirror and stumbled out of the club with my heels in one hand and my purse in the other avoiding the look of others either sex xxx boy story com bad for me or calling me a whore to their friends.

I waited outside till the cab came it was the same guy from before. I quickly got in and told him my address to take me home. Once pulling in front of my building I asked, "How much?" "A blowjob." He replied. I turned my head and noticed it was the same guy cab driver from before. "No!" I yelled trying to get out but he quickly grabbed me and unzipped his pants.

He pinched my nose forcing my mouth and shoved his cock into my mouth thrusting in and out fast. 'Oh fuck your mouth feels amazing." He moaned holding me head down and slowly started fingering my ass. I tried getting up but he forced me back down. "Shh shh don't worry I only want a blowjob." He groaned as his cock pulsed in mouth as his shoved two fingers in my ass. Pushing my head down his cum filled my mouth. "Now, swallow." He commanded fingering my ass faster.

I swallowed and he let me up. I quickly got out the car and slammed the door. He sped off as I struggled to get into my building and to my apartment. I opened the door and locked it. I ran to the bathroom taking what was left of my clothes off and threw them away. I turned the shower on and scrubbed my skin till it felt raw.

I used everything soap and shampoo I had washing every inch of my body and my hair. I dried off and brushed my teeth 3 times and used my mouthwash about 5 times. I went to my bedroom and found Moon asleep in her bed. I picked her and her bed up and put it in the living room. I put on my Pj's and headed for bed right when I was about to put this awful night behind me I saw a new text.

I opened it, "Hope to see you again baby girl ;) -S." My heart jumped and my stomach was in knots at I turned off my phone and put it in the drawer. I thought of my night how everything was fun till this happened.

Then I remembered Seth's voice and smell. I felt like I was gonna puke but then my clit started twitching. I slid my hand down my pajama shorts and started circling and playing with my clit thinking of Seth laughing and calling me a slut. I looked in my drawer and got the vibrator my friend gave me as a birthday gift but I never thought to use it till now. I turned it on and slid it inside me, I laid down and closed my eye imagining Seth fucking me again.

"Does my baby girl like daddy's cock?" I imagined him saying. "Mmm yes daddy." I moaned grabbing and playing with my tits. Slamming the toy in and out of my sore cunt as I cried out Seth's name.

"Mmm such a naughty girl." he whispered as I tightened around my toy cumming harder than I ever thought possible. Panting I put the toy on my night stand and drifted to sleep. *beep* *beep* *beep* I woke up to a loud alarm slowly sitting up. My body felt weak and sick as the room was spinning. "Ugh. what happened?" I thought as I searched for me phone in the drawer and turned it on. The time read 9:30 am Monday 13th, 2014.

"SHIT! I slept through an entire day?? Fuck i'm late for work." I quickly jumped out of bed and hurried to get dressed. I put on a simple black suit with some heavy makeup no contacts today put on my heels and hurried out the door.

Not before saying goodbye to Moon. I jumped in my car and headed to work. I pulled up to my office building, I parked in my assigned parking space and rushed inside. "Hey Skylar! Everything okay?" Alicen asked meeting me at the elevator. "Yeah just overslept." I smiled as we got on and she hit the 6th floor.

"Ruby's fever finally broke so I was able to come in today." She said sipping her coffee and passing me my own. "Thanks I really need this." I said sipping it. "Oh don't thank me. Thank the new guy he brought it in this morning." She said sipping her coffee.

"New guy? What new guy?" I said stepping out the elevator. Suddenly, I bumped into some guy. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry si-" I stopped and looked up. "It's alright baby girl." Seth said smiling. "I'm glad to see you again." He said getting on the elevator and winking at me at the elevator doors closed.

All I could think was,"shit."