Large curves make dudes rod hard hardcore and blowjob

Large curves make dudes rod hard hardcore and blowjob
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Another Monday is here. " Man I really hate Mondays Mike said. His boss Cliff catches up to him just as he is about to enter his office. "Hi Mike did you have a great weekend?

" It was ok just hung out at home. " Did you happen to see Kathy yet she has on that skirt that you like. "I just got in how could I have seen Kathy Mike said. "Well she is looking really hot today".

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" Cliff tells him oh yeah don't forget we have that meeting in about a half an hour". Call me when the meeting is about to start then. Now Mike like he had to check out Kathy now that Cliff said that she looked hot today. " Hi Mike Kathy says as he enters the break room to get a cup of coffee. " Hi Kathy how was your weekend". " It was awesome". " I had this party at my place and was going to invite you but knew that you were out of town" " Mike said I wasn't out of town I just had family things to do".

"Oh yeah that is right Kathy says". "Well maybe next weekend you can come over to my place, Some of the other girls in my dept are just going to be hanging out. Ok thanks Mike grabs his cup and walks out.

" Hello Mike says, " Meeting is about to start Mike Cliff tells him on the phone.

Staff Meetings really suck and they are so fucking long Mike was just mumbling to himself. On the plus side Kathy and Pamela would be in the meeting as well and Mike knew that he would be day dreaming about having sex with both of them. He just never knew that he soon would be living ava taylor getting the pounding of her life that dream.

Week flies by and Mike hoping the last 30 minutes would just stop taking so long. He was really looking forward to heading over to Kathy's on Sat night. " Have a great weekend Mike Cliff tells him. " I hope so".

You to Cliff". Mike heads to his car and sees Kathy and Pamela also heading out. " Mike can you do me a favor when you come over to my place Sat night Kathy asks" " Sure what can I do". " Pamela needs a ride since her car is in the shop" Sure no problem what time should I pick her up" " Kathy says about 6pm" " Do you know where she lives" " Mike says yeah I was there once before for her house warming party" " Kathy says oh yeah that is right".

Mike gets in his car and heads home. Yes Sat evening is finally here Mike is saying to himself. I think I will leave early to give me enough time to pick up Pamela Mike was just thinking.

Wonder if she will wear that hot outfit that she sometimes wears to work. Or maybe she will dress casual since it is not a work event. Mike checks his watch and heads to his car. Takes him about 15 minutes to reach Pamela's place. She hot schoolgirls make each other squirm and squirt pornstars hardcore waiting out front for him.

" Hi Mike thanks for picking me up". " Not a problem Mike says" Checking out what she is wearing is what Mike is really doing. " That is nice Mike says" " Wow you really like it" " Just something that I got recently" " Don't plan on wearing it long if you know what I mean". Mike looked at her and just smiled.

Does she know that Mike wants to fuck her to or does she plan on doing some swimming since Kathy has a pool in her yard. They arrive at Kathy's house and see only one other car in the driveway. " Mike asks Pamela if anyone else is amateur girlfriend toys fucks sucks and eats cum to be at this party. " No only a party of three, Just you and us.

Mike thought for a second could this be the day that he gets to fuck the two hottest women in the office. They both head up the stairs and before they reach the door Kathy opens up the door and says " Hi Mike and Pam come on in and make yourself comfortable" Pam you know where everything is.

Kathy closes the door and follows them into the living room. Both Kathy and Pam have a quick talk and then there is some laughing. Mike looks at both and wonders what could be so funny. Kathy looks at Mike and asks him " Mike have you ever been to a demand party".

" Mike says No but what is a demand party" " Well it is a party where whatever we demand you to do you have to do it no questions asked". Mike looks over at Pam and she is now totally naked. She naughty lesbo dolls are stretching and fist fucking anals the hottest body that Mike has ever seen. Pam says to Mike " Take off your clothes now" Mike turns around and Kathy has also taken off her clothes and she also has a smoking hot body.

Mike not ashamed of his body and and also knowing that he has a big cock he wastes no time in also taking off his clothes. Kathy says to Pam " Holy crap Pam his cock is so huge" "How the hell are we going to be able to handle that". She looked at Pam and she is just staring at Mikes huge cock and unable to speak she shakes her head. " I don't know but I am going to have some real good fun trying" Pam said. Mike looking at both of the hottest women he has ever seen and knowing or at least hoping he is going to fuck both he starts to smile.

Pam asks him " Why the big smile, You have no idea what we are going to demand you to do". " So only you and Pam get to make the demands" "Yes that is what the demand party is, We demand it and you do it". Well Mike says " OK whatever you demand I will do" .Kathy says " As you can see by the way you were checking us out you may have noticed that we have very hairy pussies".

Mike does another look and says " Yes I did notice that but figured that is how you girls like to keep your pussy with a lot of hair". Pam says " Are you kidding I have been growing this for at least a month knowing that we would be having this party and that you would be shaving both of us before you get the chance to fuck us".

Mike asked Pam " Both of you want me to shave you both completely bald?" Pam and Kathy both nod their heads oh yes. Mike is grinning like he won the lottery. How did I get this lucky.

They head into the dining room and Kathy has everything all set up. Plastic on the floor so that the floors do not get damaged. Hair trimmer and razors on the table Mike walks over and then says " So who goes first". Kathy looks at him and then says "Well I go first since it is my house". Kathy gets down on the plastic and then Pam comes over to check out what is about to happen.

She cant wait to have it done to her. Mike picks up the trimmer from the table and then tells Pam to get down on the floor with Kathy and he will trim both at the same time. Pam lies down next to Kathy and Mike turns on the trimmer and gets to it.

First on Kathy and then Pam. "Wow that felt really nice" Says Kathy. Mikes cock is getting harder by the second when Pam decides that she needs to have it in her mouth right now. Mike She says " Give me that cock in my mouth right now". He stands up and gladly puts his cock in her mouth, Pam starts to lick the sides and then his balls.

She says " Looks like we are not the only ones that need a shave". Pam is giving Mike the best Blowjob that he has ever had and he feels himself about to lose his load. He tells Pam " I am about to cum. She takes his cock out of her mouth and Mike feels the sensation to cum stop for a second.

Mike Pam says " Put you cock in my pussy right now I want you to cum inside me " Mike does as he is told. He is about to pull a comdom out of his pocket and Pam says " NO comdom's allowed at these parties". Mike thinks Ok no problem and proceeds to rub his cock against her clit to get her worked up, Mike I want that cock in me right now.

Mike pushes his huge cock into her pussy and he can tell that she is really tight she had never had a cock as big as his in her pussy. Pam started to Moan and Mike knows that she is about ready to cum. She can not believe that his cock has reached all the way to her cervix, Mike can feel himself getting ready to cum and he tells Pam " I am going to cum " Pam says " Cum inside me I want all of it in me" Mike lets go of his load all in her and seems to shoot a load that will fill a gallon jug.

Pam feels all his cum inside her and when Mike pulls out she grabs his cock and starts to lick up what is made a sissy by mother in law and then she swallows it all down. Mike gets back to shaving Kathy he wets her pussy to soften the hairs and then puts on the shaving cream and proceeds to take off all of her pubic hair.

He asked her " Do you want me to leave any or take it all off" She says "All off please".

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Mike does as he is told. Soon she is smooth as a little girls pussy. Pam gets up and says now it is my turn. I want mine to look just as bald as hers is. Mike once again gets the hot water and softens her hair and then proceeds to shave Pam.

While Mike is shaving Pam's pussy Kathy takes his cock into her mouth and starts to give him a blowjob to get him hard so that he can fuck her like he did to Pam.

But this time he will be fucking her with a clean shaved pussy. He finishes Pam and Kathy then demands Mike to fuck her. Mike gets up and walks over to the table where Kathy has layed down on the table. Mike rubs her clit with his cock like he did for Pam, Then he inserts his cock in her shaved pussy and she lets out a moan "Wow that is the biggest cock this pussy has ever had". Mike is fucking her harder and harder as she has demanded when he feels himself about to cum. " I am going to cum inside you just like I did to Pam.

Kathy says "No not in my pussy you have to cum in Pam once again. Pam Lies down next to Kathy and Mike takes his cock out of Kathy and puts it once again in Pams but this time she is shaved clean, Mike gives her about a good minute of fucking when he black guy and grill xxx sexy another load deep in her pussy. He is thinking man I hope she in birth control from all the cum I pumped into her. He then pulls out when he is done and Pam once again takes his cock in her mouth and takes the rest of his cum in her mouth and swallows.

Spent from fucking both of these hot women and shooting his loads in Pam. Mike lies on the floor. Pam then picks up the trimmers and gets ready to take off all of Mikes pubic hairs. She does the same that he did for them with the warm cloth and then the razor. Soon Mike is smooth. Kathy comes over and sees Mike totally bald and says " I need that in me right now". Mike does as he is told. He fucks her and is once again ready to cum and Kathy says do not cum in me, You are only allowed to cum in Pam's pussy.

She is the one that we are trying to get pregnant. Mike thought what why are we trying to get her pregnant. She is the one that wants a child that is why.

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And she wants it to be your child. Mike pulls out of Kathys pussy and inserts into Pams and shoots another load deep in her. Mike is thinking how much cum can one pussy take in. Soon he is done and all three are lying on the floor and Mike gets up and asks Kathy " Can I sleep her tonight I can not possibly drive after all that fucking".

Pam says " You thought you were going to be going home tonight,We are going to be doing this all weekend.

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They must have fucked at least a dozen more times on Sunday since Kathy woke him up at 5 am and demanded that he get ready to fuck some more. Once again Mike while fucking Kathy tells her he is about to cum and then he puts his cock in Pam and shoots his load. Mike thinking to himself if I am going to be fucking both I am going to cum in both pussies. Soon he is once again fucking Kathy and with out saying a word he shoots his load in her and says "Oh shit I am so sorry I couldn't pull out in time".

Boy that was a lie since he wanted to cum in her as well. Mike heads out to his car at about 10pm and asked Pam "Do you need a ride" She says "No I am good,Going to stay here and ride into work with Kathy in the morning". Thanks Mike. I hope our child looks like you.

Monday Morning comes and Mike gets to work and Cliff says do did you enjoy the Demand party. Mike says " Oh shit you knew about that". Cliff says " What do you think I did last week. "So which one could you not cum in". Mike says " Kathy but I did shoot one load in her. Cliff cuddly schoolgirl was tempted and shagged by older mentor " I wasn't allowed to cum inside Pam and only in Kathy.

I did shoot one load in Pam by accident. Oh Yeah how did you like shaving them. Oh that was hot and they also shaved me. But you had to fuck them with hairy pussies. Cliff says to Mike " That is what I like. Couple of weeks go by and soon the whole company knows that both Kathy and Pam are expecting.

Kathy found out that she is having twins.