Beautiful looker is flaunting her opened pink quim in closeup

Beautiful looker is flaunting her opened pink quim in closeup
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After two weeks of masterbation in full view of many attractive and abusive women, and the skillful manipulation of a highly obscene hypnotherapist, I actually began to crave the intense degradation and body wracking orgasms that were a part of this strange world. The psychiatric staff here had outdone themselves in creating this environment, and my mind was being molded in such a way as to produce large quantities of the so called 'E-11' semen extract whether I wanted it or not.

I had no idea what E-11 was used for but knew that it must be fantastically important to my captors, and that I and the other unfortunate SPU's would remember these times for the rest of our lives. -------------------------------------- After a particularly hard work day of jacking my dick off while being degraded, I fell into a deep sleep, totally exhausted from my efforts, and was completely zonked out until I was rudely awakened in the middle of the night by the guards and three well endowed nurses.

I came awake lying naked in front of them and one of the nurses was expertly fondling my balls. I could barely think since I was essentially still asleep.and merely layed there for whatever they had in mind. The other nurse had a small case from which she removed a wierd looking device obviously intended for milking.

She held my nuts firmly in one hand as the other nurses raised my legs up and back to horny oriental pussy jerking off stockings japanese a long vibrator up my ass. "Time for your midnight extraction", one of them said derisively, "You just lay there and spread your asscheeks for us and we'll do the rest." The dildo was attached to the suction unit and after they forced it all the way up my butthole they lowered my legs and slid the high tech suction device over my hard pecker.

I had reached a stage where I actually didn't remember what it was like not to have a raging hardon. Ironically there had been times when I would have done anything for a major boner.but now it was all that I knew.

I was so highly addicted to ejaculation at this point that it had become like heroin to me.probably not a bad comparison. The dildo was apparently tuned to blend with the sucker and both would work together to pump the viscous wad of dicksnot from my overly active balls. I remembered being told that wet dream cum was richer in elements.and they were harvesting the fruits of my labor now.

The nurses were having their fun with me and the two guards grinned in amusement as the milking progressed.

"You been jacking off all day stud?", said one of the knockout pretty women in white."You've been beating your meat for years and now you're getting more than you'd like aren't you?" There were a pair of metal cups also attached to the machine and they popped my nuts into them and clamped them with velco so that my balls were isolated and fully enveloped.

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"Ok lets get this fucking load out and watch this cocksucker squirm." She turned on the suction encasement and a special lubricated sleeve began to silde up and down my stiff peter.slowly milking it up and down. At the same time the vacuum pressure increased dramatically pulling my already long dick up the tube.

The guards moved over and grabbed my legs and hands and held on firmly while I was being drained of my semen, and I soon discovered why when my pecker was sucked so far up the tube that I yelped in pain. I felt a sudden tingling in my balls and soon my testicles began to tighten up painfully. My nuts were being squeezed and released in rhythm to the other parts of the device and it became quite uncomfortable as the minutes passed.

"No you can't cum yet you dick jerking fuck.not until the machine allows you to." The pretty blond nurse was pulling on my balls as they were squeezed and put her face right down next to mine. "Now you know why we call this the ball buster", she grinned, sarcastically, "you don't mind a little pain do you?" "Open your mouth you ignorant fuck!", she breathed."open wide and keep it open until we tell you otherwise." I did as I was told and spread my jaws to the fullest, holding that way as the painful session progressed.

The nurse then bent over and spit in my mouth.depositing a large dollop of saliva there.and I would have retched if I had not been occupied with the other things being done to me.

She grinned wickedly as the other nurses did the same.slowly leaning over me as they dribbled globs of their spit in my wide open oral cavity. They did this several times and I could feel the mass of saliva drowning my tongue. Then the nurse deftly pulled the vibrating dildo out of my ass and shoved it in my mouth.rubbing it around inside.

They were taking great pleasure in my degradation.they knew how to humiliate me.they were quite expert at it. I knew that I needed to cum desperately, but couldn't, and felt the extreme pressure building up in my engorged balls. My long pecker was extended much beyond 10 inches, and as the machine stroked me faster and faster my pisshole became distended and my cockhead much larger than it's normal size. I yelled in pleasure-pain as my tortured balls approached their absolute limit, and just then the nurse flipped story recopilatoride descuidos de famosas switch and the machine released my orgasm into the large tube.

I screamed outloud as I pumped out hot seminal fluid, looking up at the face of the smiling fired out in thick spurts as I jerked and yelped with each one.I felt like every ounce of liquid was being sucked from my body.and the intensity of the orgasms were mind numbing and very painful.

I had swallowed the mouthful of spit.and hadn't even noticed in my cataclysmic eruption of steaming dickwad. The device collected the hot semen in a container as it pumped out.and finally it stopped.leaving my balls large red sacks of inflammed tissue.

I layed there quivering, in shock, as they took the equipment off.and the guards released my limbs and stood back smiling in awe. They left me there.shaking from trauma.and soon I was alone again in the darkness, unable to comprehend what had been done to me. Falling asleep took quite awhile.but I was so tired that I eventually drifted off into a profound slumber.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was allowed to sleep longer the next morning.and didn't wake up until well past two in the afternoon. I was pretty much back to my normal self again after a large breakfast and powerful supplements.

I had developed an extreme capacity for usage, and by three in the afternoon when they came for me again, my balls were filled to the brim. The nurse hypnotist had begun referring to the whacking room as the 'cubicle of shame', and only added to my sense of humiliation, which was already full blown. I don't know what she had been telling me under hypnosis every day.and frankly I didn't want to know at this point. Once strapped in to my 'work' chair, I awaited the next visit, scarcely knowing what it might bring.

The door opened and I was forced to look, by my curiousity.and was stunned to the bone by the next female to enter. It was a gorgeous moviestar.I couldn't for the life of me think of her name.but she was so hot I me coji a mi primo in disbelief.

She wore a very tight skirt, and sat down carefully.smiling broadly at me as her perfect body shifted in the chair. I sat there speechless as Lucy rides cock and gets pissed on flipped my dick back and forth and stroked it, and she leaned over to me, her makeup perfectly applied.her perfume intoxicating.and her tits standing out magnificently. "I make visits here occasionally".she whispered."when I want to see some lowlife male degraded and abused.

I can't tell you how disgusting you look sitting there playing with poor disgusting pig." "Whenever you look up and see me on the movie screen from now'll cringe, and know that I think you're a piece of shit.and nothing will ever change that.

Now with your dick for me.and look me in the eye while you're doing it." "Look at you.naked and jerking off to a movie star.and knowing that you disgust me fully." "Now beat it faster fuckface.I want to see your hand moving.very rapidly. I want to see you penis ejaculate.and watch the nasty cum accumulate in the little bowl." "Oh yes", she purred, let me give you my autograph." She had me to stop for a moment while she took out her ballpoint pen and signed her name on the two hung fellows bang a stunning looker facial boobs of my cock.

It hurt, and she was rough doing it, but soon her name was scribbled all over my penis head, and even into my pisshole. "Now jackoff pig.I've got a very special treat for you." She stood up and turned her rear toward me, and pulled up her dress. "You keep on beating that thing", she grunted, "and I'm going to give you a little ride down hershey highway.

She pulled down her panties and spread her hairy asscrack for me, and backed up until it rested over my nose. She'd just had a bowel movement not long ago and it was very apparent.

"Now you lick my asshole clean pig, and I'll let you eat a fart".

I was beyond reacting now and just did as she said.still in a state of shock. I shoved my tongue out and tasted her dark bunghole.

There was a thin layer of shitcream, and I licked it off as I made loud slurping sounds. "How does my shit taste pig?", she groaned. "This is what I think of you.a dirty shiteating son-of-a-bitch!" "Now you clean my back hole and swallow it all, and I mean clean." "MMMMMMMMMM.that's a good piggie piggie!" "I'd better see a shit ring around your mouth fuckface.a nice thick shit ring." I slurped and lapped and just as I was delving my tongue deep up her asshole to milf group fucked and cummed over outdoors it out.I popped my load, squirting a thick stream of hot scum into the dish.I grunted and moaned as I got my nuts off while swallowing a small glob of shit from deep inside her anus.

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She farted at the same time and blew a kiss over my tongue and into my mouth. She laughed outloud and wiped her ass several times on some toilet paper nearby. She threw the soiled tissues into a small trash canpulled up her panties, slid her skirt down and sat before me again. She grinned widely as she examined me. "Nice shit stain around your mouth pig!", she grunted, "just the way I like it!" She waved her hand at me."Open!" Involuntarily I jerked my mouth wide open and stared at her.

She peered inside ate my shit didn't you ate quite a bit of my shit!" "You're a disgusting bastard!" She got close again and I could smell puremature candlelight anal with hot mom india summer expensive perfume.

"I'll remember you piggie.everytime I take a crap.see you in the movies." She laughed and exited quickly.leaving me sitting there with my dick in my hand. The cleanup nurse was quick to do her job, and soon I was refreshed again,with a new collection dish in place. It was four in the afternoon.and I was scheduled for a few more female visitors.

I probably wouldn't even be consious of mind was reeling with amazement.and shame. Tomorrow would bring me that much closer to my release. It's all I thought about would I ever readust to the outside world.the hundred grand would help though for sure.

It might take years to reacclimate, but I would do it, no problem. The experience of a lifetime.incredible, how could such a thing happen to anybody?