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New xxx sexi hot movie sex stories
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Janet's Journey He'd be coming again.Janet stared into the dark and couldn't think of anything bigtitted housewife jerking dick pov big tits handjob only been a week but she'd learned so much about herself and him in that short time.At 12, she knew things and it was freely discussed among her classmates but she wondered what they'd say if she blurted out that her father was taking her into womanhood while they just tittered and speculated.He hadn't fucked her yet but that was only a matter of time and she wondered if her excitement was fear or expectation.Her mother had cautioned her so often about not letting anyone touch her but she had never mentioned that it might be in her own bed and by her father.

She'd heard them when they thought she was asleep, heard her mother pleading and imploring.Telling her father to fuck her, harder, then HARDER.Finally her curiosity overcame her fear and she had crept to their door and pushed it slightly ajar.He'd been on top, her legs locked behind his thighs and she watched his muscles clench as he drove strongly into her and she mewled.Janet had strange feelings and when she touched herself, it seemed the most natural thing in the world.She knew how good it felt to rub herself but this was different.Her clit was swollen and she could feel moisture.She abandoned herself to the rising sensations until she thought that she was going to pee and fearfully stopped.Her father grunted and shoved strongly as her mother bit off a wail and strained to meet him.

Creeping back to her room, to her bed; the picture of them in her mind tortured the 12 year old until she sighed and reached for herself again.This time there would be no stopping and she prepared for was an old towel and if she peed, she could sneak it down and wash it.The sensations came back with a rush.She'd thought that it would take more time but when she touched herself, her slit opened softly and she ran her forefinger it's moistened length.When she circled the still swollen clit, sparks flew behind her eyes and she gasped.This was what it was all about, what some of the older girls had whispered about.The girl had never felt anything so wonderful and she sped her fingers, feeling the waves of it rolling over her and becoming stronger.Again that sensation that she was going to pee began and this time it was overwhelming.Her hips had risen to her fingers of their own accord and she bit her lower lip as she ran them through her slit and then swiftly on her clit.It was if a dam had exploded and she groaned as it hit her.Her whole body shaking and breathing gone ragged as her entire being centered on her cunt.The waves of it retreated and when she could think coherently again, she realized that sophia and fallon are good for every dick had cum for the first time.Now she knew what her mother had felt as she watched her father's glistening cock slamming into her.She wondered if it could possibly be stronger when a man made that happen and giggled.Janet wondered if she'd die of it.

She didn't have long to wait to find out.She became besotted with playing with her cunt, ran home after school with her panties drenched with her thoughts.She'd found magazines and pictures in her father's drawer, things he'd tried to unsuccessfully hide and now she took them out from under her mattress where she'd hidden them.The ones that moved her quickly were pictures of woman's faces.Constricted, as if they were in severe pain but Janet knew now what made them look like that.She's even taken a hand mirror and watched herself emulate them as she came.Her little features screwed tight in concentration and then her mouth opening as she writhed and came.It was on a Friday, a few weeks after the girl had found her new and compelling interest.Lying on her bed, she was idly turning pages and rubbing her cunt softly, still wearing her panties.Janet was learning to prolong her sessions now.Make the need unbearable before she allowed herself.The more she did that, the stronger her orgasms became and she thought of herself as an orchestra leader.She'd started on pictures of women sucking on men, not really sure if she'd enjoy that or not.From the expressions on the men's faces, she could see that they certainly did.There were pictures of a man masturbating a young girl and his fingers were deeply inside her, his palm against her groin.Janet had tried a few times for deeper penetration but it didn't give her the same sensations as just running her finger through her slit, delving shallowly and then attending her waiting clit.She supposed it would hurt if a man did that two hot milf lesbians bianca breeze and april oneil are very horny her and sighed.She knew that sooner or later she was going to find out.

She'd turned to her favorite page.The man with his face buried in the woman's neck and her head thrown back on the pillow, eyes screwed shut, mouth agape.Janet knew she was cumming as the picture was taken and just that thought made it begin for her.Her hips rose and her eyes stayed riveted on the picture as it bloomed for her.The beautiful orgasm, exquisitely timed; roared through her and she first whimpered and then couldn't help the guttural sounds she made.When she was able to focus again, she looked up and her father was standing at the foot of her bed.Panic gripped the girl and she threw the magazine to one side and tried vainly to cover herself, tears springing to her eyes.

"It's alright Janet" He whispered and she felt an almost overwhelming shame wash over her, unable to speak. "It's something natural", he continued."I didn't think you'd started yet and I guess it's partly my fault for leaving those things where you could find them".

He'd come around and sat on the bed next to her as her tears began.She'd managed to pull the coverlet up and buried her face in his neck so she wouldn't have to look at him as he cradled her and told her over and over that it was alright.He was asking her.

"How long" She couldn't bring herself to answer and he began smoothing her hair and whispering. "You're very beautiful when you cum like that, Janet" he said quietly and the girl couldn't believe her ears.Had no idea how to respond.Feeling the cool air on her thighs as he moved the coverlet down, she stiffened as he held her tighter and had no idea what to do.

When she felt his fingers touch her thigh, she shuddered and whispered."Please.please don't, Daddy".He didn't reply but his fingers spoke for him.He touched the sodden cotton panties and Janet thought she'd die of shame.She tried to clench her thighs but he moved them easily apart and started. "It's so much better if someone does it for you, Janet.Stronger.

His finger was sawing at her slit and he was circling her clit with his thumb.The girl beside herself with humiliation tried once more feebly to voice resistance but it fell on deaf ear and the pressure was increasing.Despite herself, Janet felt it start.She knew if he didn't stop, that she'd be powerless to prevent what was going to happen.He seemed to sense the weakness in her and kissing the top of her head, slid her panties aside.That first touch of him was electric and the resistance drained from her as he worked her passion.

She was gripping his shirt and groaning as his finger goaded her swollen lips and was like hearing a train in the distance, drawing closer and Janet began to pant. "That's my good little girl" he said and she could hear the strain in his voice."Such a good little girl for her Daddy".Those words inflamed the girl and her hips hunched to his hand.She was cumming and she knew that nothing in the world could stop it.Her whole body went rigid and he pulled her even tighter as it overwhelmed her.

"Yesssss, baby.That's right.cum for Daddy.Just let it go.CUM"!!! Janet's mind when blank as she spasmed once, then quickly again.It was as if he knew exactly what her body was feeling and he became tender, just his finger softly sex xxx story foran com sex stories play story her ride the crest and then whispering to her when he stopped.

"You see what I told you.It was better, wasn't it.It's just the start Janet.I'm going to teach you everything.I'm going to make you love what I do to you, beg me for it.I want you to think of how this felt.Think of how I'm going to make you a woman".Now, you get a quick shower.Mom's got dinner on. ***To be Continued*** Janet's Journey Chapter Two She could hear his measured step now.He was never in a hurry and she felt a shiver flow through her like an electrical current.At dinner, things had been tense and his secret glances told her all she needed to know.Janet knew he'd be coming and she'd be learning something new.Pleading homework she fled to her room and then quickly to the shower.As she soaped herself the thoughts of what was going to happen made her tingle and the nubs of her nipples stood stark.Pinching one and remembering the first time he was slightly cruel to them sent a current directly to her cunt and she wanted desperately to masturbate.She'd just began to touch herself when there was a soft knock and her Mother's voice asking if she was almost done, that she wanted to shower and turn in early.

Groaning inwardly, she mumbled loud enough to be heard. "I'll be out in a minute, Mom.I'm almost done" As she quickly dried herself, she touched the lips of her slit and smiled.they were swollen and when she inserted her finger gently, she felt the moisture.Thoughts of how he made it run when he worked her made her blush.Twice since that first night he'd come to her and there was no resistance now.Her only inner debate being whether he'd want her to leave her panties on or not.He seemed to enjoy playing with her with them on and mz sucktion sucking dick from the back when he wanted her to cum, he slid the gusset voyeur ass younger girls 2 tube porn and brought her to it quickly.Janet couldn't think of much else now and she knew her marks at school would suffer.Daydreaming of him coming to her in the dark.Whispering that she'd have to be quietthat they couldn't wake her Mom.Mr.

Costrine, her math teacher had commented that she didn't seem to be paying attention and that nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck her thoughts shift to him.He was devilling handsome, somewhere in his thirties and her thoughts brought him to her bed instead of her Daddy.She'd seen enough to know that people approached sex differently and she silently speculated about him.Would he be gentle like her Daddy, how would he touch her, how big would his cock be and could she take it.She'd taken to whispering the one question word when her Daddy finished with her, the word that burned her and made it so difficult to think of anything else.

"When" He always laughed when she did that.Told her that he'd know when she was ready and not until that.She'd pouted in the dark and she knew now that he could see the question in her eyes whenever he looked at her.He'd cautioned her that she'd have to be patient and careful that her Mom didn't catch glances like that.She lay on top of her covers thinking and touching herself lightly as she heard her Mom close the bathroom door.Quickly grabbing a school book, she waited until her Mom, knocked gently and opened her door.

"Your Dad is tired, so we're going to bed early.I'll fix something nice for breakfast" When she heard him go into the bathroom and the shower start, she threw the book aside and let her mind see him.His cock hanging and the water cascading from it.She thought of him soaping it and and wondered it it would begin to harden.Behind her closed eyelids it did and she reached for herself.He liked it when he came and she told him that she'd been touching herself, thinking of him,waiting.On the nights he hadn't come, she'd stifled her disappointment and tried to re-capture the beauty of the orgasms he was teaching her to crave.Sometimes she brought herself to it, others; she fell was just never the same and she'd told him that, as he smiled at her and told her what a good little girl she was.Those words thrilled her and she wanted nothing more than to please him.The shower stopped and she knew he'd look in on her.Quickly grabbing one of his magazines from under the bed, Janet turned to the page she wanted.The man in the picture was lying on his back across the bed and the young girl, just about her own age was sitting on his chest, her legs drawn back.His mouth enveloped her entire cunt but it was her face that had been driving Janet insane.She knew what it must be feeling like, to see that constricted agony.Knew that the girl was coming strongly and his mouth was urging her.

The soft knock and then his grin as he looked in.She lifted the magazine to her breasts so he'd know what she was looking at and looking around, he slipped into the room.

"What are you looking at, honey" he whispered. He came to sit beside her and touched her gently, his eyebrows arched as he found her wet.Janet giggled and turned the book so he could see what had been interesting her enough to moisten like that.He nodded and leaned kissing her forehead.

"You won't have to wonder about that for long, sweetheart" Her heart swelled and her cunt was wet enough that she could feel it on her thighs as he got up, walking to the door looking back and whispering.

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"You can play all you want, honey but I don't want you to come, understand"!!! The girl nodded enthusiastically.She knew now that he was going to do it.He was going to teach her what it was like to come like that and she was almost breathless in her excitement.He'd closed the door quietly and she went back to the book.Now, she saw herself like that.Her Exclusive mommy teaches how to blow making her come like that and it was almost more than she could bear.Returning her hand to her now sodden panties she brought herself quickly to the point that she could easily have come but she stopped herself, groaning.Did her Daddy want her to suffer like this or did he just want her to really need him.She wished he hadn't had to leave.Thought of him in bed with her Mom and a frown crossed her features.Would he fuck her tonight, would he still want to come to her after, if he did.Would he put his mouth on her.Make her come like that girl.Janet was still too young to know why that particular thought disturbed her, but it did.

The walls weren't particularly thick in their home and she could hear her parents talking but not clear enough to understand what they were saying.After a long silence, she heard a laugh and then her Mom giggling.She wanted to be a good girl for her Daddy, just wait for him but the curiosity gnawed on her until she couldn't stand it any longer.She knew that spying on them was wrong but she couldn't stop herself and soon was on her knees at their door.It wasn't fully closed and she pushed it gently until she could see the bed.Her Daddy's back was to her and she couldn't see her Mom but she could see that his hand was between her thighs and he was moving his hand quickly.Janet could hear her Mom breathing heavily and then she heard the squelching sounds of a wet cunt being worked.She was whispering but heard clearly.

"Honnney.HONEY.PLEASE" Then the sound of her Daddy laughing as he rolled to his back and pulled her above him.Janet watched as her Mother reached beneath her and took her father's hard and angry looking cock, positioning it at her hole and then with a sigh, sliding the length until he was fully embedded.She bent forward and offered him her swaying tits then lay down on him and was kissing his neck as the girl watched his hands cup her ass and pull her up.Even in the dim light Janet could see the shining cock before he slammed her back down and she grunted.Her Daddy was silent but she could hear how her Mother was struggling to keep quiet as he varied the speed that he was fucking her.A few long slow strokes that almost freed him from her and then a flurry of cock so rapid it was difficult to see.Her Mother was trying vainly to fuck back and she heard him tell her to be still.Janet's panties were a mess and she knew she could come at any time she wanted and she wanted it so desperately but she knew she had to obey and it was the most difficult thing she thought she'd ever done.She'd slipped her finger inside and was rapidly fucking herself, wanting badly to push that finger deeper.

She knew exactly when her Mother started to come.She was babbling and her Father had his hand over her mouth.Her hips were matching him stroke for stroke and she watched as the beautiful teens enjoy his rock solid pecker stiffened and her Father gripped her strongly.She'd raised from him and her head was thrown back.Janet wished she could see her face.Know what her Mother looked like at that moment.She was coming and Janet was terrified that she wouldn't be able to stop herself.Grunting and moaning her Mother came and then collapsed on top of him.She didn't know if her Father had come until she raised from him and the girl watched it run from her cunt.It bathed her Father and then her Mom giggled softly and lay beside him.She leaned down and took his still hard cock into her mouth and Janet watched as first she sucked him slowly and then licked him clean like a cat.It was almost more that the child could take and she tore herself from the door, returning to her room and throwing herself on her bed.

Janet debated changing her panties and decided not.Let him find nasty beauteous hottie loves to enjoy sex like that, if he came.Let him see how ready for him she was.She dozed like that but she heard him, heard his steps and prayed he wasn't just going to the bathroom.Her door opened and he came to her.His horny chick with pink glasses touches herself masutrbate homemade proud and swaying.Lying beside her he first kissed her softly and then deep, like he'd taught her.She felt the immediate rise of her heat and almost cried out when his hand touched her.Widening her legs to give him better access, she whispered.

"I waited, Daddy.Just like you told me.I didn't come but I need you so bad" sexy girlfriend takes cock in her booty hi blonde anal He grunted his answer and asked her where the magazine was.Handing it to him she watched as he opened it and flipped to the page that she loved.

"This what you're so interested in, little girl.You want to know how that feels.Have your Daddy do to you, what this man is doing" She didn't trust her voice and nodded instead.He sighed and then swung around lying like the man in the picture was.Lifting her easily, he sat her on his chest, her pantied cunt inches from his grin.When he pulled her to him she hissed.

"Daddy.My panties are sooo dirty" He just laughed and told her that she'd never be dirty to him as he closed his mouth and she jolted at the incredible feelings that swept her.She was trying so hard to be quiet but it was almost beyond her control and she knew her sounds were rising.He stopped for a moment and she felt the cool air on her inflamed cunt as he drew the panties down and she helped him remove them.He wadded then in his hand and ordered.

"Open" Stunned, she did as she was told and he gently filled her mouth with them. "When you come like this, you won't be able to control it and I don't want you waking her up". Janet didn't mind, she'd do anything just so he wouldn't stop.He ran his tongue quickly through the slit and across her clit as she lurched.Then he again took her fully into his mouth and suctioned her gently.She wanted to scream and she might have if her mouth wasn't stopped.Then he began to alternate.First suctioning and then licking as she felt it start.She couldn't have stopped it then and he seemed to know it.He lifted and smiled into her eyes as he told her.

"Okay, baby.Now you can come for your Daddy.Just come.Do it NOW" He took her cunt again and his finger raised to her clit and rubbed quickly on it's side.His tongue was fucking her, slipping down and flicking at her asshole and his thumb was driving her wild.It seemed like everything inside was just melting and running to her cunt.She bucked and stiffened but he held her easily and then she was coming.She bit into the panties and first whimpered, then moaned heavily.She was shaking like a tree in a high wind and thought fled.

"That's right, honey" He said. "Just like that.Sooooo beautiful for your Daddy when you come" She could barely understand and she continued to shake as he mouthed her again and was so gentle that hot milf fucking in lingerie on sofa brought tears to her eyes.It was as if he were drinking her life and she'd have gladly died for him at that moment.It had never been so utterly devastating and he stayed at her until she began to calm.When she had, he lay her back and swung around, lying beside her, removing the panties and leaning to kiss her.

"I want you to see how you taste.I want you to taste what I just did to you" Her mouth opened and she tasted herself on his tongue as it thrashed in her mouth.Groaned into him as he held her tightly and then took her hand and showed her how hard he was.His cock rigid and hot to the touch.She wanted to masturbate him, suck him and more than anything she wanted him to fuck her but he leaned on an elbow, looking at her. "I know what you want.It's not time yet.You really don't need me enough yet.I'll know when you do" busty sexy babe kayla west playing big boobs pornstar Janet protested and whispered urgently.She told him she wasn't afraid, she was ready and she did need him.He seemed to be considering it but then he shook slut uses her boyfriend girlfriend and hardcore head and she felt his hand slip between her thighs.She thought he was going to masturbate her but his finger stopped only long enough to lubricate itself in her drenched slit before it pressed gently on her starred ass hole.Janet was confused but she knew enough to hold her tongue as the finger insisted, finally began to enter and then back again for more of the aid that was dripping from her.This time it entered a little further and it was uncomfortable but she didn't feel pain and she knew her Daddy wouldn't hurt her.He'd finally gotten about half of his finger buried in her ass and then began to softly saw it.The sensation was incredible and she whispered breathlessly.

"Is that what you want Daddy.You want to put it there.I don't know if I can take it but I'll try.I know you won't hurt me and even if it does, I don't care.Pleeese Daddy.I want to make you happy" He groaned and the finger was withdrawn.He told her that the next time he came to her he'd bring something that would make it easier for her.Leaning, he kissed each nipple and then her arms went around him as he took her mouth.

"That's enough now.You go to sleep and stop looking at me like you do, when your Mother's around.She's not stupid and we don't want her to know anything about our special time, do we" Janet shook her head forcefully.No, she didn't want her Mother to ever find out.She knew it would end and she couldn't bear the thought of that.

Janet's Journey Chapter Three After he left Janet basked in the languor of the orgasm he'd given her.She felt wonderful as she lay and thought about things he'd said and the feelings he'd drawn from her.Reaching down she felt her starred hole and vowed that she'd take him there no matter how much it pained her.Once he'd gotten into her the sensations were different and she wondered what it would feel like with his cock stuffed in her fully.She didn't know if he could make her come like that, maybe if he played with her clit while he did it.Her mind was ablaze now with the things he'd done and the things she knew would be following.

She drifted off seeing his face between her legs, his eyes devouring her as much as his mouth was.It had been the best and she knew there was so much more coming. When she came down for breakfast, her Mother asked if she'd slept well and she nodded, asking if she had; as well.The small smile that crossed her Mother's features wasn't lost on the girl and she knew that she was thinking of her Father and what they'd done.Janet felt somehow more grown.Her Daddy was fucking this woman and would soon be fucking her.At least he would be as soon as he thought she was ready and in her mind she was more than ready.Finishing, she grabbed her backpack, kissed her Mom goodbye and was out the door.She hadn't completed her math homework and tried desperately to finish it during home room but two of her friends were breathless with news and told her that she just had to hear it.Her best friend Clarisse, a strikingly attractive black girl whispered and leered.

"Wanna hear what Ilene did last night" Ilene had been in classes with them both since kindergarten but they weren't close.She was standoffish and not well liked.She'd been the first girl in their class to come to school wearing a training bra and the girls had all tittered and prodded her with endless questions.Janet's breasts were still small but often now, they slightly ached and felt hot.She knew they were growing and her nipples had changed.Mostly puffy before but becoming more prominent.She couldn't help thinking about that first time her Daddy had touched them and then what it was like when he lowered his head and she felt his lips.That now familiar tingle began and she forced herself to stop thinking how good it had felt.Clarice was sitting behind her and had leaned forward.

"You know she's been going out with that guy Bobby, welll; last night he took her to the bluffs for parking.He's telling everybody about it.Said he just thought he'd cop some feels but when he took his cock out, that little slut took a hold of it and started jacking him off.He tells her if she does that, he's gonna jizz all over and bein' it's his father's car, he'd get killed if there was any on the upholstery, tells her to put it in her mouth.IN HER MOUTH, Janet.So anyway, she does and he cums right in her mouth.She opened the door, spit it out and she made him promise to never tell.He wasn't in school ten minutes and all the guys know.My brother says that if a broad ever puts that in their mouth they're nothing but a cock sucker.Know what I'm gonna do.At lunch, I'm gonna write on her locker.Ilene is a cock sucker.I got a marking pen.Whatcha think" Her mind flooded with both visions of the girl sucking that guy in his father's car and then her own Daddy's face when she came the night before, switching quickly to how much she wanted to do that.She'd seen the pictures of men coming on women's faces and decided that she wanted her Daddy to do that with her, she wanted to suck him, make him happy and she'd never spit out what he gave her, never.

" listenin' to me. Clarice demanded and she nodded her head quickly.She was listening but as monumental as the news was supposed to be, it only made her think of her Daddy.The bell rang and as she gathered up her things, she told Clarice that she thought it was a bad idea to write things like that, What if she got caught and truthfully, she felt a little bad for Ilene.Hadn't she just done what the boy asked.The black girl seemed to think about that and finally sighed, agreed that Janet was wives hiring a man whore to play with big dick blowjob hardcore lesbian milf threesome and c but finished saying.

"Well, maybe you right, but somebody's gonna do it" As luck would have it, her first class was math and she racked her brain trying to come up with an excuse for her incomplete work.Mr. Costrine walked between the desks drake jaden fucked by three super hot gay porno the papers and when he got to her seat, Janet merely told him she hadn't felt well the night before, had gone to bed was all she could think to say.He'd nodded and she thought he didn't look very angry but he told her that he'd see her after class and her heart sank.She'd get detention for sure and she wouldn't be able to rush home and write in her diary.She'd started detailing everything the day after the first time he came to her and now she loved re-reading her entries and thrilling all over again.Almost always masturbating to the remembrance.The rest of the class Janet tried to remember everything from the night before and she could feel her passions flooding her.She played with the idea of asking to be excused, going to the Girl's and masturbating but the class was almost over.She'd almost been caught like that just the week before.The bell rang and everyone jumped up.Everyone that is, except Janet.He sat at his desk, looking at papers and let her wait.After an interval, she mentioned that she'd be late for her second period if she didn't leave soon and he replied that he'd give her a hall pass.A few minutes more of that and he came down her row, sitting on a desk edge across from her.

"Janet, is everything alright at home.You're not having problems with your parents are you" She shook her head thinking, You couldn't be more wrong.I've never been this happy in my life.He was droning on about how she could come to him anytime, tell him anything.That's what he was there for.Her mind fired.I wonder what you'd think if I told you about my Daddy.What we're doing and what we're going to do.She sighed, told him it was nothing like that and then confessed that she just hadn't felt like doing the work, that it wouldn't happen again and would he please forgive her.He seemed to be taking his time and when Janet looked up at him she realized with a start that he was staring at her breasts.She felt the blood rush to her face and the heat.He didn't seem uncomfortable at all and merely said he'd get that pass for her, adding.

"An hour of detention today and I don't want this happening again" Groaning softly, she went to his desk and took the slip he offered.Glancing at it as she left the room, she could see that he'd penciled in 10:15am in the slot for when she'd been released and knew that she could easily alter that to 10:35am.That was more than enough time but she hurried anyway.There were two girls there when she entered whispering to each other.Both from an upper class and not anyone she knew.She heard the name Ilene and knew they were talking about the girl and what had happened the night before.Closeting herself in the stall she put the toilet seat down and raised her skirt as she heard the door close behind the two.Just touching her pussy, started it quickly and she marveled at how swiftly she could do this if time didn't permit lengthy play.Glancing at her watch, she saw that she had plenty of time and played leisurely.First she pictured her Mother as she put him to her and then slid down, bottoming.Her Father's hands gripping her ass and controlling the pace of their fucking.Her mind heard the liquid, slapping sounds.Her Mother trying to suppress her joy and she abandoned herself to it.As much as she wanted him doing that to her touch yourself while looking at my feet was still wonderful to think about, to see all over again.Like the pictures in the magazines, it was burned into her consciousness.When she remembered how her Mother had come, she almost came herself but she was saving that.The scene changed and she was looking into his eyes.Remembering what his tongue felt like slim black babe makes both guys cum it licked and scoured her.Remembering how she'd begun to shake and then him imploring her to come.This was what she was waiting for and she moved her thumb quickly to her clit.Just rubbing it on the side like he did, brought it in a rush.Her entire body seized and she rode it, rubbing furiously but it faded and it wasn't as good as when he'd made her.Not nearly as good.Digging in her backpack, she brought out fresh panties.She'd taken to bringing extra now.

The rest of the day seemed an eternity, concentration was such a drudging chore now and Janet was grateful when the bell joanna star tries bdsm amp the vibrator her last class sounded.Clarice asked her if she was going to stop for cokes before she went home and she begged off telling her that Mr. Costrine had given her detention but that she'd call her later.The flirting games they played with boys after school seemed so juvenile to her now.Wasn't she going to be fully a woman soon.That, was all she could think of.

There was only one other boy in the room when she reported and Mrs.

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Steen was seated at the desk.She asked why Janet had been given detention and whom had given it to her.Explaining to the old woman, watching her sagely nod, then directing her to a seat and going back to what she was doing.Tonight she had history homework and that math to complete so she hurried into it, wanting to get it done before she left.It wasn't long until the thoughts goaded her and she rationalized that if she blonde college girl liz black swallows a stiff cock be home to write in her diary, that she'd do it here.Finish the other at home.Opening a tablet, she turned the cover back and began.She could transcribe it at home.

Dear Diary I'm in detention for not doing my math but I wanted to tell you about last night while it's still fresh.I just masturbated here at school because it was so good last night and I know telling you that I'll get hot all over again.I didn't know if he was coming but I took a shower early and waited.My Mom said he was tired and that they were going to bed early so at first I was really disappointed.After they took a shower I could hear them and I knew they were doing something.I was afraid that I might get caught but I just had to try.Their door wasn't fully closed and I opened it just enough to see them on the bed.He was finger fucking her and she was trying to be quiet but then she started begging him.He put her on top and I watched him slide in her.My panties were soaked and it felt so good to masturbate while I watched them.Did I mention that Daddy came into my room to say goodnight after he'd showered and saw what I was looking at.The picture with the man lying on the bed and the girl sitting on his chest.Him sucking on her.That picture makes me sooo hot.Anyway, he just smiled and told me that I wouldn't have to wonder about that much longer and that I could play all I wanted but I wasn't to come.That's when I was almost sure that he was coming.He always makes me wait.Sometimes I could kill him for that but then he makes me crazy.He finally came and he did it.just like the guy in the magazine.It was soooo gooood!

I thought I was gonna die.It's always good but not like this and I can't wait for him to do it again.He kissed me and told me he wanted me to taste what he'd done to me and it's the most erotic kiss we've ever had.I was heating up again.Then he touched my ass.He was pushing his finger into me and it hurt but he's always gentle and pretty soon he got into me a little.That started feeling better and I told him that if he wanted to put his cock into me there, that it was alright.I think I can take it.Just like always, he said I wasn't ready and that he'd bring something to help next time.I think he means something to make it go in easier.He told me to be careful because I keep asking him "When" and he's afraid that my Mom will catch on.I'm going to be a very good girl.If she found out, he'd never fuck me and I think I would die.That brings you up to date but I might mention.That Mr.

Costrine, my math teacher was talking to me after class, when he gave me detention bathing brunette moans in the hot tub he was staring at my tits.It gave me a great feeling.Talk to ya agin after Daddy comes next time.

***To be Continued***